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mk Says, in 12-9-2011 at 10:10:37 from    

This is the first time I saw this and I must say….wtf?

Lil_Nog_Hanger Says, in 12-9-2011 at 10:45:03 from    

Lil Nog really put the beat down on UnderReem. Talk about a bloody mess. Good thing they had a stretch ready to carry out his corpse. I’m surprised The Reemed can still talk after that much punishment.

JoeDog Says, in 12-9-2011 at 11:27:44 from    

Lil Nog vs Lil Overeem.
Overeem has really morphed into a monster. He would eat Nogueira today, swallowed whole, I imagine. “Tastes like horse”

mymmastuff Says, in 12-9-2011 at 11:52:31 from    


AsianPersuazn Says, in 12-9-2011 at 12:07:03 from    

Hey Bruno, I’ve been a visitor on this blog for almost 2 years now and have just decided to start posting! Thanks for the time you put into this :D

Bruno: Thanks for joining in. Don’t get upset when someone bashes one of your comments. It happens a lot here.

tuncaserkan Says, in 12-9-2011 at 12:11:49 from    

why towel??

MangyMongoose Says, in 12-9-2011 at 12:44:57 from    

That looked fixed, wow.

wookiepie Says, in 12-9-2011 at 12:55:24 from    

these guys peak at such different ages. some guys arrive fully developed and are washed up by 25. some seem to peak in their mid thirties.

^^^^ Says, in 12-9-2011 at 13:44:56 from    

Pause the video at 17:43. WTF is that on the back of Reems neck? Looks nasty.

Zmayo6 Says, in 12-9-2011 at 14:06:31 from    

I dont get why they threw in the towel. I mean he was hurt but is that normal in Pride? Shows how much confidence they had with Horse Meat…

axl782 Says, in 12-9-2011 at 14:52:39 from    

thanks man!
…you should upload more CLASICS like this…

kbf Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:05:24 from    

overeem needed to gain weight, here hes 6’5″ 228 lbs. Pat Barry is 5’11″ and 243 lbs, Pats not fat either.

Dr.Acula Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:27:38 from    

What the eff? seriously..throw in the towel because nog finally landed a few good strikes? what the frigg? Overeem looked great and really showcased his kickboxing…some amazing leg kicks. Also, showed a pretty decent ground game against a nog. Don’t understand the stoppage…was it something to do with his neck..i don’t know..im so confused. Thanks for posting this bruno and for all the videos you post.

Freedomfit Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:39:08 from    

Both Reems were pussies back then, didn’t like taking ANY damamge, and basically went down any time they got hit hard. Also, both Nogs are known roiders and that’s why they peaked so early, and I suspect many of the Pride fighter took PED’s, especially nog’s…both of them were literally impossible to knock out before testing started…hmmmmm

the faceless Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:45:56 from    

the towel?? why?? he could continue and recover, wasn´t that rocked

Goomba Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:54:32 from    

It’s the tape pealing off. The only way I could explain the towel is that his corner didn’t want him to get KO’d again b/c of the unknown ever-lasting damage which a KO could deliver. Although, it was thrown in too early.

gunnyhighway99(Panama) Says, in 12-9-2011 at 20:57:42 from    

Strange to throw in the towel that early, but Reem was probably injured with that weird wrap on the back of his neck and they didn’t want to take any chances. In retrospect, seeing where Reem is today, it was probably a good decision and they probably had it planned in advance.

Buster Hymen Says, in 12-10-2011 at 00:58:41 from    

This is just before the big steroid cycle.

sticky Says, in 12-10-2011 at 16:18:31 from    

Little Reem?! dude, he was huge back then for his weight division. Much bigger than lil nog no?

cowfy Says, in 12-11-2011 at 01:07:10 from    

reem has been swallowin those harmones wholesale since then.if he lives a long life it will be a miracle.puffed up like some cartoon.


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