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zmayo Says, in 1-14-2012 at 10:10:02 from    

wow! by the skin of his teeth. Its hard to say who has the bigger disadvantage. Johnson will still be a little dehydrated going into the fight but will have 20 pounds most likely on Belfort. Such BS for Vitor I hope he stomps him

jangles Says, in 1-14-2012 at 10:19:57 from    

good now vitor can beat his ass and he can get his walking papers.

BigPappa Says, in 1-14-2012 at 10:38:28 from    

Anthony Johnson, welcome to Titan Fighting Championship… where you will compete as a heavyweight…

PastelXCore Says, in 1-14-2012 at 10:52:32 from    

before all of this i was rooting for johnson not anymore, so much disrespect

london_Jones Says, in 1-14-2012 at 11:04:32 from    

F-U!….GO Rumble!

scottc Says, in 1-14-2012 at 11:08:53 from    

AJ came in overweight and has to forfeit 2 grand and will weigh 204 and Vitor will be waying 202 that reports have stated. It’s not like Vitor will be weighing 185 like he did at the weigh-in. So whats the big deal? If you ever go on AJs twitter page you would see that he is highly confident and is very serious in saying he will win this. I think he deserves at least half a chance to do this. If you dont believe that than you never have been in a fight before and know that you never count out the underdog in a fight. If AJ comes to fight he may win this thing. I give VB the edge but not entirely.

scottc Says, in 1-14-2012 at 11:11:48 from    

Woops my bad. I typed waying and not weighing, sorry.

benjamin Says, in 1-14-2012 at 11:35:17 from    

What. The. Hell. That disrespectful jerk barely made LHW.

Axe Murderer Says, in 1-14-2012 at 11:40:41 from    

Vitor’s been dropping big boys his whole career whats one more.

bigbob Says, in 1-14-2012 at 12:38:51 from    

i guess if rumble stomps the phenom ass
we wont get rumble vs. da spiderman
but rumble vs, jonny bones, ho hum

tobes Says, in 1-14-2012 at 12:56:53 from    

I can’t believe the betting odds on this fight are even. I put 20 bucks on Belfort but now I’m thinking I should put more. Belfort is top 3 MW in the world and Johnson wasn’t even top 5 WW.

PitfighterZ Says, in 1-14-2012 at 14:11:45 from    

At this point, I don’t even care anymore. I just hope Vitor will knock him out in less than 20 seconds.
A professional fighter cannot miss weight by 11 pounds, period.
I think that, if Johnson loses, Dana Douche should send him to LHW in Strikeforce or simply get rid of him until he proves he can follow the rules.

rainbow Says, in 1-14-2012 at 14:20:55 from    

Bumbles Johnson
At 205 may as well fight Jones, and be put in
a wheel chair.

julian moran Says, in 1-14-2012 at 14:29:02 from    

Feeling weak, Medical reasons…
More like, if he cannot properly cut weight for MW, he should be fighting at LHW. There are no escuses to be that overweight at weigh ins.
He is being protected by Dana White as he may potentially be a menace and challenge to Anderson Silva?

facephucke Says, in 1-14-2012 at 14:42:01 from    

F*** that so unprofessional! I think that the fighter who comes in overweight should lose 50% of his salary. IT needs to be made more serious, make these guys think. over 20 lb advantage is huge and VItor is risking much more in this fight….NOw like zmayo I want Vitor to stop his ass even harder..stupid mother trucker…

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 1-14-2012 at 14:52:24 from    

What the hell is wrong with this guy? Big shot in a new division, EASY fight for him….and he decides to take a $hit on Dana instead. Is he sick or something? C’mon man, damn.♠

shocktime Says, in 1-14-2012 at 15:24:28 from    

So its kinda of fair fight now right? Belfort is probably gonna weigh at least 205 come fight time, and now Johnson is 205?

Yoda Says, in 1-14-2012 at 15:27:04 from    

Vitor will rehydrate up to 200-205+.

Rumble won’t be feeling good mentally (Pink Slip)
or physically so Vitor should beat him easy.

Rumble to Bellator next? :)

Rick Says, in 1-14-2012 at 15:51:30 from    

Yeah, thats BS to be that far off.
I wonder fight time what the difference in weight will be?
What does Vitor walk at?

murell Says, in 1-14-2012 at 17:18:53 from    

Vitor is going to have his hands full,Johnson is huge.

Tsright Says, in 1-14-2012 at 17:26:49 from    

He is going to be 30lbs over, and he will get the crap beat out of him, I promise He will not leave the first round. such a disgrace to MMA. WAR BELFORT. Beat that fat lazy losers head in!

Anon Says, in 1-14-2012 at 17:37:29 from    

Yeah , hard to pull for rumble with a big weight advantage like that.

logannn333 Says, in 1-14-2012 at 18:17:40 from    

The weight will be close because vitor cuts from 210. Still this was a big mistake for Johnson because he had a lot of fans and how he will have to preform great for 2-3 fights to get them back.

asdf Says, in 1-14-2012 at 19:07:33 from    

Anthony, apparently couldn’t walk, or feel his legs day of weigh in. Had to call the UFC doctor, who recommended to take in fluids. Teh majority of your cut is on the day, and prior day, so that would explain why there was a large difference. That is the fluids would do it, I suppose.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 1-14-2012 at 19:20:33 from    

are you guys kidding me vitor still has no chance agaisnt rumble. Vitor is going to lose by vicious knockout. Rumble didnt make weight because he should be fighting at 205lbs period. The guy is huge. For him to make 170lbs even once is remarkable.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 1-14-2012 at 19:23:25 from    

Im still mad with johnson but if johnson would of made 186lbs he still would of smashed vitor. Now johnson has a weight advantage but not by much and he will still smash vitor. Like how do you guys even figure vitor would beat johnson? Its like when you guys thought lyoto would be jon jones. If the ufc puts guys in there all of a sudden there actually good. Like another example is andrei arlovski what a joke or tim sylvia bunch of bums.


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