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oldassgrappler Says, in 10-1-2011 at 22:41:39 from    

Yamasuckie misses again. I do think that Charlie was in trouble, but at least give him a chance on the ground to prove that he is either in or out.

trueOgre Says, in 10-1-2011 at 22:42:31 from    

referee suck

hond2dciv Says, in 10-1-2011 at 22:44:58 from    

Ok, first off Johnson is a HUGE welterweight. He said he cuts 55 pounds, thats insane. Damn he’s big.

But what kind of game plan was that by Brenneman? That was retarded to let him push down on his head the whole time and stay turtled up like that.

Freaklegion Says, in 10-1-2011 at 22:47:53 from    

Terrible stoppage but also a terrible missmatch.

AOR Says, in 10-1-2011 at 22:51:04 from    

glad to see mario made up for the ridiculously late stoppage in the yves fight with an early stoppage in this one

savman Says, in 10-1-2011 at 22:54:54 from    

good win by Rumble how how only has a loss to Koscheck in his last 6fights with 5wins. That said it was an unjust stoppage by Yamasaki. That said if Johnson was allowed to continue I feel very confident he would’ve finished him soon anyway.

dgaf Says, in 10-1-2011 at 23:02:32 from    

charlie had nothin for rumble.

cuervoplays Says, in 10-1-2011 at 23:22:38 from    

At the time of the kick I honestly thought is was a good stoppage. Just very surprised Brenneman landed awake and in a position to defend himself.

chiroguy Says, in 10-1-2011 at 23:26:15 from    

Charlie looked like a white version of Demetrious Johnson next to Anthony Johnson…my god, Johnson is a HUGE Welterweight. The fact that Charlie’s head was still attached after that kick was almost as impressive as his victory over Story. Charlie had no business being in the same octagon as Johnson…

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-1-2011 at 23:33:22 from    

Johnson is very talented, but he is way too strong in this division. He held Charlie down with one arm like it was nothing.
I see him getting a top fighter and then a title shot.

Bellend Bisping Says, in 10-1-2011 at 23:53:25 from    

charlie was out. he was lookin into space. im so happy with the results here. brenneman tried to lay and pray like the Story fight. sorry spaniard, rumble dont play that s***

steamer Says, in 10-1-2011 at 23:59:35 from    

Charlie Brenneman has been working really hard on his ability to look like Horshack and it really showed here tonight.

Scottc Says, in 10-2-2011 at 00:08:22 from    

Yamasaki made another bad call in ending it so fast but it was only a matter of time that it was over.Johnson beat up Brenneman.

beck Says, in 10-2-2011 at 00:51:25 from    

early stp, you know guida and henderson had simmilar kick and was not tko

butcho Says, in 10-2-2011 at 01:21:41 from    

It really is amazing just how bad of a ref Yamasaki is. He gets everything wrong. Either too early or too late.

You can’t base a stoppage purely on how bad a single strike looks; you’ve gotta wait until you can actually see how badly it effected the fighter. Yamasaki simply assumed that the head kick knocked Brenneman out, when it clearly only rattled him. Perhaps in the year 2558 refs will finally be held accountable for their incompetence.

jackperpetual Says, in 10-2-2011 at 01:23:01 from    

Laughing at that rumble don’t play s***, very funny. I actually like the stoppage and Charlie should be thankful he didn’t get what was coming next, you just wanted to see him get his face smashed, understandably. What a deflating loss for that dude. This Rumble cat needs to wreck somebody with a bigger name next, then I would love to see him square off with Diaz if the stars could align in the future.

1999 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 01:50:56 from    

charlie did not fight at all. to scared…

emrb Says, in 10-2-2011 at 04:21:17 from    

Both the Yamasuckys sucked tonight. That entire family should be banned from reffing anything, even ymca kiddie basketball. They are incompetent boobs. And not the good kind that are fun to play with.

^^^^ Says, in 10-2-2011 at 04:43:50 from    

It was not a good stoppage whether you think Johnson would of finished him “anyways”. These refs suck and they need to do their freaken job and that’s making the right call. A bad call once in a while is understandable because everyone makes mistakes, but this is just ridiculous on how inconsistent they are. Also judging is f***** up how they aren’t even on the same page most of the time. The scores can be way off from one judge vs. the other two. This needs to be fixed.

Mag Says, in 10-2-2011 at 05:42:31 from    

Terrible stoppage. This is MMA not tiddlywinks FFS, let them at least fight till he is properly KO’d or stopped. Piss poor

shocktime Says, in 10-2-2011 at 06:41:24 from    

Rumble Vs. John Fitch? Rumble Vs. Diego Sanchez anyone? oooooooo I got it! Rumble vs Jake Ellenberger!!!!

mmafan Says, in 10-2-2011 at 06:47:22 from    

The early stoppage is not excused by the fact that Johnson was dominating up to that point, the kick led to a knockdown, and should have continued to let Rumble finish the fight or whatever was going to happen. Bad refs should be fired, plain and simple, this cannot be good for MMA.

cigronne Says, in 10-2-2011 at 06:58:49 from    

Charlie ate a clean head-kick, if the referee doesn’t stop the fight Rumble jumps on him without opposition and may break his nose/jaw, to me that’s a great stoppage which is the one made just on time to avoid serious damage. Broken bodies and senseless blood don’t sell in the mainstream and are unnecessary, while stoppages like this will make MMA a legal&accepted sport all over the world fast.

Btw, Struve should learn some aggression from Anthony Johnson, what a beast.

ericsson Says, in 10-2-2011 at 09:03:55 from    

Brenneman looked like a bitch in that fight

GetSome Says, in 10-2-2011 at 09:25:27 from    

I think the stoppage was more due to Breneman looking defenseless when he was kicked. The guy did nothing to stop from being kicked and made no effort to defend himself. That was rare for a fighter not to be KO’d immediately from that kick, so the ref did the right thing stopping it. Under most circumstances, if it was not stopped, the fighter just kicked would have been smashed by one or two big shots, which would have been very damaging.

Good stoppage. Easy to say it was a bad one when the guy looked coherent. He looked like he was ready to go right before it, so stop crying about it.

SinkTheHooks Says, in 10-2-2011 at 10:00:19 from    

F*** crumble.. ref won it for him, the kick landed obv. but he was looking up folded..NOT FLAT effing ref

sticky Says, in 10-2-2011 at 11:06:34 from    

That’s what happens in the UFC when you have no stand up at all or just 1 dimensional in general. I hope we see That Sh*t bag Askren in there soon.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 12:34:35 from    

The stoppage was a bit early, but Mario could see Charlie flopping around like a fish just prior to the kick. Charlie even has his right leg split just prior to turtling up. Even if it was an early stoppage, Rumble was going to destroy Charlie in the next five seconds and maybe end his career for the next six months with a concussion.

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-2-2011 at 15:21:05 from    

I have to agree with GetSome and gunnyhighway99 on this one. It may have been a bit earlier, but in this specific situation, it might have saved Charlie’s brain for another fight. It’s better to err in the side of caution than the opposite.
I love some bloody-mess fight, but that’s because I am a dinosaur from the vale-tudo times. Brain-damaged fighters are definitely not good in any way and only make the sport looks stupid and barbaric.

white tiger Says, in 10-2-2011 at 15:40:16 from    

Poor stoppage, but I can see how it got made. From the refs angle, it looks like he goes completely limp and is out. The ref was just trying to stop him from getting a flying elbow to the face when he was out –or at least he thought he was out. Bad stoppage, but clearly not the worse.

killyamasakinow Says, in 10-2-2011 at 15:46:22 from    

How many times did Yamasaki post “good stoppage” here? He’s a drooling tard in need of a bullet to the head.

Dr steel Says, in 10-2-2011 at 16:11:02 from    

Here is the thing with “Rumble” If you make it out of the first round he will gas….

southiejimmy Says, in 10-2-2011 at 16:26:35 from    

Early stoppage, no question about it. Yes he was in trouble…but he was not out. For people saying he was out, you cant be unconcious and hold yourself up….its one or the other, not both.

CRO_GUY Says, in 10-2-2011 at 18:21:06 from    

LMAO “Yamasuckie” … haaahahaha nice one man!!

paul Says, in 10-2-2011 at 19:29:42 from    

F*** this Yamasaki.

kbf Says, in 10-2-2011 at 20:48:24 from    

Horshack!! Ooo Ooo Mr. Kotter. Too funny. Brannaman is a fantastic wrestler but Johnson impressed me. Johnson respected Brennamans wrestling was patient and performed good GnP. Brennaman was lost on his feet. Mario did stop the fight too early :(

bigsexy Says, in 10-2-2011 at 21:20:31 from    

that was slightly early not nowhere near a bad stoppage, if you look rumble grabs his head after the kick, so he was more responsible for charlie landing on his elbows instead of his head slamming against the mat than charlie was, and on the ground it looked like an 18 year old guy overpowering his 13 year old brother so the guy wasnt coming back

sledhead Says, in 10-2-2011 at 22:13:36 from    

justified stoppage

yourmomsucks Says, in 10-3-2011 at 00:53:01 from    

Nice tramp stamp!

kuelniss Says, in 10-3-2011 at 01:10:17 from    

I’m sick of all the people bitching about the stoppage, holy fackin s***. Were you guys watching the fight? How about the last 15 seconds of the fight? He was doing the stanky leg right before and was already woozy unable to intelligently defend himself from the head kick to the face in which he was knocked down. This is the point in which he stopped the fight, which is totally fine, he had already seen enough. He wasn’t knocked out, that’s true, but he was technically knocked out. It’s called a TKO. Could he have let the fight go a bit longer? Yes, of course he could have, and I probably would have been OK with it but there is no way anyone should be complaining about this stoppage either. There are tons of actual mistakes by the refs to bitch about. There were actually no errors this card, including the Roller fight. Saying tap, screaming, yelling, grunting, moaning or any type of verbal outburst implying pain is considered a submission. Roller knows this. So did D’Alelio. Learn the rules you people.

Shinka MMA Says, in 10-3-2011 at 03:16:41 from    

I think I would have done the same in that situation. He looked wobbily on his feet before the kick, and it was a darn good kick.

Also, johnson was between the ref and the downed fighter, so, hard to tell from his angle the damage – had to go on body language.

Could have circled, but it would have meant more (potentially unnecessary) damage

Either way, looked like Johnson was going to dominate regardless.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-3-2011 at 13:23:40 from    

The fight was stopped because Charlie wasn’t defending at all even beofre the kick.Plus he was stumbling around and ate a head kick on the mouth with his hands still down.The ref saw enough and he prefered to stop the figth when Charlie didnt had a seizure yet.What would you guys say if Johnson Donkey Kong smashed Charlie on the ground and Charlie gets a seizure??Of course you WWE fans don’t understand that.This isn’t Supremacy MMA(worst game ever)it’s a professional sport.Did the ref protect the fighters??Absolutly so he did his job correctly.If a fighter doesn’t defend(Charlie didn’t threw anything the whole fight)and gets dropped from a clean head kick,there’s no need to let him eat 3-4 shots on his semi uncouscious head,it would just please the High scholl brawls fans.I don’t need to see a Hendo smash on Charlie to consider he was done.

Dogg Says, in 10-3-2011 at 15:00:37 from    

That was not an early stoppage!!!
The guy was f***** up!!


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