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bj penn won Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:51:43 from    


dfgsfgdsfg Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:52:38 from    

Brock is the best and will be the best. Shane if you wanna be a champion cut down to 205 because Brock is back babyyyyy WHooooooooow

abcdefghijk Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:53:53 from    

DAMN! Brock’s standup was terrible that fight but he proved he has a chin and showed the way to beat Carwin. TAKE HIM TO THE 2ND! Awesome card!

Leopardus Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:54:05 from    

Nooooooo!!!!! Damn

Small Truck Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:56:27 from    

Sad. Although I knew Carwin would dominate. All Lesnar needed was to take him down, and that inevitably happened. Props to Lesnar for living with that onslaught that Carwin delivered. But there will definitely be a rematch, and Lesnar won’t get lucky twice.

ness2k Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:56:48 from    

I effing you love you Bruno!!!!

Iconoclast Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:57:57 from    

Wow. I won’t give lunkhead any more s***. He definitely earned my respect by taking that beating and then coming back. Carwin definitely spent his load in the 1st round and had nothing left.

rampage’s street soldier Says, in 7-4-2010 at 00:59:17 from    

wow.. wasnt expecting it to end like that

SSA Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:00:54 from    

very slow fighters – no chance against Fedor!

peeter Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:02:49 from    

He TRULY deserves the to be the champion!
not a brock lesnar fan but after that kind of come back I can’t say anything else!

rsc Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:03:12 from    

holy s***!

pope Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:03:14 from    

brock proved his chin…and i was very suprised by the submission win. Funny too that carwin went past the 1st round for the first time in career and lost very quickly. now brock only has to prove himself against one more person to show that he is the number one heavyweight…Kimbo Slice!

JoJo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:04:04 from    

Ha, Brock is awesome.

jokesmalone Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:05:03 from    

s***!! Carwin had him!! gotta give props to Lesnar though. took a beating and then put on a slick submission. can’t imagine anyone picked that for an outcome.

Ahmed Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:05:20 from    

just wow! amazing brock lesnar

hyper steve Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:05:53 from    


JoJo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:06:01 from    

By the way, thanks Bruno! You’re the best.

Darkmetal Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:07:11 from    

Damn, if Carwin can’t KO Lesnar after multiple shots on the ground, who can? And then he got back up and pressed him on the cage? Damn.

Lesnar may be Champion for a loooong time.

jern Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:08:39 from    

great fight, cannot believe lesnar got out of that. wow.

Dana Sucks Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:09:20 from    

I have to give f** Boy Brock credit…he finally beat a solid opponent with a submission (not the caveman ground and pound). Big ups f** Boy. (Yeah, I hate the F’er!)

BartonFisk Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:09:58 from    

Didnt think Brock would recover from that . Very impressive win , not the outcome people were expecting but still an impressive by the champ .

hond2dciv Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:11:27 from    

Ugh. Words fail me.

ufc>strikeforce Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:12:25 from    

is this even the starting of the fight? and by the way thanks bruno;)

dk3223 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:18:41 from    

You gotta give Brock his props, he weathered the storm, Carwin gased after one complete round, and who would have thought Brock would give him a lesson in Jui Jitsu. He’s evolving thats scary!

whateva Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:20:41 from    


shird0g Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:21:34 from    

Never been a big Brock fan. Can’t say I’m not at least a fan of his work ethic and wrestling technique. I don’t really see anyone beating him right now. Velasquez is not big enough, and neither is Dos Santos. Mir was a big favorite of mine and now hes just really stale, although I see him as either a future contender or, worse to worse, gatekeeper. He will not see the belt again. Respect to every fighter I mentioned, I like the modern heavyweight division, I feel like its going to get better.

Shinshoryu Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:23:59 from    

You have GOT to be SHITTING me!!!!! Not only did Brock win…he did it via submission! I didn’t want to admit it, but s*** he just might worth mentioning as the number one Heavyweight. Well, I guess we’ll see what Cain Velasquez got for him.

BX Representer Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:25:52 from    

Give credit where credit is due. Lesnar took a beating in the first round and came back to finish Carwin. It wasn’t fixed, it was luck it was the will of a champion.

Every Brock hater out there for months have said Carwin via 1st round ko or tko. I’ve said the same thing I’m going to say again. What happens if he doesn’t knock out Lesnar in the 1st round ? Well the answer is he gets choked out. Lesnar is still and he showed that he has a great submission game to go with his wrestling. Carwin had a shot early and couldnt finish.

Swordsmansmith Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:27:08 from    

Woooooooooo!!!! And still the UFC Heavy Weight Champion Of The World!!! Brock Lesnar!!! You are the man!!! Weathers the early onslaught by a worthy opponent and comes back with an arm triangle for his first submission win. Even the mighty Carwin had to tap or go to sleep with that Anaconda Brock calls his arm wrapped around Carwin’s throat. Brock is the best heavy weight in the world period. Like him or hate him, he will be champion for a long time because Cain and Dos Santos got nothing on Brock. I was glad to see Brock open up and talk to joe after the fight admit Carwin was a good fighter and be humble as well as a winner;becoming a better fighter and person.

coutura Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:27:16 from    

what a bunch of nut huggers now is brock time yesterday was all shane shane has no stamina no cardio only power punch he sucks

yojimbo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:27:51 from    

Doesn’t matter cuz Cane’s taking the title next fight.

noe70 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:32:00 from    

damn brock knows some moves

Arod Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:32:29 from    

BIG BROCK CAN HERE he pulled an insane submission he finishes a fight a different way each time he is gonna be insane when he hits his prime as a fighter but i think that fight would have been stopped if that was any other set of fighters or if Carwin was on the bottom

Genghis Khan Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:33:04 from    

@ BJ Penn won – Please keep your comments to yourself your an imbecile
Lesnar did not get lucky at all here, took a serious beating but was able to turn the fight completely around on the second round. He’s got a chin of steel that’s for sure.

Arod Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:34:50 from    

BIG BROCK FAN HERE he pulled an insane submission he finishes a fight a different way each time he is gonna be insane when he hits his prime as a fighter but i think that fight would have been stopped if that was any other set of fighters or if Carwin was on the bottom

Chemo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:35:17 from    

Wow. I’m a believer!!

noe70 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:36:16 from    

SSA ur lame carwin and lesner would pound fedors sorry ass and lesner is freakin fast maybe not that fight but he is

chekwa91 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:42:07 from    

fixed. looked at what carwin did when lesnar was posturing for the side choke? he actually gave lesnar his left arm and he did not even close his guard to keep lesnar from doing a side mount. on the other hand, carwin is so stupid to burn himself out in ground and pound, while he can easily stand lesnar up again and just take lesnar out through his standup game. stupid carwin.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:42:34 from    

Fedor can hit just as hard as Carwin and he won’t give up like Carwin.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:44:55 from    

Brock still sucks…. Carwin gave up. Anyone can beat a guy who gives up.

yourmomsucks Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:47:28 from    

That was awesome. Who would have thought Lesnar would win by submission. Brock Lesnar rocks! That stuff he pulled after he beat Frank Mir the second time was hilarious. Shane Carwin is boring and takes himself way too seriously. Also, he gasses after the first round.

deathblade Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:47:30 from    

I am sorry that ole penis chest won. boooooooo

Andrex Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:48:22 from    

WAOW what a great match obviously there has to be a rematch, and very smart for Lesnar he prove he is the champion surviving the first round with all that heavy hand for Carwin, who needs to improve his stamina

THANKS BRUNO yo make possible people from south America can watch MMA

Tarry Shitball Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:49:41 from    

lol Matthew, you’re a start-raving fool if you believe that nonsense.

twoface Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:50:08 from    

i can only express dismay that borders on alarm

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:51:21 from    

UFC Heavyweights are a bunch of phonies. Who cares if Brock can sit on someone who’s already given up???

Stifle Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:53:17 from    

Now He’s Gonna Drink A Miller And F His Wife ;D Seemed Like He Was Dazed Then Suddenly Snapped Out.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:54:11 from    

UFC Heavyweights aren’t even in the same league as the light-heavyweights. Or, any other division. If Couture had 50lbs more of solid muscle, Brock would have lost very badly.

Sly Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:55:43 from    

Where is the first minute and a half?

I wanted Lesnar to win, but honestly he got lucky. Any other ref and definitely if it wasn’t a title fight, it would have been stopped.

Great show thought. UFC 116 is the best even in a long, long time…

Andrex Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:56:22 from    

Hey Matthew go away with your fedor…he sucks and he tap out, This both guys can easily put sleep fedor

fedor oh fedor Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:57:48 from    


again ….brock didnt win this fight, carwin let it slip away due to bad cardio

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:58:24 from    

UFC really needs a Super Heavyweight division at 265lbs and a Heavyweight division at 235lbs. No one wants to see a fat man lying on an opponent 30-40lbs lighter.

Tarry Shitball Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:59:24 from    

Brock’s grappling is not some of the best in the business. Now he just needs to work on his stand-up, which will obviously improve before his next fight. Scary fighter. Scary, scary fighter.

Dman Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:02:28 from    

Much respect to Lesnar. Seriously, that was amazing.

fedor oh fedor Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:03:13 from    

hey bruno…. can we euthanize anyone who thinks brock beat carwin tonight, and not that carwin just gassed.
dont worry, the ones I am talking about on this forum probably don’t know the definition of euthanize anyway.

trousersnake Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:04:39 from    

Great Fight. Brock is the greatest heavyweight. He took a beating in round 1 but came back with his gameplan. Great submission.
Carwin is so dangerous. For all the haters. I train myself in boxing and wrestling, there is no way to stop Brock if you are exhausted and he is laying on top of you. No way the fight was fixed. Brock just did it. Awesome

Bas Ruten Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:07:08 from    

OVEREEM VS LESNAR!!!!!!. Overeem would spank Brock. Better striking than Carwin, similar strength, great reflexes, faster then Brock, younger. I can imagine him displaying excellent TD defense, keeping the distance, wearing Brock down, then TKOing him in the 3rd

trousersnake Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:08:41 from    

Great Fight. Brock is the greatest heavyweight. He took a beating in round 1 but came back with his gameplan. Great submission.
Carwin is so dangerous. For all the haters. I train myself in boxing and wrestling, there is no way to stop Brock if you are exhausted and he is laying on top of you. No way the fight was fixed. Brock just did it. Awesome.

souljahz Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:09:07 from    

fedor is a chump. he has not fought a decent fighter since 2005. hes filled to his neck with hype..lesnar will keep the belt until cain takes it.

Jd01562 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:09:13 from    

if you had that monster squezing your head you would give up too!!!

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:09:23 from    

Lost a lot of respect for Carwin tonight. Brock has always been and still is a boring fighter with no talent other than laying on people.

poopiestick Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:09:41 from    

Okay. Respect to Brock. Dana knew a goldmine when he saw it, but I smell a rematch. Damn those two guys looked colossal in there.

lolfanboys Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:09:48 from    

Matthew, Fedor is a very accomplished athlete, that being said his time has come and gone. He got owned by a UFC castaway, and he doesn’t hit nearly as hard as Carwin does present day. He didn’t give up, he used all of his energy doing what everyone thought he would do, the only thing he didn’t anticipate (and neither did I honestly) was that Brock CAN actually take not just one big shot, but several. You are just a mad fanboy retard.

TJ626 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:14:24 from    

Talk all you the s*** you want about Brock, but he’s the best HW in the world right now and will be for a while. Cain and JDS isn’t going to beat him. They will win the stand up, but if Brock takes them down, it’s all over even if they have amazing cardio, it’ll all be spent trying to survive. I still think Carwin is the only person capable of beating Brock. Carwin will win his next few fights and get his rematch for sure. Work hard on your cardio man.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:18:30 from    

Andrex – Who’s Brock fought? No one. Mir?? please. Carwin? He’s a quitter. Couture?? Would have beaten Brock easily if he wasn’t so small compared to Brock. Who’s Fedor fought??? Too many top tier fighters to mention here. Andrex you’re just another American idiot.

lolfanboys Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:22:10 from    

Top tier fighters from when Matthew? Exactly. Moron.

bitchtits Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:25:37 from    

i have more respect for both fighter
carwins wrestling is better then i thought
brock faced a lot of adversity
and came out on top

brock showed a lot of holes in his game
i dont think he will get past cain
and im a brock fan

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:25:45 from    

Who’s Brock fought???? No one. All you Brock nuthuggers think with your emotions. It’s really quite sickening.

madona Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:28:36 from    

2 things were learned in this fight.
1) Lesnar would get koed by Fedor
2) Carwin would get subed by Fedor

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:29:26 from    

Fedor would beat Carwin easily. What pathetic nonsense some of you are writing about Carwin being the only person capable of beating Brock.

lesnarisdumb Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:31:39 from    

why is brock the man? how many fights does he have? 4 maybe 5? fedor had an undefeated string of 32 fights against all the champions of all over the world in different weight classes .. fedor would spank lesnars redneck ass back to WWF where he is right at home winning fixed fights

grapefight Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:32:38 from    

fedor will beat brock. make it happen dana. plz. thx.

fedor vs brock is still the biggest mma event.

i wonder why the ref didn’t stop the fight. that’s like a kimbo moment.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:37:43 from    

lolfanboys – It’s not like Fedor got beat up. Anyone can get caught, especially to a World BJJ Champion.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:39:16 from    

lolfanboys – Okay, I agree. Carwin isn’t a quitter, he’s a wimp who didn’t prepare. If he can’t last more than 5 minutes then what the heck is he doing fighting for the World Championship. Standing up for Carwin does a disservice to our sport.

vintage1chi Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:39:38 from    

almost dying put the humble in that guy

Dman Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:40:06 from    

Man, I’m a huge Fedor fan but this is the FIRST time I felt Brock would win if they fought. Brock is not only incredibly strong, he’s starting to show he has technique as well. Hell, he can take a serious beating too. Spare me of the “who’s fought who” talk, Fedor would have his hands full with Lesnar and I’m not sure Fedor would win. Here’s hoping that fight still happens.

KJC Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:40:18 from    


Brock’s done all his fights in the last few years, what top-tiered fighters has Fedor fought in the last 5 years? UFC rejects last time I checked.

atak Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:44:46 from    

hahaha @ genghis kahn. “keep your comments to yourself” -in a COMMENTS section.

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:44:50 from    

lolfanboys – Fedor is the antidote to Brock. Fedor would hit Brock just as hard if not harder than Carwin and he wouldn’t gas like Carwin. If Brock takes it to the ground, trust me, Fedor will submit him, especially in the later rounds. And Fedor would do this while giving up 35lbs. which makes it even more impressive. You Brock nuthuggers are a bunch ignorant American MMA fans.

DT Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:48:15 from    

Carwin cardio is bad, no way should he be that tired after one round at that high of a level. One big question i have is that ive seen many a fight stopped when Carwin was wheeling away and Brock was not defending himself for what seemed like half the first round. Other than that big props to Lesner for taking that beating being in such great shape to come back from it and win. Better in shape fighter won tonight. Carwin his the road and hard dude, get in much better shape for any rematch down the road..Cardio work is your friend!

GSP Says, in 7-4-2010 at 02:57:51 from    

Fixed… So fixed it wasn’t funny.

Mexguit Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:04:11 from    

Oh Matthew is pissed that Brock won and Fedor lost…..wooohoo.

smack Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:06:58 from    

haha shane should be ashamed of his fitness that was shocking. god dam lesnar has a good chin, he really needs to imporve on his stand up it was a bit embarrasing the way he backed up and covered up like that really rookie move. good to see him win

r3x Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:07:11 from    

Go Cain!!!!!!

clumpofdirt Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:07:30 from    

brock is only getting better, which is scary. the guy is still a rookie. he showed heart, chin and strength, add technique and he could be unstoppable.

kraziness Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:10:12 from    

I love the excuses. Couture would win if he wasn’t so small compared to Brock? Maybe BJ Penn would too, but who cares?! They aren’t as big, which makes them a legitimate disadvantage in a heavyweight contest. Carwin is a quitter now? lol They guy is a legit top heavyweight fighter who blew his load and got caught in a submission, he made a mistake.

Brock is inexperienced, sure. But he’s beaten some of the best heavyweight fighters in the world (although, obviously not all of the best, he’s only been fighting for a few years).

I’m not Brock homer, but he’s beaten legit fighters and he’s won by GnP, TKO and now Sub. This is no “lucky” “one trick pony.”

koalition Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:14:20 from    

Damn! Next!!!

Xlonic Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:20:31 from    

What has the world of mma come to? When Fedor loses via submission, then Brock submits Carwin. I guess its true when they say anyone can be beaten at any given night.

Devious Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:21:09 from    

I love it when the kiddies cry about “Brock gets on top and blahh blahh blahh”
Well yeah,no s***..Dont like it go watch boxing!

josedoors Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:24:35 from    

wowwwwwwwwwww…. brock got a sub, I didnt think he had that in his arsenal! Im not a brock fan, but he gets respect after that.

admdaddy15 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:33:08 from    

Cain, DosSantos, maybe. But not now this is Brock’s time. He was bashed this whole time and still walked away the champ. I don’t care how hard you hit if you gas your done. Especially at this level. Props to both fighters great fight.

Nadie Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:43:29 from    

hahahaha i knew it i called it many times that carwin will gas out in the second round and everybody was laugthing and said it would not be a second round hahaha now everyone who survive to second round with carwin will own him no cardio i said it

Huskerhandy35 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:48:29 from    

Please leave Fedor out of it. He isnt worthy of mention in this post

Huskerhandy35 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:49:55 from    

Oh god… someone mentioned Kimbo. Do i really even need to say anything regarding Kimbo’s worthiness? Didnt think so!

Huskerhandy35 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:53:08 from    

Bas… why do you post in here? You’re never intellectually honest in anything you ever say. It’s always, a fighter not in the UFC could beat any fighter in the UFC. Same post by you every time and its always dogging the UFC fighter! Growe up and stop being so stupid!

Jurkerbor Says, in 7-4-2010 at 03:54:40 from    

Ha,ha,ha!!! Dana, this are your best heavyweight champions? LOL
Carwin, a man that gassed after 3 minutes without any ground game and Brock, a mass of meat with eyes, without any ground defense technique and mediocre stand up.
Dana, you won´t wash my brain as you did to many people here that think Brock is the best in the world…he is the biggest, for sure, but not the best, for sure. And Dana,you must fire Carwin for disrespect the fans, it is not serious to be totally out of energy after 3 minutes, it is so unprofessional..this was a 5 minutes 5 rounds!
By the way, Werdum was out from the UFC just after one loss and he was always very well prepared…how many loses has Randy Couture, Chuck Lidell, Forrest Griffin, now Carwin etc.?
And for everybody out there that says “Fedor didn´t fight anyone since 2005″…be aware that you think exactly as Dana wants you to think, you say exactly what Dana wants you to say, you repeat his words without any self thinking.

the mind Says, in 7-4-2010 at 04:11:59 from    

Brock the best….I think not he was getting his ass kicked lol!

Great fight between 2 good fighters!

paddedummy Says, in 7-4-2010 at 04:20:00 from    

LMAO, Carwin didn’t even have enough cardio to do one round of weak ground and pound? A guy that big who hits so soft and still gasses right away. Size doesn’t equal power. What was up with that wink at the beginning of round 2 and then giving up the td? They should have a rule against being too friendly during the fight, makes mma look about as competitive as WWE.

Jonnytko Says, in 7-4-2010 at 04:23:03 from    

i so f****** called it lol … 2nd round sub. it was intended as a joke to get under my friend’s skin ..who would have imagined my thoughts coming to pass lol …. nice one Brock ..he definately showed his champion potential by taking that beating from hell and showing stepping it up in the second …. Shane showed his formula to beating lesnar shined very brightly in the first, but maybe he needs to start packing more bullets in his chamber …i knew if brock weathered the storm he could out cardio him i never thought in my right mind he would win by arm triangle …im still frieken histerical here lol ….

bet Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:05:43 from    

Over hyped, over steroid usage, under skilled , over payed…. Ok fight to watch but wheres the skill from either?!! One guy gases and the other sits on top for the next round…. UFC does not equal the best in the world. ITS JUST A BRAND!

Elias Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:09:10 from    

Fedor would win over carwin or lesnar. They are too slow for fedor. Fedor is the best in the world.

matthew blows Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:17:25 from    

matthew- you’re the dumbest person i have ever had the displeasure of reading their post. Is fedor good yes, you don’t go 32-2 without being good. That being said these top tier fighters you are talking about haven’t existed on his record since Crocop back in 2005. He has only been fighting washed up ufc fighters since then along with some other bums, LOL like Hong-man choi!! what a joke. so why don’t you let go of fedors dong long enough for him to put some pants on and start his day.

fil Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:26:00 from    

Thumps up for matthew!

You gotta give credit to Brock for surviving, but it’s not like he’s the only one who’s ever done that. He proved his talk of being a great athlete though, Carwin couldn’t keep up with his cardio.

The only ones I can see beating Brock are Fedor and the Reem.

Reid Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:27:41 from    

Nice win by Brock. He was humble after winning, showed heart, and shocked the world with an arm triangle. He is truly the Heavyweight champ. But he has a tough ass road ahead. Velasquez, Dos Santos, and the rest of em. Wouldnt be surprised if Carwin gets another shot.

matthew blows Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:31:48 from    

And another thing, lucky??? that’s the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. You’re not lucky because a guy got tired and you submitted them. If thats luck then hell every fight is luck. It must be luck that before now every opponent shane has had just let him punch them in the face and lucky for him they can’t take his punches, yeah man lucky him. Saying he got lucky makes no sense, they just went in there and fought and someone won because in the end he was better than the other.

Chemo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:34:39 from    

First off, Mathew you’re an idiot. If you have nothing else to add, please stop!
Second, Not a fan of Brock’s, but on paper Brock has a better wrestling background, has gone beyond first round so cardio is probably better. And hits just as hard as Carwin. But, when Shane, who’s known for knocking people into the middle of next week, hits Brock as hard as he can and it doesn’t ko the big fella you gotta believe he was thinking “oh crap!” He certainly wasn’t going to be punching any harder in the 2nd round. Good win for Lesnar. He had a year off and came back with something new. Impressive

AYO Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:53:59 from    

matthew Says, in 7-4-2010 at 01:54:11 from

UFC Heavyweights aren’t even in the same league as the light-heavyweights. Or, any other division. If Couture had 50lbs more of solid muscle, Brock would have lost very badly.

ME- and if my aunt had a package shed be my uncle

fighter27 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 05:56:06 from    

respect for the comeback after the first round. carwin: “too much short punches who takes your power….just stay on him and give him one or two heavy punches! train your cardio!” cawin want´s to fight 5 f****** rounds and was standing ko after the first!?!?!?!?!? whats going on with this guy???????

VELASQUES will beat brock for 5 rounds….after that brock will retired! velasques has a better stand up, is faster and has a better groundgame…he is the futur in the hw division!

goygacon Says, in 7-4-2010 at 06:14:39 from    

Ref would have stopped the fight on ANYBODY else for taking 40+ unanswered punches, covering up or not, that fight should have never gone 2 rounds…

Never the less, it was entertaining. Good job Brock…

Please someone…make the Lesner/Fedor match happen….

Me Says, in 7-4-2010 at 06:21:05 from    

Great fight. Carwin hits like a sledgehammer, and Lesnar wore the lot. Loved it. Would have preferred Carwin to win, but can’t take anything away from Lesnar. Hard as nails.
And Sly’s right, 116 was full of cracking fights.

pimplepoop Says, in 7-4-2010 at 06:35:55 from    

Please, everyone MF’n calm down. Tonight, Carwin got his ass handed to him, period.

Carwin, gassed? Yeah, he gassed! That’s his fault! Does GSP gas?!? Anderson Silva?!?! Fudge, no!

If Carwin gasses, then that mofo doesn’t deserve to be a champion; hence, the verdict.

Brock ain’t the best P4P HW in the world, but he is the UFC HW champ.

You Carwin nuthuggers can’t get over the fact that Carwin gassed. You don’t believe what you saw?!?!!? Carwin got his ass worn out and choked, period.

Carwin, never out of the first round? Well, welcome to 2nd and the rest of your career.

All of you trill-ass fools, start to get with the program and deal with the loss of your savior, Shane Carwin. Start routin’ for your next, Cain V., he actually has a better chance.

berrykush Says, in 7-4-2010 at 06:54:38 from    

What was lucky about Lesnar winning? He trained to beat Carwin which he did. That’s not lucky – that’s preparation.

brucelee23 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 07:06:05 from    

Brock deserves his props. Not many fighters come back and fight a power house like Carwin after a year out and manage to pull out a victory. Brock looked a little slow tonight, just imagine what he will do in this division when he’s back to full training health and fighting more regular.
Fedor lost to a b class b fighter in werdum, dont anyone on here compare Fedor to these two guys. Fedor got triangled, and tapped. Brock and carwin have both fought legitimate top 10 hw’s to get to this title clash. Who has fedor fought since the last days of pridefc ? … No one !!!

Krio Says, in 7-4-2010 at 07:13:57 from    

This fight prouved that those 2 can’t beat Fedor! so does that mean UFC heavyweights are weak? no but brock is weak and carwin has no conditionning!

thaddiusluster Says, in 7-4-2010 at 07:36:38 from    

lolfanboys you said what? Fedor doesn’t hit as hard as Carwin? now all of a sudden Brock is the man he’s un-stoppable? LOL!

you all should go back to watching tuf, sex & the city or whatever else reality show you all waste your days with? wait how about wwe?

ufc is NOT MMA!

thaddiusluster Says, in 7-4-2010 at 07:48:47 from    

2 best heavyweights in the world? get the F*** out of here Rogan & Goldberg!

anyone who thinks this Carwin hits harder than Fedor needs, or has had a lobotomy.

ufc marketing & the manipulative “unified rules” at its finest is all this was.

gummo-815 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 08:06:16 from    

matthew – your mighty fedor gave up in his last fight. quit like a little beyotch. said uncle. many fighters would have their arm broke and keep fighting. not that quitter fedor.

chiroguy Says, in 7-4-2010 at 08:26:30 from    

Matthew…quit the drugs son…Let’s talk seriously for a moment. Do you really think Carwin is a quitter? He obviously gave everything he had in the 1st round attempting to finish Brock. Brock took the punishment and held on. I actually thought the ref was going to stop the fight at 1 point. Brock was laying on the ground covering up and Carwin’s size 5XL gloves were slamming into the side of his head. The fight COULD have been stopped. The moment Brock got back up to his feet and survived the 1st round, i knew that Carwin was finished. He blew his load. no doubt. For Brock to come out in the 2nd, take Carwin down and submit him with an arm triangle, i must say, WOW!!! Brock Lesnar is for real. I don’t like his antics. I don’t like him. But how can i not respect him. The guy is evolving with every fight. He only has 2 or 3 years of MMA experience. Unbelievable. Matthew, you mention that if Randy Couture had 50 lbs. of muscle on him, he would beat Brock. Listen to how silly that statement sounds. To all the Lesnar haters out there, until someone comes along and shuts this guy up, he can talk all the s*** he wants. The guy just handed Carwin his 1st loss with a submission. WOW!!! Now let’s talk about his next fight. I will be the 1st person to publicly state that Cain Velasquez is going to take out Lesnar. He may not have the physical size of Lesnar, but he has an unmatched drive to break the will of his opponent. He has unbelievable cardio which is going to play a factor in their fight. He is a tremendous wrestler who will take Brock into the later rounds and Cain will win a decision. The Lesnar-Velasquez fight will be a real war. P.S. – I can’t wait to watch Junior Dos Santos destroy Roy “Fat Boy” Nelson. That is going to be fun to watch. Keep an eye on Dos Santos. That m*********** is for real!!! Eventually, i hope we get to see Dos Santos and Cain. That would be a serious barn burner…In closing, Matthew needs to get laid…your computer should be taken away from you. You have no business even posting on this column. In fact, just do all of us a favor and go hang yourself!!!

Temujin Says, in 7-4-2010 at 08:26:40 from    

Brock looked horrible!!!
Probably should have stopped it in first round.
Fedor will finish him with cardio he has.
Brock is fake champion just matter of time.
Got handled like a bitch……

kenmolina Says, in 7-4-2010 at 08:34:45 from    

bruno! the fight isn’t here anymore

Bruno: Fixed.

gringo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 08:49:48 from    

I don’t think Brock looked impressive. The only reason why he won the fight is because Carwin gassed out in the first round. If he had been in better shape, I think he could have finished Brock in the first. He gassed out early during the GNP and lost a lot of power on his punches.

Rampage Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:02:40 from    

All brock showed was that heart makes a great fighter. Big props to him. But that only strengthens the case that Fedor is the greatest. Fedor has been in some of the worst situations and never tapped. It took Verdum two submission, a triange and armbar, to submit him. It happens. The real losers in that fight are his coaches who should have told NOT TO GO INTO THE GAURD.

mr. x Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:11:50 from    

WOW — Brock used a submission.

Bobbysteelz Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:12:54 from    

Who gives a **** what a Brock hater has to say, a W is W. Brock finished 3 top heavyweights only after 5 fight in the UFC. Give the man some credit, he’s a wrestler and evolving as an MMA fighter. Who would have though a win by submission. Elite wrestler vs Boxer, I’ll always put my money with the wrestler.

Mofungo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:28:01 from    

No, Matthew, you’re the idiot. Surely I’m not the first to tell you that?

Fedor DOES not have the raw punching power that Carwin does.

If by giving up you mean he was SUBMITTED, then yes Carwin gave up. Much like Fedor just did! If you mean Carwin gassed, that is not giving up. He does not have the cardio. Cardio is part of the fight game. Carwin doesn’t have it.

Lesnar did not just sit on Carwin. Did you even watch the fight? Hard to believe adult human being can possibly be so stupid.

IF Couture had more body weight….He doesn’t u dumbass!! You are not cheating if you happen to be bigger. That’s Brock’s body. He’s a big guy. Get over it. If Couture had more weight maybe he would be much slower, maybe HIS cardio would not be as good. So, many factors would change u dumb, cretin.

You feel the UFC needs a super heavey weight division. Fine, mail a postcard to Dana. This is not Brock’s problem.

You say Lesnar has no talent. He is just an infant as far as experience in the fight game. Imagine how incredible he would be now if he had actually started training 10 -15 years ago

You give your respect to Carwin. You just said earlier that he gave up!! hahaha. You r truly one of the jerk immortals

Fedor is the greatest heavy weight of all time. We probably agree on that. But his accomplishments are old. He has truly not fought anyone in 5 years. That is not Dana White hyperbole, it’s the truth

djklyde Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:28:10 from    

@ matthew

shut the hell up, you’re a moron

Brock’s beaten all the top fighters in the world and Fedor just got beat by a UFC reject

valllllll Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:36:54 from    

i still say they normally woulda stopped it cause he was coverin up and not defending himself

BX Representer Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:52:27 from    

Here we go again with the fedor dick riding … didn’t fedor just get choked out in the first minute by Fabricio Werdum ? The same Werdum who got knocked out in the first minute by Junior Dos Santos ?

Lets be realistic Fedor for as great as he has been is a has been. Even in his prime he had moments like this weather its being supplexed by Kevin Randleman, getting rocked by Kazuyuki Fujita, being mounted and gnp’d by Brett Rogers etc. … stop talking out the both sides of your mouths.

Brock Lesnar did something that none of the 12 previous guys to fight Carwin have done and that’s exit the 1st round. Carwin didn’t quit he got fatigued Lesnar got the takedown and passed his guard. He displayed that he’s working on his bjj and finished the fight.

As for this idea that he hasn’t fought anybody his first 6 fights haven been against Min Soo Kim, Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Frank Mir, and now Shane Carwin.

Who were Fedors first 6 fights against ? Martin Lazarov, Levon Lagvilana, Hiroya Takada, Ricardo Arona, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, and Mihail Apostolov … aside from the 5’11 205 lb Arona ( who should have won that decision ) who exactly was he fighting against ? NOBODY. Yes Lesnar has a lot to improve on as far as his stand up is concerned but he’s learning on the job and beating the best HWs in the world and he’s finished all his fights by TKO or Submission. Stop hating and give credit where its due ..

glenn Says, in 7-4-2010 at 09:59:14 from    

brock have allot of courage allot of hart man,no man can survive that beating but he did and win, a great win for him nodoubt the biggest win of his career so far ,carwin has bionic arm s*** he hit hard man

The Kid Says, in 7-4-2010 at 10:08:07 from    

All that Brock proved was that he can submit a quiter, Carwin did not fight in the 2nd. Be honest the fight should have been stoped in the first. All I saw in this fight is that Brock cant manhandle someone his size and that his wrestling is not that great. I will say he has learned a choke. I agree that there needs to be an additional division for heavyweights 206 to 265 is a big gap.

vintage1chi Says, in 7-4-2010 at 10:22:52 from    

Brock is already a millionaire.

THE UFC won’t make him wealthy.

He just wants to be the toughest SOB around.

and that to me, is scary

mjakatank Says, in 7-4-2010 at 10:23:26 from    

i hate how everyone hates on brock because he come from wrestling. How in the hell can you say these guys aren’t any good when they are beating the s*** out of everyone who is in front of them. Who is your so called real heavy weight. I seen someone say fedor?? get it right dumb dick he got chocked out lastweek by a nobody he is a worthless fatty going down hill and out. Brock is the man and will be til someone takes him down love him or hate him. Your just idiots if you hate him.

Nnovelozo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 10:31:03 from    

LOL at all the Brock haters! LESNAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whatdahell Says, in 7-4-2010 at 10:46:06 from    

that what a main event fight is supposed to look like. 2 elite talents trading the upper hand. everyone gotta put some dirty boxing skills in their game cuz carwin had brock come out in the second round and give him that respect dap. brock learning submissions now tho. unless you catch him with a knockout punch, its no chance. his cardio is crazy for the heavyweight division. i would like to see some leg kicks from a heavyweight but ill keep dreaming. great fight. best UFC PPV in a while.

Bas Ruten Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:04:10 from    

Overeem vs Lesnar! Battle of the Juice Monkeys!! Overeem > Lesnar

Bas Ruten Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:07:57 from    

Brock wins in a great way. But it is fun to speculate who can take the beast. Barnett, Overeem, Cain, Fedor, Junior (possibly) can all beat Brock! Werdum too possibly because he would not get laid ontop of on the ground. Overeeem and Barnett have the best chance.

Rio_warriror Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:08:33 from    

I think Junior “cigano” dos Santos or Werdum can put Lesnar away with ease. As for the fight, poorly skilled fighters but it was fun to watch.

holycow Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:16:05 from    

That was pretty knarly! Brock was close to being stopped in the first but he went on to win in the second which to me justifies not stopping the fight. He was defending himself intelligently and not just turtled up laying their. But hey Carwin man that dude is beast most likely the hardest hitter in all of mma the shot that rocked Lesnar didnt even have all the torque it could have, however he does need to work on his cardio quite a bit.

Glad to see Lesnar win for some reason I just wanted him to win Carwin is a great fighter and a great person just for some reason I was leaning toward Brock who lets be honest a prick.

Dont think Cain is gonna do too much to Lesnar though the only thing Cain has for him is speed and his wrestling, which Lesnar is easily just as fast and as good if not better wrestling.

Warsock Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:19:04 from    

Fight should have been stopped in first round, big dick chest was given the benefit of the doubt because he was champ. getting in the fetal position and covering your face is not intelligently defending yourself.

BJJ fighter Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:19:23 from    

Carwin could have had that if he picked him shots better on the ground. he punched lesners forearms for 2 minutes straight almost. lol. I’m gainin a little respect for lesner but i still don’t think he(Lesner) likes to get hit, AT ALL!! He’s got learn how to stay in the pocket and throw punched from the hips, not just arm punches.
ohhhh and all those haters cause he’s a wrestler. Hell, I hate that WWE bullshit bit guaranteed Lesner wouldn’t have the cardio he has today without it.

Good fight. Lesner ground and pounds velasques, then carwin wins the rematch.( unless brock fights smart and can get carwin to the ground early.)

starquest1 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:29:09 from    

Carwin had him,, cawing was just to tired in the 2nd round. Brock is just a big guy,, thats all he has his biggness (lol). if carwin wasn’t so tired, the 2nd round would not have gone down like that. carwin is a 1st round guy his skills is weak.

Temujin Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:30:55 from    

Fedor will crush Lesner!!!
Carwin folded him like a biatch…………

dabrewz Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:54:30 from    

Cain has no chance and either does Dos Santos. Those guys are closer to 230 instead of 290! Carwin hits the hardest in the industy and we learned you just can’t heard a juicehead like Lesnar. So the only guy who could give him a run is Overeem and I doubt the UFC will get him…. Brock is a beast

Kakihara Says, in 7-4-2010 at 11:59:34 from    

Hahahaha Brock Lesnar…… hahahahahahahahaha i like the guy, but come on he would get killed by Fedor or Overeem, take a look at the beating he took at the first round, lol.

Put this “figurine champion” against the dutch Behemoth, he wouldn´t last as long as he did in this fight, sorry Brock Lesnar nuthuggers, and im not a hater im speaking the truth

And for Fedor, F*** yeah he got caught by a BJJ black belt UFC reject due to a silly mistake, but guess what, Lesnar doesnt have Werdum´s BJJ experience or ground game, silly UFC nerds!!!

ac5 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 12:20:27 from    

What can I say, Brock showed a lot of heart and proved he can weather the storm. Some pointers got to be fixed, his stand up game for example. Saying Brock was lucky because Carwin gassed is just unfair, that’s Shane’s issue, was he thinking that none of his fights were going past the first round? Another thing that, I personally think, is not very cool are such coments as “if he fought somebody he’d get owned, killed or whatever.” Everything has it’s own time. Brock fought the best that was presented to him ’till this moment. I bet many of us, and I put myself included, were picking Carwin to win the fight, but it just didn’t happen. UFC has already said his next opponent is Velasquez with brings a lot of abilities to the table. But I’m still impressed by Brock’s performance and I rather not pick out of emotion.

juttin Says, in 7-4-2010 at 12:37:03 from    

i love whatchin brocks cocky ass ge beat up, its just a shame carwin didnt have the stamina. brock see how tough u r with somone ur size. hahahahaha

fedor tapped like a badass Says, in 7-4-2010 at 12:40:25 from    

so many experts, so little knowledge.

favelabrasil Says, in 7-4-2010 at 12:49:11 from    

two best heavyweights? no way, two wrestlers and thats it.
poor tecniques, just anabolics and roids

f****** joke.. fedor would kill both of them

ridiculous jj by the way!

juttin Says, in 7-4-2010 at 12:55:35 from    

by the way. there wa nothing impressive in that fight, sorry to the who beleive it but, your wrong

juttin Says, in 7-4-2010 at 12:57:41 from    

and yes fedor would def whoop on brock

Fatty_Sam86 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 13:13:47 from    

Somebody explain to me why Lesnar vs. Mir got stopped in the exact same way as Carwin on top of Lesnar, but it didn’t get stopped here? Carwin was straight up GOING OFF on Lesnar’s head for half of the first round! Disappointed.

PitFighterZ Says, in 7-4-2010 at 13:14:46 from    

I usually try to be reasonable, but really!?
Please watch the whole fight!
Brock got rocked, ran away like a scared little girl (even his coach got pissed), then the ref decided that differently from all other refs that cowardly running away and turtling up is not giving up (remember the last Leben fight?).
Second round, Carwin just gased and thought he did enough to deserve a better paying rematch (40K for the title is ridiculous). Brock’s submission was easily defendable! Go study some BJJ and you can learn to defend that in 3 days!
This whole disgrace was more ammateurish than Bob Sapp’s fights!
I just hope Cain and Junior bring some decency to the HW division. This is not MMA, it’s a fking circus! WWE couldn’t do worse!

bluemonsterawr Says, in 7-4-2010 at 13:36:21 from    

how can anyone say brock didnt win this fight? to say that is just plain stupid! his stand up was bad, but he came back with an amazing submission which was not expected from him. There is no way cain will beat brock

lou Says, in 7-4-2010 at 13:38:00 from    

watched the fight at the local pub… just went to see these guys brawl and what a brawl it was ! carwin managed to do what no one could do even though he lost…except for the 1st fight lesnar had with mir which i think was a fluke…carwin had lesnar on the floor pounding him helpless ! ive seen many fights with guys in lesnars position and the ref stopped the fight because guy on the bottom couldnt fight back …which is exactly what lesnar couldnt do – FIGHT BACK with carwin dropping bombs on him in the 1st round ! lesnar is REALLY LUCKY the ref didnt stop the fight because brock like he said was in survival mode in the 1st round and he was HELPLESS with carwin dropping HUGE BOMBS ON HIM ! any other fight and the ref would have stopped it like ive seen many times before in these mma fights ! BUT brock was clever…and carwin tired out…brock was clever in that he went against the fence of the cage -where it is harder to put a choke on a guy because its hard to get side control when the fence is on your opponants side – IF carwin was able to pound lesnar and have him near the center of the octogon- LIKE LESNAR DID- he could have and should have put a choke on lesnar when he has lesnar helpless- WHICH USES LESS ENERGY INSTEAD OF CONTINUALLY DROPPING BOMBS WHICH USE WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY AFTER YOU DROP THE GUY AND THE GUY HAS A THICK SKULL LIKE LESNAR ! NEXT TIME carwin needs to drop lesnar like he did ,THEN get him to the center of the octogon and if he needs to DRAG him to the center of the OCTOGON and CHOKE THE SOB OUT ! props to lesnar for even though he is such a rude sob he is clever and he can take HUGE bombs even if he is helpless on the floor ! carwin has exactly what he said he has – the power to drop anyone including LESNAR ! NOW CARWIN ,AFTER HE DROPS SOMEONE AND HAS THEM HELPLESS LIKE HE HAD BROCK …CARWIN NEEDS TO FOCUS ON CHOKING THE GUY OUT WHEN HE HAS THEM INSTEAD OF DROPPING BOMBS WHICH USE WAY TOOOOOO MUCH ENERGY LIKE WE SAW LAST NIGHT ! REALLY WANTED TO SEE CARWIN WIN – I THINK IF CARWIN GOT A CHOKE ON LESNAR AFTR HE HAD HIM HELPLESS – HE WOULD HAVE WON! REMATCH ! dedicated fight fan — the strategies were awesome TO WATCH and there always is a way to defeat someone if you figure out strategy no matter how big they are— 46 and still training and pounding with the kids who are way younger than i am …. STRATEGY ! they may be younger and stronger but they aint exactly smarter when you got age and experience !

joe Says, in 7-4-2010 at 13:55:16 from    

by the way, if fedor, when he was pounding werdum on the floor and it looked like he was winning had instead went for a choke immediately after he had werum in trouble from pounding his face in — i think he would have won… pounding is good but it leaves you open as we have seen many put on a triangle choke with the legs or with the arms like in last night against the ground and pound ….

KockslammenPHaget Says, in 7-4-2010 at 13:58:35 from    

I wish I could share all of the excitement with you guys….but This fight made Lesnars weaknesses much more evident (ones ive spoke of many times). Raw skill is in his takedowns, the submission was weeeeeeeeeeeeaaaak!!! It worked cause Carwin completely gassed cause of a 100 punches thrown or less. Just a matter of time till Brock loses. Hes slow, lacks basic boxing skills, alls he has is takedown capability and a ok G AND P good luck Lesnar, youll f****** need it…

dirty Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:02:04 from    

I have a feeling Carwin will be back for that belt and he won’t gas next time (hopefully). He needed to learn that lesson.

Vlad the Impaler Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:04:02 from    

Omfg, give it up, it was all about Carwin and Fedor will smash blehblehblah! Now its all Cain and Overeem will smash douchedouche-diggadadouche! Next it will be Nelson and Mir will smash yapyap-oh wait Mir again? We done ran outta heavyweights to nut suckle! Now what will we use to disguise the fact that we are gay?!

Gay gay gay!

Seriously, go stick a 3 foot rusty iron pike in your ass and have a seat.

joe Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:09:20 from    

whoops disregard the comment or with the arms like in last night against the ground and pound- my fluk up

fworn Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:18:32 from    

Lesnar takes a ground and pound like no one else. Not bad after a long layoff, due to his illness. If he had ring rust, he let it all out in the 1st round. Props to Carwin from dropping the big man. But Lesnar is for real!. 6 fights and HW champ, and he’s still learning. The HW division is exciting again!! Looking forward to Cain and Lesnar!!

the mind Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:20:07 from    

Hello Brock was actually running away like Tito lol!

Great fight but Brock was getting his butt kicked!

HaVoK Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:23:41 from    

@joe Watch the fight again. Werdum was never hurt…not once. The punch grazed the top of his head and he slipped into guard. It was a typical overreaction by Shotimes commentating crew.

Brock has a chin, power, speed, credentials, desire to learn, desire to win, and most of all…heart. He chose the UFC…to fight the best on regular basis. He wanted to know how good he really was. Fedor and M1 could give a s***. They rather soak up all the myth and legend surrounding Fedor and pad his record. Well it all backfired when he fought his first decent HW since 05. Cant even really call Crocop something special considering what he has done in the UFC. Directly after he won the Open Weight Grand Prix. Fedor’s most famous wins came against men that usually fight below 200lbs and ex-UFC fighters. Yeah…they were EX for a reason.

The UFC is the NFL of MMA like it or not. Strikeforce isnt even the Canadian League. No offensive to any Canadians here ;-)

Pikachumanson Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:25:38 from    

Wow… I got to give Brock his props for that one.

Mofungo Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:38:13 from    

Could someone please tell me, based on his MMA fights as a heavy weight, who Overeem has beaten that makes you think he would completely destroy Brock?

I am not saying that it would not be a good fight. I am not saying that Overeem could not beat Brock. I just would like to find out based on the people who Overeem has fought why you have so much confidence that he would kill Brock?

agent002 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:39:40 from    

thats all it was…i like shane but…never seen him past the 2nd round…now that i have. he needs conditioning for more stamina..he’ll be a beast after that. same thing with brock but hes been in that situation before. never throw it all out there in the first round…THANK BRUNO ur the f****** MAN!

FFedor Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:40:04 from    

Big ups to Brock I had a feeling that if he got out of the first round he would win the fight. Carwin blew his load in the first and that is what happens when you throw that many punches that early in a five round fight, it is not Brocks fault that Carwin didn’t pace himself. Brock has a decent chin for sure and definitely is evolving as a fighter. Now with this Fedor nonsense first he doesn’t have Carwin’s power, and if Brock got him to the ground its a wrap. Fedor hasn’t fought anyone of note since 2005, His biggest wins have been against Nog,Fujita and Cro Cop, and the guy lost in 69 seconds to a UFC reject. I still hope the UFC signs him because I would love for it to be proven once and for all how overrated he is, you got to beat the best to be the best and he hasn’t come close to doing that for a very long time.

Mexguit Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:44:51 from    

So funny how a bunch of idiots here are so pissed that Brock won and they are saying that he did not win, they’re saying Shane gave up. These are the same idiots saying Fedor did not lose…he just got caught.
Look, I was rooting for Shane and Fedor but the fact is that they LOST. They lost bitches, just accept the fact and you’ll be okay in a day or two.

joe Says, in 7-4-2010 at 14:54:45 from    

like the triangle choke leben did

matthew blows Says, in 7-4-2010 at 15:03:27 from    

Anyone who thinks fedor would beat brock must be on acid or something. Look at how brett rogers got on fedor and destroyed his face. Brock is light-years ahead of brett rogers. Brock would get hit by fedor then take him down and beat the life out of him. Also who ever said this fight should have been stopped because it was like the brock mir fight and that one was. Well to bad mir got knocked out you stupid ass mofo. Brock took the beating, through a couple of punches from the bottom, covered up, and pushed carwin away from him a couple of times. SO it was nothing like the mir brock fight bc mir got trapped then ko so suck it.

Kakihara Says, in 7-4-2010 at 15:05:49 from    

Even losing Fedor looked like the badass killing machine he is.

Brock won, but still he looked like a little bitch.

Overeem should go to UFC and F*** him up…. like somone said before:

“Brock vs Carwin first round” is how tough Brock Lesnar really is against someone with his size, hell yeah!!!!!!!

Fedor still the king

Kakihara Says, in 7-4-2010 at 15:07:35 from    

Fedor still the king… but it´s Alistair Overeem´s time!!!!!!!!!

Danielizzle Says, in 7-4-2010 at 15:20:41 from    

It was obvious Brock is pound for pound champion besides subin Carwin hes the only man to ever suplex the The Big Show and beat the Undertaker in a Bikes and Chain match!

lolfanboys Says, in 7-4-2010 at 15:21:21 from    

Velasquez is going to get roflstomped, JDS is Brocks next serious challenge IMO. I love how the Fedor nuthuggers never have anything to say when you bring up the fact that he has been fighting NO ONE for 5 years. You are just stuck in the past. Fedor IS the best heavyweight of all time, but that time has been over for a while, and we will never see Lesnar vs Fedor, because Fedor is too stubborn to give up his joint promotion rights.

If we saw Fedor of old vs Lesnar of now, no doubt Fedor would destory him, but times change, and the champions of old become just that, old. Right now the only two people I see giving Brock a decent fight are Overeem (unlikely that we will ever see it) and JDS (Which will probably happen after Brock destroys Velasquez) If Carwin works on his cardio I would like to see Lesnar v Carwin 2, but the really scary thing is Brock is far from his prime. If he can avoid injury and keep fighting, we will likely see him sitting at the top for a while.

RiverCityLocos Says, in 7-4-2010 at 15:31:50 from    

Shut up Lesnar haters!

thaddiusluster Says, in 7-4-2010 at 16:01:17 from    

I don’t see the courage or awesome submission everyone is ranting about here? Brock won in the only way he could of; nothing out of the ordinary. He simply weathered the storm and put a basic submission(although tight as hell) on an exhausted cow.

Ah s*** Says, in 7-4-2010 at 16:04:35 from    

that should of been stoppage brock wasn’t defending himself for a good 20 seconds

fil Says, in 7-4-2010 at 16:09:12 from    

Mjakatank: That “nobody” Werdum won Abu Dhabi twice and has faced some good competition in his last fights. But what would you know about stuff like that, you wannabe MMA fan. Because of their ignorant, stupid audience (made up of douchebags like yourself) the UFC rejected Werdum. Only because guys like you know Jack about fighting and only appreciate freakish WWE Monsters.

superdevil Says, in 7-4-2010 at 16:32:00 from    

carwin got robbed lesnar was getting dominated all bloodied up and only covering his face!!!! the referee was sold out,not to stop the fight!!!!!!!!

tuncaserkan Says, in 7-4-2010 at 16:33:21 from    

i dont like lesnar as a fighter.. but respect to him.. he did it..

danggoy Says, in 7-4-2010 at 16:56:30 from    

lesnar wont hold on to that belt for long! Cain Vesasquez will beat him for sure.

brucelee23 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 17:22:43 from    

guys, stop comparing Fedor to carwin and lesnar. Fedor had a chance to fight for the title in the UFc and bottled it. He chose to fight ex ufc and pridefc cast aways at strikeforce and lost to an ex b class submission fighter in werdum. werdum has no real stand up, JDS ko’d him quick.
Brock and carwin have both stormed the ufc HW division. They have both fought the better fighters and squaring off against each other has more credentials than fedor’s last test at srike force. Brock is without doubt the number HW in the world. His heart won him the fight last night, When he is back to full health and fighting 3 times a year he’s gonna be even more of an animal.
As for overeem, give me a break. Cheick kongo could probably beat this guy. Bret rogers, fujita and James thompson – real notable wins, how the hell can anyone compare overeem to Fedor and carwin let alone Brock ?? … Delusional !!!!

KJC Says, in 7-4-2010 at 17:32:56 from    


Mir was pretty much knocked out when he fought Lesnar. He was looking away from Lesnar, and couldn’t do anything. Lesnar, in this fight, never appeared to be close to being clearly knocked out, which is the difference. He was also managing to defend himself, for the most part. It’s when the guy on the ground doesn’t even manage to get his arms in the way of the other guy’s punches that he’s clearly not defending himself. Watch both fights again, and you should be able to see a difference.

Tommy Gun Says, in 7-4-2010 at 17:38:12 from    

Umm,, I dont remember Fedor pounding Werdum too hard joe. He went off balance ended up on the floor and secured a sub via a great transition from armbar in to a triangle.. whatever

Well done Brock. Been watching Fedor since his Pride debut and I honestly think Brock would be too strong, fast and athletic. Admittedly his stand up is pretty basic. Another ref would have stopped that in the 1st.. but he showed heart and resiliance, no doubt.

Props to Shane too, good effort

zac Says, in 7-4-2010 at 17:49:20 from    

always loved brock from wwe and i was so happy he won, but 1 thing though brock and frank mir both were scared and hesitating when they fight with carwin, they should have some trust in themselves, in my opinion brock and mir because of losing confidence they only defending them selves against carwin’s punch, go baby go brock all the way.

ihatehaters Says, in 7-4-2010 at 17:58:59 from    

some of you guys are ridiculous.The Kid says Brock has no wrestling skill.Hes an NCAA legend.Everybody wants to make excuses for Carwin.He gassed and he tapped.He should of let Brock get up and tried to finish him on his feet.Blame Carwin for being a dumb ass

xxsnypexx Says, in 7-4-2010 at 18:39:06 from    

nice try by carwin, but all i can say is my hat is finally off to brock, yeah his standup sucked and will catch up to him. but he showed toughness when i thought he had given up after all those vicious punches. he showed he had balls and went in head first got the takedown and issued a high level bjj move, head and arm triangle. what was thought to be his weakness. im not sayin ima huge brock fan all the sudden but he finally looked like a pro mma fighter.

Devious Says, in 7-4-2010 at 18:46:28 from    

I love how the kiddies are crying about the ref shoulda stopped it..Umm When i’m fighting and not hurt but some idiot jumps in and stops it,when i obviously can still go,thats fkin retarded,smart move for the ref.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 7-4-2010 at 18:49:08 from    

I gotta say…they could have stopped this fight in rnd 1…Brock just turtled and got hit for like 3 minutes straight. If it wasn’t Brock they would have stopped the fight…

Anyway, props to Brock for “surviving.” Carwin wins the inevitable rematch. Brock looks EXACTLY the same as he always has. Slow, sloppy, s*** stand up but strong as a gorilla.

rwebbjr2 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 18:54:10 from    

To all brock haters STOP MAKING EXCUSES!! Carwin Does not deserve to be a champ if his is not smart enough to save his energy and not gass out!He landed a couple shots the rest was hitting brocks forarms and doing no damage.He should have seen that and let brock stand up Bc he was picking him apart and brock looked clueless on his feet. Brock had the ring rust everyone was tlking about rusty a little slow timid and still beat carwin LOL. Brock needs to learn how to fight on his feet and not be afraid of getting hit i hope that after the first round of that fight he realizes that bc carwin was the way better striker. There is no way that fight should have been stopped brock did a great job defending If carwins shots were getting through he would have been koed and possibly a crushed skull lol! Great job Brock on the win cant wait to see what your doin to ppl when you become a complete mma fighter!

Temujin Says, in 7-4-2010 at 19:08:13 from    

Brock was exposed!!!
Nuff said……..

Oh Yeah Says, in 7-4-2010 at 19:28:16 from    

Lesnar got royally sh*t-kicked in the first! Almost thought the ref would end it at one point. He sort of got chased around a bit when they were on their feet at times, and then just tried to cover his head while Carwin slapped him around on the ground. I think it would take a bag of bricks to that big melon of Brocks to knock him out though, tough son of a be-atch! Too bad Carwin didn’t try a choke or an arm bar, Mir style, seems like the only way. Good come-back for Lesnar though, nice choke. Nearly popped Carwin’s head off.

Oh Yeah Says, in 7-4-2010 at 19:51:03 from    

…On the other hand, after being out of it for a year seriously ill, I should give Lesnar a bit more credit I guess. No doubt he’ll get better with each fight since his recovery. Would like to see a re-match with Carwin one day, when Carwin comes up with a plan to finish him off.

Kakihara Says, in 7-4-2010 at 20:14:20 from    

Yeah “Shame” Carwin and Cock Lesnar are the best pfp fighters in the world, and im not a hater i like both guys but come on

edupeixe Says, in 7-4-2010 at 20:17:21 from    

junior dos santos will murder brock
thats all that i have to say

Jonny Says, in 7-4-2010 at 21:21:54 from    

I WAS THERE MOFOS!!! Best night ever at the MGM Grand with my girlfriend! I took her back to the hotel and she bodyslammed me! Damn UFC got her hooked!! Haha

admdaddy15 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 21:25:17 from    

So if Brock beats Cain and Dos Santos then what?
The only way to know who hits harder is to get your ass in there and get some. Don’t speculate, start training and go for it. Until then keep your ” expertise ” in check. You sound like an idiot. Everyone said Carwin would destroy Brock. Well that didn’t happen. So I guess it’s time to jump on the next guy’s bandwagon. Right?

sydney.machado Says, in 7-4-2010 at 21:32:40 from    

yeahhh brock lesnar show good tecnich …he learn good brazilian jiu jitsu … very good teacher …so happy ..brazilizn jiu jitsu is the best keep train….

The Kid Says, in 7-4-2010 at 21:52:32 from    

@ihatehaters, look at the fight again, he was not able to get him down until he was gassed in the second. He could not even get up when he was knocked down! I don’t care about either fighter, I’m just pointing out that it’s easy to dominate someone smaller than you are, someone his size was totally different. You are right its Carwins fault he gassed. Be honest though the fight should have been stopped in the first, to intelligently defend yourself is not to ball up and lay there.

Dan Blankenship Says, in 7-4-2010 at 22:07:40 from    

The fight should have been stopped when Brock did not defend himself for 20 seconds or more! But, yeah, it was amazing that he came back.

matthew blows Says, in 7-4-2010 at 22:11:43 from    

Who gives a s*** about Abu Dhabi, this isn’t a damn abu dhabi tournament you moron. It’s the ufc, werdum is a crap opponent for fedor and anyone who isn’t breathing in their own s*** would know that. yet fedor still lost. Whoever thinks the Reem could beat brock, why don’t you try watching him try to beat chuck liddel because chuck KO’d Reem in pride. Fedor and Reem both good fighters in my opinion, but can brock beat them yes just like a lot of other fighters in the ufc heavyweight division. Also cain is going to get s*** on when he fights brock, no way he will come close to beating him. We all saw the chin on lesnar and cain hits like a p**** i mean look at him fight with Big Ben Rothwell he must have hit him a thousand times and still couldn’t put him away. So he can’t put brock away and he will never go 5 rounds without getting taken down by brock and once that happens it is over.

matthewblowsgoats Says, in 7-4-2010 at 22:39:23 from    

Can all the Fedor lovers please explain to me how he is still king and looked like a bad ass killing machine when he just tapped. I hate to use facts and all but you know…

RickNasty Says, in 7-4-2010 at 22:44:06 from    

guess what?

if cain ever gets brock on the ground, best believe he’s going to achieve the mount and stay there. carwin’s ground control after he put brock on the mat was elementary at best. now, if he gained the mount and let the leather fly, it would have been a different story.

i see cain doing it. either that, or dos santos making brock eat those lovely uppercuts, almost like shane made him eat them.
its just a different story when you have the biggest man in the ufc on top of you, and can’t go anywhere.

all that said, dana’s bitch is still the champ.
today is a bad day.

brendan Says, in 7-4-2010 at 23:33:35 from    

idk wat vid i said it but i called brock by sub! idk if bruno can look it up but i did call it!

Jbs77 Says, in 7-4-2010 at 23:39:14 from    

I would love to see Fedor sign with the UFC and fight Brock or Carwin. Unfortunately his management team has purposely dodged the top talent. He finally fought a decent heavyweight and lost the fight. I don’t think Fedor would survive a fight with Brock, Fedor does not hit any harder than Carwin, and has far less takedown defense.

rrrrrrrrrrrrr Says, in 7-5-2010 at 00:27:45 from    

I see Brock having major problems with Cain. Cain is clearly levels above Brock in terms of his overall game and he is just big enough not to get completely overpowered. I’m a fan of Brock but based on his reaction when he gets hit and his big man conditioning.. I see Cain chopping Brock up into little pieces.
I really think Cain might completely dominate Brook. Cain does not get tired. Cain is miles quicker.. miles better on the feet.. miles better transitioning from striking to grappling.. and being a Two-time All-American Div 1 NCAA Wrestler means Brock is going to meet up with someone who has even better wrestling credentials then he does. I don’t see Brock beating this guy.

dave Says, in 7-5-2010 at 00:47:39 from    

was really surprised ref didn’t stop the fight he wasn’t doing anything for the whole round lol

josejuarez Says, in 7-5-2010 at 01:39:01 from    

what the……………………………………….

daimai Says, in 7-5-2010 at 01:44:32 from    

…………. too slow for Fedor….

kenmolina Says, in 7-5-2010 at 01:45:03 from    

yea, bruno! thanks for finding an unlame feed. pfp YOU’RE the man!
good fight for brock. although, he’s a little lucky he was the man coming in. that fight could easily have been stopped. i like velasquez, but brock’s shear size could be an issue. dude’s lean mass is epic.

gearzilla Says, in 7-5-2010 at 04:17:12 from    

I’m am so sick of hearing about Fedor. The only people he has fought in the past 5 years are washed up UFC fighters and people that never was. So please give the a rest. brock is faster then Fedor stronger then Fedor and oh ya is a champion. I usaully never post comments on here because most of you are ban wagon jumpers anyhow, just a few days ago most of you were saying Brock was getting KO in the first but now you say I love the guy. Brock is the best in the world into someone if anyone can beat him. Thanks Bruno

joker Says, in 7-5-2010 at 04:18:02 from    

yawn haters will always be haters. Bring on the next guy so we can disagree again and after brock win they will make excuses again. Oh yeah Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. OH about Fedor he lost nuff said.

DeleTe Says, in 7-5-2010 at 05:35:14 from    

Fedor is still the n1 Heavyweight in the world, no doubt!

Longevity Says, in 7-5-2010 at 05:40:08 from    

Damn, that was a surprising match. Brock looked impressive this time and seemed to have humbled himself a little since the last bout. I guess being hospitalized makes you reflect a bit. But damn was Brock lucky the ref didn’t f*ck up and call the fight in the first round when Shane was pounding his face in. I look forward to seeing who they can put up against him next

KockslammenPHaget Says, in 7-5-2010 at 07:39:35 from    

Werdum beat Overeem cocksmokers!!! So swing off his cock rod and say he sucks, than feel like an idiot when you look at who hes beat.

chiroguy Says, in 7-5-2010 at 08:14:50 from    

Folks…both Cain and Junior have a legitimate chance to dethrone Brock…bet on it!!!

On Tape Says, in 7-5-2010 at 10:45:16 from    

Things to take away from this fight:

Good reffing, letting it go some ref’s would jumped in

Brock has heart and can take a punch

Carwin has no caedio

judomaster Says, in 7-5-2010 at 11:46:40 from    

Ufc doesn’t have the best hw division.

judomaster Says, in 7-5-2010 at 11:55:13 from    

Am i the only one who think that Dana White is a loser in this event. Ufc doesn’t have the best hw division. Brock was totally dominated in the first round from a fighter who doesn’t have an energy for more than 5 minutes. It’s obviusly that Brock win because everybodi with some ground skills could sub a fighter with no energy. I’m talking from my 25years judo experiences unlike the other forum users.
And on the other side Strikeforce has Overeem, Fedor and Werdum.
Fedor and werdum are both worldclass fighters and both could fight the whole distance.
Overeem is however heis nutrion is one of the best hw.

Temujin Says, in 7-5-2010 at 12:32:52 from    

Typical Rednecks love Brock.

Rednecks got a have there hero too.
Brock or carwin is way too slow for Fedor.
Beside Fedor hit Them for full 5 minutes that
head will explode.

There is only one Emperor Fedor…

ceanes Says, in 7-5-2010 at 13:46:43 from    

all you idiots saying brock woulda got banged just got shown what he can do. the hardest hitter in mma couldn’t k.o. with god knows how many punches. fedor is a fat bastard who wouldn’t last with lesnar. overeem can’t deal with takedowns full stop. velasquez is a banging fighter, but too small. as well as santos. werdum – just no. frank mir (although no where near as a seasoned bjj artist as werdum) couldn’t manage it. and mir would slam werdum anyway. in my opinion no-one can take brock at the moment. carwin was the only option – someone his size and strength with his wrestling ability – still couldn’t stop him. he just got mounted and choked out. simple.

AC Says, in 7-5-2010 at 15:17:18 from    

Brock deserve props for taking that beat and make a comeback,but is overall fighting skills are lacking a bit for a champion.Well,then again isn’t like the UFC HW champs ever where particularly skilled(with a few exceptions).To bad Carwin didn’t work is cardio.

PitFighterZ Says, in 7-5-2010 at 16:05:02 from    

Although I still think this joke of a fight ruined an excellent card, and that Dana is a major Douche, the UFC HW division is currently the best just by the sheer number of relevant fighters, and I don’t count the cowardly Chestcock as relevant, and I just lost respect for Carwin as a fighter (although it was a smart financial move).
SF has only 3 or maybe? 4 relevant fighters. Once they are done kicking each other’s asses there’s nothing left.
UFC has Velasquez, dos Santos, Big Nog, Mir, Cro Cop, and a list of younguns that could make all the way to the top 10 HW.
HW is a poor division anyway and most of these fighters aren’t worth much, but in comparison, SF needs to get at least 3 more top HWs to call it a division.
Though that does not make Brock any less of a coward clown and Dana any less of a Douche!

brocksabitch Says, in 7-5-2010 at 17:30:31 from    

Yea FIXED! think bout it dana will make more money with lesnar being champ cuz people know his name thats what he’s doing with all his champs carwin can destroy lesnar anytime but he took a dive in the 2nd round just like rampage took a dive against rashad its bullshit dana is scamming everyone!

ronmar Says, in 7-5-2010 at 17:55:33 from    

This does not solidify Brock as the baddest man on the planet.

First off, look at his wins. Kim Min-soo who has a terrible record and was beaten by an over the hill Don Frye. Randy Couture who he hit accidentally in the back of the head…anyone will go down from that. With Heath Hearing he gave a good performance, but Heath has never been an exceptional fighter. The Frank Mir fight was a decent showing.

Now, with this fight, I can’t see how he can get any credit. The first round he tried to take Carwin down but couldn’t. Then he got knocked down and went into the fetal position taking punches mostly to the forearms. Carwin blew himself out, but I can partly understand why. The ref kept on saying he was going to stop the fight but didn’t. Carwin escalated the punches in hoping that the fight would get stopped but it didn’t. Brock looked not different on the ground absorbing punches as Tito did when he was getting pummeled by Chuck. Then in the 2nd Brock took his opponent down whose body froze up and probably could have been taken down by Gina Carrano. Carwin was done. He couldn’t do anything. Basically Brock had a limp noodle to submit in the 2nd. Not hard to do. The only credit I can give to Brock is that he took that punishment. That’s it.

George Ptiz Says, in 7-5-2010 at 19:19:56 from    

There is just one thing i want to say.

Please Dana….. Put brock and Fedor in the cage!!! This will be the biggest event ever.. bigger than Ali vs. Foreman!!!

AllhailBJ Says, in 7-5-2010 at 21:25:34 from    

Its alright this is like when Brock Lesnar lost to Frank Mir because of a lucky knee bar, lets hope Carwin will win in the inevitable rematch.

Pink Ferret Says, in 7-6-2010 at 00:05:32 from    

All you Carwin scrotum suckers… there was no way the fight should have been stopped. Carwin is an awesome fighter, but Lesnar is better and can take the beating.


Now get that sack out of your collective mouths. You’re morons for thinking the fight should have been stopped.

daimai Says, in 7-6-2010 at 02:03:23 from    

…… the match is fixed…all Dana’s game plan… and Joe’s irking voice adds to the drama. Too slow for Fedor…..

daimai Says, in 7-6-2010 at 02:15:28 from    

Classic example of fixing by Dana….. 1.Lesnar first fought a tiny Korean in his first MMA match. 2. He fought Frank Mir….. and TAPPED OUT.
3. He fought an almost nobody Heath Herring next.
4. Then he got a UFC Title fight…. after fight a Journey man Herring…. that too GrandPa Randy Couture. (Is this how UFC give a title fight – fighting a nobody.
5. He then fought Frank Mir again (for what?????), Poor guy was instructed to gassed out.
6. He then fights Carwin the only genuine contender ….. the referee was again ask not to interfere. Carwin toyed him…. and 2nd round instructed him to give him an easy arm triangle hold…. All can see how easy Carwin gave it to him.
7. Then the Dana’s follower … like Joe proclaim … ‘this is history the best fighter in the world’……… no for the first time…. He says the same dialogue in every title fight.

judomaster Says, in 7-6-2010 at 03:00:22 from    

I totally agree with Ronmar. Brock doesn’t have enough top fights to get the respect. Shane was already exhausted in the 1st round, that’s why Brock survived the round. Brock also said that he felt Carwin’s punches more and more slower.
I also don’t like comments about Fedor how fat he is and out of shape. Sportlers knows that too much bodybuilder shape isn’t good for mma. It makes you slow and with no movement and flexibility. For example Pudzianowski.

judomaster Says, in 7-6-2010 at 03:02:59 from    

I agree with that ufc has more hw fighters than sf. But i think that better fighters at this time could have sf. It wouldn’t be bad if sf would have some more hw fighters.

Machete Says, in 7-6-2010 at 05:42:59 from    

LOL, Lesnar looked like a little bitch, no boxing technique whatsoever, no ground defense either, he’s lucky his big ass arms can cover his whole face and Carwin gassed out who is a mediocre fighter too IMO. Nothing to be proud here besides the fact that Lesnar survived (with the turtle technique) and all that talk about it should have been stopped is stupid, cause then you will complain that it was stopped too early, also all the talk about a win is a win is stupid too. Anyway, enuff of that all I’m saying is that fight was whack and those fools are not good MIXED MARTIAL ARTS fighters, they are just big and strong, I rather watch real martial artists like Overeem and Fedor anytime.

Forrest Griffin!!!!! Says, in 7-6-2010 at 07:44:30 from    

brock is a freaking tank!!!!!!………..goes to show that if carwin always wins the first round, he is all out of stamina for the second!!!!!!!

Rich Says, in 7-6-2010 at 11:12:07 from    

Did anyone here about the marathon that Carwin ran? He ran the first 5 miles of it faster than anybody else in the race and then he gassed out and couldn’t finish and all his fans complained how he should have won and he got ripped off. WAAAAA WAAAAA. If you can’t fight past the first round you don’t deserve to be a champion. He quit, Brock didn’t. Give Brock credit already all you internet haters.

Lics72 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 11:52:08 from    

All of you guys talking fix,PLEASE! Dana is not telling anyone to throw fights. You don’t think that if anyone was ever approached about throwing a fight in the UFC they wouldn’t come out with that after being cut? Dana has enough enemies that a fix wouldn’t have been kept quiet.Why would Dana ruin everything he’s worked for? Is it too far fetched that Brock played a little rope a dope to test the unproven stamina of Carwin? I was yelling for Shane to let him back up and save his energy. It was kind of obvious that little to no damage can be done when Brock turtles up. It was as poor an idea to follow Brock to the ground as it was for Fedor to follow Werdum to the mat.

Lics72 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 13:34:28 from    

I want these 2 to fight again. I think Shane learned a lot from this fight. (Just like Brock did after his first fight with Mir). I’m not saying he definitely wins or loses, but I like these 2 fighting.

Lics72 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 13:42:21 from    

Is Rogan wrong with EVERYTHING he comments on? I’m not talking about predicting, I’m talking about commenting on the action.”Carwin doesn’t looked gassed, he’s pacing himself”,- during Carwin blowing his load. “Carwin is fine in that position, he just needs to keep his elbow there”- 5 seconds before Carwin can’t hold it and gets submitted. Awful- speaks loudly without having a clue.

JUICEMAN Says, in 7-6-2010 at 15:32:52 from    

how the F*** was that an impressive win?? brock was just good at blocking carwins punches, then chocked him easily cuz he was tired?

asdf Says, in 7-6-2010 at 16:12:23 from    

Brock Lesnar got exposed in this fight imo, if theres a fighter whos a technical quick striker, good wrestling, can take a shot and had cardio; lesnars a dead man……Oh wait thats cain velasquez! If Cain can get past Brock’s size and utilize his speed and wrestling to stay off his back he can hammer Brock on the feet.

SportsMedDoc Says, in 7-6-2010 at 16:26:05 from    

Carwin was the clear dominator in this fight. What a lot of people don’t know is that Carwin went to the hospital after the fight (after taking virtually no damage). I actually had the pleasure of talking to him directly and he experienced what’s called an “adrenaline dump” his body was overloaded on adrenaline and essentially locked up on him. He threw a lot of punches in the first fight, but if you watch his eyes while he’s on the stool, and his legs when the 2nd round started, you can really tell something wasn’t right, and it wasn’t his cardio blown. I have no doubt that Carwin could beat Brock, but this time he was beaten by his own body.

Uhprove Says, in 7-6-2010 at 17:22:58 from    

Damn!!!! Brock was getting owned in the first round but put in that choke I knew Shane had no chance! Great fight!

dadad Says, in 7-6-2010 at 19:35:12 from    

rrrr up there a ways um u say can is a 2 time d 1 ncaa champion and is a better wrestler then brock. sorry to say that brock was a 4 time div 1 hw ncaa champ.

Arod Says, in 7-6-2010 at 19:40:37 from    

NOT a HARDCORE BROCK FAN personally he seems to be a prick dont know him personally so its only my opinion but he keeps evolving as a fighter and the reason he is good is cause of his wrestling which gave him the strength he has. CARWIN is a good fighter and simple got a bit robbed in that most of fights would have been stopped and he made BROCKS wrestling look not as good as BROCK said it was but it is what it is as for BROCKS next fight he will win but it will be hard CAIN has not been hit by a LARGE HW with good wrestling, fighters witht the best chance to take out BROCK are CARWIN and DOS SANTOS larger HW with good striking

Romeo Says, in 7-6-2010 at 21:06:26 from    

Cain Velasquez? Not a chance! Junior Dos Santos or Roy Nelson? You gotta be kidding me! Fedor is a f** being greedy and not coming the UFC! Unless Carwin gets lucky in a rematch I predict Lesnar to hold onto the title until he is ready to retire! And Did somebody say something about Kimbo Slice? You gotta be effing kidding me!

pjack Says, in 7-6-2010 at 23:08:48 from    

I could beat Brock.
He is a terrible fighter.
Just big with no technique at all.

lol Says, in 7-6-2010 at 23:34:05 from    

Wow this is basically frank mir (brock)and Brock Lesnar (Shane)in their 1st fight all over lol

PitfighterZ Says, in 7-7-2010 at 15:09:07 from    

Hey BRUNO: Is this the longest thread ever? Past 240 replies, it should be some kind of a record…

Bruno: No. there is a couple over 300.

jiujitsu Says, in 7-7-2010 at 23:01:01 from    

Brock´s technique sucks…this was a scam.

jiujitsu Says, in 7-7-2010 at 23:10:48 from    

The worst fight ion many years. Incompetence at higher level.

manfish4 Says, in 7-8-2010 at 13:17:34 from    

all of u anti-lesnar fans are so stupid. brock lesnar is the best fighter in the world by far and just got caught with one lucky shot in the first round. i cant wait for the rematch so he can shut u stupid ppl up. and brock lesnar would beat fador 8 out of 10 times as well. the only way brock will loss is if his opponent gets lucky like mir and carwin did. brock is the best

lolfanboys Says, in 7-8-2010 at 16:26:29 from    

I wish I was capable of sifting through the rubbish in these comments, but most of you have the spelling and grammar of an 8 year old.

PS: I studied BJJ, Karate, and TQD for 37 years. I could also easily drop to any weight and beat anyone in MMA. (See how easy it is to talk BS on the internet? No one cares what any of you say you can do. You discredit yourselves before you even begin giving your opinion. Do us all a favor, and don’t. kthnx.)

johnesdman Says, in 7-8-2010 at 16:57:42 from    

yo dont talk s*** about lesnar cause hes such a man for getting out of that first round almost-submission by carwin. When Carwin went down he was f***** in like a minute and bitched out

Samsquanch Says, in 7-8-2010 at 23:09:52 from    

First off, Lesnar won this fight. Period. Don’t give me this “OHHH CARWIN GASSED AND THEREFORE HE WON!!!11!” BS. Carwin not being prepared for the fight is not Brock’s fault.
Second. Fedor is a joke. He would be a decent fighter in the UFC but he fights in the minors against UFC washups. Either Lesnar or Carwin would beat Fedor. I’m sure a lot of people disagree with my last statement but the fact is Fedor could have signed with the UFC and didn’t want to. (You make more money if u win)

mazethephraze Says, in 7-9-2010 at 00:14:15 from    

I’ve seen many fights stopped for a lot less of a beating than that, Carwin deserves to be the champ. It was the ref’s responsibility to stop it and for some reason decided not too. Dumb…..

brocks a bitch Says, in 7-9-2010 at 01:38:39 from    

First off, Brock got his ass handed to him, couldnt defend himself. Any other fight woulda being called but the UFC is turning into pro wrestling and is all f***** rigged.

Grim Says, in 7-9-2010 at 02:24:18 from    

@mazethephraze ya, but they weren’t championship fights… they always let it go farther for championship fights.

Gapster Says, in 7-9-2010 at 14:06:06 from    

I thoroughly enjoyed the fight. It was entertaining and full of fight and surprises. I think it was a touch-and-go decision as to wether the referee should have stopped the fight, many refs would have- but that’s the fight game,.

However, for all you internet ‘experts’ have a look at the post fight interview with Brock – I thought it was an honest look at the fight and his position in the MMA game.

costa200 Says, in 7-9-2010 at 16:12:03 from    

If this wasn’t a title fight this would have been stopped real quick. Brock turtled up and Carwin wasted himself looking for that early stoppage.

lolfanboys Says, in 7-9-2010 at 18:20:05 from    

Brock was blocking, moving, grabbing Carwins hands, and pushing him away. The ref shouldn’t have stopped it. If you watch the post fight interview Brock says the ref approached him before the fight, and basically said he wasn’t going to stop the fight as long as Brock showed he was still surviving. If you re-watch the fight and see all the moves Brock was making and how little he was actually getting hit with big damaging punches and don’t agree that the fight shouldn’t have been stopped, then you are biased, and that’s why you aren’t a ref. More importantly it’s why your opinion doesn’t matter, and why you should shut up and keep your unintelligent opinions to yourselves.

oldpeoplerule Says, in 7-10-2010 at 00:55:19 from    

All of you haters shut the F up, if any of you hit the ring with either of them, you would all be knocked the F out in a single punch! Good job to both of the fighters!

Matheus Says, in 7-10-2010 at 08:35:16 from    

hahaha… Look, this fight was bought by Dana White. Carwin was giving the biggest cock in Lesnar in 1st round where he almost knocked out. But in the 2nd round Carwin game fully delivered for Lesnar. you noticed that the two neither exchanged punches in the 2nd round? you noticed that Carwin if left down, to Lesnar apply the coup de neck to finish it? hahaha .. Dana White would lose much money if Lesnar was defeated in this fight.
then in the 2nd round he gave the order to Carwin deliver the game for Lesnar (and of course a lot of money that rolled to Carwin accept it). you saw the glance between the two in the 2nd round? this fight was purchased. Carwin was giving the biggest stick in the 1st round in Lesnar almost knocking him out, and in the 2nd round comes dead tired and lose the fight? without no reaction?
And Carwin, allows itself to an arm triangle, where the head rises up to help Brock? this is very strange for me was something wrong in this fight! Brock ran of Carwin in the 1st round like a chicken scared, lol … … and in the 2nd round, early on, wins the match without striking without difficulty in a technical of BJJ?, a technique of BJJ arm triangle? thing that Brock has little experience in BJJ, and even manages to finish asim Carwin so easy? there’s something wrong in this fight!

rm Says, in 7-10-2010 at 10:48:28 from    

Dana White and the referee are the only ones who won this fight. MMA and the UFC has lost totaly. Shame. This fight was beetwen BROCK with DANA and REF against Shane Carwin. SC is a very good fighter I enjoy to watch. He should quit the UFC and go to Srikeforce. Dana White is walking with Brock like to gays. I think Brock is not that bad but he just doesnt know the real face of Dana W.
I also think that if Brock would loose he would get an instant rematch. The more times I watch this fight the more I think it is all about the money.

oomps87 Says, in 7-13-2010 at 01:05:18 from    

The only reason that brock won is cause shane got tired, and trust me that wont happen twice shane will train for his cardio aswell. Aslo for that chin of Lesner’s he didnt get the full force of carwins punch from what i saw.
I will be ready too watch Lesner and Carwin 2

Swordsmansmith Says, in 7-13-2010 at 15:52:06 from    

I am soooooooooo tired of all the Brock haters. Seriously just shut up and go watch strikeforce. Go nuthug Fedor and take Carwin with you. Shane Carwin will never beat Brock. I wish Fedor would grow some balls and come to the UFC so Brock can destroy him and put that to rest. Brock’s the champion and no one right now in the HW division is good enough to beat him. Velazquez is goin down next and then dos santos will fall to the beast that is Brock Lesnar. So cain is undefeated 8-0? So was Shane Carwin….Was!!!I look forward to Brock’s future fights, nothing better than pissing off haters who have no reason to.

machete Says, in 7-14-2010 at 04:59:12 from    

Is funny how a lot of people complain about people “NUTHUGGING” somebody as they “NUTHUG” somebody else, simply hilarious.

rscssmd Says, in 7-21-2010 at 01:43:09 from    

Congratulations Brock, you fat F***, you managed to shut me up for a month. After 4 failed suicide attempts; 1st. US loss in the world cup (gun jammed) 2nd. Brazil’s loss in the world cup (rope broke)3rd. The Emperor’s Loss (bathtub overflowed) and finally Brock’s win (slit my wrists, but instead of blood, only Milwaukees Best beer flowed out. Anyway Shane managed to move that immovable object named Brock, to the point that Brock admitted he was scared that the ref may have stopped the fight because of the f****** beating he was receiving. Brock seemed really humble in his interview. Yeah, after getting the s*** beat out of you, everyone is humbled. I speak from personal experience. It must have been hard for all you Fedor haters to see the big bad monster named Brock get his ass whipped in the first round. Anyway Congratulations Brock, you beat a bad bad man, you deserve some props. But prove a little bit more so we can all be on your nuts.
Congratulations Nut Huggers. You earned this one.

War War Says, in 7-22-2010 at 11:58:12 from    

amazing…lesnar took a beating but was still able to turn it around…props to the champ

the fix Says, in 7-25-2010 at 13:19:16 from    

Well big money equals a big fix,,thus the wink before the lay down.

that guy Says, in 7-27-2010 at 14:19:50 from    

lets go brock gets another win…it dosnt matter how he did but he got it so all the haters can hop off…btw im tired of people saying brock cant last against fedor lol…werdum beat him in 5 seconds so im pretty sure anyone can

Anthonyklg Says, in 7-27-2010 at 22:22:00 from    

Man i’m so damn tired of people sayin that Fedor is the best. if you havent beat the best there is no way u can be the best. thats my 2 cents

BloodArmor Says, in 7-30-2010 at 03:12:26 from    

Brock is king carwin ran out of stem to bad. Brocks recover from a clogged intestine was a miracle more power to you Brock-> herb up and power up!

BloodArmor Says, in 7-30-2010 at 03:18:22 from    

rscssmd :Lets hope you end it soon your one mixed up freak of a kid.Here’s a tip go walk in the hood you wont come out alive!

joker1123 Says, in 8-2-2010 at 10:54:03 from    

Man that was some bull… The ref should’ve stopped the fight… The only defense Brock was doing was palms to Carwin’s face and his face was getting smashed…

hjdhfjdfh Says, in 8-7-2010 at 01:20:59 from    

Brock is a gimmick to get a wider audience from WWE fans. Dana White is a business man plain and simple, betting on Lesner that he is big enough, even though unskilled to win some fights. It was obvious he didn’t know what he was doing in that match, I’ve never seen the cover your face run backwards gaurd. Regarding the Fedor fight, go to wiki look up his fight stats and look up the stats of the guy that beat him as well as who he has beat, and who they have beat. Than check out Lesner, I think you’ll see my point. It would be Dana Whites wet dream to set up a match between Lesner and Fedor, a Russia vs. USA match. This would be a good way to set up Fedors entry as the real ufc Champion that could actually maintain the Championship and rightly be called world champion, I would take nothing less to actually validate that Lesner belongs in MMA period.

rockers115 Says, in 8-13-2010 at 05:40:05 from    

there was no doubt a good fight.
But shane did a super good job, but I didn’t know why the referee didn’t stop the match in the first round by knockout. It was luck. We shud have another rematch.

BraveFencer Says, in 8-19-2010 at 00:44:18 from    

Honestly, I’m impressed by Lesnar strenght and ground game. The dude is a good athlete and has lots of endurance for his size. BUT his standup is waste, totally pathetic. The way Carwin threw the uppercut which hurted Lesnard in round 1 just demonstrate me that Fedor could beat this guy and I believe James Toney could knock him out easily too. At first, I was all hype about this fight but looking back at it, two guys have zero techniques whatsoever…can we get a true heavyweight champion plz???

monsoonhall Says, in 8-20-2010 at 15:47:47 from    

Holly crap what a fight!!! I just now got to see the fight and was disappointed when Brock turtled up in first round but that just says what power Shane has in those 5 xl hands of his. I’m a Lestner fan but Shane Carwin gained my respect with his fighting ability tested against a true heavey weight. The re-match between those two will be huge and I can’t wait to see it. Shane great fight bro your a true fighter. Brock great recovery and submission, work on your stand up and you’ll be champ for years to come.

diggz69 Says, in 8-24-2010 at 09:56:25 from    

Brock Lesnar is still the biggest douchebag in the game! ….. c’mon now, he’s an ex-pro wrestler for goodness sakes, and we all know what big fake dorks those guys are ….. and unfortunately the guy just can’t seem to stop talking crap about anybody and everybody else ….. he needs to be humbled badly!

eric Says, in 9-1-2010 at 00:39:23 from    

I think BJ Penn can take Brock lesner

Anthony Says, in 9-2-2010 at 11:56:08 from    

Damm, I hate you brock lesnar, you have lucky.. f****** Fat

oscar32 Says, in 9-10-2010 at 02:02:51 from    

hahaha brock is the best!!!! he just lost once by luck! death cluth baby all day hate on it!!! yeeee he can take a punch as hard as he gives it!!

he’s going to end CAIN VELASQUEZ streak too!! BROCK LESNAR 4 YA..BEAST

Jason Says, in 9-17-2010 at 13:36:17 from    

After that sloberknocker Brock has silenced all and provied that he is the best in the UFC.

If only Fedor was contractd …..Hmm…..that would be a dream match….

al Says, in 9-28-2010 at 18:55:35 from    

carwin could own brock anyday. Brock as usual uses his big steroid weight the ugly fuking C*** and gets on top of u.How the F*** was that fight not stopped in the first i dont know. Got beaten the F*** out of and then gets soooo lucky … All you brock lovers out there he WILL fall soon

imNOTethenne~ Says, in 10-7-2010 at 14:05:20 from    

just lookin’ around.. >,<

imNOTethenne~ Says, in 10-7-2010 at 14:06:53 from    

i never would have though Brock will recover to that take down by Shane,, anyways, i am not a fan of Brock but nice job in fairness to him. :)

roborat Says, in 10-22-2010 at 14:44:52 from    

For those non-wrestlers commenting on this fight, please take note that Brock pivoted to his right while applying the hold thus applying more pressure and relieving Carwin’s counter elbow slide. Carwin’s left arm can be seen going up as manifested by his hands and arms cutting off his respiration and even his blood flow as one of the major arteries run under the human body’s arm pit.

Punch Says, in 10-24-2010 at 00:05:36 from    

If Lesnar meets an opponent who can wop him like Carwin did AND compete on the ground, he will be defeated. Lesnar has the heart of a champion and he seems to be a kool guy. Good rep for UFC Heavy Div.

vimal triple h Says, in 2-14-2011 at 11:09:08 from    

brock leesnar u r a really pain i like your match & please u come back wwe.

The Mind Says, in 3-9-2011 at 20:52:56 from    

Lesnar likes ti run and turtle! lol!

rhandu Says, in 4-7-2011 at 10:59:25 from    

Carwin entrega a luta, e este povo acha o lesnar o melhor do mundo huaihaiuh
Cigano não passa do lesnar, mas o lesnar não passa do cain, ao menos nesta vida não hiuahauih

ericsson Says, in 6-12-2011 at 12:29:42 from    

those 2 american overrated fighter are history
now you gonna get some real fights junior will beat cain
and then Overeem, Antonio Silva, Barnett, fedor, are on there way to the UFC…..


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