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daaveeee Says, in 1-31-2013 at 13:52:25 from    

Overeem via some kind of mortal kombat brutality

Fedorrampage Says, in 1-31-2013 at 14:26:49 from    

BiigFoot will get destroy by the Reem!!

Juampi Says, in 1-31-2013 at 14:50:21 from    

Ojalá tenga suerte, Big Foot, pero la verdad que NO la tiene nada fácil!!! Me parece que NO es muy del agrado de Dana, recién entra al UFC y ya peleó vs Fedor, Cain y ahora Overeem…..bastante difícil se la ponen!!! Gracias por los posteos, Bruno, ésta es mi página de cabecera para las MMA!!!

Gool Says, in 1-31-2013 at 14:58:34 from    

Overeem via crime against humanity.

wow Says, in 1-31-2013 at 15:14:07 from    

LOL>.. first person you ” warned in advance ” was your wife.

Sorry babe, i am going to look even more f***** up and i will likely be in hospital a while.

Why did they make this fight, Reem should only be fighting top 3… this is a joke

Danby Says, in 1-31-2013 at 15:32:06 from    

He’s gonna stand with overeem :S Not sure thats gonna work out so well for him, but there have been alot of upsets over the past year or two so you never know.

Paula <3

MarkNguyen Says, in 1-31-2013 at 16:57:20 from    

*Alistair via Flying Knee*

Called it.

jdogg Says, in 1-31-2013 at 17:13:59 from    

Does she have a picture of herself on her shirt??

wcoastassassin Says, in 1-31-2013 at 18:03:32 from    

What are the odds on this? 50-1 I would still put my money on Alistair

ERICSSON Says, in 1-31-2013 at 18:15:13 from    

if the reem is not the best striker, i don’t know who is,…..

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 1-31-2013 at 19:10:18 from    

The key to victory would be if Alistair gets shot or stabbed while walking out…

Tear Says, in 1-31-2013 at 20:57:57 from    

Overeem by Ko in round 1.

MangyMongoose Says, in 1-31-2013 at 21:40:03 from    

lol, some funny comments.

boonching Says, in 1-31-2013 at 22:34:50 from    

@kungfu- i was thinking the same thing haha

MuffDiggler Says, in 1-31-2013 at 22:49:55 from    

Everyone is counting Silva out but Ovarym can get tired early and be taken advantage of on the ground…
Or just win via KO quickly. Whatever.

Ozinator Says, in 1-31-2013 at 23:03:46 from    

“jdogg Says,in 1-31-2013 at 17:13:59 from
Does she have a picture of herself on her shirt??”

lol, yep but…..

she’s so smart, talented and in the game that there’s no way to attack her for her vanity. US chicks in the vanity class are just pretty.

BamBam Says, in 1-31-2013 at 23:20:50 from    

Bigfoot does not stand a chance in a million years,Cain put him to sleep,Overeem will put him in a coma,nighty night Bigfoot!!!!

Bruno’s Realest Fan Says, in 2-1-2013 at 05:11:24 from    

at 0:50 Bigfoot looks down at Paula’s chest..

OMG Im so in love with Paula… I want to wife her =)

dsfsd Says, in 2-1-2013 at 13:09:06 from    

dont under estimate bigfoot. hes legit.

jdogg Says, in 2-1-2013 at 14:26:55 from    

@ ozinator – wonder if she refers to herself in 3rd person though…


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