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Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 11-4-2011 at 12:03:30 from    

It’s always been a dumb debate. I love MMA and boxing. Just like I like Baseball and basketball.

Mada82 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 12:16:15 from    

No 11 year olds in MMA Gyms? No, there is actually kids ranging from 4 or 5 all the way up to teens. Get your facts straight.

JiuJitsu1 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 12:17:29 from    

8th deaths a year in boxing it’s far more brutal.

Reallynow? Says, in 11-4-2011 at 12:37:22 from    

299 pointless boxing shows. maybe 1 worth seeing.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-4-2011 at 13:18:56 from    

Dumb debate.It’s like making a debate that hockey is better then lacrosse and rugby is ebtter then football.None is better then the other they are different sports.

And yet another dumb sport analyst(I douibt there’s any smart sport analyst in the world)who doesn’t know s*** about what he’s talking about.There’s no MMA coaches for 11 year old??Right so my coach has been training me since I’m 12 but there’s no coach for 11 years old.What a dumb C***.I bet he never even watched another MMA event to call them garbage.As long as the fights are good they could be fighting in the shittiest ring with no ring girls , no light shows,no giant screens and I would still be happy.

Grape Soda Says, in 11-4-2011 at 13:44:29 from    

Jolly good chap, morons, Team Quest Temecula and Oceanside is packed with kids, the next generation will be watching and participating in Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA, boxing will become a 2nd tier combat sport because of the corruption and poor marketing and development in the sport.
Boxing only has a few top draws, MMA has dozens.

Shaikan Says, in 11-4-2011 at 16:26:41 from    

They’re wrong. Kids ARE training MMA and it WILL take over boxing as the most popular combat sport. Just because that’s not the case in England, it doesn’t mean is like that across the globe. These guys are clueless as to how big MMA will become. Just wait and watch.

MMA Richmond Says, in 11-4-2011 at 17:34:37 from    

“TH” say it with me… “TH”

(oh, and lots of people teach all ages dumbo)

thewookiemaster Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:21:25 from    

He is so wrong about kids not training…but he’s right about how at the amateur level mma is not on the same level as boxing popularity wise

john Says, in 11-4-2011 at 22:13:40 from    

how many kids under the age of 10 do you know enjoy getting punched in the face? only the few from an ex pro boxer and that is it!

wrestling and grappling is more ideal for younger kids, especially if they have to use their brains in the morning for school

Common Sense! Says, in 11-4-2011 at 23:28:55 from    

I don’t know about in the UK, but in the U.S. MMA has already taken over boxing. The biggest problems in boxing are…1. They never put the fights together that the people want to see (like Mayweather vs Pacquio). If they do put a big fight on, you’ve already waited months (or years) to see it. 2. With boxing, you pay for the main event, no one ever cares about the undercard. With the UFC, you’re pretty much guaranteed that atleast 2 or 3 good fights per card. 3. The last thing I’ll mention is what’s plagued boxing for what seems like forever…the judging! Is there anything worse than watching a guy kick someone’s ass then being denied a victory because of crooked judges that have been paid to vote a certain way? Disgusting! And that my friends is why boxing basically sucks, and the UFC has taken over for quite some time now…

d_frost Says, in 11-5-2011 at 00:24:28 from    

this dude doesnt sound like he hates MMA or the UFC, i think he was answering the question if the UFC (in reality MMA)will replace boxing in the UK, his answer wasnt based on if he likes the sport or not but rather the UFC (MMA) doesnt have the strong presence that boxing does in the UK, nothing wrong with that argument, and i would agree with him, for now in the UK. there are also a ton of momandpop MMA promotions out there that put on some crap, i’ve seen them, not every MMA production is going to be of the caliber that UFC is, but same argument goes for boxing.

Dr steel Says, in 11-5-2011 at 00:37:53 from    

I have never fallen asleep at an mma event.

Colonel Says, in 11-5-2011 at 02:47:00 from    

It’s always sad to see a journalist talking about something he doesn’t know anything about.
No kids learning MMA ?
How stupid is this guy.

rockstarzee Says, in 11-5-2011 at 03:18:03 from    

main difference is mma works. boxing doesnt. mma is much closer to a real fight. the best boxers in the world would lose real fights to top 20 mma fighters. “boxing is the sport of punching, mma is the sport of fighting” -joe rogan. and that makes it so much more interesting imo

Dd Says, in 11-5-2011 at 08:10:28 from    

I’m a huge fan of mma! Far bigger than boxing and have been since the pride days, but too say it’s bigger than boxing YET is naive, look at the raw figures involved with boxing

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-6-2011 at 02:40:39 from    

The best boxers would lose against anyone who grappled seriusly for ore then a year IMO.The boxer might get a punch or two but if you have solid takedowns and good control on the ground you can beat anybody your eight who doesnt know how to grapple.so unless the boxer already trained in grappling he will lose like everybody else who can’t defend grappling.The Gracies proved it many times.I would bet on an good college wrestler with a base in BJJ over any pro boxer in a street fight.


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