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Miojo Says, in 12-24-2011 at 10:20:38 from    

It’s clear this is all a big facade – and Chael went too far in his mission to please Dana and promote the UFC in the news.

As far as Brazil, if you’re an American dont go there. It’s too, say, “ethnic” and diverse. And the thing of standing up to make space for an old lady in the train is something too much for the average anglo-saxon culture.

gunnyhighway99(Panama) Says, in 12-24-2011 at 11:11:13 from    

I think Landsberg handled this douche pretty well. Sonnen is kind of funny, but after two interviews I’d rather watch him fight.

tattooed1 Says, in 12-24-2011 at 11:11:23 from    

Simply said, he is 1 of a kind. Sonnen is a born hype machine.

JoeDog Says, in 12-24-2011 at 12:09:14 from    

Sonnen vs Dos Santos? Reserve a hospital room. Sonnen vs Jones?….interesting.

OG dankdavis Says, in 12-24-2011 at 13:14:41 from    

aaaahhhahahahahaha chael rocks! that was a great intro

Dr steel Says, in 12-24-2011 at 13:16:07 from    

I love him and will not apologies for it .

“welcome to the plight of the blue eyed white man”

OG dankdavis Says, in 12-24-2011 at 13:19:29 from    

oh and landsberg is on that powered drug look at his twitchy lip licking face.

coleSTain Says, in 12-24-2011 at 13:44:47 from    

that was F’in great!!!

Yoda123 Says, in 12-24-2011 at 13:59:11 from    

Landsberg said he wants to go to Brazil with Chael hang out and “protect” him or words to that effect…

That’s Fruity.

Yoda123 Says, in 12-24-2011 at 14:02:07 from    

Sonnen vs Bones Jones? ru friggin kidding me?

Reserve the Morgue for So has been nen.

tonysnow Says, in 12-24-2011 at 14:22:44 from    

they are both douches and i would def watch round 3 of this interview

wildchilds Says, in 12-24-2011 at 17:25:42 from    

This guy is delusional, a cheater and a joke and a loser

Drew Says, in 12-24-2011 at 17:34:47 from    

He’s done with Silva? After he made a loser-leaves-the-UFC bet? He might want to fight all those other guys, but he’s an employee of the UFC and he will fight Silva, the match everyone wants to see. What’s the point of a #1 contender match if you’re “done” with Silva?

jake ambrose Says, in 12-24-2011 at 18:20:18 from    

most over rated idiot in mma history id kick sonnens ass . id also kick rear naked smokes racist ass.

Matt F Says, in 12-24-2011 at 18:42:51 from    

I’d love to see Chael fight another champion. I can’t see him troubling either jones or jds though.

Thanks for the post Bruno and merry Xmas to you!

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 12-24-2011 at 19:15:48 from    

i hope zuffa doesnt start using landsburg as a pawn.

drunkentigah Says, in 12-24-2011 at 19:30:35 from    

Miojo, what you just wrote is actually just as offensive as anything that comes out of Chael’s mouth. Your stereotype of Americans is based only what you see from celebrities. I honestly can’t say anything about the diversity of Brazil since I’ve never been there but I can assure you that the U.S. is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Also your remark regarding “anglo-saxon culture” is misguided. I don’t think being rude to other people is a cultural norm for any group of people. Please don’t make blanket statements or uninformed generalizations because that is the same thing as blatantly offending people like Chael does.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-24-2011 at 21:30:52 from    

Tis true us blue eyed devils are feared and hated around the globe.

BamBam Says, in 12-24-2011 at 21:41:32 from    

Chael’s suck a dick,he thinks he’s funny but he’s not!!!!!!!

Dan Blankenship Says, in 12-24-2011 at 22:51:31 from    

Chael is good at talking and good at fighting. If he ever figured out how to defend against submissions, he might be the baddest man on the planet!

jump Says, in 12-24-2011 at 22:59:25 from    

landsberg is a HUGE douchebag why does chael waste his time on a pastey faced lipstick wearing cartoon character?

chris Says, in 12-24-2011 at 23:55:59 from    

bad fight for mark watch out anderson here comes the real champ chael= beast= champ

cc Says, in 12-25-2011 at 00:58:16 from    

luv em or hate em..makes good points well said

Not Anonymous Says, in 12-25-2011 at 03:50:57 from    

Drew: Sonnen made the offer to Silva,and Silva turned it down and asked to fight Bisping(there was another name, but I can’t recall). I thought it was pretty clear that Chael said he would become #1 contender, then use that status to get D.W. to set up a fight against the champ of another division. You will tell me I’m delusional, but Silva doesn’t want a rematch. He wants to finish his career on top, and that means three more fights against safe competition. The MW division is a waste of time for Sonnen so he will clear out all who will fight him, then move up or down a class to fight the champ.

Not Anonymous Says, in 12-25-2011 at 03:53:37 from    

Forgot to add: Silva’s reason for dismissing Sonnen’s rematch was that Sonnen hadn’t done enough to earn a rematch. My guess is Sonnen will not have the time to “earn” the rematch before Silva retires.

FailSonnen Says, in 12-25-2011 at 03:57:40 from    


steamachine Says, in 12-25-2011 at 04:36:30 from    


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you are not Brazilian. In which case your entire statement lacks substance. But just to entertain the idea that you might be I will say that most Americans that follow the fight game have a ton of respect for Brazil and for you to immediately point out you believe the Sonnen show to be a facade yet let you’re wounded pride allow you to follow with a racist statement…..foul.


I’m gonna go out on another limb and say you are American in which case your entire statement is pure jackassery. Yet for the sake of entertaining a notion that you might be Canadian or British I’m going to rip you a new one. There is nothing typical about Chael. The fact that he’s a fighter, dabbles in real estate and politics says he’s reached a level in his life that most fat moron Americans will never even be able to comprehend much less ever set out to actually attempt achieving. As far as the most hated thing….according to who? Because there’s a good chance we hate you more.

facephucke Says, in 12-25-2011 at 10:07:19 from    

miojo vai dar o cu…ok with that out of the way..Sonnen cannot complain about the victim status of the blue eyed whiteman when he mocks whole populations that he doesnt understand…Chael is “the ugly american” that we have all heard about..

TroutSniffer Says, in 12-25-2011 at 10:23:31 from    

Typical American? You obviously don’t know typical Americans. Change your name to Rear Naked Joke! Fukstik!

Ranked Says, in 12-25-2011 at 10:55:23 from    

Was that last bit a jab.against Mousasi?

jon Says, in 12-25-2011 at 15:29:07 from    

I cannot stand this interviewer, how on earth is he on TV, he’s like a weird old p*** reject, sweaty and disgusting. I vomit looking at his face.

casyboy Says, in 12-25-2011 at 15:46:33 from    

if he doesnt get into standup id be bummed, and scared if he gets into politics!

wow Says, in 12-25-2011 at 18:46:02 from    

Why do people let Landsberg interview fighters anyways? No one asks the school flake to take time off from smearing on lipstick to comment on the class bullies’ fights

wookiepie Says, in 12-26-2011 at 11:18:34 from    

that is not the real RNS. his screenname appears as a url. that is an imposter.

casyboy Says, in 12-26-2011 at 12:43:58 from    

r.n.s and oldass are down in brazil enjoying the beautiful weather hot chicks and tropical fruit! sorry out of wifi range, im delivering this message via horseback [wellsfargo] to tells ya alls the bud is great!ps chael kicking andies ass for 4.5 rds earned him the re-match, without doin s*** more!

oldassgrappler Says, in 12-26-2011 at 21:13:57 from    

Casyboy is right on!

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 12-26-2011 at 23:08:17 from    

He doesnt have the balls to fight any good fighter at 205..much less Bones…man hes so corny, wow… love the ending..”I think were out of time now”….LMAO

freee Says, in 12-27-2011 at 00:51:36 from    

sonnen just su*ked Landsberg’s di*k. hahaha.

sp1n Says, in 12-27-2011 at 15:21:57 from    

Landsberg – who is this plastic faced scrot, makes me puke


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