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Black Gerbil1 Says, in 3-29-2009 at 13:11:02 from    

Come back Chuck!!! I miss you!!!

going to be 1st ever 2 time LHW champ of the UFC!

PirateDogg Says, in 3-29-2009 at 13:12:36 from    


cookie Says, in 3-29-2009 at 13:29:38 from    

narrator sounds like the narrator for 300

;pingaloca Says, in 3-29-2009 at 13:55:38 from    

chuck looked sloppy as always, no wonder why he’s been getting KTFO lately. Hey, chuck dead cows don’t hit back. Shogun’s going to do short work of him. SHOGUN!!!!!

Okami Says, in 3-29-2009 at 13:57:31 from    

That’s gonna be Shogun in a few weeks.

addicto Says, in 3-29-2009 at 14:12:44 from    

chuck is going to nock shogun out watch.

GF Killa Says, in 3-29-2009 at 14:19:13 from    

Randy Cotoure is the first ever 2 time LHW champ. He won first the title, lost it to Vitor and then won it back.

ares Says, in 3-29-2009 at 14:46:35 from    

if the weapons are ancient roman then they are not medieval.
the weapon tested would only be deadly if the opponent had no weapon at all.

Impala_SS Says, in 3-29-2009 at 14:58:13 from    

Chucks gonna knock Shogun out!

MCNeilSucks Says, in 3-29-2009 at 15:17:28 from    

Chuck has the power, but unfortunately he leaves himself to wide open.. keeping hands low and his hack straight as a board..

not to mention he uses the same behaviour formula to set up his KO punches..

having said that Chuck is a VERY tough dude and extremely capable.. but you are ONLY as good as your defense and your ability to take a punch..

JohnnyMMA Says, in 3-29-2009 at 15:21:14 from    

Maybe Chuck’s going to get a job as a matador, instead of sword though it’s going to be fisticuffs.

elbetoflaco Says, in 3-29-2009 at 15:34:28 from    

Its not the same punching a hanging cow torsoe over a live fight. . Example of how Chuck’s hands will destroy Shogun… Watch LIDDEL VS ORTIZ 1……

theodoresci Says, in 3-29-2009 at 15:39:11 from    

i gotta go with liddel by 2nd round knockout

tibu_balboa Says, in 3-29-2009 at 16:41:12 from    

I dont know man.. chuck looks out of shape and has a huge beer belly :P

AOR Says, in 3-29-2009 at 16:43:23 from    

shogun doesn’t have too much punching power. i think even if chuck leaves himself open, he’s not in that much danger

slabs Says, in 3-29-2009 at 17:52:45 from    

Hey Bruno…….watch the Matt Huges vs Thiago Alves fight between rounds 1 and 2 you see Hughes getting his shoulder greased by “stich” the corner man……..i think its like 0:22 of the second video!!!!!!!!

Hope thats of interest to you and all..

Tails420 Says, in 3-29-2009 at 18:06:08 from    

That show looked sweet!
Shogun = bum

Anwar Says, in 3-29-2009 at 18:34:15 from    

all you chuck’s fans, do you know who shogun is!!!! if shogun is 100% nobody at lh weight can stop him, just youtube shogun vs rampage and you’ll see what shogun is capable of….

sancho Says, in 3-29-2009 at 19:53:16 from    

yeah and google rampage vs silva 1 and 2, then google rampage vs silva 3, whats your point?

dragonslayermma Says, in 3-29-2009 at 20:09:54 from    

shoguns had 3 bad injuries since jackson though

anime891 Says, in 3-29-2009 at 23:34:52 from    

Yeah, let Fedor hit that s*** and see what happens.

Niv Says, in 3-30-2009 at 00:27:47 from    

If Shogun has recovered from his knee surgery’s and is in Shogun shape, Lidell is going down hard.

If Shogun is not fully back to form Lidell stands a good chance.

Personally I think this is where Shogun starts to show who he is and begins his journey to the LHW title.

paddedummy Says, in 3-30-2009 at 01:23:55 from    

If Chuck is the only one who gets to wear those gloves he might have a chance of beating Shogun, but not if head kicks were legal on ground

Steamer Bean Says, in 3-30-2009 at 01:37:33 from    

tough call, I woulda picked Chuck if they were both at their peak, but with both of them being as broke down as they are, it seems like its gonna come down to whos body holds up longer, but it kinda seems like all the circumstances are baiting people into betting on chuck

gummo-815 Says, in 3-30-2009 at 06:26:07 from    

ANWAR-i know who shogun is . . . he is either the guy that gassed out, got his ass kicked and then choked to submission by forrest, or the guy that gassed out and could barely beat a man 22 years his elder. either way chuck is gonna k.o. him. and by 100% you must mean the amount of riods in his system in japan.

unoe c. yetecinko Says, in 3-30-2009 at 06:35:24 from    

after watching this the only thing that i can conclude is that if shogun just stands there like a slab of beef he’s in trouble. but…. i’m pretty sure he’ll be moving around a bit.

alex sayhi Says, in 3-30-2009 at 07:56:57 from    

Chuck is still very dangerous, and as far as shogun s concerned, i don t know man…he used to be GOD but i don’t know what s up with him lately. I just hope that those two are gonna be ready as hell, i m not rooting for anybody in particular i like both fighters, i just want some good old fashion war !

there’s fight in him yet Says, in 3-30-2009 at 14:45:58 from    


I recently watched UFCs 47-75…I was a slave to my house for a week so with all my free time I just watched UFC fights, but anyway, there were 2 or 3 times when UFC cut men greased fighters. Ive been trying to point this out to people but nobody has ever taken anything from this.

common sense Says, in 3-30-2009 at 18:29:09 from    

i guess fox deemed it necessary to get a narrator from the 300 cast

Frank Says, in 3-30-2009 at 21:58:31 from    

Isn’t this like testing the difference between being stabbed by a knife or a banana?

GRIMTHUG Says, in 3-31-2009 at 13:26:14 from    

man what a loads of excuses for shogun being not 100%. chuck is much older and got beer belly now and we dont even use that as an excuse. anyway forget about what shogun’s done in the past which he couldnt do it right now. shogun sux big time now. he’s injured 3 times and got cardio problem. he gassed out after 1st round in his last fight. no chance of winning a title shot coz its 5 rounds.

ness2k Says, in 4-1-2009 at 00:11:10 from    

Chuck got FAT!!! spike is coming out with some dumb s***.


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