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bcuz Says, in 12-31-2011 at 00:42:28 from    

thought brock would have put up more of a fight where was the wrestling….reem vs jds

mmafan Says, in 12-31-2011 at 00:48:04 from    

Holy s***. Great job by Overeem, vicious kicks. Was Lesnar trying to test his standup skills? I thought I was going to see more takedown attempts by Lesnar. Reem vs Dos Santos should be a doozy

TonganGoon Says, in 12-31-2011 at 00:48:36 from    

Brock never had a chance on his feet, should have tried to get it to the ground. One half ass attempt is not gonna get it done. Brock looked SCARED!!! JDS is gonna have trouble with Overeem’s power.

Jack Says, in 12-31-2011 at 00:50:23 from    

StrikeForce after all had best heavyweight in the world!!

hann solo Says, in 12-31-2011 at 00:55:45 from    

Lesnar sucks

Musclefixer Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:05:14 from    

HOLY SMOKES! Those were some killer knees, and a nasty liver kick.
Heavyweight K1 kicks obviously hurt.

southiejimmy Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:08:40 from    

Brock never stood a chance. Brock hasnt faught in ages, his health is poor, he doesnt deal well with getting hit. All these things conspired against him. I dont think brock really wanted it. Just like other ventures of his, he quits when hes not at the top or when things arent going his way.

Hanabahn Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:13:01 from    

Where’s all the Brock fanboys now! Hahaahaa. Looks like your bandwagon just tipped over!

jaydog Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:17:43 from    

Hells yeah!!! This means a straight up brawl for the heavyweight title. JDS better watch out, same for Reem too.

Joseph Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:18:31 from    

This is exactly what I thought was going to happen, except I expected Brock to do a better job of attempting to get it to the ground.

Freaklegion Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:22:38 from    

Did anyone else think Brocks eyes looked red and glassy like he’d been crying when he walked in? I’m not joking around…. looked like he was walking to his execution or something.

just0 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:34:25 from    

F**king love you BRUNO!! Thanks for the backup video.

iceberg187 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:36:15 from    

respect Brotha Bruno

4serendipity Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:37:28 from    

Oh snap he kicked him right in the diverticulitis…dayumm

xol Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:37:39 from    

bye bye Brock, it was nice knowing you,
Vince Mcmahon has an opening for you!

JoeDog Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:44:14 from    

Bas Rutten is smiling after that liver kick. Good night and goodbye Brock Lesnar. Back to the WWE?

canes Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:47:03 from    

Lesnar is so over-rated, he has no stand up game and no chin. One good shot and he becomes a turtle.

kaution187 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:50:43 from    

and another fighter in 2011 retires.


anyway, I’m ready for some great match ups in 2012!!!

Happy New Year guys!

NotVinnieJones Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:52:59 from    

Brock is smarter than I thought. Instead of deceiving himself into thinking that he could still hang with the current elite of the heavyweight division he instead calls it quits. I guess thats better than subjecting himself to brutal losses like the ones Chuck Liddell took when he couldn’t accept that his heydays were over.
Reem vs Dos Santos should be a barn-burner!

issac_73 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 01:55:54 from    

this is not WWF Mr.Lesnar this is the real deal, we can see you now.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:04:02 from    

seriously WTF did u think was gonna happen? lolololololol face the facts people brock is not a fighter, never was and never will be. big country would beat the s*** out of brock. lol weeeeee

REEMDAMACHINE Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:05:27 from    

LMAO, REEEEM sent this biatch back to WWE just as I thought..

BigFan Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:09:13 from    

awesome! Lesnar got paid 400K to get his ass whipped..

pitbull1779 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:11:25 from    

sorry just not impressed… been watching overeem for ten years and he has never been more then mediocre.. Santos will destroy him.. Brock just blew it,, never wrestled him,, never took him down.

Cloudst Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:15:29 from    

Those were some brutal knee’s by reem

Shame to see lesnar retire but it’s obvious he was kinda in limbo if he lost (which he did) good luck in the future with whatever your doing next.

Now I’m patiently waiting for JDS vs Overeem :)

BamBam Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:16:41 from    

Lesnar is a f****** JOKE!!!!!

Pupsup Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:20:10 from    

I did expect Overeem to get in some atomic knees, but not necessarily to finish him with the knees. Also, I thought Overeem would have caught him with his knees after stuffing Brock’s take down, not after wading in like that. Pretty strange, but effective way to close the distance.

cupOteaGov Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:23:09 from    

Bit surprised not much wrestling done there, mind you he looked like he wasn’t up for it at the start and now Brock is retiring probably for the best.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:26:44 from    

Everyone who truely knows something about MMA predicted this.Take that you wagon followers.Anyone who has a tiny bit of MMA knowledge knew Brock only won because of his size.He is a good wrestler and nothing else.Having only one tool on the toolbelt doesnt work since the 90s.Reem is as big as him so Brock couldnt overpower him.And Reem sent him back to WWE.Happy for the Reem because of all the hate he is getting form having a “bad perfromance” against Werdum(wich he dominated 30-26 imo).Now he showed how serious of a fighte rhe is.3-4 knees and 1 body kick is all what the Reem needs to beat somebody.Some people called it a fluke when he won the K-1 but he is POWERFUL.He broke Saki’s arm with one kick so imagine how Brock’s ribs and liver felt.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:28:54 from    

SO pumpmed for Reem vs JDS.I called it when JDS KOed Cain but now its official.Thre is now way that fight can be boring

baller Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:38:06 from    

jds will still kill dis guy

starquest Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:42:05 from    

brock is a p****, he as always been a p****,
reem is goin to creem santos

YodaSangklai Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:49:46 from    

Just as predicted the Reem destroy Lesnar in the first round. Can’t wait what s*** will come out from Frank Mir mouth, he said Brock Lesnar will Defeat Alistair Overeem just because Lesnar beat the s*** out of him. War Ovareem!!!

Oddjob Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:53:42 from    

i heard Brock retired too!!

ericr64 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:54:45 from    

Mmmmm Liver shots. The slight delay then overwhelming innards cramp.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 12-31-2011 at 02:59:45 from    

What was Brock thinking?! Maybe he just felt Overeem was too strong? Anyway, How ’bout this title fight? I can’t friggin wait!

Drew Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:05:25 from    

JDS is a substantial favorite out of the gate on betting lines, which is kinda surprising to me. I think it’s a very even matchup that could go either way.

I think Lesnar would’ve been best served sticking to his bread and butter: bullrushing for a takedown. If it fails a couple of times, THEN you can test your standup.

bjj…! Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:05:36 from    

see u brock

Yoplait Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:09:46 from    

Did Lesnar really not watch any of Reem’s kickboxing fights before? Ok Lesnar nut huggers….WHERE ARE YOUR EXCUSES? Reem did exactly what he wanted and he made one Hell of a statement making Brock go fetal.

jsuper Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:18:14 from    

super powerful knee and kick…you can see the knee’s vibration move through brock’s stomach to the back.

wtf Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:31:14 from    

Easy win. That fight wasn’t even competitive.

Brock debuted the reverse turtle, and then retired.

goat Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:32:06 from    

More than obvious this was gonna be the outcome. Good riddance Brock.

Congrats to the younger Diaz though; surprised he dominated Cerrone like that.

Drex Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:42:36 from    

hahahaha, cake and soomy!! I can’t believe all you WWf chumps thought cock lesnar actually had a chance in hell against a world class striker like AO. Go back to watching your summer slam replays kids!

you guys are morons Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:45:15 from    

If anyone on this thread even thought lesnar had a chance your an idiot. I dont know what brock lesnar fights you guys have been watching but he sucks. He’s a pathetic joke of a fighter. The UFC only brought him in to make money. BROCK LESNAR the name is what sells not his fighting hahah. Hope he goes back to his farm in MIN to shoot guns and ride his lawn mowers because thats all hes good at.

Tomd Says, in 12-31-2011 at 03:51:50 from    

I really hope the significant amount of people who said that Overeem would get his ass handed to him on a plate come out of the woodwork and admit that there is a serous contender for the title here. Overeem did exactly what his fans said he would do, viscous strikes and Brock crubled…..never in doubt!

asdf Says, in 12-31-2011 at 04:04:36 from    

I actually finally respect Brock. I honestly didn’t before. I’m a technical fighter, or was, and liked watching technical fights. I didn’t think the people he beat were actually technically good. But, he retired realizing he wasn’t good enough to be the among the best. Takes a real man to admit his weaknesses, imo.

tuncaserkan Says, in 12-31-2011 at 04:22:17 from    

lesnar is not fighter.. that was what i was waiting for. i knew that reem gonna brake his bones by knees..

lesnar is not fighter and talking too much.. and you lesnar’s fans… shut up..

arod Says, in 12-31-2011 at 04:25:15 from    

ahahahahahahahahah that was so funny he said he was he baddest man on the planet

Dogpitt Says, in 12-31-2011 at 04:46:36 from    

Wow!!! Brutal Kicks and knees! He even retired him!

Raúl Says, in 12-31-2011 at 04:59:49 from    

Lesnar has a Single Leg up from Alistair and just throws it away..
as i opened the video with just 4:50 mins, i knew it would be Overeem.
Well Brock, back to fighting upcomers and guys past their prime…

Nadie Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:04:29 from    

Aleister is not a test for JDS, he will get ko in the first round… Brock the worst stand up in the mma history

truthgiver Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:06:17 from    

1 lesner new about retirement b4 the fight
2 lesner let the fight go to a overreem win, we all saw that
3 lesner’s ill will not let him compete in a mma match again.

ok, the facts

overreem is the new figure on ufc list,they, i mean the ufc were not going to let their new member going to be defeat by a guy who only had one fight under his contract, but who was obviously not able to compete in an mma match again due to his ill.

brock lesner is a great sportsman if not the greatest, if you compere his size and strength, he is a super sportsman. but unfortunately his ill lacked all these emotions. so sad, please give all honors to him.

watch the fight and you will see that he did not defend anything, he did no attempts to take aliasrair down, as if all, he was waiting for the fight to end. why??
the answer lies under our eyes and under the whole event, and under all the words, please pay attention to all that lesner says at the end of the fight. he was already retired, and his illness was the fact.
please do not say bad things about lesner, he had no choice. but please lets welcome a new alitair averreem who knows that if it wasn’t for lesner ill, this would of never had happened. thanks for all who put this event down and to give sadness to some and happiness to other. great event. thank you. lesner wwe is waiting for you, overreem…………..??we will see.

joey_deacon Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:12:04 from    

Body shots and diverticulitis dont mix.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:19:52 from    

Well fellas you heard it here first, Over-Roid would win in the first round via Chael Sonnen’s secret sauce! (and NO I’m not a Lesnar fanboy)

I hope JDS can pull off what Anderson Silva did over a Juicer Cheat and retain his title!

mscash Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:21:24 from    


That horse meat eating Dutchman kicked Brock into retirement. Brock has zero stand-up.

Hat’s off to Brock’s attempt@ MMA. At least you took it to the bank.

wow Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:32:05 from    

Not surprised. Thank GOD he’s retiring, that’ll save me from some really stupid arguments.

psyopus Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:36:44 from    

ufc sucks any more i think all these main cards are paid off… non of the main events lately have really been worth watching its like one or the other dont show ,.. now dont get me wrong there was some good fights on this card just saying last few i watched the MAIN fight blew

Not Anonymous Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:41:25 from    

Can we say that Lesnar isn’t a fighter now? He cannot stand to be hit at all. He belongs somewhere else, maybe he can fight Nelson for a loser leaves town match. Tim Sylvia part II.

dazzers Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:49:28 from    

joseph sums it up pretty well. The two main factors were always going to be Brock taking him the ground or Overreems Knees and general striking. Its strange that Brock showed no intensity in the actual fight given his display at the weigh in. All in all, theres not many positives Lesnar can take, as for Overreem, itl be great seeing his standup tested against JDS :-D

bro Says, in 12-31-2011 at 05:56:08 from    


cigronne Says, in 12-31-2011 at 06:03:59 from    

Brock’s ego is the only one to blame, seems like the more he fighted MMA the worst he got. The guy was trying to behave like an MMA fighter for the 1st time (composure, head movement, footwork) while forgetting his wrestling skills. How come?!

I see the same mistake as Velazquez did, trying to exchange strikes with the best strikers, isn’t it unprofessional aka dumb?

thaddiuslustre Says, in 12-31-2011 at 06:11:14 from    

real MMA/K1 practitioner vs reality show, wwe fabrication!

Aki Says, in 12-31-2011 at 06:26:04 from    

Nice! Overeem made Brock his BIIIAAATCH! I guess Brock really was his Date after all! After one knee, Brock just looked scared like a little girl and ran away the rest of the fight. When Reem just started stalking forward with his hands low and at his sides, you just KNEW it was going to be over soon.

Lesnar was fine as the BULLY, but his pain tolerance was crap. You twist, he taps, you hit he turtles. Not a good sign for a fighter. He was perfect for WWE where no one really hits you for real…. Finally! Someone put this WWE experiment out to pasture. When your main talent in MMA is basically out-sizing your opponent, your shelf life will catch up to you.

M Says, in 12-31-2011 at 06:42:09 from    

you thought Reem was gonna win by knees and kicks to the body? you’re full of crap.

Rio_Warrior Says, in 12-31-2011 at 06:57:49 from    

When i saw the lenght of 4:00 min i thought it could go to anyone.

Is this what Brock calls “it will all come down to who wants this win more” seemed to me that Brock was satisfied to dont come out all wrecked up like in the fight vs Cain.

Cigano will put a beating on Mr. Overroid.

hahaha Says, in 12-31-2011 at 07:03:55 from    

@jack strikeforce has the best heavyweight? i doubt that. lesnar was overrated. but UFC still has the best in all categories. strikeforce is just a stepping stone to enter UFC. even fedor was beat by former UFC guys. Werdum and Dan Henderson who recently return to the UFC.

drunkentigah Says, in 12-31-2011 at 07:04:22 from    

I figured it would end by knees

Mohammed Says, in 12-31-2011 at 08:18:02 from    

Man you guys are don’t even know what you are talking about, Brock didn’t even want to fight. Brock grabbed a leg and then just let it go. He threw the fight he wanted to go home. He could have beaten Alistar but he didn’t want to fight anymore. Watch the fight again.

Bob Says, in 12-31-2011 at 08:27:21 from    

Is it just me or does anyone else hate Joe Rogan’s announcing? I wish UFC would replace him ASAP

j172 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 08:34:38 from    

Brock had two takedown attempts and failed. Then he got a taste of those knees and gave up. Not to mention he was getting hit on the abdomen where he had the diverticulitis. This was one of the fights Brock should have rushed in and pushed the pace. Too bad about the retirement but im glad to c Overeem win.

kbf Says, in 12-31-2011 at 09:25:12 from    

@truthgiver: Alistair can take a punch: Brock hit Alistair with a good shot after the bell that opened a big cut over his right eye, it didn’t rock him. I think this scared Brock more than anything else. Alistair can kick and knee harder than anyone in the division. That liver shot had a delayed reaction on Brock that shut him down. Up till now Brocks fights were against ground fighters BJJ or wrestlers. Carwin and Cain’s striking ability showed that Brock doesn’t perform well when hit and quits when hurt. If Brock isn’t the biggest guy in the octagon and dominating on the ground he’s completely out of his element. Brock is what he always was an entertainment wrestler and the MMA experiment was a success Brock and the UFC made lots of money. I am glad to see him go its better for his health and for MMA.

Oldassgrappler Says, in 12-31-2011 at 10:01:37 from    

Looks like it’s back to wraslin for ol Brock. Maybe he can get some of those Hulkamaniacs to give him some love. They are always forgiving.

pitbull1779 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 10:20:06 from    

that looked like a total flop by lesnar.. with his illness and retirement he had to lose and thats the way dana and the boys wanted it,, reem coming out on top.. soo obvious.. I love how HGH looks on the body..

Jiffyjames Says, in 12-31-2011 at 10:38:11 from    

JDS will beat AO – Brock was a warm up – Brock is inexperienced in MMA – got lucky in the UFC with the HW division while it was weak and on the mend. Carwin gave him a beating then gassed, Cain beat him, JDS would beat him – Brock was no threat to AO – Don’t judge this fight as AO as the supreme HW in the UFC. It was a gimme to set up the fight. I think it will be good, but JDS has more skills and the most tools under his belt. I think JDS takes it via punches.

poopiestick Says, in 12-31-2011 at 11:37:37 from    

did anyone actually think brock had a chance? He’s been training for what, 2 years?!

JoeDog Says, in 12-31-2011 at 11:42:23 from    

Every fighter has a lucky punch or two. Lesnar used his long ago. Watching him stand in front of Overeem really showed how bad his boxing is and how solid Overeem is. Lesnar looked foolish bouncing around like he was shadow boxing while Overeem carefully looked for an openning. Overeem wasted no energy. As I predicted, wrestling did not even come into play. It’s all irrelevant now that Lesnar is retiring from the sport. Lesnar was a freak show that made money, he was never a real fighter.

PatrickN Says, in 12-31-2011 at 11:47:34 from    

how you gunna say brock’s a bitch when he’s been fighting with a deathly illness for years and fought anyway. eThug nation

NotVinnieJones Says, in 12-31-2011 at 11:54:33 from    

You guys who feel that Brock hardly tried are a bunch of retards. He didn’t just give up the single-leg. The reason why he let go of it is because the second he attempted it Reem started to attempt a guillotine choke. If Lesnar didn’t let go the Reem would have had time to lock it in, and it would have been game over. So Lesnar had to let go of the single-leg. Lesner knew that Reem is known for his guillotine chokes. As for his other takedown attempts, watch the fight again and you will see that the other times Lesnar looks like he is going to attempt a shoot-in or a takedown that Reem instantly moves way out of range. Its obvious that Lesnar knows that he can’t successfully shoot from a distance like that. As for Lesnar just shooting in, he’s smart or scared enough to know something about Reem’s knees and that there is a big chance that any shoot-in attempt will just result in him eating a big knee. No excuses that Lesnar didn’t try. He just got whupped, plain and simple.

koalition Says, in 12-31-2011 at 11:55:44 from    

Nasty bodywork by the Reem! If JDS can stay away from those knees and kicks, he’ll touch Reem’s chin and it will be nitey-nite time!

jpkrunch Says, in 12-31-2011 at 12:21:37 from    

@Bob – – it’s just you

southiejimmy Says, in 12-31-2011 at 12:37:41 from    

@kbf,very good points

@mohammed, your argument makes no sense. If brock could have won, then why didnt he. Even the fact that he didnt want to be there or didnt want to fight any more shouldnt change that. Fact is hes there, why wouldnt he win, if he could do so as you claim. He can still retire after the fight if he wants, he would just be retiring on a win rather than a devastating loss.

ThatDude Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:16:34 from    

Alistiar…. Definatly will be Playing with him in Ufc Undisputed 3

Danby Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:30:54 from    

Well i gotta give brock some credit. He really jumped into this with the big boys. Didn’t have many small matchups to build experience.

Its like starting your boxing carreer fighting the top 10?!!! Thats crazy talk, but he did ok.

Jbs77 Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:33:43 from    

It is still amazing to think of the possibilities a person with the genetics of Brock Lesnar could have done if he had been training for MMA all along, or if he was in the early stages of the sports when wrestling was all you needed.

Danby Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:34:03 from    

Oh and it was because of brock that the ufc heavy weight division became exciting. before that it was the most boring division ever, cept for the occasional match here and there.

FailSonnen Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:45:42 from    

I could see the Mike the Voice replacing Joe Rogan. He does have that Fear Factor show on again…

wow Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:46:55 from    

To me it’s kind of 50/50 whether or not Overeem can take a good punch. Getting hit above the brow wouldn’t illicit a flash knockout. Where as the temple and jaw would. Anytime I think about Overeem being able to take a punch, I flash back to when Chuck knocked him out back in Pride because until that moment, Overeem was winning the fight. However, I am a bigger fan of Overeem than anyone else in the division. Junior just doesn’t have the personality and I’m not really a fan of how Cain plays his Mexican American card. Overeem is an intelligent person, not arrogant in the least and takes criticism with a grain of salt.

sammy Says, in 12-31-2011 at 13:52:27 from    

Brock just looked plain scared of Alistair. I was expecting at least a decent double leg attempt by Lesnar. but what the hell, good riddance Brock, WWF fanboys can shut the hell up now.

Also Strikeforce did have the better heavyweights all along, Dana can also STFU now. Overeem will KO JDS.

boom Says, in 12-31-2011 at 14:32:52 from    

World class striker. He reminds of Anderson Silva cept he’s a hw. Controls the distance, easily slips brocks punches, didnt even flinch when he knew brock was to far to catch him, and he wanted brock to shoot right into one of those knees. JDS won’t be able to touch this guy, different level of striker all together. Were talking years, and years of striking.

dirty Says, in 12-31-2011 at 14:55:41 from    

I wonder if Alistair was so confident because he he knew something about Brock’s condition. Perhaps word was out that with the Divertic. that there was no way Brock could perform at his best, that he would be weak in the abdominal region, etc?

Freaklegion Says, in 12-31-2011 at 15:16:26 from    

I don’t think Overeem is going to just trade with JDS, I think he’s going to try and Clinch and knee him.

JDS is fast, Overeem has more tools, might as well use the ones he has to his advantage. Get tight, knees.

LOL Says, in 12-31-2011 at 15:37:29 from    

LOL, Dos Santos is going to go down even faster. Junior wouldn’t make it out of the first round of a K1 fight. Alistair took the gold.

You will all recognize soon enough. All the Junior fanboys will drop him the moment Alistair puts him on the ground, lights out.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 12-31-2011 at 15:52:42 from    

BAHAHAHAHA! KTFO via intestine kick! LMAO…..Ur fantasy world has crumbled Cock Lesnar…go back to WWE ASAP where ur “Im a badass” antics pay off big bucks!

Dongfan Slapstick Bullfighter Says, in 12-31-2011 at 16:14:03 from    

Lesnar had such class, what with his snubbing the media at every turn, belittling all his opponents with his arrogant and sometimes racist comments, his history as a criminal poacher in Canada, talking smack about UFC sponsors, letting the world know he plans to “Get on top of his wife”, or just shooting prairie dogs with a 50 cailber rifle from 100’s of yards away (lord knows a prairie dog could be real dangerous if you get too close). I’m personally going to have to look for a new hero. I guess there’s always Ramapage or I can wait for Brett Rogers to get out of prison.

DaBigFish Says, in 12-31-2011 at 18:34:24 from    

Lesnar is the white Bob Sapp! Go to Japan please!

OG dankdavis Says, in 12-31-2011 at 18:47:07 from    

where’d all the brock nut huggers go?? riding reems jock now i bet hahahahahaha!!!!!

Newfie Jitsu Says, in 12-31-2011 at 19:35:00 from    

I actually watched the fights on fight night this time but had to hop on to see how quick you’d have them up. Good stuff Bruno!!
Good night for PPview

yeaasja Says, in 12-31-2011 at 20:06:56 from    

Overeem smothered Lesnar. The kneeshots to the body took away all of Lesnar’s takedownpower and takedownwill, and that’s why we didn’t see more takedownattemps. Lesnar simply wasn’t able to try to take him down because he was hurt early on and out of breath because of the kneeshots to the body. No shame in that. Overeem was just better, that’s all.

Op_of_faith Says, in 12-31-2011 at 20:42:22 from    

@Dongfan Slapstick Bullfighter…nailed it.

Dave Says, in 1-1-2012 at 04:33:02 from    

Easy Peasy Win!

Axe murderer Says, in 1-1-2012 at 09:35:21 from    

I love JDS but if Reem can use those devastating k1 kicks JDS will won’t be able to utilize his boxing which I personally think won’t help him anyway against the k1 champion of the world.

Musvbrsb Says, in 1-1-2012 at 11:32:24 from    

If I understood correctly, Brock didn’t even know who Overeem was when he accepted the fight. Big mistake! And he looked even more annoyed than usual in various pre fight interviews and probably thought: “Damn, this guy is bigger than me and is going to beat me up, piece by piece”. He looked very scared when they touched the gloves, kinda similar to Cain in the same situation against JDS.

jasonfn22 Says, in 1-1-2012 at 13:03:46 from    

That m*********** verbally tapped I bet and this Brock Lesnar s*** just gets more f***** pathetic by tha day.m*********** kept claiming to be the “Baddest SOB on the planet” lol,quitting 3 fights in a row and baddest dude? How is that relevant I mean just because you take steroids and get huge does not mean your the baddest SOB on the planet I just don’t get it.Maybe he meant the biggest fake ass phony and don’t know its not spelled SOB? Yea that would make more sense.

jasonfn22 Says, in 1-1-2012 at 13:07:40 from    

Oh and another thing lol retire from the UFC? WTF is that retire s*** lol Randy retired,that is retiring not a fake ass phony fighting 6 times and literally quitting his last 3 fights. Cro Cop retired from MMA you stupid F*** you need to go back and retire on a Pro Wrestling platform because that is what you are you fakes phony you can’t retire from god damn MMA you have to put a career in at first you steroid head F***.

jaydog Says, in 1-1-2012 at 14:26:45 from    

Im a JDS fan but Overeem is a completely different beast. JDS is completely outmatched in every element though. He might catch Reem with the same wild punch he caught Cain with but thats it. He is fighting a man that out weighs him by 25 to 30 lbs and is a more superior striker and not just his hands but his legs as well. His bet bet is to weather the storm and go for the later rounds. Then again, JDS’s stamina is not the best either. Very bad matchup for the champ.

KetchupNLiquor Says, in 1-1-2012 at 15:57:26 from    

I remember a long time ago when the first world class striker faced a excellent wrestler in the ufc. Mark Colman vs Maurice Smith, guess what happen? I was not surprised, Brock only has wrestling and his size. Reem is on a mission and god bless him, I love the guy.

J_satan_666 Says, in 1-1-2012 at 19:00:50 from    

i can’t stop watching this. it brings a smile to my face every time i watch it. I’m a self admitted cock lesnerd hater from day one. go F*** yourself cock lesnerd!

thanks again for hosting such a kick ass website bruno!

Swamp Donkey Says, in 1-1-2012 at 20:29:16 from    

I cannot believe some people are calling Brock a p****! I never thought he had a chance in this fight but he is for sure not a p****! Whoever said that dumb s*** would pee their pants in front of Lesner! It just pisses me off when people disrespect these dude who put their helth on the line to entertain us all. show some class dude!

Iconoclast Says, in 1-1-2012 at 23:54:24 from    

Lesnar displayed no class during his entire MMA career, so he deserves whatever he gets now. He’ll be remembered for that sissy, back-handed slap he threw at Velasquez, running away from Velazquez in such a panic that he tripped over himself and stumbled across the ring, and this Sapp-like performance. He never cared about MMA as a sport and simply saw dollar signs. Now that he is out, expect him to disrespect it at every turn. He’s a class-less bully who couldn’t take the heat when someone challenged him. Good riddance.

JoeDog Says, in 1-2-2012 at 16:51:26 from    

Completely outclassed. Lesnar looked like he knew he was beat from the get go. He had no fight in him. Overeem on the other hand looked super sharp. Lesnar collects his last UFC paycheck and goes home to lick his wounds and prepare for his next freakshow adventure. He will not be missed by anyone except Dana White and the Zuffa money counters.
It will be exciting to see Overeem fight a real competitor in Dos Santos.

freee Says, in 1-2-2012 at 21:07:47 from    

who really ever thought brock was going to win this? lol.

i mean seriously? lol.

dreameracer1 Says, in 1-4-2012 at 15:13:13 from    

poor Brock L walk in as a looser face. he knows he gonna loose. no confidence in him at all.

ericssson Says, in 1-5-2012 at 20:34:48 from    

`yeah !! ever since he saw the reem in person he’s been scared


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