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jakelo Says, in 9-16-2012 at 10:30:38 from    

Bob Tap Sapp dd it again!!! Yohooooo!

AOPrinciple Says, in 9-16-2012 at 10:34:40 from    

Did anyone really doubt it?

tonysnow Says, in 9-16-2012 at 10:37:14 from    

what an embarrassment, but i bothered watching so I take part of the blame for him still being in sport

PitfighterZ Says, in 9-16-2012 at 10:42:28 from    

I don’t think they rehearse well for this one. Sapp fell after a push, not a fake punch.
If you are going to fake fight, at least put some heart into it… But, again, it’s Bob Sapp. Heart and hard work have nothing to do with it.
It might be better for these orgs. to actually hire a couple of fake wrestlers to simulate an MMA bout. They would probably get something more entertaining…

Dnomyar Says, in 9-16-2012 at 10:55:54 from    

As long as people keep giving this clown money, he’ll keep stinking out MMA. I can’t blame this guy for taking the money. He dives every time, then heads to the bank.

brucelee23 Says, in 9-16-2012 at 11:01:37 from    

How is sapp still getting booked for fights ???

Jim Says, in 9-16-2012 at 11:18:55 from    

Warren Sapp should be fighting instead of his gassing at weigh-in brother Bob “Tappy” Sapp…

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 9-16-2012 at 11:23:53 from    

The SEG company must have sold this Serbian promoter their old UFC canvas.
Man, I loved those mats… ;)

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-16-2012 at 11:58:02 from    

Bob can’t even take a real punch before diving.But Bob is now at another stage.He doesn’t need to take real damage when he does “sports entertainment”.

ken shiro Says, in 9-16-2012 at 12:15:09 from    

Oh man I hate myself for watching this……turtle tap!!!

Roe Jogan Says, in 9-16-2012 at 12:43:48 from    

Those people got their money’s worth. He waited for over 45 seconds before he took that dive.

Greg Louganis would be proud.

Meltface 3hunna Says, in 9-16-2012 at 13:11:54 from    

Is that the Super Old UFC mat i remember the guy looking like that and Bob Sap is Terrible just Terrible

c Hill Says, in 9-16-2012 at 13:17:54 from    

Yes..!!!! Yay for Sapp

d Says, in 9-16-2012 at 13:29:59 from    

Doesn’t his opponents know who they’re fighting? All of them celebrate the same way as if they beat the UFC heavyweight champ. All of their records should have an asterisk by it explaining they fought Sapp.

bd Says, in 9-16-2012 at 13:54:37 from    

The punch that stunned Sapp did not even touch him. He then fell by being shoved down.

ChanSungMachida Says, in 9-16-2012 at 13:58:20 from    

Sapp needs to train with Lesnar.

paul Says, in 9-16-2012 at 14:23:48 from    

this bob gets pay to get punch. should go to wwi

HelloWorld Says, in 9-16-2012 at 14:38:30 from    

Wow, they give trophies to the loser as well? If he got a trophie, he must have placed. To place, don’t you have to win a fight beforehand? This is a cover-up, we are not seeing the fight Bob Sapp won before this! :oD Just a thought, though most likely not true.

phil Says, in 9-16-2012 at 14:57:54 from    

what a big fat punchbag crybaby.

what is he getting paid for these fights ?

phil Says, in 9-16-2012 at 15:01:54 from    

22-31-1 – his combined fight record 9 straight losses and many more to come… seriously Bob Sapp is not a goodname for your f****** resume.

phil Says, in 9-16-2012 at 15:02:39 from    

thanks though bruno… always keeping me entertained :)

JohnPrine Says, in 9-16-2012 at 15:16:34 from    

I wonder how much Sapp gets paid to tap out to strikes?

Darren Says, in 9-16-2012 at 17:02:28 from    

HELL I could beat that bob.

ultimate fighter Says, in 9-16-2012 at 17:13:11 from    

his job is to make the other fighter look like jon jones and does a damn great job

ustabeluke Says, in 9-16-2012 at 18:02:00 from    

the UFS logo is a blatant rip off

Vic77 Says, in 9-16-2012 at 18:09:33 from    

Bob Sapp……takes a beatin and keeps on tickin

cheese Says, in 9-16-2012 at 18:24:36 from    

bob should drop to featherweight

Rico Suave Says, in 9-16-2012 at 18:44:55 from    

Good eye @KouNTa KuLCHa, that is definitely the old UFC logo with a few tweaks, so selling the company to the Fertitta’s & Uncle Dana for a measly 2 mil wasn’t enough? they had to sell everything else that wasn’t bolted down too? bankruptcy can be a biatch!

Jindod Says, in 9-16-2012 at 18:51:55 from    

A ref needs to take a stand. No way would I stop the fight.
I’d turn my back and not even think about stopping it until he had been out a while and had to take a few months off from taking a dive.

Lefty Says, in 9-16-2012 at 19:24:34 from    

How can you be happy after beating Sapp?

hehe Says, in 9-16-2012 at 22:03:45 from    

Sapp throws fights. Everyone knows it…what I don’t understand is, why people still want to fight him. I mean common if your a fighter then you should avoid Sapp…otherwise your record will be tarnished..

Nexstory Says, in 9-16-2012 at 22:13:56 from    

Bob Sapp is now available for beat ups at Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Quincea├▒eras and other social functions. Please contact management, at Loser Wins Inc., Cayman Islands for price and availability. Remember, our motto at LWI is.. “you are never more than one punch away from feeling really good about yourself!”

whitekimbo Says, in 9-16-2012 at 23:52:01 from    

Sapp is setting everyone up. when the wager money gets high enough he will pull the unexpected win

Timzda Says, in 9-17-2012 at 00:50:32 from    

I just skipped to the comments, now I can leave :)

asdf Says, in 9-17-2012 at 03:06:48 from    

I would fight Bob Sapp for money. no really, I would and I would be confident.

greengiant Says, in 9-17-2012 at 03:26:46 from    

everyone expected that.its crazy promoters are paying this guy and people are still going to watch?wtf

jesusisfake Says, in 9-17-2012 at 03:44:55 from    

i haven’t watched it yet, but let me guess:

submission (strikes)

Twana Says, in 9-17-2012 at 04:30:09 from    

he has done it again.

velkabil Says, in 9-17-2012 at 05:15:14 from    

what the United States needs to do is bet china our national debt that bob sapp loses his next fight …. DEBT FREE LIKE A BOSS!

dave Says, in 9-17-2012 at 08:14:41 from    

whats even more embarrassing is the guy is wearing ufc shorts lol

internettoughguy1 Says, in 9-17-2012 at 11:48:37 from    

Man I was at this fight and let me tell you that you could hear a pin drop in the stadium, people were totally shocked and embarrassed at what they witnessed, the promoter payed bob the clown 10 grand and panajatovic now thinks he is 1 step closer to Las Vegas, we in Serbia who are real fans of MMA are all embarrassed by what these idiots have done and hope that the UFC takes legal action against the organizers of this horrible side show because if they dont then these clown will do it again and continue to ruin the sport.

cbanni Says, in 9-17-2012 at 12:31:26 from    

anyone else notice the way that ref was holding and rubbing the back of sapp’s head? i got some homo vibes big time

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-17-2012 at 14:29:48 from    

That diving piece of s*** got paid 2 millions last year for all those dives…

failsonnen Says, in 9-17-2012 at 14:41:58 from    

How clueless and ignorant are these European promoters? Don’t they realize this is a joke by now?

wow Says, in 9-17-2012 at 15:32:27 from    

bob sapp is a sick joke

PitfighterZ Says, in 9-17-2012 at 20:15:50 from    

@wow: sick millionaire joke…

heavyfl0w Says, in 9-18-2012 at 04:05:09 from    

I love how Bruno keeps posting these as though they were legitimate MMA contests. I get a kick every time I see one go up.

dickhead Says, in 9-18-2012 at 11:57:29 from    

People outside the US are funny. They still think Bob Sapp is for real.


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