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lal Says, in 10-3-2013 at 09:35:53 from    

Off topic, for Bruno:

Bruno: Thanks but posted back in March. Worth looking at though. http://www.mmatko.com/gustavo-coelho-franca-vs-magno-magu-alexandre-fight-video-wocs-watch-out-combat-show-24/

steptof Says, in 10-3-2013 at 11:42:41 from    

“It’s normal…!”

lal Says, in 10-3-2013 at 13:28:04 from    

Ah well, local newspapers fooled me on that one lol. Curse em! :D

Genghis Khan Says, in 10-3-2013 at 14:15:59 from    

Here’s what’s different about these two:

Chael is a gangster wannabe. He’s actually a smart individual and would probably walk away. A coward maybe but a smart coward.

A pissed off Wanderlei on the other hand is one dangerous mother f*****. Wanderlei is a gangster but tries hard to be a nice guy.

Eventhough I would love to see Wanderlei beat the s*** out of this fool. My money will be on Sonen.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-3-2013 at 17:19:43 from    

Genghis- what?? lol here let me rephrase your statement. Chael is a true gangster. The greatest gangsters are politicians or billionaire banking CEO bailout scum. This gang of crooks OWNS THE WORLD! You think running guns and dope for crackheads in the hood is gangster? How about international human sex trafficking of men, women and children. How about warring nations over resources and indirectly murdering millions of people. You don’t know gangster.

Wandy is not a gangster. Coming from a poor slum in brazil doesn’t mean you’re gangster. Beating up jap cans in pride doesn’t mean gangster. Wandy is “genius” for falling for chael’s trolls. Wandy is emotional and about to get Leben’d. Wandy chin so bad even Chael can KTFO him.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-3-2013 at 17:55:11 from    

LOL @ the people who thought it was real. I said in the last video him and Wanderlei were both laughing at you guys and you caught the bait like dumb fishes.

ericsson Says, in 10-3-2013 at 18:53:59 from    

sonnen will beat this Monkey

MC DEATH BEAR Says, in 10-4-2013 at 01:31:38 from    

Silva has no idea how bad he was trolled…


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