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lowly Says, in 8-13-2012 at 05:26:05 from    

Ja, Edgar won the fight. Rounds went to him as mentioned in the vid here. But the main thing was that he totally controlled the fight: where it would take place, when exchanges would take place and how it would happen. And he became more dominant as the fight went on.

greengiant Says, in 8-13-2012 at 08:53:47 from    

you mean edgar won the grappling aspect of this fight frank.he gets his words mixed up a lot.frankie should have won period,i had a feeling he was going to get ripped off though.

kaution35 Says, in 8-13-2012 at 08:59:47 from    

I think Frankie this one was robbed.

rgood Says, in 8-13-2012 at 10:21:10 from    

that was pretty bad. UFC if you are going to go mainstream, get the american idol theme going. Maybe have three famous retired fighters be judges for a year and see how it goes. Im thinking Randy, Bas, and BJ. That’s entertainment.

psxdogg Says, in 8-13-2012 at 12:40:30 from    

I can’t believe how some people are saying that this fight ins ‘debatable’… GTFOH

When I saw that hector lombard vs tim boetsh fight I knew the judges were full of s***. They got some non-fighting muthafuckaz as judges, nerdy type mfs.

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 8-13-2012 at 13:11:51 from    

Edgar wants to cry and whine about the decision. Don’t let it go to decision and engage your opponent. I hate watching the guy fight and am glad Benson edged him on the judges’ cards. It could have went either way. Now drop down to 145 and quit with the Greg Jackson dance party fight tactics.

tapuout24 Says, in 8-13-2012 at 13:22:14 from    

Hey bruno thanks for all u do :-) if possible can u post the whole fight, thanks

poopiestick Says, in 8-13-2012 at 13:27:12 from    


sooooopernate Says, in 8-13-2012 at 13:58:01 from    

I had it 49-46 Edgar, but I could’ve seen it 48-47 Edgar. Rounds 3 4 and 5 were close, but I thought 3 and 5 were clearly Frankie’s, maybe you could give 4 to Benson (although I’ll admit I might be confusing 3 and 4 with each other).

Even though I feel bad for Frankie, I gotta say I like the possible match-ups at 155 better now, not to say that entertainment should supersede meritocracy, but Diaz v Henderson seems more interesting to me.

One last thing, Frankie needs to stay at 155, I know when he faces tough opposition his size comes into the discussion, but he’s a very competent and viable lightweight, and he’s dispatched everyone that’s he’s faced save for Maynard in their first matchup (and we know what happened in the 3rd) and Henderson, but he arguably won BOTH of those fights; I think the 2nd fight was a more convincing performance by Frankie as well.

End of diatribe.

wcoastassassin Says, in 8-13-2012 at 14:30:44 from    

Bad decision but at least they means we won’t have to see these 2 fight again. Pitter pat patty cake bs. Give em a jump rope already and they can play mother may I.

zmayo Says, in 8-13-2012 at 14:36:01 from    

Highway Robbery…. I love ben and frankie, but frankie clearly won 3 out of 5 significantly. he could have won 4 out of 5 in my point of view but clearly at least 3 out of 5…

I’d rather see him get back in line and get another shot @155 rather get beat by Aldo.

ultimate fighter Says, in 8-13-2012 at 15:20:59 from    

close fight, but its the price you pay for leaving it in the judges,
I’m tired of seeing frankie fighting lightweights, both aldo and cruz are much bigger
he could just keep dropping down and have spectacular title fights

p.s melvin you suck

psxdogg Says, in 8-13-2012 at 15:45:37 from    

Compu-strike had Ben Henderson winning. I don’t know wtf you guys were watching but I was watching the Henderson vs Edgar fight.

Henderson clearly had more strikes than Frankie and Frankie didn’t do s*** on the ground. NADA!

Look at Frankie’s face, and then look at Henderson face!

If you don’t know s*** about fighting DON’T pull up a f****** score-card. You suck

chris Says, in 8-13-2012 at 16:00:15 from    

bull sh*t edgar without a doubt won rounds 1 2 an 5 these juges are on drugs or are being paid retired fighters need to be judges just cause henderson landed more strikes dont mean he won frankie controled the pace and pretty much the whole fight henderson should go to 170 so he canget his ass whipped the only thing he has at lw is his strenth and size

DavidJones Says, in 8-13-2012 at 16:07:04 from    

classic frank edgar, runng around 5 rounds “scorring” f****** disgace to the sport and benson wants to be anderson silva..haha..dude, u couldnt beat frank edgar..sad

Goomba Says, in 8-13-2012 at 16:47:05 from    

I like Benson way more than frankie but I thought he lost this fight too.

I had Ben winning the first won. Frankie clearly winning the second (he dropped benson). The 3rd and 4th were super close but I wouldn’t give Benson both rounds. The 5th was clearly Frankie’s round too. Thus, I could understand Benson winning 3rd and 4th, but I find it highly unlikely. Dana said he had it even going into the 5th and Frankie definitely won the 5th round.

MangyMongoose Says, in 8-13-2012 at 17:29:05 from    


TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-13-2012 at 17:36:21 from    

Close fight.I had the fight scored 48-47 for Frankie,but the 4th was so close,I can’t be mad they gave it to Ben.But what I’m wondering is that fight was so much closer then the 1st so are they doing another rematch???I hope not.

This isn’t hype Says, in 8-13-2012 at 17:58:42 from    


failsonnen Says, in 8-13-2012 at 18:28:10 from    

psxdogg this is sport Karate point sparring

Sammy Says, in 8-13-2012 at 18:30:37 from    

the fight was BS anyways, neither guy really deserved a win. They should just score these fights as draws until the fighters start taking more chances and being more offensive.

mmalove Says, in 8-13-2012 at 19:55:57 from    

Yes. Frankie screwed Frankie because he left it for the judges to decide…bottom line.

MoFO Says, in 8-13-2012 at 20:09:24 from    

I think the edge could of went to Edgar, but i wasnt gonna argue the decision, Edgar clearly had the better exchanges when he stood in the pocket….but didnt stay in long enough. Also Edgar has a chance possibly drop to 145 & 135, maybe be the first to have held 3 belts in the UFC! Dont think its been done?

^^^^ Says, in 8-13-2012 at 20:23:23 from    

All for Edgar
You can all bitch and complain about Edgar and his style, but Bendo did nothing to impress me either.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 8-13-2012 at 21:00:43 from    

That fight could of gone either way…non-caused much damage, too much jumping around from both guys not enough committed engagements… so what ever I dont care, fight sucked, they had much more potential to make it exciting and they didnt…

bigtigger Says, in 8-13-2012 at 21:19:47 from    

A completely frustrating fight to watch. They both loose for me. If you play it safe you get a decision. Normally fine but don’t bitch about rematches if your not going to try and finish. And yes he did try but not enough obviously.

jaydog Says, in 8-13-2012 at 21:22:34 from    

I have to agree with Uriah’s chin. I can’t stand watching Edgar fight or any other fighter that fights to win decisions and not the finish e.g. GSP. Close fight, yes. Robbery, no. Its karma for lil frankie though who has won some “questionable” close decisions as well. Bendo vs Diaz will be alot better fight to watch and one I would pay to see.

Drew Says, in 8-13-2012 at 21:32:16 from    

No matter who you think won, I think there are a few things we can agree on:

(1) Enough Frankie Edgar rematches due to razor-thin, controversial decisions that are the direct result of his stick-and-move strategy.
(2) Henderson vs. Diaz is a much more intriguing matchup.
(3) This move might force Edgar into 145 where we all want to see him anyway, so we can do away with all these controversial decisions.
(4) Edgar is someone who could actually threaten Aldo, as opposed to everyone else in the division at this point.

P.S. I also think Edgar won, but I’m also glad he lost for the above reasons.

woadito Says, in 8-13-2012 at 22:10:05 from    

Henderson was completely neutralized after the first round. Frankie took control and Benson did was not able to do anything from rounds 2 to 5. Frankie kept connecting with rights (counters too) to Bendo’s face, right to the body, leg kicks, a knockdown, take downs, sub attempts and octagon control.

woadito Says, in 8-13-2012 at 22:11:19 from    

Every Edgar fan believes he won that fight but not all Henderson fans believe he defended that belt…

ironfist Says, in 8-13-2012 at 23:30:47 from    

hey look up the the fight metric and see how wrong you are. The totals they showed during the fight were wrong check the official one at fightmetric and it was a deff garbage decision.
You might find out you don’t know s*** about fighting

Stranger Says, in 8-13-2012 at 23:44:52 from    

I scored it 48-47 Henderson, There have been way worse decisions where fighters obviously got robbed, but this one was close. With the way judging in mma is I wouldn’t be surprised if one scored it 50-45 Edgar & another 50-45 Benson
The person Edgar should be upset with the most is himself. Don’t ever expect sure win with mma judges.

Dormath Says, in 8-14-2012 at 00:22:40 from    

I dont know how people say Edgar is not trying to finish guys. he KO grey FIRST TIME EVER he was finished (barring the NC vs emerson) and he dropped Benson in BOTH fights. I dont see how you can watch this fight and not see frankie throwing those right hands all day long. Benson has never been stopped and Edgar is not a KO artist. But you can not tell me he did not try and finish the fight that is nonsense.

paddedummy Says, in 8-14-2012 at 01:20:28 from    

Of course they gave it to the darky. Ben is clearly the more “mixed” martial artist, as in mixed race which fits perfectly with the UFC’s b.s./ p.c., pro military, mainstream agenda. Don’t be naive enough to think that it’s all up to the athletic comissions and that the promotion has no say on decisions because there bottom line affects the revenue of the state that the event is being held in. Now the champ is guaranteed to be either Tiger Woods here or a beaner so it’s a win/win situation for this corrupt mma ruining org. They just can’t wait for GSP to F-off now that they have a huge canadian fanbase so they can stick another fake as$, Jon Jones lookin poster boy muthafucka in there as champ at 170

shocktime Says, in 8-14-2012 at 01:28:32 from    

Edgar Vs Cerronne is next!

ruddo293 Says, in 8-14-2012 at 01:46:10 from    

This PPV card sucked but the prelims on FX was pretty darn good. Funny how bermudez was the only one that got a bonus from the prelims.. I think they all should have gotten bonuses. Guillard cerrone was good but it didnt last long at all…

zookey Says, in 8-14-2012 at 02:23:19 from    

we watched it at the bar.. either i had too much to drink or it looked to me hendo won the fight. more jabs and leg kicks. little damage but it counts as points. plus i had money on it too so it was a good night. some you win.. dimsum you lose edgar. just think back to the tyson griffin fight. if there was no clock, edgar wouldve needed a knee brace.

Gio Says, in 8-14-2012 at 02:35:46 from    

whats the point of having judges??? If people thought he won the first fights then frankie easily won this one. judges are retarded like psxdogg.

AAA Says, in 8-14-2012 at 02:55:24 from    

I don’t like Frankie because

1- Dana White is giving him too much credit as if he has something invested.
2- His fights are always way too close, always decision, and always repeated since they are too close. If there is more than one fighter in your division who is just as good as you and can beat you, you are not championship material. Make room for someone else…

rockstarzee Says, in 8-14-2012 at 04:26:10 from    

@ greengiant frank says “i dont think there is an argument that henderson won the grappling aspect of this fight” he is saying he thinks edgar won the grappleing…

hitler Says, in 8-14-2012 at 10:41:49 from    

@psxdogg Hey jackass Why don’t ufc hire compu-strike instead of the judged then??? Compustrike counts kicks to the calfe equaly significant strikes with punches to the head if that’s correct in your opinion don’t watch mma again just go hire some kung fu movies where ppl get killed by finger pokes and jump 10m high…

Crocography Says, in 8-14-2012 at 10:58:09 from    

Had it 49-46 for Frankie. First judge had it right, the next 2 were watching something else. But Frankie knows he won and so does Henderson.

wcoastassassin Says, in 8-14-2012 at 13:10:28 from    

Hey psx dogg the last time I checked, they scored rounds one at a time. Not on total strikes. Maybe you should learn how to score a f***** fight bro. Educate yourself. Unless Henderson landed enough in one round to warrant a 10-8 round it means jack. And you need to check your facts because the UFC broadcast I seen, had Edgar landing more total strikes as well so you have no point and frankly I am tired of your posts.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 8-14-2012 at 16:13:50 from    

Yeah Frankie was robbed of the Win but who gives a flying f***? Benson beat his ass in the first fight so the rematch shouldn’t have taken place to begin with…Secondly, Frankie robbed Maynard of the Win by judges in the Edgar vs Maynard first fight so it’s cool to see Karma come and kick Frankie in the face LOL. Next time don’t leave anything in the cage and get carried out on your shield.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-14-2012 at 17:06:37 from    

how come you can not watch fights the day after or now hell even week after you just get some shitty highlights. It is like if you fail to catch the live version or stream you are stuck to shitty highlights. Not bashing you Bruno btw you do a great job I have noticed this at most of the sites that show the matches after they occur.

H1tler Says, in 8-14-2012 at 18:06:30 from    

@psxdogg Dana White, Ariel Helwani and the whole mma media comunity “don’t know s***” about fighting but a random nobody psxdogg from hillbillyville knows his s***…

lol Says, in 8-14-2012 at 18:12:54 from    

says the professional fighter! ^^^ lol what a f****** joke.

told you frankie vs rousey Says, in 8-14-2012 at 18:37:35 from    

You guys just dont understand mma ! The judging system is baised on effective strikes (compubox showed ben had more ) octagon cobtrol which ben pushed the pace and controlled the middle of the octagon (except when frankie had the choke) and damage done ben had nothing frankies face was fed and leg destroyed and ben was alright !!! Frankie sucks boo hoo

toxinblades Says, in 8-14-2012 at 21:08:05 from    

Benson won because Edgar is a Crybaby that wont stand in the pocket but would rather run and stall

Ditchpigii Says, in 8-15-2012 at 01:20:06 from    


Sorry dude, but fightmetrics.com, the leader in scoring mma fights, scored more significant strikes and a clear win for Edgar, along with 9 out of every 10 people who watched the fight.

Cyclone Says, in 8-15-2012 at 02:33:37 from    

Frankie lost..To get only kicked in the face means..you can lose 2 points.

Slap!!! Right in the 5th round.

Frankie really didn’t do anything spectacular to win…got to get it from a champion.

muppetoflove Says, in 8-15-2012 at 02:59:09 from    

Joe rogan is biased…Watch the fight with your sound off! they were trading punches …joe would only notice frankies.. TRADING KEY WORD…TRADE SOMETHING FOR SOMETHING ELSE…

Poootieface Says, in 8-15-2012 at 07:37:46 from    

I think the fight should have been a draw. Edgar won rounds 2 and 5. Benson rounds 1 and 3. Round four was a draw in my eyes. Edgar was getting tagged but not falling down and it seems that they did less damage until you see his face.

222222 Says, in 8-15-2012 at 11:55:48 from    


well it doesnt matter what all you loser keyboard warriors score it WHO HAS THE BELT RIGHT NOW!?

psxdogg Says, in 8-15-2012 at 13:07:42 from    

Yes most of the MMA community is some straight retarded non-fighting muthafuckaz.

Why didn’t the MMA Community cry about the Hector Lombard vs Tim Boetsch fight? I didn’t see NOTHING on MMAfighting.com about that being ‘debatable’.

This is a whole bunch of Horseshit

woadito Says, in 8-15-2012 at 16:34:30 from    

how can you give bendo the first match and NOT give frankie the second one?! everybody complaining about frankie not doing anything or trying to finish need to stfu. wtf did bendo do in both fights? all he had was one upkick from the first fight, nothing more.

rtorres7794 Says, in 8-15-2012 at 19:36:51 from    

all you douchebags saying “you don’t know s*** about fighting”. Guys, please. All of us posting here are viewers and fans of a business. There are three people who sit cageside to score the fights and pass judgement deciding who won. That means they weigh facts and still have to turn to opinion for the outcome. Guess what? Our opinions don’t officially count and theirs’ do, regardless of how much we bitch about it. Don’t want a fight to go to the judges? Well, that’s all on the fighter


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