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walket6678 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 10:58:35 from    

One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-18-2012 at 11:00:44 from    

his forearm was striking the back of the head, that oounts. also who is this kid what or why should we even give a F*** if he got DQ’d? and why did he keep going ape s*** when the ref was trying to stop the action? looks like juice rage to me

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-18-2012 at 11:04:58 from    

Nice I counted two with the video(one looked like a elbow behind the head but it wasnt at all withthis vid).In the NFL and NHL they can suspend guys AFTER the game even if no ref called it because it was an error from the ref to not call it.So I don’t know why the UFC can’t change that decision.

nogi_revolution Says, in 1-18-2012 at 11:36:37 from    

The ref had warned him prior to the one actual strike to the back of the head bc he thought the other strikes were either hitting the back of the head or really close to it.
So he got an explicit warning not to hit the back of the head, then he hit the back of the head. Valid DQ.
Rogan needs to know his role. After the fight you go interview the Fighters and ask THEIR opinions, no one gives two sh@ts about what you think. That lil midget overstepped his bounds and disrespected Mario.
He’s entitled to a POV but he should save it for the appropriate forum; which in his case is that pothead podcast of his.

Sticky Says, in 1-18-2012 at 11:57:58 from    

How tangible is a record anyway? This doesn’t matter, because it’s obvious who won that fight, and forever that loss will be considered a robbery, and a win for Silva.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-18-2012 at 12:05:09 from    

His forearm hit him the 1st time.Why should we give a s*** because he has 2 very fast KOs under 1 minutes and he looks talented.You say he looks like a roider.You sound like a whiny bitchy hater here.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 12:37:04 from    

Seriouly! He was hitting him with his forearm in the back of the head on a few of those shots. Also, there were a few direct punches too. This wasnt a bad call, I thought they were going to let it slide when I watched it live and I’m glad they didnt. Would rather it be a NC than a DQ but whatever. I love the part of the gif that says “top of the head” when he is clearly hitting him in the back of the head

casyboy Says, in 1-18-2012 at 12:51:07 from    

i dont know what the discrepency is here ,6 0ut of seven clearly hit the back of the head, this is quite a popular technicue for finishing fights, if your are going to jump all over a guy like a monkey you gotta be way more pin-point!

The Dancing Bear Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:02:34 from    

Joe Rogan was right….Yamasaki strikes again

ryeboi Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:04:33 from    

**PLEASE READ THIS** – Okay guys, it’s important to understand the rationalization behind the rule that bans, “Striking to the spine or the back of the head”. Your brain is connected to your spinal cord and your spinal cord is an important tool in controlling your voluntary and involuntary body functions such as motor control, respiration, heart beat etc. In short it’s part of a greater system that keeps you alive. The purpose of the rule is to protect fighters from injuring their opponent’s cervical vertibrae and leaving them with permanent damage. (paralyzation, breathing problems etc)

The rule is a good one.

That being said, when someone throws a punch, the point of contact is not always the fist. This is the perfect example of a hammer strike where the forearm/wrist makes contact to the back of an opponents head. These strikes are not legal for the reason described above. And in such an abundant volume, this is dangerous. I’m very pleased to see a ref gather the stones to finally make this call. Fighters need to be deterred from strikes to the back of the head and anywhere near the occipital portion of the skull. (Basically don’t hit behind the ears)

This call should have been made more times in the past. The worst offence that I saw was Nathan Marquardt vs Thales Leites for the headspike which can compresses the spine and do just as much damage.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you’re not convinced I recommend you look it up on wikipedia after the SOPA black out, take an anatomy class, or talk to an EMT.


casyboy Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:08:02 from    

who ever made this video is creating their own little reality, good luck getting people to buy into it!

MajorTom Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:14:37 from    

Erick is a good fighter and he didn’t keep going apeshit when the ref tried to jump in. It’s a slow motion video. Everything happened a lot quicker. Yamasaki is a good ref and he made a call. He doesn’t deserve to get too much flack. Rogan called him out as a fan. He didn’t seem to confident in his answer after. He just said he had to make a call right then. It’ll get settled.

blzd Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:24:49 from    

all this hate on Rogan i sense some kind of jealousy

ginko biloba Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:41:11 from    

@KungFu what other sports do is irrelevant because they are not forced to report to the State Athletic Comission…bunch of bs

UFC makes no decisions regarding rules, judging, refereeing, etc.

Licks72 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:41:51 from    

The one blow to the back of the head was not nearly as intentional as Aldo’s grab of the fence. Should Aldo’s victory be overturned? No. It was a Brazilian in Rio. Yamasaki was looking to make the popular call. That arena had to be a little intimidating to non Brazilians. Dana still gave Silva the win bonus.

Freaklegion Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:49:27 from    

Those side of the head shots don’t really look like they’re 100% side of the head shots, and at full speed? Sure is nice to be able to do it in slow motion and then call the referee out though.

mmafan400 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:57:48 from    

sticky’s right, the fact is that zuffa knows who won, and they’ve never been afraid to act accordingly

yhd00d Says, in 1-18-2012 at 15:37:35 from    

It looked like the one that hit him in the back of the head is the one that made him collapse.

HelloWorld Says, in 1-18-2012 at 15:53:56 from    

He should have been given time to recover, like after any illegal blow. Rivera was given time after Bisping landed that illegal blow. Why wasn’t Prater? That is what doesn’t make sense.

ryeboi Says, in 1-18-2012 at 16:28:28 from    

Most of the time if you let your opponent get to a position where they can hit you in the back of the head, you’re doing something wrong.

But a classic example of how these blows can turn the tide of a fight is Frank Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz two. This is the match that solidified Frank as a legend of the past.

Tito was smothering Frank with superior wrestling up until the final seconds of the last round when Frank gained a dominant position and unleashed a flurry of the same hammer strikes to the back of Tito’s head.

One of the guys at my gym lost feeling to his pinky finger after getting wizarded onto his head which compressed his spine.

It’s not black and white meaning you can’t just assume that since the fighter isn’t paralyzed that everything is okay. His nervous system might put him in a state of shock similar to when you get into a car accident.

Erick definitely won the fight but the rules are there for a good reason. I hope they review this rule and get the refs to call this type of blow with more conformity.

As for Joe, he’s a commentator that’s known for being an “in ya face” style. Of course he’s gonna call out the ref in front of the audience. He loves being an Alpha and dominating the audience. But it doesn’t mean he’s right. When it comes btwn choosing Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, i’d take Joe anyday. Joe has come a long way since sucking on Eddie Bravo’s teet. But calling out Mario was a dick move. Joe deserves flack for being a douche.

Doesn’t mean Joe is a bad guy. It just means Joe was being a douche at that moment and we’re pointing it out.

stu11 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 16:53:34 from    

It is about intention. Although it is an illegal blow, striking the back of the head is not always a foul. If the fighter turns into the strike it is not a foul.

Freedomfit Says, in 1-18-2012 at 17:22:59 from    

Was there illegal shots, yes… Intentional…Doesn’t look like it. The verbal warning is the ref’s only excuse, it was a bad call….if you compare it to say Hendo vs Fedor, or similar fights, inconsistency is the issue here, why DQ this fighter and not so many others?

Hanabahn Says, in 1-18-2012 at 17:32:37 from    

I’m watching the same vid and he struck the back of the head multiple times. It’s a good call.

ramrod Says, in 1-18-2012 at 19:16:59 from    

wwwwwwwwwwwwoow politics well i can honestly say i have seen a lot of UFC fights and i have seen some fighters get cracked and fall down and the opponent go in for the kill. In a lot of those other fights ive seen way worse hits to the back of the head clear and blatant but the ref isnt thinking about how to stop that cause he is caught in the moment. Sometimes angles are tricky and you really cant tell and you just have to use your best judgement all you guys criticizing i would love to see you guys try to step ut to the plate and ref.. Not an easy job..

johnmellon Says, in 1-18-2012 at 19:30:04 from    

This gifs full of s***, in my opinion. I was pissed when Rogan tried to call him out on it and say those were legal strikes, some of them obviously weren’t.

Reallynow? Says, in 1-18-2012 at 22:11:57 from    

This break down is 1st grade bullshit. EAR DURR EAR DURRRR EAR DURR TOP SIDE OF BACK SIDE OF PENIS DURRR. Temporal asshole. Look up the anatomy of the skull and you’ll see where the back of the head runs to and could be considered. The tomporal area runs into the perietal area. And a forearm is a weapon, just like your shin is. If your shin does damage, your forearm can too. And guess what? People get knocked stupid with the shin. They need to clarify what they consider the back of the head…

Reallynow? Says, in 1-18-2012 at 22:14:15 from    

Also the person making the video is probably some biased dumb ass who watched it on tv, got online and made this grained out pos. Let the commission deal with it. Who honestly gives two shits about either fighter enough yet?

jballer Says, in 1-18-2012 at 22:22:35 from    

its a shame a fairly good ref (yamasaki) can get pigeon-holed after one bad call. but this one was bad indeed. referees go unnoticed unless they fail. i thought this call was bizarre on different levels; the “ghost rabbit” punches, and because i thought the fight was stopped on a tko. to dq without warning, point deductions and time just seems absurd.

reminds me a little of richard steele of boxing; it’s never ends well when a referee wants to impose himself on fighters fights (remember chavez-taylor, tyson-ruddock, countless others?).

Danny Says, in 1-18-2012 at 22:39:37 from    

Can we all look back at Cung Le fight and compare the 2 videos please. Then we can judge whatever we want. Thank you.

negron Says, in 1-18-2012 at 22:53:17 from    

I didnt see the PPV,but from what i’ve seen of this fight..the ref made a bad call..a warning for one shot..point for two..but what do i know i’m not a ref

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 23:18:02 from    

Some people just dont get it, he wasnt warned and his opponent wasnt given time to recover because it was an illegal action THAT ENDED THE FIGHT. Why was Jones DQ’d and not warned in his fight against Hamill??? He hit him with a few illegal elbows and Hamill could not go on. Jeez

zagor Says, in 1-18-2012 at 23:46:45 from    

is there anyone in here that wouldn’t mind getting paralyzed after unintentional (as opposed to intentional) strikes to the back of the head, even if it was after ONLY one strike?…just asking…..

Freaklegion Says, in 1-19-2012 at 01:31:08 from    

A Warning for 1 shot a point for 2 unless the referee thinks that 1 shot to the back of the head decided the outcome of the fight.

It happened fast, the shots were close to it, and 1 got through for sure. If that 1 decided the fight at that instant, it was a good call.

Overall? I think it was the wrong call, but I’m not a ref.

muppetoflove Says, in 1-19-2012 at 01:44:19 from    

Ref-Decision made real time. No slow motion, no replay, no motion capture. No nothing.

Ask yourself this. If you were watching it in real time without Joe Rogans commentary it is pretty easy to see why he made that call.

Goldberg puts it best “the ref doesnt get the benefit of replays”

He gave him a warning for back of the head, in Portuguese, then the 2 shots after he clocks him a solid 1 in the back of the head. We all know it was a bad call cus we had slow motion replays, but he didnt.

tobes Says, in 1-19-2012 at 02:43:53 from    

What’s funny is that before watching this video, I thought Yamasaki was full of BS, but now I agree with his call. The video had the exact OPPOSITE effect on me than was desired by its creator.

Colonel Says, in 1-19-2012 at 03:45:02 from    

I think it is a good call. The ref is actualy telling him in portuguese to be careful with that because he saw those forarms blows and then Silva gives a solid shot to the back of the head. I mean, what more can you do at that that point if you’re the ref ???
I’ve never seen Rogan like that and I think part of it was to please the brazilians, in my opinion, it was stupid and disrespectful.
As far as Dana, they want to change the outcome of the fight, well let’s just allow those shots to the back of the head because if they give the victory to Silva, that’s what it means.
They always talk about safety, this is not credible now

Greaz Says, in 1-19-2012 at 07:03:31 from    

it looks like he hit the back of the head several times….joe rogan should shut the F*** up

rockinout Says, in 1-19-2012 at 08:03:59 from    

It’s sad to see this fight ruled as a DQ. Prater is moving his head around trying to avoid the strikes. It’s insane, and wrong to expect the attacking fighter to miss the back of the head every time. Take a point away and restart them then.
It’s not like Silva held Prater down and repeatedly hit him in the base of the skull. This is a sport with risk in it. The DQ is a pathetic call. Too bad. And anyone that thinks otherwise needs to watch another sport.

white tiger Says, in 1-19-2012 at 11:35:43 from    

I thought I saw him hit more than once. However, all it takes to really hurt someone with a strike to the back of the head is once. Good call by the reff. I know I wouldn’t want to be hit in the back of the head.

ryeboi Says, in 1-19-2012 at 12:18:19 from    

@Freedomfit – Because refs are SCARED of public opinion and SCARED to call a foul on a fighter. They actually don’t like intervening with fights and prefer not to. However a fighter’s safety is paramount and this rule should be called MUCH MORE OFTEN much like they’ve done with the knee to a downed opponent.

casyboy Says, in 1-19-2012 at 13:05:14 from    

fighters should wear protective plate on back of head covering vital areas ,not so much for protection but to sensor arrant shots, have it set to certain pound per square inch, so light glancing blows don’t set it off, if it gets set off fighters can be seperated and evaluated! s*** i got to get a patent!

DanielMcfate Says, in 1-19-2012 at 23:10:16 from    

I felt it was a good call by the ref for a few reasons. First, he verbally warned the fighter to watch the blows to head. Second, his forearm looks as if it was making contact. Third, a ref makes a call from real time, not from a slow motion GIFF.
Perhaps a NC but a good call in my humble opinion.

whitekimbo Says, in 1-20-2012 at 02:44:37 from    

just allow soccer kicks and this kind of s*** won’t happen

O yea Says, in 1-20-2012 at 02:58:52 from    

So because someone makes a gif tagging what shots were legal and illegal, it’s totally reliable? No watch the fight again, there was at least two illegal shots. If rules aren’t enforced, what good are they?

Twana Says, in 1-20-2012 at 08:44:54 from    

Worse than Fedor’s stoppage by this little lunatic herb guy.

MMA_KING Says, in 1-20-2012 at 09:54:24 from    

Damn, it’s sad how many of you guys can’t read. People agreeing with the ruling are trying to ruin the sport. Go watch something else please.
1 hit to the back of the head does not = DQ. It’s a stand up, a verbal warning and maybe a 1 point deduction.
The inconsistencies in MMA reffing really are keeping the sport from establishing itself. And not using instant replay to over turn bad calls is a joke. This isn’t boxing folks, you can’t use the same rules

willienugget Says, in 1-20-2012 at 19:40:22 from    

Even if they were illegal, you don’t come in and wave a fight off like that. Stop action, deduct points, see if the downed fighter can continue, then consider ending the fight. What he did indicated a Silva TKO victory and Silva got paid as such.

willienugget Says, in 1-20-2012 at 19:42:49 from    

wizarded? wtf is that?

jches Says, in 1-20-2012 at 23:32:18 from    

Amazing that Fedor actually got brought into this conversation. Fedor lost and there was no controversy in it except for the whining of the remaining nuthuggers. Get over it. He’s just past his prime.

King Says, in 2-4-2012 at 21:06:32 from    

I’ve seen way worst and not once called illegal. for those who said the elbow counted please look again. He’s throwing hammer fist not elbows. If you seen the fight the action was super fast. Even the Ref looked at the reply and was lost for words. You get more warnings from boxing from nut checks and head butts. None was intentional to me and all the other 100 people I watched it with.


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