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Rivers Says, in 9-21-2007 at 14:54:59 from    

Leben surpised me very much, he looks and fights like a more much mature fighter.

Congratulations to Leben!

David Says, in 9-22-2007 at 16:32:34 from    

wow great KO, leben looked like he really dug down deep for that last punch when martin appeared to be pulling away.

Ruth Says, in 9-22-2007 at 16:39:52 from    


Dude Says, in 9-22-2007 at 19:33:47 from    

This fight clearly shows that Leben is not to be taken lightly. He can take a punch, in fact, he can take many, many punches. The second lesson is that grandstanding,
(by Terry Martin) doesn’t pay off. Martin got to cocky
after a couple of good punches on Leben and let his guard
down. A serious veteran like Chris knows to capitalize on this. Good work Chris.

Chris Drummer Says, in 9-25-2007 at 01:31:50 from    

Martin threw everything at him and he still got knocked out. Way to go Chris!!!!

David Says, in 10-6-2007 at 07:55:18 from    

Chris is the man, when he gets rocked he becomes stronger haha. Unbelievable :)

joelza holden Says, in 10-10-2007 at 02:16:25 from    

Good stuff,nice bodyshots and angles by leben. hes improving.

xMAINLAND Says, in 10-23-2007 at 19:51:00 from    

hahah i was happy chris won, after the KO just look at chris’ face, its like he cant believe he just KO’ed the guy after being rocked with what…3 or 4 haymakers from martin? good s***

Davy Says, in 12-8-2007 at 17:17:53 from    

I honestly am confident in the fact that Leben has the potential to be the best fighter in his weight. If he could only find a way to balance that go big or go home attitude of his, with the great cardio and composure he displayed in this fight. It would seem to me that ti would make him virtually unstoppable.

ty Says, in 1-5-2008 at 15:43:28 from    

leben isn’t the most skilled fighter around but you gotta love his heart. and yeah, he got rocked by martin and it made him stronger there! lol!

Brian Says, in 2-1-2008 at 10:46:46 from    

With the skill set the leben has, If he had the right camp he could be alot better then he is now. Great knockout tho

the Levi Says, in 5-21-2008 at 22:40:07 from    

that was 1 of my favorite KOs of all time. he just keep on geting better. a rematch against the predator Patrick Cote should be in the future. their first fight was a split dec. won by Leben.


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