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wildman Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:17:03 from    

Thanks for the vids. bruno your the man

marquito76r Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:22:54 from    

congratulatiouns semmy! tanx bruno!

The_dragon Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:26:18 from    

He just needs some BJJ and he could be awesome in mma, but that doesnt matter,
His an awesome K-1 fighter and his gonna last a long time!

Cookie! Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:28:19 from    


Machete Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:30:09 from    

Badr likes swinging for the fences to much.

urbanangel22 Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:33:18 from    

thanks Bruno. I was SO excited to see these fights. It goes to show how anything can happen when dealing with these hard hitting K1 giants. Saying that, Badr has EVERYTHING going for him… except the ability to take punishment. He has the heart, the speed, power, tecnique and size… 10/10. And he will certainly do his best to come back, but there are guys who can just take way more punishment than he can. That jab definitely would not have rocked other fighters the same way…

Mexguit Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:34:35 from    

Wow! Badr was going all out from the beginning and Semmy kept his cool!! Badr is too experienced to do that.
Nice win for Semmy and I am very impressed with the way he handled Remy and Badr.

Thank you so much Bruno.

asd Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:48:37 from    

wtf was that? The first drop was from a jab then after that he was done O_O!

Was a great fight, was like watching wwe but real fighting LOL!

abc Says, in 12-5-2009 at 18:57:40 from    

sick tourny.

rza808 Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:00:42 from    

Semmy is too big and skilled. Badr did the right thing I think. How can you take your time when Schilt can pop a jab with so much weight on it? Hari looked in great shape tho. Badr created a lot of pressure as well. Landed some clean shots but couldnt put it together is all. Schilt, king again

tearawrist Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:04:48 from    

THANKS BRUNO!!! Great K1 show..i wanted Alistair..but things happen.

FyodorFTW Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:11:48 from    

You also have to realize that since this is a GP semmy got the easy road to the grand final. His firt 2 fights ended within seconds with him barely doing anything.
Badr was probably on the verge of gassing after the longer more intense fights he had to go through. Probably realized he had to try to end this one quick or he would loose regardless.
I am not a really big fan of Semmy, I think he is just to boring/slow and his height is why he wins most fights.

Andrewo Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:31:28 from    

Hahaha, there’s some guys from Alistair team celebrating with Semmy

grizz8884 Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:36:17 from    

“Hahaha, there’s some guys from Alistair team celebrating with Semmy”

That’s because both of them are from Golden Glory. As a matter of fact, half of the last 8 were from Golden Glory. Overeem, Schilt, Zimmerman and Ruslan.

When they did the selection of the 8 via the “balls of destiny”, all of the GG guys made sure they matched up with somebody not in GG. In the end, nobody from GG fought each other.

sicclife Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:46:57 from    

the last knockdown was from a body kick… and if you watch the replay it is a nasty one

sandro s. Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:51:49 from    

man thats a heavy jab! he knocked many fighters out with that!!

sandro s. Says, in 12-5-2009 at 19:53:28 from    

alistairs team is also sammys team. Golden glory team.

Maelman Says, in 12-5-2009 at 20:03:00 from    

Semmy has garbage technique

jakelo Says, in 12-5-2009 at 20:09:39 from    

Semmy and Alistair = same team = Golden Glory

Jurkerbor Says, in 12-5-2009 at 20:23:47 from    

It is sad to see a slow fighter without talent like Schilt wining again. They have to do something with size differences in K1..almost 30 kg on favour of Schilt…The same diference between Andy Sawer and Badr Hari for example. It´s just absurd.
Badr Hari has the potential for beeing the best K1 fighter of the decade, it´s is a pity he is not 212 cm tall…

LOLOL Says, in 12-5-2009 at 20:52:07 from    

i dont like semmy that much but payback a bitch hari LOLOL

ElMaestro Says, in 12-5-2009 at 21:07:49 from    

I have to say I had Badr winning this one with a flurry up top, but Semmy was just too much. Semmy utilizes his jab and front kick very effectively.

fighter27 Says, in 12-5-2009 at 21:23:01 from    

at first…. danke bruno!!! you are the man!!!!!

semmy shilt had fought in the ufc, but he lost a couple of fights. the other fighters put him on the ground and finished the fight with bjj or ground & pound. but at that time he was a young and very small guy. now he is biger!i think he fought at ufc 28 or 30…if you wont to see him.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 12-5-2009 at 21:50:35 from    

Badr did the right thing in going at Semmy’s chin, but in the end the giant was too tough. Thanks for the great fight night, Bruno!!

willssx Says, in 12-5-2009 at 21:52:32 from    

You cant have 3 fights in one night, not everyone will be at the top of their game.

sb mystiso Says, in 12-5-2009 at 22:03:54 from    

“Golden Boy”? is that supposed to be ironic.
Also everyone bitching about the height and weight, don’t fault Sammy for what he was born with. Its K-1’s doing, K-1 created an open-weight striking tournament, and we see the results of no weight class (also no drug testing) . K-1 Max is where its at

PitfighterZ Says, in 12-5-2009 at 22:19:45 from    

Badr still is a beast of a fighter, but Sammy “Drago” Schilt is just too big and too powerful. And Schilt also has great technique differently from what someone said before.
He keeps his cool and relies on his power, but you can see how he stops his opponents attacks with kicks and set them up for the monster jabs and knees.

robj4y Says, in 12-5-2009 at 22:21:38 from    

that was an excellent event
and thanks mod

FyodorFTW Says, in 12-6-2009 at 00:37:38 from    

Above: “There shouldn’t be 3 fights in night, fighters can’t be on top of their game.”

Thats the point of a GP, it test who the true champions are. If you can win 3 straight Finals fights, you are one hell of a fighter.

I don’t give Semmy credit for this of course, he got the easiest fights in the whole tourny. Plus he is just big, that’s why he wins half of the time.

MMA GP’s are way more exciting, especially back in pride. 10min first rounds with 3 fights a night LOL f*cking nuts. Thats how cro-cop got famous.

krsone Says, in 12-6-2009 at 01:09:14 from    

looks like badr was suffering from a broken rib from previous fight (or dislocated) he is very conditioned and was sucking for air withing 2 minutes. Also looked like he was in pain before he even got hit. Tough format.

TheBlackSpoon Says, in 12-6-2009 at 05:13:45 from    

Good job Semmy.

Jason Says, in 12-6-2009 at 06:17:31 from    

I was a fan of Badr until the Bonjasky incident. Now I think he can go f**k himself and seeing him lose makes me very, very happy.

trousersnake Says, in 12-6-2009 at 07:41:55 from    

Hari fought high risk. that’s the only way to go with Semmy. Otherwise he picks you apart. Semmy rulez again, but to me Hari stays the most dangerous K-1 fighter. From all K-1 champions , Semmy is the strongest of all times.

Thxer Says, in 12-6-2009 at 08:38:31 from    

Wow Badr was in great shape and form. But Semmy was really on his game. Awesome tourny, grats to Semmy.

Enki Says, in 12-6-2009 at 09:42:55 from    

I love people that freak out when someone gets hurt from a Jab, shows how little they know about fighting, a jab through the right way with full body is more than enough to Knock anyone out from a guy as HUGE as him or most of the HW’s, most people just throw flick jabs though as a distraction but make no mistake it can be a KO punch easy.

trotqally Says, in 12-7-2009 at 01:20:25 from    

semmy is a beast!!!!!


Licks72 Says, in 12-7-2009 at 08:49:42 from    

After watching MMA, the K-1 and boxing gloves remind me of the “Foxy Boxing” gloves. They look like pillows.

ETK Says, in 12-8-2009 at 18:06:46 from    

Semmy’s left side is devistating, left jab, left push kick, I’ve watched Semmy knock down and/or TKO/KO many opponents with either of those 2 weapons, funny how when he does his left push kick his toes stab into the opponents bodies.

KSG Says, in 12-8-2009 at 20:01:36 from    

Semmy is a devistating Kickboxer and because of his height and reach makes him almost unbeatable. If u r not fresh and don’t have an amazing gameplan when fighting him its just not going 2 to your night.

j_satan_666 Says, in 12-8-2009 at 20:08:35 from    

hari is a dick, glad to see him on the matt


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