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Tonysnow Says, in 5-19-2013 at 21:00:25 from    

What a douche

Tear Says, in 5-19-2013 at 21:25:09 from    


Flawn Scorpion Says, in 5-19-2013 at 21:49:15 from    

This guy is a girl hitting douche arse!
Poor Meeshaw Tate

PowerTele Says, in 5-19-2013 at 22:02:36 from    

This is terrible. Kick a dude while he is down.

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 5-19-2013 at 22:20:42 from    

I agree he is a douche but he seemed sincere in this interview. I am sure he is happy to get the money regardless who it is taken from. At least he is not giving a speech on irresponsibility.

greengiant Says, in 5-19-2013 at 23:53:59 from    

He realized he offended a lot of people and is trying to fake his way out of it by playing the nice respectful guy. I can see right through it.

Pangea12 Says, in 5-20-2013 at 00:03:07 from    

Something fortunate happened to him and that souls only be a blessing…..but…… If I knew Healy and I got that money I would split it 50/50.

tesla Coil Says, in 5-20-2013 at 02:03:27 from    

What’s wrong with his answer? It’s not like he wrote himself the check. Healy was an idiot and paid for it. When you turn your W to a N/C, you essentially threw away your fight. Hw definitely didn’t win and that’s why he didn’t get paid.

Listen, he signed a contract like a grown man, and I’m assuming he knows how to read and he KNEW he was breaking the rules. Fighters are hurt all throughout training and always have residual pain, if they know enough not to take any painkillers before the fight, (yes, they can’t even take TYLENOL), you got to be some kind of tool-bag to think smoking weed is legal. Sucks for Pat, but he knows he cheated and if he’s not complaining (and he’s not) why should anyone else complain for him.

You get paid for results. A NC, invalidates the fight, removes the win (no win bonus), invalidates the submission (read above, No WIN), essentially erases the fight (i.e. no FIGHT OF THE NIGHT). Shouldn’t get paid for something that doesn’t count.

^^^^ Says, in 5-20-2013 at 03:57:11 from    

I hate Caraway too, but I would’ve taken the money as well. It’s $65k and if your not a top fighter then your making the lousy bottom pay and that is a lot of money. Pat is an idiot, whether you think weed is a PED or not, it’s against the rules so stop doing it. There is a simple solution to marijuana and that is allow a minimum THC level like how they allow 6:1 for TRT.

ruddo293 Says, in 5-20-2013 at 04:34:53 from    

Let’s think about it… Pat knows the rules so that is that. He has to accept responsiblity for his actions. I guess he would be a stand up guy if he refused to accept the money. Let me see if anyone would say no to a 65k check… I am willing to bet no one would turn that type of money down.

DaMilkman Says, in 5-20-2013 at 05:27:11 from    

if Caraway’s a stand up guy he’ll give at least half of it back 2 Healy.. especially considering he knows him personally.

Chicago Says, in 5-20-2013 at 06:04:43 from    

Seems like Ronda was right.

failsonnen Says, in 5-20-2013 at 11:55:25 from    

Brian “I don’t Caraway” carried away the other guy’s money

Iron_Cobra Says, in 5-20-2013 at 11:55:33 from    

I still don’t understand why marijuana is a banned substance? It’s not performance enhancing at all? Is cocaine illegal too?

J Says, in 5-20-2013 at 12:00:58 from    

Why is Tate with this douche she is hot as hell and could get a real man not a half pint like this I bet she does all the lifting in the bedroom depart he could not lift her leg lololol

Joe Dog Says, in 5-20-2013 at 12:02:41 from    

It’s about rules and the consequences of breaking them. Healy effed up and Caraway collects the crackers. It has nothing to do with friendship. Anyone who says they would give half of the money to Healy is blowing smoke. It would never happen. By the way, Caraway lives in Washington state where smoking weed is legal.

maynard Says, in 5-20-2013 at 12:20:47 from    

I dont even need confirmation of what MIchelle said to believe it. I see this s*** all the time in the gym. People who smoke are villanized…all by people regularally take PEDs. Personally the mma community’s reaction has surprised me in a good way. In my sect of the mma world we smokers are a minority, and the same people talking sh*t are same people gaining 20lbs in 2 weeks once every 3 or 4 months.

Lodovik Says, in 5-20-2013 at 15:10:50 from    

I don’t get it, he didn’t take anyone’s money, it’s the UFC that gave him the bonus. What the hell does he nave to do with Pat Healy’s fight? Why are they even asking him about it? He was just another guy on the same fight car, who happened to win by submission…

Don Says, in 5-20-2013 at 15:48:44 from    

Lets be real, who the hell is gonna turn down $65K? Especially when that’s probably more than he makes in a year.

Mofo Says, in 5-20-2013 at 19:07:27 from    

I hear a lot of common sense here for the most part. Smoking weed isn’t a big deal to me personally, but bottom line if your job requires you not to do…..you don’t do it! I would be fired from my job just like anybody here making comments (for the most part) would be too, even if my friend was gonna have the chance to earn $155.000 I would straighten his ass up & tell him don’t F*** up! That’s way to much money to throw away over a lil bud!

wcoastassassin Says, in 5-21-2013 at 00:06:08 from    

So the UFC gave him $65,000, all of you would have taken it. Hypocrites.

Schtuppin’ Hawking The F*ing Genius Says, in 5-21-2013 at 02:38:22 from    

If he would have saved da smoke for his post fight celebration, he could’ve got reeeaaaallllll high, got caught be the cops with his glove box full of dooop, laughed all the way to the jail house, got tried, convicted and fined….and it might have cost him 20G…and a little public apology.

Facefrack Says, in 5-21-2013 at 02:48:59 from    

There was a lot of good sense in this thread. I thought Caraway presented himself well, even though I still think its silly to have a rule against smoking pot… ^^^^’s idea about making a rule against having certain concentration of THC in your blood/urine/whatever was interesting. I’m still gonna think of it as a stepping stone on the way to complete legality.

drunkentigah Says, in 5-21-2013 at 04:42:06 from    

I think the issue has to do more than just the money. Its about the athletic commission and their lopsided regulations and criteria for what is considered performance enhancers. Pat Healy lost $135k for having THC in his system while TRT’ers like Sonnen, Henderson and Belfort are getting title shots. The federal ban on marijuana is archaic and substantiated by lies and bias studies and shouldn’t be illegal at all. It’s one thing to say that Healy broke a rule but it’s another if the rule is garbage to begin with. Also Caraway is a d-bagel b/c he lobbied on twitter for the bonus after hearing that Healy was penalized. Who freaking does that?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-21-2013 at 16:14:26 from    

I don’t get all the hate.Just because Ronda thinks he’s a douche it doesn’t make him a douche.She got insulted he said he would break her arm and knock her out because SHE CHALLENGED HIM TO A FIGHT.Then she got insulted and played the “I’m a girl” card,and you don’t speak to women that way.Well women who go around saying she would beat your ass doesn’t deserve to be spoken to like a lady.


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