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Chicago Says, in 7-22-2013 at 13:35:00 from    

i think their is a middle ground. to go cray like Lenard Garcia and choosing position over submission 100% of the time like GSP are both wrong.

shocktime Says, in 7-22-2013 at 15:50:33 from    

Only the old school guys understand this Chuck. Like you boys Rampage and Wanderlei.

gg Says, in 7-22-2013 at 17:21:51 from    

nail hit

paddedummy Says, in 7-22-2013 at 17:22:46 from    

Smart, defensive, analytical, technical, patient countering beats dumb, aggressive, wild caveman flailing offense every time Chucky Cheese

jasonfn22 Says, in 7-22-2013 at 17:41:54 from    

Agree and disagree because Chuck was getting the better pay plus he knew he had Zuffa wrapped around his finger anyway but when you get knocked out for 12k or twice in a row and get cut s*** is a little different because if your whole game plan is to finish the fight then 2 things are more than likely going to happen your either going to finish the fight or get finished because everybody would like to finish and get the s*** over with but damn it is easier said than done. I like seeing a 5 round war myself but i actually like what i am looking at and don’t get bored if it goes past 1 min

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 7-22-2013 at 18:28:12 from    

chuck did go total beast mode on franklin before that counter right. gotta give respect

drewblood Says, in 7-22-2013 at 19:08:20 from    

Well said Chuck. And I think this ties in to the whole performance bonus / pay scale issue. I don’t want to see well-paid fighters who just want to collect their paycheck. Performance based pay is what makes sense in this sport.

At some point you hope it catches up to them. I already don’t buy PPVs unless there’s exciting fighters on the card. Sorry GSP.

Big Papa Says, in 7-22-2013 at 20:36:58 from    

Chuck is right again. The best events are the ones with the fewest judges’ decisions.

mu0 Says, in 7-22-2013 at 21:44:45 from    

agree with chuck, but even low tier fighter need to be making way way more. like 50k a fight minimum. were talking possible permanent brain damage people.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-22-2013 at 21:58:33 from    

The propblem is not the fighters it’s the UFC. When you fight in a league that 2 split decision loss could get you cut, you have to play it safe to keep your job. If the UFC was like Pride, fighters would take more chances. There were guys in Pride like Otsuka who had 10 times more losses then wins but he put on a show and they kept him. I think there needs to be a middle ground between the 2. You can’t have guys with a record of 1-15 but you also can’t cut a guy like Caros Fodor for being 0-1 in the UFC and losing in a very contreversial split decision. Fodor still put on a good fight with Stout, but they cut him. They always say win or lose if you put on a show they will keep you but we all know it’s bullshit.

Wilbur Says, in 7-23-2013 at 05:01:58 from    

Come on Chuck we all know the reason you retired was your glass jaw. You were getting knocked out by everyone.

failsonnen Says, in 7-23-2013 at 18:26:58 from    

UFC pays **** and the roster is oversaturated so it’s no surprise low tier fighters play it safe

atomos Says, in 7-24-2013 at 05:24:26 from    

the question is:
is the ufc a business or a sport organization?

if it is a sport organization the criteria for fighters should include: recent win/losses against other fighters, the ranking of the fighters they have won/lost to, the way in which they won/loss (decisions, unanimous/split, ko, submission).

if it is a business organization fighters will move up or down based on how much money they can generate for the people who run the organization.

which one is it?

hint: c.sonnen gets a title belt fight at lhwt after LOSING to a title belt fight in a LOWER weight class.

hint 2: b.lesnar.


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