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roninnick72 Says, in 9-22-2012 at 23:52:13 from    

very very nice.

mma oreo Says, in 9-22-2012 at 23:54:08 from    

another boring greg jackson fighter…

Cub was my first trainer. 760 represent. :) great KO Killa Cub!

Hugo Says, in 9-22-2012 at 23:57:45 from    

Hi Bruno. Thanks for the upload!

I am trying to watch the videos you have uploaded but just a black screen appears.

I am using Chrome. Do you know what the problem is?

Thank you.

Bruno: Works in Chrome for me. Files are .mp4 some make sure Quicktime plugins are up to date.

wcoastassassin Says, in 9-22-2012 at 23:58:42 from    

Thanks Bruno, I went to the bar to watch this and it was full

Bruno; no problem.

eric R Says, in 9-23-2012 at 00:13:02 from    

awasome win for Swanson… thanks Bruno my girfriend is waiting for me in the car out side my house, and im sorry, is your fault

emrb Says, in 9-23-2012 at 00:20:15 from    

Good on Cub! After all his injury problems it is great to see him on a tear now. The Kid Always brings it!

oaklandblackouts Says, in 9-23-2012 at 00:25:32 from    

crazy ass knockout damn!

scottc Says, in 9-23-2012 at 00:34:50 from    

Damn…i should’ve put money down on this one like i wanted to.Note to self: always listen to your inner voice.

PitfighterZ Says, in 9-23-2012 at 10:01:16 from    

A focused Swanson is nearly unbeatable. His technique is amazing. He just goes a little too wild sometimes, but that’s also what makes him an exciting fighter to watch.

axemurduh Says, in 9-23-2012 at 13:53:48 from    

Wow Charles gets hit in the eye, as Swanson comes forward he decides to fall down, it wasent a knock out Charles have up its pathetic. Ouch my eye I better fall down I’m done.

Dude Says, in 9-23-2012 at 14:45:17 from    

Super late reaction on Oliveria’s part.

AznPersuasion Says, in 9-23-2012 at 14:59:34 from    

@axemurduh you’re dumb lol…

Yomommamoto Norifumi Says, in 9-23-2012 at 20:52:40 from    

Bang. Warcub.

ustabeluke Says, in 9-23-2012 at 20:53:18 from    

Interesting punching style. The body and head shot was like an inside hammer fist. Connected with the pointer finger knuckle! Sweet.

nogi Says, in 9-23-2012 at 21:52:19 from    

thanks bruno

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 9-23-2012 at 22:16:49 from    

That was one of the weirdest KO’s I have ever seen. Gotta give Cubs some credit I thought he was going to lose his last 3 fights and he has proven me wrong each time. Guess he is a legit contender now.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-23-2012 at 22:27:42 from    

I wish I could punch you in the eye and make you give up wimp.

yourmomsucks Says, in 9-24-2012 at 01:01:45 from    

@axemurdah totally called it. the way he fell down and rolled around like a baby was pretty hilarious. almost as funny as swanson’s “so cal tattoo. He aalso has his name tattooed on his back in case he can’t remember


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