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OG dankdavis Says, in 12-2-2011 at 19:43:00 from    

haha!! f***** chael is hilarious for that

MRBARBARYCOAST Says, in 12-2-2011 at 20:22:44 from    

Pretty smooth move there Chael-You had the poor girl blushing and all giggly

kyle Says, in 12-2-2011 at 20:28:59 from    

Playgirl / Mixed Martial Artist Chael Sonnen.

bernie Says, in 12-2-2011 at 20:53:27 from    

she sounded a little bit like Tito at the start of the video, is anyone else seeing this?

canguy Says, in 12-2-2011 at 21:23:57 from    


Chee cheee cheee chee cheee

casyboy Says, in 12-2-2011 at 22:00:02 from    

ted bundy was smooth!

Oddjob Says, in 12-2-2011 at 22:17:22 from    

if only his pick-ups were as good as his takedowns….

Team Chael Says, in 12-2-2011 at 23:07:13 from    

This guy is a straight up pimp, i’d vote for him if he ran for pres.

julian moran Says, in 12-3-2011 at 00:06:46 from    

These 2 should get married. Both full of their false s***.

Dave Says, in 12-3-2011 at 01:31:46 from    

wow too many chael ball suckers lol

I can’t wait to see someone smash that Jerk’s face!

they should test him properly before any fight making sure he hasn’t taken performance drugs again.

Bro Says, in 12-3-2011 at 03:33:52 from    

Someone should give Chael a UFC Twitter belt and a lollipop.
And tell Rhonda she’s fighting Chris Cyborg.
Both would shut up for a while.

America Says, in 12-3-2011 at 03:59:44 from    

F*** YEAH!

jasonfn22 Says, in 12-3-2011 at 04:00:45 from    

He just knows how to sell himself at anytime he can so butting into somebody elses interview is just more TV time. I think Chael is brilliant because he knows how to munipulate anybody especially stupid clinger fans man lol they buy into anything he says and take it for face value when their is a bigger picture to be seen and thats why Dana loves the guy because he knows how to munipulate which translates into making money of weak minded ppl.

Buster Hymen Says, in 12-3-2011 at 04:07:39 from    



You are either blind, ignorant, or plain stupid.

Chael has one of, if not the best take-downs in all MMA. I recall Anderson Silva getting dropped to the mat repeatedly and pounded on for 4 1/2 rounds. All his opponents end up on their back for some period of time.

If you are going to be a hater, at least hate on his poor submission defense… not on his amazing take-downs.

WTFson Says, in 12-3-2011 at 05:51:52 from    

I noticed she didn’t give a s*** what chael says

damn, why I’m here has nothing to do with it!

You chael lover.

Be ashamed.


facephucke Says, in 12-3-2011 at 06:46:12 from    

hes like a mad spoiled kinda white trash little boy./Oregonian sheepslayer. He iritates himself so much he cant sit still and he cant stop insulting people for 5 min..I love how much try to make it like its his master plan to market himself…hes so clever etc let me give him a rim job or an HJ. Hes just an asshole who knows he has the spotlight, with a huge ego, and the egos best friend insecurity!

facephucke Says, in 12-3-2011 at 06:47:52 from    

PS she deserves a nice dinner followed by a “ungreesed, backdoor, hammertime love making session”

Iceman45 Says, in 12-3-2011 at 11:24:49 from    

rumor has it that, that was a set up and they know each other and actually had a steamy encounter

Jeff Says, in 12-3-2011 at 12:27:43 from    

Omg I Hate that guy!!!! but in this video I liked him a little bit??? WTF Nice move Chael thats the only thing you have ever done to get full points from me! you are @50/50 now in my book! you redeemed your assholeness.

g.wizard Says, in 12-3-2011 at 13:47:20 from    

Chael. Love him or hate him. But if you guys don’t appreciate what you just saw you probably suck! at dealing with the opposite sex! And I agree with jasonfn22, he definitely has GAME! And also Iceman45, most anything you see on the idiot box is probably staged just like our ELECTIONS.

FailSonnen Says, in 12-3-2011 at 13:57:36 from    

“How dare this interview interrupt our conversation”

lol what a tool

also that fat lady (his date) in the back looks pissed

oaklandblackouts Says, in 12-3-2011 at 15:30:16 from    

help me rhonda…help help me rhonda

mouthpeice Says, in 12-3-2011 at 15:52:04 from    

SNOR, this is getting sad now this guy is trying to use another fighter to get more exposure… hey chael word of the wise, try to accomplish something of your own, stop riding the coat tails of other more successful more likeable fighters , for christ sake he is a low budget wrestler that got famous because of the spider. he is a nobody and i refuse to watch anymore of his bipolar disorder

jockstrap Says, in 12-3-2011 at 16:46:48 from    

@mouthpiece is right chaels never beat a single good fighter has never accomplished anything that deserved anyones attention.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 12-3-2011 at 16:50:12 from    

If that readhead in the back was his date, WOW, horrible taste…..maybe shes the only girl he could find to swallow his bullshit.

facephucke Says, in 12-3-2011 at 18:02:21 from    

thank you mouthpeice!

WTFson Says, in 12-3-2011 at 18:24:03 from    

By that move it would be smooth if his reputation didn’t precede him. I’ll let the rest be by gone’s but this is mma so as a fighter he makes promotion
his number 1 since in the octagon he thinks he is a champion , Ha! chael is high on himself. I haven’t seen him against top fighter like vitor and wandy, he hasn’t yet but he talks like a champion and that hasn’t been proven.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 12-3-2011 at 18:40:44 from    

Yeah he sent her a tweet, it was asking if she had any spare roids she could sell him for his ‘midnight run’. She doesn’t have to take roids (like most real athletes don’t) and didn’t respond LOL.

Levi Says, in 12-3-2011 at 19:40:38 from    

This guy really annoys me. i wish someone would shut his mouth up for good

Get ItOn Says, in 12-4-2011 at 04:43:08 from    

@ uster Hymen – I think you misunderstood what Oddjob was saying. Pretty sure he meant that his “Picking up on women” skills aren’t as good as his takedowns. Either way, it seems that she was pretty damn happy about meeting Chael.


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