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lee Says, in 5-19-2010 at 08:59:59 from    

I think gsp will make more in his career than mayweather will make in one fight.

But i see where he is coming from.

rick Says, in 5-19-2010 at 09:32:43 from    

Wow, that coming from a guy that really has not made that much money! got to respect him though, i hope he can make some of that money maywweather makes. But he is right, mma is not making that kind of money, FOR NOW!!

sooooopernate Says, in 5-19-2010 at 10:30:56 from    

Floyd has absurb paydays for a boxer though, and all these high profile boxers are coming up with their own promotion companies now to promote their own fights. And since they don’t fight under a unified banner they have to negotiate the terms of every single fight. I like the UFC system, the low rung mma fighters make more than low rung boxers, fighters typically have a 2-6 fight contract, and fights don’t get canceled for things like a refusal to take an Olympic style drug test (and for that matter a fighter couldn’t demand or dictate how or what drug testing that would be implemented). Yeah ok, so GSP, Brock Lesnar, Shogun, Machida, BJ Penn, Silva, and the like, don’t make 70 million a fight. So what? They make plenty to live on, and if it wasn’t enough they wouldn’t do it. Also you have to take into consideration the meteoric rise of mma, the UFC specifically. The Ultimate Fighter and Spike pretty much saved the UFC, and the UFC saved Spike. I mean s***, go watch UFC 56 or the Ultimate Fighter 1 finale, and look at how empty the stands are. Mma has exploded recently, and the payscales will continue to increase as contracts are up for renewal, and the sport continues to grow. But I mean, the Randy Nog bout that came through Portland did not sell out, so I think that’s a sign that Mma promotion, marketing, blah blah blah still has a way to go, and the salaries seem fair to me. That’s just my humble opinion.

roosterfight Says, in 5-19-2010 at 12:05:17 from    

Mayweather makes 30 mil in one fight..(mayweather vs de la hoya). I doubt GSP will make that much. He makes like 400k a fight?

killacali916 Says, in 5-19-2010 at 12:16:10 from    

lee, I think gsp will make more in his career than mayweather will make in one fight. fyi mayweather makes millions per fight gsp makes maybe 100k per fight if that..do the math.

mmalove Says, in 5-19-2010 at 13:36:03 from    

yeah, he should stay where he’s at. he wouldn’t want to get hurt with ground and pound! I am hoping someday fighters will make as much, so the level of competition will go up and more skilled guys will step in. It’s sad to see how boxing has handled it. Now it’s only about the money for them. That’s something I would HATE to see in MMA.

Freaklegion Says, in 5-19-2010 at 14:30:28 from    

I’m not sure, I think the money is probably there based on the number of events ayear and the money coming in compared to boxing.

It’s just really spread out, but I’m talking out of my ass I have nothing to back this up.

thaddiusluster Says, in 5-19-2010 at 14:56:51 from    

why should Arreola even make remotely as much as Mayweather? he doesn’t have the skill or talent to merit such a payday.

Chris also said: MMA fighters will never make as much as Boxers? he’s probably right; what he doesn’t realize is the similarity between Boxing and the failed housing market in this country; those exuberant inflated paydays are way out of hand and undeserving in any Sport.

Old School NHB guy Says, in 5-19-2010 at 14:58:53 from    

Chris is pretty awesome. I’d say he’s more of a journeyman at best. He can’t really hang with the top tier boxers like the Klitchkos or Adamek.

poopiestick Says, in 5-19-2010 at 15:25:36 from    

Uhh… Mayweather makes $30 Million. Before endorsements.

GSP makes $150k. So if he fights about 200 more times, you are right!

becq Says, in 5-19-2010 at 16:07:04 from    

i dont undestand, ufc payperview make almost same money than boxing pay per view, so why mma figthers make less money than boxing figthers???

xxsnypexx is gay Says, in 5-19-2010 at 16:56:09 from    

Look at the nose on that ugly Bastard!

BigPappa Says, in 5-19-2010 at 17:25:26 from    

millionaire boxing paydays are less than 1% of all the boxers in the world.
some boxers on an undercard are lucky to take hope $500.
o.k. Mayweather gets paid alot… I get that.

pope Says, in 5-19-2010 at 18:07:21 from    

i don’t think boxers can stand up with mma fighters as well as they think. once the boxers start gettin kicked in the legs and head their boxing wont seem too impressive.

HaVoK Says, in 5-19-2010 at 19:22:15 from    

A Floyd will make…not a Chris. LOL. He obviously has no clue what MMA fighters make. Like any Professional Sport the money is in the Sponsorships. And MMA fighters pull in the Sponsors.

The Money is spread around more in MMA then it will ever be in Boxing. That is a Fact. And after ones MMA Fighting days are over you have way more outlets in which to make money. If I was able to make in one fight what I make in a year I would be more then happy! If you require 30million to be happy then you have other issues you should be concerned with.

boxing Says, in 5-19-2010 at 19:27:03 from    

You are all over looking the range in $$$. I have pro boxer friends who are good and ranked fairly high. they are young in their carrear and fight on decent cards. They make between 5-20K a fight. The expenses that these fighters pay in many cases speak for most of the taxable earnings, they are active to have 3 fights a year. Then you have the oscars, pac man, mayweathers, etc.

MMA a similar ranked person would make the same or in some cases more, but the top isn’t close to boxing’s tops….

ToOcH911 Says, in 5-19-2010 at 21:55:56 from    

you guys dont know what your talkin about dana white said it himself theres about 8_10 fighters a year that make 7 figures and gsp gotta deffinitely be one of them. matt serra made 150k in his last fight verse frank trigg(fact) and even the ultimate fight winners make 100k so the superstars like gsp and brock deff get paid

ToOcH911 Says, in 5-19-2010 at 22:02:49 from    

im sorry actually serra made 210 if u count the knockout of the night bonus and coture on the same night got a flat rate of 250k plus a percent of the ppv wich wasnt released so he prolly made over a mill that night too

mr. x Says, in 5-19-2010 at 23:47:05 from    

@ becq — Because Dana White is the only show in town. Things will change when the fighters wise up.

underscore Says, in 5-20-2010 at 00:15:30 from    

Dude… this guy name is arreola? lol

Like nipple Areola?

sbmystiso Says, in 5-20-2010 at 02:11:33 from    

@ killacali can you do your own math? do you know what math is? Do you know how much a million is and how much 100k is?

Justsayin Says, in 5-20-2010 at 12:59:05 from    

@becq- people are starting to wise up to this and speak out.
Also, Mayweather pulls in retarded bank- @ 100 thou, GSP would have to fight 30-40 fights at that payout just to equal Floyd. Put that at a rate of 3 fights per year and you got GSP fighting for 10-14 years just to equal one Floyd fight. That’s a f****** career. And they’re both before added sponsorships. I did the math and it looks like I got the same result. What was your point?

killacali916 Says, in 5-20-2010 at 15:08:07 from    

good mma fighters get paid by the thousands good boxers get paid by the millions. i know this is a mma site but lets keep it real boxers make way more.

killacali916 Says, in 5-20-2010 at 15:11:22 from    

sbmystiso, do you know where your mom is??

killacali916 Says, in 5-20-2010 at 15:14:12 from    

sbmystiso, bet you get molested by your father go cry somewhere about it.

Chuck diezel. Says, in 5-20-2010 at 18:00:38 from    

MMA fighters dont make much cuz all they do spend their moeny on promoting the s***. they just promote it like no other, thats why only tools like mma cuz its marketed so much. they prolly like justin beiver too lmao!!

Dana Says, in 5-20-2010 at 19:56:36 from    

You all are f****** dumb! Chris was trying to give props to mma! all he is saying is that high profile boxers like floyd make 30 mil a fight while GSP will make like 400k a fight; and he is right! 1) NO, GSP does not catch up with sponsorship.
2) 8-10 mma fighters make 7 figures a year. So? Floyd makes 30 mil in one fight! What is your point?
3) Boxing and MMA pay per views are close. A high profile boxing match will avg 750k buys. While MMA fight 500K buys. But they do not get paid the same because two words…DANA WHITE! Why do you think he doesn’t want strikeforce or dream or anyone to come up? because he will have to pay the fighters more to stay. as long as the ufc is the only show in town, he pays the fighters what he wants.

ToOcH911 Says, in 5-20-2010 at 20:38:46 from    

why do u guys keeps sayin gsp makes 100k a fight. theres no shot in hell gsp only gets 100k he deff gets more like 500k at least a prolly a percent of the ppv buys. he deff makes in the mills. not 20 mill for 1 fight like floyd but at least 1 mill

rainmaker89 Says, in 5-20-2010 at 21:29:27 from    

Im pretty GSP makes more money per fight than Cristobal..


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