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mmaok Says, in 2-12-2012 at 10:23:55 from    

Another third word debacle. Go back into the jungles.

uncledana Says, in 2-12-2012 at 10:54:02 from    

must have been a bunch of vacationing Patriots fans.

Enscribe Says, in 2-12-2012 at 10:54:08 from    

It’s the Royal Rumble!

juampi Says, in 2-12-2012 at 10:55:37 from    

“mmaok” Are you serious??? Even did you come once to Argentina??? Or you’re saying that words because it’s free??? Yes, there are no possible excuses to this slightly sports disaster, but you can’t to generalize so freely. I’m Argentine, but I’m don’t feel identified with these type of behavior.

LeonXIII Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:12:08 from    

This type of s*** happens in Argentina all the time. They are super violent, go check out their soccer hooligans… go look at their riots. @juampi Don’t try… you guys do this type of s*** all the time.

fightdontbefake Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:34:59 from    

And the US never does bad s*** at events? Cleveland browns throwing bottles on field at sports officials? NBA players fighting fans in the stands, on multiple occasions? NHL players fighting fans, both in the stands and on the bench? A jail cell in the Eagles football stadium? Not to mention police brutality in the US, at peace rallies. This type of thing happens all over the world. Argentina is a beautiful country, but every country has it’s crazy people, and most of them just so happen to like mainstream sports.

Jp Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:37:55 from    

My man in the Red Jacket got it the worst…
at :35

frit5011 Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:41:00 from    

I agree with juampi. There are no riots in argentina. Type in the worlds argentina and riot in google and only mere hundreds of hits come back.

juampi Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:45:29 from    

“LeonXIII” To say what you have said the same validity has that if I was saying that ALL you are accustomed to invade countries with the excuse of nuclear weapon ….. but not do THEY ALL do it, not???

Brucutu Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:49:23 from    

La Plata in Argentina is like Manchester in UK – full of unemployed hooligans eager for a chance to use their fist.

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:50:32 from    

If Sonnen beats Silva in Brazil I could see this happeneing

Gaudy Says, in 2-12-2012 at 11:53:33 from    

At least they weren’t metal chairs.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-12-2012 at 12:03:42 from    

I believe Leon the XIII. AFter all he is a king!

On a positive note I did see a policia take a chair to the face… which is nice.

jona Says, in 2-12-2012 at 12:22:55 from    

Im from argentina, thats normal for any sport in this country.
The hooligans here got alot of political power, if you look at the guy punching the philipino couch, is from a political movement.
(100% Peronista)
Every match end whit the crowd joining the ring, or the football stadium.


mark612 Says, in 2-12-2012 at 12:29:52 from    

this should of happened at the diaz vs condit fight.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-12-2012 at 12:56:16 from    

Soccer,boxing,any sport is a good reason to start acting like animals it seems…

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-12-2012 at 12:58:50 from    

Note to the promoter: Don’t put boxing fights in a place where people can’t watch SOCCER without getting violent and start riots.Of course a combat sport will make them crazy.

ken shiro Says, in 2-12-2012 at 13:04:34 from    

Dont cry for me ARGENTINA

Mars Says, in 2-12-2012 at 13:12:19 from    

Well… I’m also argentinian and I agree… this was a disgrace. Not all of us are like that though… but it is true, crowd violence in sports is pretty standard here.

YourGettingADellDude Says, in 2-12-2012 at 13:23:35 from    

At the end, from a distance, it just looks like something took a big Dump in the Middle of the ring

OhBoy Says, in 2-12-2012 at 13:28:00 from    

I like @ :36 buddy gettin smoked in the head with the bottle.

kung fu k9 Says, in 2-12-2012 at 13:54:28 from    

people involved in this & anyone with that mentality where ever they may be from regardless of race are just taking up oxygen & resources. they should be exterminated like the cock roaches they are…

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-12-2012 at 14:07:56 from    

You are talking about incidents that happens once every 3 years max and where there’s no dead and no riots.

pitbull Says, in 2-12-2012 at 14:31:26 from    

well, im from argentina, and you are all invites to my beautifull country M************, but you must know that we didnt have any oil. And ” jona” why dont you put a real mma argentinian fight and not that stupid show that cali made .
saludos desde argentinas, manga de giles.

bigtigger Says, in 2-12-2012 at 14:43:58 from    

No real security. Adult children and a lot of pride. Bad combination.

fightdontbefake Says, in 2-12-2012 at 15:14:59 from    

@ KungFu

No riots? You must not watch Stanley Cup finals. What happened last year in Vancouver? What happened in Denver? Exactly riots, destroying city streets. I like hockey, but it happens everywhere bub.

johnsmith Says, in 2-12-2012 at 15:47:01 from    

Kind of like douchebag Boston fans after the Bruins get their asses kicked in a game. Or dumb ass Raider fans every season they suck.

IKnives Says, in 2-12-2012 at 16:03:55 from    

I think MMAOK has a point but is semantically wrong. Brawls break out anywhere but the difference is how it is handled. It’s like trying to take Mexican police seriously or even Brazilian. That is why they all have to use special forces to get s*** done. However I could imagine the same thing happening in a rural part of America or any other country of the first world.

bunchofrednecks Says, in 2-12-2012 at 16:21:10 from    

Stupid ignorant americans. have u seen your reality tv? At least they are not killing innocent children like you have for decades

FilipinoClass Says, in 2-12-2012 at 16:45:35 from    

Complete and utter BS. Sore losers!, In the Philippines we would never treat our guests like that. Morales and even JMM are treated like boxing gods over there, despite being of another race. Argentina is an embarrassment to the boxing community. Even your own Sergio Martinez wouldn’t go back there!, f***** losers.

csari0 Says, in 2-12-2012 at 17:27:09 from    

HAHAHa.. Argentinians are the biggest racist and sore losers.

What a waste of space, back to Italy you go, you closeted waste of sperm

alwaysright Says, in 2-12-2012 at 17:42:46 from    

They must have been told Bob Sapp was next on the bill! Only that could make sports fans this angry

Thxer Says, in 2-12-2012 at 20:23:46 from    

Ridiculous. And the Argentinian’s coming here and defending or downplaying it are even more ridiculous.

Yea… it’s us ‘ignorant American’s’ that are stupid. You realize most of the American hate is for our government and not the populace right? Hell, most of us hate them too.

Your women are hot though, so you are forgiven.

bunchofrednecks Says, in 2-12-2012 at 21:41:34 from    

“You realize most of the American hate is for our government and not the populace right? Hell, most of us hate them too.”

@Thxer you just proved my point. you live in a democracy. Now tell me are americans stupid or not?

Maybe not all of you, maybe not even you thxer but´as a country you are defenetly stupid and children murderes. The worst part is that some of you are proud

ajitator Says, in 2-12-2012 at 21:55:49 from    

Imagine if Chael won a controversal split decision in Brazil. He would probably get stabbed like 20 million times.

Victoria, BC –Canada Says, in 2-13-2012 at 01:08:43 from    

There is only one race… the human race. The problem is collectivism. Collectivists see themselves as belonging to a group like race, religion and sexual preference. It’s this collectivist mindset that separates people into groups and divides everybody instead of seeing yourself as an individual with the exact same rights as everybody else. You are an imperfect person living on an imperfect planet. [yawn]… okay… go back to your groups and keep fighting each other…. bye.

whitekimbo Says, in 2-13-2012 at 01:51:12 from    

all the dudes in green shirts are from the unions/ peronistas and get paid by politicians to start s***. this is their full time job . btw the s*** the u.s does on a global scale is far worse than any sports riot

vincanni Says, in 2-13-2012 at 01:54:07 from    


99% of people who criticize America have no idea what they’re talking about. We live in a democracy yes, but its with a two party system where you typically have to vote for one idiot or the other, or throw your vote away so at best your forced to pick the lesser of two evils.

While I agree its bigoted to generalize all Argentinians to act this way, saying things like “children murderer” and citing Canadian riots/altercations to attack the US just makes you sound uneducated and clueless. War time accidents are hardly the intention of anyone and are publicly villainized by every US citizen I’ve ever met. If you seem to think we like that sort of s*** you’re a sick sad little man. That’d be like me saying I bet you guys loved the Argentina Dirty War where thousands of innocents merely suspected of being opposed to the government had to be forcibly sequestered in detention camps only to be tortured or killed.

steamer Says, in 2-13-2012 at 01:55:07 from    

that’s why we bolt our chairs to the ground where I come from….remember…”pick your battles” and “cast not your pearls unto swine” = “Never give what is holy to dogs or throw your pearls before pigs. Otherwise, they will trample them with their feet and then turn around and attack you.”

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 2-13-2012 at 08:06:08 from    

@mmaok u ignorant C*** wipe… like there havent been any sport riots in the US let alone the rest of the world…go back to ur hill to smoke meth, ignorant

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-13-2012 at 11:28:04 from    

There have been Riots in Canada and the USA.But is there one every sports event??There,s one a year andthats alot but in Argentina it’s common and the riots in North America are drunk douches flipping cars over and looting,in Argentina it’s people actually jumping in the ring and trying to kill the fighter,athletes and coaches.A HUGE difference of you ask me.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-13-2012 at 11:30:00 from    

if you ask me*

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 2-13-2012 at 12:26:46 from    

@kung fu…sure bud, it never happens in 1st work countries…Derek Williams vs Jean Chanet read up….Ahmed Elomar vs Willie Kickett, Riddick Bowe vs Andrew Golota I, Floyd Mayweather vs Zab Judah
to name a few…

dreameracer1 Says, in 2-13-2012 at 16:08:49 from    

can anybody tell me what the hell happened here? and stop criticizing. who did what and why got the clown (crowd) so angry?

bunchofrednecks Says, in 2-14-2012 at 00:50:29 from    


To call your invacion a war is like calling Overeem kicking the s*** out of you or me a fight.
War accidents? to kill innocent people for money (oil) is a war accident? how many iraqi soldiers, politicians died in your invacion? how many civilians? Accident? come on u sound smarter than this, you should stop watching fox news and read a little. Im not saying you like killing children, I say you know whats going on and do s*** about it, U always have. u know what blood diamonds are? well maybe u dont own one but you do own blood oil and cash. its easier to look the other way and blame the politicians that U putted there. What are you doing to change the “two party system where you typically have to vote for one idiot or the other, or throw your vote away so at best your forced to pick the lesser of two evils.”? I guess nothing, you just wash your hands, NOT REALIZING(cause as a whole you are stupid)its with the blood of others.
Dont get me wrong, stupidity can be a blessing, lets u sleep at night

viking Says, in 2-14-2012 at 02:35:13 from    

@dreameracer1: seriously? Read the story.

As for everyone else’s bizarre comments on violence, race, nationality, blah, blah, blah: F*** this crowd. Foul, ignorant wastes of tissue. This is the kind of mentality that starts police beating people with clubs, and rightly so. If you think otherwise, there’s something wrong with you…

…but nothing a solid stick can’t cure, guaranteed.

Danby Says, in 2-14-2012 at 06:42:03 from    

@dreameracer1 because the fans thought diaz won, not condit.

dreameracer1 Says, in 2-14-2012 at 15:11:45 from    

Ok, now that was an awesome explanation. BUT! what the heck and why? these clowns oops! i meant the (crowd) got so upset over a flyweight belt. if they want it so badly back why don’t they find someone and go to Philippine and beat the crap out of that skinny champ or do something about Manny the “Pacman” P. maybe they should let Gayweather i mean Mayweather become a citizen of Argentina and challenge the Pacman? anyway i’m not Philippino i feel this is a shame toward my Latin origin

Dave Says, in 2-15-2012 at 04:15:07 from    

hope that doesn’t happen in Brazil :D with Chael lol

phipher Says, in 2-16-2012 at 03:29:42 from    

The Philippines will never support Argentina to its claim of Maldivas or Falkland islands… because of this The Philippines and entire Asian country will support the citizen of Falkland island for their self-determination under Union Jack banner.


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