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ThatDude Says, in 11-30-2012 at 15:17:11 from    

And thats why he’s never been defeated in the UFC. Why he looks like he can end the fight whenever he Chooses.

Rjcowger Says, in 11-30-2012 at 15:41:05 from    

That log put up a better fight than boner did on roids.

Rjcowger Says, in 11-30-2012 at 15:44:22 from    

If that stick could weigh in at 185 I bet Dana would try to sell the fight. (Dana)” I know I have said this before but this stump really has a chance to not only fight Anderson, but I think he can beat him.”

keyboardcowboy Says, in 11-30-2012 at 16:02:56 from    

im not impressed by his performance

paddedummy Says, in 11-30-2012 at 16:27:12 from    

Silva and Jones have realised how limited the techniques of boxing are(western, kick and thai), that’s one of the reasons they don’t get their faces busted up like GSP did during his last fight

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 11-30-2012 at 17:01:37 from    

Some of you guys are as stupid as they come.

ThatDude Says,

And thats why he’s never been defeated in the UFC.

Really dude? Come on there r guys 1,000,000 times better than Anderson on the wing chun kung foo thingy but none of them fight like Silva he did not get his unworldly skills hitting on sticks lmao the thought is cute though.

DrDoom Says, in 11-30-2012 at 17:31:05 from    

Lame…wing chun sucks. And if boxing is so limited it’s must be why JDS sucks so bad and AS has a pro boxing record.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 11-30-2012 at 18:05:06 from    

That’s a mokujin!

@ Rjcowger – I’d buy that PPV! ;)

Biutze Says, in 11-30-2012 at 20:14:30 from    

Wing chun by people who don’t know s*** about wing chun sucks. So naturally this sucked, that being said, your not going to go into the ring as a wing chun purist and dominate, but certain things are adaptable.

^^^^ Says, in 11-30-2012 at 21:42:17 from    

His technique was sloppy, but whatever. This is the reason why Anderson Silva is the best. He is open to learning always. He does Wing Chun while everyone else says it’s useless. He trains with Steven Seagal while people say the guy is a joke and is not even a real martial artist. The thing is, these people are the same people who fail or never learn or improve. Open your mind to doing things and you’ll learn. If you can gain one knowledge then it was time well spent. It doesn’t have to always be a physical thing either. It could be mental as well.

I_can_never_get_this_guy Says, in 11-30-2012 at 23:36:05 from    

I can’t tell whether if Anderson is serious.. or if he is mocking Wing Chun…

Slow…. Says, in 11-30-2012 at 23:42:13 from    

Is he mocking Wing Chun?

jona Says, in 12-1-2012 at 00:35:50 from    

Anderson is a martial artist…like gsp, other guys just train mma to be champions.

Powertele Says, in 12-1-2012 at 01:40:10 from    

You guys always hate on Wing Chun. Why? What is your reasoning behind the way you feel about Wing Chun?

facefrack Says, in 12-1-2012 at 03:39:19 from    

I believe Bruce Lee’s real introduction to martial arts was wing chun n tai chi n it wasn’t until later that he began integrating many elements from other martial arts into his fighting strategy. I’ve found Steven Seagal’s public persona to be somewhat obnoxiously arrogant, but if you watch some youtube videos of him training Anderson Silva, you have no misconception about who is teaching who. Becoming brilliant at anything means being able to model the behaviors of others who have already mastered it and an open mind that is ready to find new skills to model n learn. A lot of what makes Anderson Silva so good at MMA is a mixture of incredible striking accuracy n timing, which the dummy doesn’t reflect at all. The most important thing that the dummy is for is conditioning bones. Have you ever kicked a wooden dummy with your shin? Don’t, unless you are ready to deal with some serious pain until you build up a tolerance. ^^^^ is thinking clearly about all of this. The Spider is one of the best fighters on the planet. If you are not satisfied with his performance on the wooden dummy, maybe you should film yourself outdoing him.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 12-1-2012 at 03:42:31 from    

He has stomped cheaters on TRT (Spinning back Fail Sonnen) and cheaters on Steroids (Boner)…the wooden dummy (Forrest Gump) and the wooden wing chun dummy is just his latest victim.

mommm Says, in 12-1-2012 at 04:23:14 from    

I have some wing chung going on in my pants

jakelo Says, in 12-1-2012 at 05:54:07 from    

sorry but it seriously looked like nothing…

jay Says, in 12-1-2012 at 10:31:43 from    

Real Wing Chun is “devastating” at close quarters however, you need at least 20yrs of solid practice until it become instinctive. Perfect for street fighting as all kicks are below the waist! many streetfighting techniques are reworked from wing chun.

tiptop Says, in 12-1-2012 at 11:26:42 from    

looks like fedorfailsagains…good work my friend

Rugburn Says, in 12-1-2012 at 13:36:21 from    

@facefrack and ^^^^ I totally agree with you guys. @Jay you know your WC. The real weapon I gained and I see that others gain from WC is learning how to use footwork and angles as you trap and block limbs, to allow you to deliver devastating strikes from points of advantage/safety to you. Now doesn’t that sound like AS or Bruce Lee?? You better go get your WC on if you want to be a bad mofo!!! But its an art like any which requires alot of practice and patience before you can use it at a professonial level.

frank Says, in 12-1-2012 at 14:03:47 from    

Wing chun can stop a fight even before it starts…Happen to me when the guy tried to raise his arms and I blocked them naturally with just 3 blocks.The guy just looked puzzled and walked away.This happened in a bar too.Everyone in my dojo was there (tang soo do-chuck norris) and not sure if the yelling about leave him alone worked too.

FailSonnen Says, in 12-1-2012 at 14:39:00 from    


DontBSaBShiter Says, in 12-1-2012 at 17:47:44 from    

i llove how everyone on here seems to act like theyve been studying Wing Chun for years when we all know you just watched IP Man lol

Powertele Says, in 12-1-2012 at 17:55:53 from    

Thank you guys for chiming in with good discussion. Every art is well intentioned. BJJ does what it is supposed to, give the light weight guy an advantage, Thai Boxing, is as vicious as anything, and so forth. I like all arts because they have strengths and weaknesses. It is like enjoying many different types of music.

JoJo Says, in 12-1-2012 at 19:44:37 from    

Wing Chun is fun! For the 10 lessons I had, lol. If you buy in and start believing in any single system though you are screwed as a martial artist. You just become a disciple, not a thinker.

I bounced a lot of bars and got the most use out of Greco Roman wrestling techniques. I’m about 280 with a good deadlift and long arms. So I tend to wrap people up, pick them up off their feet, and walk them out.

People aren’t generally trying to hit the bouncer though…my point being that everything is situational. If anyone actually tried to attack me my best move was to pick up my phone and call the cops. Screw trying to trade blows with some thug.


MuffDiggler Says, in 12-2-2012 at 13:34:36 from    

someone ought to make a gif of this with gsp’s face as the object

Goosaba Says, in 12-8-2012 at 22:57:35 from    

“Everybody wing chun tonight.”


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