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YodaSangklai Says, in 11-15-2009 at 12:16:13 from    

I still think that Rolly Delgado is a joke just like Junie Browning from the same season of TUF. I don’t know why Danna still keeping this joker there are more better fighters from TUF8 than him.

rockstarzee Says, in 11-15-2009 at 12:37:54 from    

Tmber! he falls like a tree

Jasonicus Says, in 11-15-2009 at 12:38:18 from    

^After this loss, I bet he is cut. UFC needs to start cutting the fat a bit. Too many useless fighters.

stav1578 Says, in 11-15-2009 at 13:00:46 from    

I understand that you have to go till the ref stops you but cmon, dude was limp as ^&*@. The last thing we need for a fighter to suffer brain damaging head trauma on national television. That’ll be great for the sport.

viking Says, in 11-15-2009 at 13:02:19 from    

Those last few punches were way out of line. I don’t care what you say about ‘Oh, he was hyped up,’ etc. he could clearly see that Roli was TOTALLY OUT , and had enough time to load up and picked his shots. Nice knock out, but BOO on Winner for those dishonourable blows!

wow Says, in 11-15-2009 at 13:23:40 from    

This is why he keeps them around… to make other guys look good. Roli should never have been in the ring with this guy. could tell 20 seconds in this was a mismatch.

madula Says, in 11-15-2009 at 13:27:58 from    

That last hit was absolutely unnecessary. Delgado was obviously out COLD but Winner thought he still need to hit an entirely limp guy who looked like he was in a coma. That makes me want to see someone want to it to him.

M1 Says, in 11-15-2009 at 14:08:23 from    

cuz he showed he can take a beating, but i guess he cant anymore either so he pretty much useless to ufc now

BigBiscuits Says, in 11-15-2009 at 14:28:04 from    

I think Nate Marquardt and guys like Mousasi and Belfort prove that once you see a guys clearly out you DO have the presence of mind to stop blasting them in the face even if the ref hasn’t stepped in yet.

E-G-muscle Says, in 11-15-2009 at 16:51:08 from    

The fight isn’t over unless the ref or the bell says it over.
Andre Winner did the right thing. I have also seen fighters take powerful blows and then recover in 10 to 15 seconds.
That is why there is a ref. Let the Ref do his job.

Bat Mite Says, in 11-15-2009 at 17:23:52 from    

Same shot that Hendo KO’d Bisping with, less the forearm smash, of course.
Since Roli isn’t Dan Herderson, be assured fighters he’ll face in the future will be looking to give him a dose of his own medicine :)

shocktime Says, in 11-15-2009 at 17:56:07 from    

BS by winner 2 more shots after you can see he’s flat lined? would he keep going if ref doesnt step in and throw a third?…reminds of Royce Gracie in the old days his opponents tapped like 15 seconds ago yet he’s still tryna break their arm….screw Royce so happy Matt Hughes r**** him

sheep tits Says, in 11-15-2009 at 19:38:40 from    

even if Andre loses, he’s still a Winner

kenmolina Says, in 11-15-2009 at 20:28:20 from    

at least since, it isn’t a crowd favorite up to this BS this time around people are looking at it objectively and realizing if this goes on the UFC is tempting fate. something catastrophic can and will likely happen if something isn’t done. definitely loss of their purse and perhaps a 6-12 month suspension if they’re determined later on to have used uncalled for blows.
the NFL did something similiar after a guy’s season and maybe career was ended when he was on the opposite side of the field from an intereception return, when the play was essentially over, and he could not affect it somebody nailed him with a vicious and (forgive more spelling plz!) unnecessary blow. it’s just wrong. if you can’t use common sense the sport should reject you and find people who can. in the meantime, make them all pay heavily.

LOL Says, in 11-15-2009 at 21:19:29 from    

LOL @ sheep tits

FyodorFTW Says, in 11-15-2009 at 23:09:03 from    

wtf are you guys talking about the first hit landed on his shoulder and the second one didn’t even land. you are the same f*gs cheering about what dan did to bisping because it was “deserved.” gtfo

Iconoclast Says, in 11-16-2009 at 01:17:51 from    

Bisbing has the most loyal nuthuggers. Pah ha.

stonepony Says, in 11-16-2009 at 03:29:58 from    

You know… It makes me puke. People scream and cry and complain when Lesnar gets excited and opens his mouth after the fight.

But… How many fights have we seen where the winner refuses to let go of a choke for a few extra seconds? How many fights where the winner lands SEVERAL severe blows to an unconscious opponent? Drew McFedries sees a snoring sleeping man on the mat, and crushes his face in while he’s helpless… And people cry about Lesnar pointing his finger?

dragonslayermma Says, in 11-16-2009 at 05:30:40 from    

fyodor,…what dan did to bisqueen was deserved. the pricker you are the harder you fall.
bisbing= f** in slang

UgotKTFO Says, in 11-16-2009 at 12:14:54 from    

I thought the UFC was supposed to be the “super bowl of mma” instead it’s sub-par, public related, fighters like Winner, and Bisping, and the rest of the UK fighters, taking on tomato cans, just so the UFC doesn’t lose it’s UK fan base. That’s why I kinda felt sorry for Wilks. He was supposed to be taking on a joke, but the joke was on him. The only UK fighter worth 2 shits is Hardy.

Iconoclast Says, in 11-16-2009 at 12:53:36 from    

I went to some local fights on Friday night, and dude 1 caught dude 2 with a flying knee. Dude 2 crumpled to the mat, while dude 1 came in for the kill with a Henderson-esqe punch. At the last second, dude 2 pulls the punch. It still landed, but landed with significantly less power than it was thrown with. Fighters can be honorable if they want or they can be douche bags.

mefninja Says, in 11-16-2009 at 14:54:43 from    

for a bunch of mma fans.. you guys are sure some whiny bitches


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