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ZW Says, in 10-2-2012 at 20:17:07 from    

Easter Island Silva is on the way out of the UFC. Hapa will go ka-boom to his big glass chin. Maybe Dana will keep him around for one more? He did beat Fedor.

Dont be scared, homie Says, in 10-2-2012 at 21:28:53 from    

He didnt beat Fedor, The REF stopped the fight AFTER the 2nd round.

Fedor had him in a Ankle Lock and the round Ended. Fedor with 1 eye would of still taken him out. The king of suprises -Overeem

I cant stand when idiots say he “beat” fedor. He won round 2 vs Fedor and ref stopped.

Go watch the fight

keulniss Says, in 10-2-2012 at 22:25:32 from    

I’d also like to mention the “3 losses in a row” rule generally does not apply to heavyweights since their division is already underrepresented, and in this case even more so since he’s lost to elite fighters. He’ll be fine either way.

tobes Says, in 10-2-2012 at 23:28:09 from    

keulniss… that depends how the fight goes. If he is put away quickly by Browne then he might get the slip (because he was finished quickly by Cormier and Cain). If he puts up a good fight (or if he wins obviously) he sticks around.

I think he will lose a decision to Travis.

Nick Diaz Says, in 10-3-2012 at 05:36:29 from    

Shut up homie! He whooped Fedor’s @$$! I think Travis Browne is gonna win…

GiveHerMySack Says, in 10-3-2012 at 05:37:53 from    

I love Paula!!! :-)

NickDiaz209 Says, in 10-3-2012 at 05:39:55 from    

fedor got MAN-handled by BIGFOOT

Joe Dog Says, in 10-3-2012 at 09:47:05 from    

“Thank you Jesus for giving me Acromegaly”

Perulives Says, in 10-3-2012 at 13:38:06 from    

Up to that point where the ref stopped the fight Fedor was getting a beating. I’m still a great fan, but sorry, Fedor got his ass kicked

Joe Dog Says, in 10-3-2012 at 17:33:45 from    



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