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Adonis Says, in 6-10-2013 at 13:47:19 from    

I hate to say it but god is BJJ boring, particularly with the Gi. Alot of the stalling and pulling of the garments seems kind of silly.

^doucher Says, in 6-10-2013 at 17:39:16 from    

@adonis do you train anything or are you just a UFC fan?

fedoram Says, in 6-10-2013 at 18:45:57 from    

@adonis sorry to say but u dont know anything about Gi bjj, once u step in everything will make sense

Aloha Says, in 6-10-2013 at 18:59:40 from    

I don’t know how the Gi makes it boring? i’m sorry you can’t appreciate how technical these guys are

wookiemaster905 Says, in 6-10-2013 at 19:28:47 from    

If you have to practice a sport for it to be entertaining to watch than you have to admit that it is boring as f**k…and what is the point in grappling with a gi? when are you ever gonna fight someone wearing a housecoat other than in a BJJ match?

Beef Says, in 6-10-2013 at 20:32:33 from    

Well wookie, why don’t you ask Junior Dos Santos, Anderson Silva, GSP, Benson Henderson, and Jose Aldo why they all primarily train with a Gi?

ssrobbi Says, in 6-11-2013 at 02:28:42 from    

veira must have been aggrivated,that lapel grip was annoying me watching it.

Demon79 Says, in 6-11-2013 at 02:30:58 from    

@beef,aloha,fedor, and doucher.

Sorry but it’s f****** boring to watch a match while one guy works his A^^ off and the other guy holds him back by his Gi. I or Adonis don’t need to ask gsp or Anderson because they fight without Gi’s in the UFC? Plus they don’t wear Gi’s while they fight in the UFC.

BurkinaFisso Says, in 6-11-2013 at 17:20:23 from    

While i can understand the foot in the gi thing can be frustrating, it’s part of the game and I for one also found it as an intriguing part of the fight.

The guys complaining about this match remind me of boxing fans complaining about how mma is “just two guys hugging by the fence”

It’s fine that you don’t get the sport (which is totally understandable if you’ve never trained bjj) but there’s no reason to complain or critisize just because you’re uneducated.

Some people think soccer is boring, some people think rugby is boring… But you’re probably more likely to find the sports boring if you don’t understand them…

ssrobbi Says, in 6-12-2013 at 00:26:11 from    


In case you were referring to me, i’m not trying to complain about it, it was just interesting, i’m just trying to imagine myself in viera’s position and how frustrated i’d be :P

Pangea12 Says, in 6-12-2013 at 20:12:07 from    

I think everyone is right, it was both boring and awesome to watch. It just depends on what you expect to see. For example I expect to see the rules followed at a tournament like this and to have fighters repositioned if someone is off the mat! Sorry I feel like I was robbed over the Kron aoki fight, still bitter, but it was fun to see a fighter like aoki tapping

Demon79 Says, in 6-12-2013 at 21:43:14 from    

I’m sorry but as technical as they are how come dude holds him the entire fight? He lost!!!!
If he would have grappled more he may have won! Plus who ever says you need to train to appreciate the fight is Stupid!!! I give them all respect but when you’re there to fight fight! I’m not complaining about their skill or how the match turned out because the dude who works his a** off won.


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