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bartonfisk Says, in 10-24-2013 at 22:38:18 from    

The king of the promo cuts another epic one =)
thank you Bruno.

GoinAn Says, in 10-24-2013 at 23:23:14 from    

What was that about not having a chip on your shoulder, Chael?

drewblood Says, in 10-25-2013 at 00:05:18 from    

someday Chael will do nothing but commentate…. and when it happens, that day will suck. if you dont get Chael, then your either too stupid… or… well, not you’re just too stupid.

YODA Says, in 10-25-2013 at 00:26:58 from    

How can you say the fight should of been stopped if the other guy came back to win? That’s so stupid!!! It’s like the people saying the Lesnar/Carwin or Barry/Kongo fights should of been stopped…I agree tho with Chael saying he’s not satisfied with those losses, i still have the strong feeling like he can beat Anderson, he has dominated every round except the 2 moments where he was finished.

Skeptical Says, in 10-25-2013 at 07:40:11 from    

@YODA that’s the difference between a good fighter and a great fighter. A good fighter needs to be lucky all night, a great fighter just needs one oportunity and will get the win.

Kingofsting Says, in 10-25-2013 at 09:25:12 from    

I love chael. I just hope Dana has really taken the necessary precautions and understanding to sending chael to brazil to coach tuf. Sport aside, that is very dangerous for chael. Some brazilians really actually want to kill chael cause they don’t understand that chael has the gift of gab and selling fights. Dana better make sure chael is surrounded by an army. Chael is brilliant. Nobody else like him in sports. Also, Chael beats silva after silva loses to Weidman again.

greengiant Says, in 10-25-2013 at 11:09:33 from    

@drewblood – Hey smarty did you ever use your brain and think you may be too stupid for liking a liar,a disrespectful person and an overall shady guy? Either you are ignorant or you mirror those things I mentioned about sonnen in your own self.

Ballsdeep Says, in 10-25-2013 at 15:19:40 from    

Yoda, guess you forgot how cheal quit in his last fight with silva and jones! Lack of heart and too big of an ego is what you get with cheal

MMABESTPICKS Says, in 10-25-2013 at 16:11:59 from    

The most pathetic fighter in the history of MMA is at it again doing what he does best, being pathetic.

No referee will ever pull Chael off any fighter for a simple reason: he got pillow hands and can’t do any damage, period.

Every referee will always pull any fighter off Chael for a simple reason: he curls into a fetal position as soon as he starts taking damage, period.

BTW, Chael, you falling on your ass wasn’t the end of the fight and not the reason why you lost by KO. After you embarrassed yourself by falling on your ass all on your own you ate the greatest knee to the body the octagon has ever seen, then after you stood up Silva manhandled you grabbing you by the throat with no regards for your striking while finishing your hurt ass from the knee with real punches, something you can’t throw.

If Chael’s attitude is that of a man without a chip on his shoulder, I don’t know what a man with a chip on his shoulder act like. Truly pathetic…

SeanV Says, in 10-25-2013 at 17:15:23 from    

Chael you sad Troll, yes please fight AS again, I love to watch u get ur ass kicked…love it!!!! I hope there’s like 100 fights between the 2!!!!


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