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Lando Says, in 5-17-2012 at 09:51:21 from    


wallie Says, in 5-17-2012 at 09:57:22 from    

okay gotta admit that was funny

Kimbo Says, in 5-17-2012 at 10:06:43 from    

What are the betting odds, Sonnen vs Silva?

amer Says, in 5-17-2012 at 11:04:57 from    

dominick cruz thinks that chael is serious :D

hond2dciv Says, in 5-17-2012 at 11:15:17 from    

ahhhhhhhhh. Hilarious.

elvislad Says, in 5-17-2012 at 11:20:58 from    

Great interview,total bullshit at the end though,1st time ive heard him lie or try and deceive the public. NO ONE thinks that if u tap you just lose the round

stu11 Says, in 5-17-2012 at 11:38:45 from    

Sonnen +210
Silva -260

DD Says, in 5-17-2012 at 12:11:39 from    

@Elvislad…. sarcasm? joke?

Cletus Says, in 5-17-2012 at 12:46:26 from    

chael is genius most times

mangymongoose Says, in 5-17-2012 at 12:48:50 from    

Watch Faber at 6:14! lol, he’s nervous and barely under control.

mirfan Says, in 5-17-2012 at 13:28:19 from    

no sh*t. Chael has a sense of humor, u [ ]

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 5-17-2012 at 13:54:10 from    

I’m putting $1K on Chael. Easy money.

2e1y8dfh Says, in 5-17-2012 at 13:57:32 from    

sonnen is the man! i used to hate him but after watching alot of interviews i see this guy is toooo sick! i hope he beats anderson ! it will make for a great rubber match

pinkelephantsmarching Says, in 5-17-2012 at 14:14:34 from    

WOW….ELVISLAD….you are why Chael is actually funny, because I didn’t believe people like you existed. Thank you for truly getting me to LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 5-17-2012 at 14:25:58 from    

He has a history of fake tapping he did the same thing in his title shot in the WEC againts Paulo Filiho. Glad he can poke fun at it thought!

Tempted Says, in 5-17-2012 at 14:29:11 from    

This whole thing was funny as hell. Great post.

XXX Says, in 5-17-2012 at 15:01:39 from    

How can you not like this guy?

Shaikan Says, in 5-17-2012 at 15:14:11 from    


ThatDude Says, in 5-17-2012 at 16:02:22 from    

I guess he forgot about his fight with Forest Griffen, Same submission… Same results

jizlo Says, in 5-17-2012 at 16:44:29 from    


Woosh *Motions hand over my head*

murell Says, in 5-17-2012 at 18:10:58 from    

Like him or Hate him,Chael is one of the smartest fighters in the U.F.C.

DavidJones Says, in 5-17-2012 at 18:33:17 from    

i gotta admit that for a talentless fighter that makes the most boring fights in ufc history,chael is intelligent buisness man and make tons of money on the ufc fans without really proving his worth, he even made me laugh a few times there..having said that. i still thinks he sucks(MMA WISE).and gets places with his mouth, instead of with his fists. and his Epitestosterone to testosterone ratio was the hightest in sanctioned MMA history. 16.9:1. overeem was at 14:1..so think about that. thats why he won stann and okami and silva fights like that.if u dont believe look at the weight in, nobody gainst 20 pounds of mouscle in a year.. lets see him fight clean, like in the bisping fight.. he looked like a fighter that shoud fight for the local scene, not UFC title.

neruda Says, in 5-17-2012 at 18:50:50 from    

at first he used to annoy me but now i freaking love the guy. he’s the greatest real life troll there ever has been. god bless you chael.

^^^^ Says, in 5-17-2012 at 18:58:31 from    

The end was sarcasm. Chael said on the Joe Rogan podcast that when he was in the triangle, he thought about tapping, but was then put to sleep. That is why you saw him sort of fake tap and had a confused look when the fight was stopped. He asked the ref what happened and the ref said you tapped and chael said “I believe you”.

Brandyn Says, in 5-17-2012 at 20:44:09 from    

Chael is always must watch

bobo Says, in 5-17-2012 at 21:39:47 from    

that was f-ing funny..

dave Says, in 5-17-2012 at 23:10:32 from    

I don’t like Chael but I have to admit that was pretty funny! haha :D

Dan Blankenship Says, in 5-18-2012 at 03:32:24 from    

Chael is insane, and I love it!

wow Says, in 5-18-2012 at 03:59:02 from    

He makes me laugh but he is getting tiring, when he gets beat then what??

elvislad Says, in 5-18-2012 at 05:49:34 from    

ok ok I admit im a dumbass!!!lol Jeez i thought i was dry. Lol. The guy is a Legend,for some reason I took the last bit on face value

canguy Says, in 5-18-2012 at 05:56:01 from    

Honestly, you can tell how good of a salesman this guy is and how aware of his surroundings he is when he starts saying it’s the greatest card of all time, incorporating faber and cruz since they’re there.

mscash Says, in 5-18-2012 at 11:53:51 from    

Lol, with chael, sometimes I think about him as what came first? The ability to fight or the ability to spew horse s*** like a watering system popping out of the ground to cover a certain amount of area on my lawn.

Chael, you are the one that has got so/this close to winning a fight over the Historic Anderson Silva. You tapped you f****** liar. You f****** tapped. You got busted after the fight for an elevated hormone level. And, you Chael, you still tapped out.

I’m no fan of anderson the spider Silva. I want some fighter to come along and F*** him up royally. I want to see the spider axe kicked while on his back, I want to see him get kicked up side his head a wobble.

Chael, you beat the spider for 4 1/2 rounds. You attacked. You showed forward ring control. You even kept hitting Silva with those pesky slow hammer fist to Silvas face.

You f***** up and got caught in a triangle because you thought you had the fight won. No doubts. No Chael s***! You tapped bitch! I think you will tap again.

murell Says, in 5-18-2012 at 17:02:21 from    

Chael beat anderson silva for 4 rds,that was fun to watch,hope Chael cleans andersons clock this time,i cant stand that Goofy bastard.


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