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MMA Richmond Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:15:27 from    

like he said. Two big trucks.

lander911 Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:31:46 from    

Your a brave man brock and I wish you the best.

The Reem by KO

Gabe Rudiger Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:32:14 from    

i jizzed (from a fan perspective)

mirkocrocop Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:39:05 from    

such bullshit that brock keeps getting shot after shot at the title. this is obviously all business since he attracts PPV’s but f***** up to the rest of the fighters who are trying to EARN that chance.

Freaklegion Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:44:09 from    

I’m not sure about shot after shot… he has to get through Overeem.

tkou Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:44:27 from    

interesting choice of pic bruno!

Turboobsessed Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:47:32 from    

Wow! Its good they gave him brock! We all know brock can’t stand and bang. This will truly give alistair the exposure! Alistair by KTFO!

Krauty McFly Says, in 9-6-2011 at 17:52:29 from    

I agree with the “Meh” – it’s a freak fight.

Gotta love it nontheless.

willienugget Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:02:01 from    

You’ve gotta give it to Overeem. He was offered a title shot, but did not want to wait that long.

jake1220 Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:07:18 from    

How can you not want to see this? Everybody that visits this site on a regular basis, weather you admit you want to see this fight or not, will be watching

jake1220 Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:08:24 from    

Furthermore, Just because you can appreciate martial arts enough to be interested in the smaller weight categories doesn’t make the heavy weight class any less exciting..

barhackoweblamer Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:18:23 from    

Two guys that are at the top of the heap who have been training their whole lives..how is that a freak fight? Who wouldnt want to see this? I tell you nothing is lamer than people that write “meh”. If you think you are so cool that you have to take time to register the fact that you are unimpressed by writing “meh”, then you are an idiot.. because if you really didnt care you would just move on to the next thing, instead you feel compelled to show everyone how cool u think u r. We all know u will be right here on this site watching the fight like the rest of us, whereafter you will make more self-superior comments trying to show us how cool your opinion is. By the way Krauty, which is it, “meh”, or “gotta love it”? they are opposite opinions u equivocating tard. We all want to see this, just some admit it and some dont.

T’Challa Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:25:02 from    

Awesome!! The sheer amount of big fights the UFC has lined up for the rest of the year is insane.. UFC world domination begins now..

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:34:14 from    

This is awesome couldnt have asked for a better first fight for the demolition man.

WaCk-HeAd Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:34:39 from    

Shot after shot after shot? He beat Heath, Couture, Mir, Carwin and just only lost to Cain. Now he’s going to fight Overeem. So he either has no skills and is fighting bums, or he’s being treated different. Jesus, there really is no pleasing you dummies. Brock is fighting tough f***ing dudes for his first 10 opponents.

vsmoove Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:36:59 from    

Man, the UFC has been making a lot of matches recently that may garner attention but that are sure to be lopsided. Alistair Overeem by beheading.

capz1020 Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:38:07 from    

I think this is fair for both guys, Brock’s last loss was to Cain, and Overeem is coming in as the Strikeforce champ, winner of this should get a title shot.

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:39:31 from    

Brock is gonna get mauled, and Reem will get an immediate title shot that he doesn’t deserve.
This is Dana disposing of one big(literally)draw, and replacing him with another. Brock is finished, and Dana is starting to go overboard with this “growing the sport” s***. He’s gonna f**k it all up.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:45:17 from    

at -125 Demolition Man is a steal i wish i still had money to gamble lol. I got Demolition man by Brock being scared of big punches and Alistair hits like a tank.

jeff_figmb Says, in 9-6-2011 at 18:49:24 from    

Overeem will destroy Brock! No contest, brock can’t take a punch nor will he be able to take Overeems knees. Lesnar will be curled up on the mat like a little bitch taking hammer fists to the temple. TAP BY STRIKES!! I predict the final match up will be between Junior Dos Santos and Overeem!! SICK!!

oldassgrappler Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:05:46 from    

Here are some potential one liners to add to the build up for the fight – feel free to add your own:
Roid Rumble
Roid Rage in the Cage
PED Productions
Steroid Staredown
Dick vs Reem
And i am not funny anymore — where’s Smoke?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:31:32 from    

I was waiting for this since Friday when they said in Inside MMA that Reem and UFc were talking and were close to deal.Plus its against Brock.F*** yeah

Krauty McFly Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:33:14 from    

Wow, someone’s got a temper, eh?

Meh and freak fight? – Well, how are those guys not freaks, if only for their superhuman size?
That’s fine, it sells. F***, i’m sold. But they both did not look good in the cage recently. And because of their sheer mass, i’m not expecting the most technical match, which I usually prefer.

And yes, i can say both, meh and great to watch. Meh, cause I THINK they got nothing on JDS or Cain, and great to watch, because those freaks are gonna clash. It’s called differentiation. Btw, are you an officer at opinion police?

greensnake Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:41:02 from    

I agree with MMAGiantSilva. There is huge value in Overeem at -125. If I was not trying to finish school and my wife would not slay me for risking the well being of my children on MMA speculatives, I would have some bets riding right now. I think there is real value in Nick Diaz (+285) and Rampage (+350).

NotVinnieJones Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:47:12 from    

Other people can whine around like they just dropped their ice cream cone, but I’m glad to see these matchups. Its good for the UFC to have these big fights, it will bring more fans in who will replace tenfold all the whining fans who are getting all butt-hurt because the UFC isn’t doing what they want them to do.
Interesting that this UFC will fall on a Friday instead of the usual Saturday night. I wonder if this will be a regular PPV or a UFC on Fox show. I’d like to see more UFCs fall on Fridays.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:00:37 from    

Brock better take that to the ground or hell get demolished for sure

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:09:30 from    

Damn, oldass. You not only KILLED it, but you picked the carcass clean. This one’s all you, brother. I can’t top “PED Productions”. Not in a million years.

Danby Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:14:44 from    

As much as i would like to see Overeems smash brock, i’d rather brock have a warm up match or two before this. He hasn’t fought in a very long time and just had a major surgery. The reem just got a win(although and ugly one) and should be healed up and non rusty.

It would be more fun if they were both at 100%. Then i could enjoy brock getting smashed.

Danby Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:16:13 from    

WOW Look at bones jones -500. Is that the maximum?!

JJ Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:29:13 from    

@ mirkocrocop – difficult to say what the hell are you talking about?
1/ he’s not getting a shot now – Overeem is not a champ.
2/ He had ONE shot so far (Couture) after beating Mir and Hearing
3/ he defended it once, and lost it to Velazquez.
4/ Usually when champ losses a title he gets IMMEDIATE REMATCH.

PitFighterZ Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:31:41 from    

Smells like Overeem v. Duffy all over again.
Anyway, “Not in the Face” Lesnar will have his chance to prove he can still be among the top fighters. If he wins, it will be bigger than when he won the title. However, it seems the UFC’s way to ease Uberroid into the title scene. The Douche knows that a match up between the Reem and the title holder will be a gigantic draw. And, of course, if Lesnar wins, he gets to keep his biggest cash cow at full profitability.
Win-win for Douchy, but I will be paying very close attention when that knee hits “chicken-s***-salad” in the face.

JJ Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:34:25 from    

and for the record:
1/ it’s not a mismatch – it’s ex UFC champ against current SF champ~!! (the fact they stripped him is just little technicality)
2/ Brock fought ONLY the tough guys right of the bat. He’s tough as hell. The only fight he lost was to Velazquez.
UFC is putting SUPERB fights. I’m f****** excited to see them matchups. HW division is getting truly sick. I bet next year you’ll have Barnett, Kharitonov addition also.

Venomous Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:36:21 from    

Brock gets happy feet when he gets hit, and Alistair turns into a sniffing crack addict when he gets rocked…who will get embarrassed first?!!

JoeDog Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:48:07 from    

Striker vs Wrestler. Surely, Overeem will hit or kick Lesnar really solid a time or two, causing Lesnar to crumble into a big ball of tears where his wrestling will be nullified by by Overeem’s pounding. Predictable, maybe, but anything can happen. Nonetheless, it will be intersting to see Freightliner vs Kenworth.
I predict it’s goodnight, Brock.

Freedomfit Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:16:28 from    

Lesnar will get the shits again by then and have to retire…. mark my words.

Mcrocop Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:56:08 from    

brock, please keep that gun… you will need it


Mr. Guy Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:56:16 from    


arod Says, in 9-6-2011 at 22:31:17 from    

this is horrible news December 30 i cant wait that long this is gonna hopefully be one for the ages so syked for this fight

Tsagoii Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:20:16 from    

Oh Yes, I love seeing big athletics guy going at it.

Hmm, I ain’t gonna predict that one, as usual :-) On one side, I still believes both fighter haven’t been truly tested yet with fierce competition. But that is my opinion.

I like to think Brock is stronger than Alistair and he might want to bring him down and use that strength to get into a fierce ground and pound session.

Alistair might want to stay up and feed some knees and kicks to big brock, a few power punches should also be required.

Either way, I will sure gonna watch this, if it happens!!

Signed is one thing, seeing it is another…a trend with ZUFFA

I also believe both, brock and alistair would have trouble against Dos Santos or Velasquez.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:21:37 from    

Brock lost to Mir too and if Carwin’s roid rush wouldve stayed longer he wouldve lost too :P

Bizdooch! Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:45:43 from    

Yeah, Brock will easily murder Overeem, bad match-up for the Dutchman… Booya! Bragadadooge!

Gabe Rudiger Says, in 9-7-2011 at 00:19:23 from    

i agree with freedomfit.
brocks diet of coors light and beef jerky will gives him the shits and dana will release him

Grim Says, in 9-7-2011 at 02:29:22 from    

Uber-reem by 2nd Rd Decapitation via flying knee. He’ll pick him apart and defend Brock’s take downs whilSt figuring out the timing.. then’ll he’ll play equal parts Johnny Cage and Jax from Mortal Kombat.. then it’s *PSSHT* WE HAVE IGNITION… *ROAARRRRR* SMAASSH (FLYING Knee)

OOOH THE HUMANITY!! (The HindenBrock crash and burn)

“FINISH HIM!” (The ‘Reem jumps in and does the ‘Ground Pound’ move of Jax)

“Your soul.. is mine..” is heard from the crowd

“Uber-reem wins.
Flawless.. Victory. FATALITY!!!”

Gaudy Says, in 9-7-2011 at 03:31:26 from    

Did any of you guys play Mortal Kombat?

Cause I have a feeling we’re going to see a “FINISH HIM!” sometime during this fight.

Reem by fatality.

boba plata Says, in 9-7-2011 at 04:52:14 from    

Brock is gonna smash him. After watching the sorry performance of overeem fighting Werdum, brock is gonna thump this guy.

Danby Says, in 9-7-2011 at 06:30:59 from    

Paint one green and the other grey and we will finally find out who the strongest hulk is.

No tapping in the street! Says, in 9-8-2011 at 01:06:01 from    

OMG!!! Not a good match up for the Reem! Couldn’t they have put him against basically anyone else???????????????

sunwoodloc Says, in 9-17-2011 at 00:41:20 from    

whats up why no diaz vs gsp someone help me out

Jorrin Says, in 9-17-2011 at 14:52:39 from    

How come this website used to update every day and now it doesnt update no more?

milojustlaxin Says, in 9-24-2011 at 02:33:13 from    

bruno where you been at man, i seriously look forward to all the mmatko posts everyday but you havnt been around in forever? whats up?

Bruno: What do you mean. I have make 100 post since this one.


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