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elvislad Says, in 7-13-2012 at 10:17:33 from    

WOW awesome,wish sum of the blokes fights were as straight to the point as this,gotta be fastest knockout EVER?

MMAMessiah Says, in 7-13-2012 at 10:29:17 from    


kbrew007 Says, in 7-13-2012 at 10:39:02 from    

WoW!!!! and fine too…the reply person sucks

ultimate fighter Says, in 7-13-2012 at 11:10:06 from    

that lanky ho has good reach

L_Chingon Says, in 7-13-2012 at 12:04:40 from    

In my opinion she got what she deserved. You try to get cute and play games refusing to touch gloves, throwing a half-assed teep and then dropping your left hand and bad things happen. Every time. If anyone has seen The Big Lebowski, a line from that movie comes to mind… “You see what happens? Do you see what happens when you f*** a stranger in the ass?” Well, do you see what happens, lady fighter?

frit5011 Says, in 7-13-2012 at 12:24:28 from    

Maybe if ashely touched gloves like the other girl wanted the fight would have lasted longer then 5 seconds. I am thinking 6 seconds

failsonnen Says, in 7-13-2012 at 12:38:18 from    

I can has the ring girls?

PitfighterZ Says, in 7-13-2012 at 12:41:02 from    

Gotta love those one-shot knockouts!

It’s demolishing sad to those on the wrong side of them (all the work during camp gone in less than a couple of seconds), but they are just a thing of beauty. Perfect timing and precision!

And I could watch it over and over again…

Genghis Khan Says, in 7-13-2012 at 14:10:06 from    

scary boys

zmayo Says, in 7-13-2012 at 14:25:15 from    

Dude she just cocked back and threw a straight right…. the other girl kept her hands low and basically allowed her to get a clean shot. Stupid on the losers part.

Cletus Says, in 7-13-2012 at 14:45:24 from    

that was crazy, girl had her hands up but that right went thru like nothing was there.

chicken wing Says, in 7-13-2012 at 15:18:52 from    

they touched gloves 10 seconds before the fight face to face… why do they have to touch gloves twice? after the ref says fight, you are not suppose to touch gloves you are supposed to fight… just saying.

jack.perpetual Says, in 7-13-2012 at 20:41:16 from    

5 second knockout, dropped her at 2 seconds. The ref was about 3 seconds too late. Dammmmm.

peruviannecktie Says, in 7-13-2012 at 20:56:24 from    

i agree with chicken wing. touching gloves after the fight starts takes away the chance of throwing a flying kick or anything crazy to start the fight.

retrospiff Says, in 7-13-2012 at 21:34:18 from    

Good lord. She that right hand probably has some frequent flyer miles judging from how far away it came from!

concealedweaponclothing Says, in 7-13-2012 at 22:56:28 from    

touching gloves is retarded. i fight and no way in hell im stepping in arms reach of my opponent at the start of a fight. i also though this fight was terrible. not the winner but the loser just basically walked up and let her belt her.

kidfrosty Says, in 7-13-2012 at 23:30:08 from    

PitfghterZ – I DID watch it over and over. I could barely look away much less stop. Help!
If there was ever a candidate for a fresh GIF…jussayin Bruno…

Jasonfn22 Says, in 7-13-2012 at 23:30:40 from    

The girl who wons freaking fighting shorts or whatever they was was ridiculous they are not allowed to grab shorts god dammit so these men especially coming in with those f** trunks on needs to stop.I mean I am all for a woman showing skin if,she has a tan,and if her outfit don’t look just plum trashy.its pretty pathetic to begin with that the girls have to do what they are doing as far as these photo shoots,etc just to get these “fans”,god damn clingers interested in them but you can’t get a bandwagon jumper interested in the technical side of it just beer and whoever has the belt is all these dumb ass clingers care about.Poor Ronda Rousey has to pose naked to get the cover when GSP and all those guys who made ESPN magazines front cover had their trunks or shorts still on so why do they insist Ronda do it? Not that I don’t encourage Ronda being nude but I prefer to see her scrap since I won’t be banging her anytime soon,you know what she does and that’s fight not model.The American public is overrun with fuckups.

frit5011 Says, in 7-14-2012 at 22:43:53 from    

I am not saying it was poorsports man ship not to gloves. I am saying her fight would have been 20% longer if she opted to touch


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