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McClinchey Says, in 11-10-2011 at 17:08:55 from    

LOL the other guy just wanted to try out mma… who the hell put in a guy who wants to be the best in the sport vs someone who wants to give it a try? this was a huge mismatch strikeforce trying to build up cain.

bigtigger Says, in 11-10-2011 at 17:23:11 from    

And the rest is history.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 11-10-2011 at 18:02:25 from    

wow what a beating ouch…

idayvoz Says, in 11-10-2011 at 18:14:14 from    

That was an ass whoop!!
How come they list him at 6-2 and UFC lists him at 6-1?

mirkocrocop Says, in 11-10-2011 at 18:38:15 from    

its like they wanted to lock a sheep in an octagon with a hungry lion.

dude Says, in 11-10-2011 at 19:50:06 from    

I love how Cain didn’t smile at all.

PowerTele Says, in 11-10-2011 at 20:07:14 from    

Some organizations inflate their fighters stats to appeal more to the audience.

Twana Says, in 11-10-2011 at 20:20:43 from    

wrestling made him win…nothing magic

kidfrosty Says, in 11-10-2011 at 20:24:21 from    

Nice can-o-whoop-ass, but where’s Tank vs. Buentello? I was hoping to see Tank in his better years after seeing him butt-hump that other old guy for 15 minutes in “Barbeque-n-Brawl” a few nights ago.
“It doesn’t get any better than this…WOOOHOOOOOOO!” (yes, it does)

Juniordoslightsout Says, in 11-10-2011 at 20:25:21 from    

“My low kick is uhh really nasty.” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA what a clown. that shits funny

Dr steel Says, in 11-10-2011 at 21:18:21 from    

Cain was 0-0 guys I don’t think that Strikeforce was trying to give Cain a Gimme fight here .

Damm he rag dolled that guy though!

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 11-10-2011 at 21:37:19 from    

I wonder how long it took him to wrap those ankles so neatly LMAO…I can just picture this weekend warrior before this fight…”like, Im gona fight in a cage and stuff, and like, Im crazy you know…and like my kick is crazy…like, I cant wait to kick his ass…like, hes never fought someone like me”

snype6969 Says, in 11-11-2011 at 01:13:57 from    

if dos santos take down defense isnt on point. this will be him

xol Says, in 11-11-2011 at 10:49:29 from    

I love this site!

PikachuManson Says, in 11-11-2011 at 11:37:53 from    

@McClinchey Umm… The guy was 3-1 Cain was 0-0. If anything Cain was at a disadvantage.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 11-11-2011 at 22:45:26 from    

I still remember the Tank vs Buentello fight. Tank: “I just got clipped.”

JJ Says, in 11-12-2011 at 01:11:43 from    

just don’t try to compare JDS’s td to this guy’s. I hope it’s going to be a great fight. If Cain will take JDS down he’ll have an advantage. Standing they seem to be pretty even, but I believe that JDS will do him. I still remember Kongo fight and I think that JDS put in the same situation would finish Cain off. My cash is on JDS but it’s very close

Oddjob Says, in 11-12-2011 at 12:16:35 from    

he may need both….. and some headgear! hahahahahah


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