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k1superstar Says, in 8-16-2012 at 09:34:22 from    


Joe Dog Says, in 8-16-2012 at 10:12:39 from    

Just watching, I would have given it to Edgar. I guess the numbers tell the story.

axepittbull Says, in 8-16-2012 at 11:49:58 from    

Bruno- always thank you!

Bruno: No problem.

axepittbull Says, in 8-16-2012 at 12:16:11 from    

rnd 1- henderson
rnd 2- henderson (his leg kicks stronger then edgar)
rnd 3- henderson
rnd 4- edgar
rnd 5- edgar
Winner imo- henderson- bottom line- u have to ko or submit or significantly win a decision to take a title belt. so…u gota let the champ remain the champ. hendersons strikes seemed stronger and more significant. could be a draw as well…but more significsnt strikes by henderson. he was not robbed (edgar).

dink Says, in 8-16-2012 at 12:22:24 from    

Not sure where the controversy was?!?
i had it 4 rounds to 1 for henderson, 5th round was close and could have been 3 rounds to 2.
Just look at the total number of strikes, 96 to 65 or something like that. Obviously the person that landed more strikes (and more significant strikes) should be the winner. He also got the best of most of the exchanges. Good decision!

Hawaiian Says, in 8-16-2012 at 15:04:19 from    

Frankie didn’t win that fight. His shots are sooo much weaker than Henderson’s. Yeah, he landed two shots in 25 minutes that staggered him, but that ain’t gonna cut it. Also, getting points for pushing your opponent down and head locking him for a while with no damage is also not gonna win you a fight. Frankie’s foot work and boxing skills are amazing though. He just lacks the power in this division. Unfortunately if he moves down a weight class he won’t be able to take the belt from Jose. I think we are gonna see a losing streak in Frankie’s future as the division is opened back up and differing combinations of fighters get their shot and both Frankie and the title. I don’t think Henderson will hold the belt for very long though.

Dream Machine… Says, in 8-16-2012 at 16:45:20 from    

Hawaiian makes a great point about Frankie’s power he just doesn’t have it at 55.
His footwork and boxing might be the best in the UFC, but he doesn’t even stagger guys at 155, they react with surprise, they’re not stunned.
Frankie needs to drop. Aldo should come up to 155.
Hendo is a great champ and has a BUNCH of exciting challengers ahead.
Diaz- Cowboy- Pettis- Maynard- Aldo!

DavidJones Says, in 8-16-2012 at 18:26:36 from    

faggie edgar didnt do enough to win, and bendo sucked, pettis would kill all that division. including diaz.

Face Stab Says, in 8-16-2012 at 18:35:48 from    

Not seeing the huge controversy.

10-9 Bendo clear
10-9 Edgar close Better Bendo striking, but the time spent in top control wins it.
10-9 Bendo clear Catching legs is fine, but he’s still getting kicked

Outstruck Edgar in first 3 rounds by a significant margin

10-9 Bendo – Bendo slightly etter striking, Edgar did little with TD, took headkick from ground. Edgar got mouthpiece punched out, and thrown to ground. That’s going to look good in the eyes of the judges.

Fight was already decided by Round 4. Round 5 goes to Edgar by a slight margin, but remains irrelevant to the overall decision.

Edgar’s problem is that he has no real power. Even when he knocked out Maynard, he seemed surprised that he rocked him. More of a fluke than a demonstration of power. The “puncher’s chance”, so to speak. Bendo was consistently landing quality strikes while Edgar was only consistently landing strikes.

cuervoplays Says, in 8-16-2012 at 19:10:46 from    

Funny how Goldie and Hogan basically run out of things to say in round 5.

Skilled as they both are, together their styles don’t make for an exciting fight.

playovilla Says, in 8-16-2012 at 20:02:49 from    

Finish me and you win!! Champs can say that! Leave no doubt! Great Fight to both fighters! And STILLLLLL CHAMPION!!! BENSON Hendersonnnnn!!!

woadito Says, in 8-16-2012 at 21:58:49 from    

Edgar won that fight. The only reason Edgar gets so much hate is because he beat everybody’s favourite lightweight, BJ Penn. Get over it guys, Franke is still the best lightweight.

dalnkwnt Says, in 8-17-2012 at 02:09:25 from    

I had it 4-1 or lil closer 3-2 Henderson. the only round Freankie clearly won was the 5th round (oh by the way I live one town over from Toms RIver, nj)

j0e Says, in 8-17-2012 at 04:21:31 from    

round 1- Henderson
round 2- Edgar
round 3- Henderson
round 4- Henderson
round 5- henderson

jeckle Says, in 8-17-2012 at 14:49:58 from    

round 1 – henderson
round 2 – edgar
round 3 – tie
round 4 – edgar
round 5 – edgar or could be a tie

t-berra29 Says, in 8-17-2012 at 16:20:57 from    

GOOD GOD FRANKIE IS SOOOO IRRITATING WHEN HE FIGHTS. it seems that he always want to show up in a fight when either he knows he losing or just trying to rack up points at the last minute. bendo wasnt all that exciting in this fight but atleast he tried to bring some excitement to it. Frankie needs to move down and fight aldo and TRY and i mean TRY to finish him or else hes gunna get ktfo.

MMA made EASY Says, in 8-17-2012 at 18:13:48 from    

Interesting takes on the fight. I’m especially interested in the difference of opinion on round 5. Some rounds, especially round 3 were trickier to call, but, I felt round 5 was Edgar by a very big margin.

Anyhoo, here’s my scoring
Round 1 Benson
Round 2 Frankie
Round 3 Tie (Champ’s advantage: Benson)
Round 4 Frankie
Round 5 Frankie

jonnyx Says, in 8-18-2012 at 00:35:06 from    

rd1 benson
rd2 benson
rd 3 tie
rd 4 edgar
rd 5 tie

both fighters played it pretty safe, seemingly just waiting for the other guy to make a mistake. neither were fighting to win. though edgar never really does. he fights for points only and thats a good way to leave it up to the judges and get “screwed” twice….

spelingexpirt Says, in 8-18-2012 at 04:20:04 from    

Good decision… you have to put the champ out though… Edgar didn’t take enough risks to put Bendo on his back again.. had it 4-1 Bendo! (Round 2 FE)


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