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HaVoK Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:11:04 from    

Man your fast! Heck I would not have paid if I knew it was going to be up this quick…lol.

Great tactical fight till Cote blew his knee out. We was all bummed here at my house but these things happen. I wish Cote a speedy recovery.

JEF Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:17:42 from    

What a good fight up until then, I didn’t liek the boos from the fans cuz in a five round fight with anderson silva, there is always more to come. I really wanted to see if all the technical flash silva was doing would cost him later in the fight if cote got use to it. If cote and silva fight again I think the experience from being in the cage and maybe even the confidence gained from this fight is going to be very helpful, but I’ll always bet on silva.

Mas Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:19:53 from    

i belive that both fighters were just beginning to start the fight in the 3rd round and i am really hopeing for a reamtch to this one maybe second to GSP vs. BJ fight that would b great.

Mas Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:24:01 from    

crap one more thing i am sorry to any one from chicago but u people know nothing about MMA and fighting ingenral no wonder no one likes to fight there u people need to learn and apreciate fighters and fights like this the man tore his ACL give him a break he wil come backa nd rematch it.

Matman Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:26:43 from    

Coté was doing fine before his knee popped! Dam too bad we didn’t see the end of that.

davisimo Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:27:54 from    

damn silva was dissin cote the whole time b4 the injury

havik951 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:34:04 from    

poor silva..its like hes playing with his prey now…cmon ufc dont make him retire

mike Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:34:59 from    

wow, i never thought i would be bored during an anderson silva fight. i say fedor should get the nod for pound for pound best after that performance.

Thxer Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:51:17 from    

Not much of a fight, too much hotdoggin’.

mdizzy420 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 01:54:36 from    

Mike you don’t know what a tactical fight is. The only thing that is entertaining to you is someone getting pummled the whole time. See what you don’t understand is fights like these have the most talented fighters. They have the most in depth strategy. What looks to you like they are just looking at eachother jumping around, they are actually studying every movement the opposing fighter is making.

mmafan Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:03:31 from    

good fight,nothing anyone can say bad about cote good fight nice effort man

123 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:08:01 from    

mike you should instead watch pro wrestling(wwe,tna etc) you dont know anything bout mma.

J_satan_666 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:09:21 from    

he probably was told let the people get their money’s worth. he was totally toying with cote. cote was done before it started!

Lefty Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:10:09 from    

I thought the fight was very exciting till Cote blew his knee out. Silva is such a phenomenal fighter, and Cote had the courage and confidence to deal with those exchanges, and continue to push foward against a surperior striker. I really do hope they fight again, this experience will better prepare Cote for another go. Man can he take a punch!

darkangel Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:13:29 from    

I actually enjoyed that fight.

Silva looked cocky, but I have to give props to Cote; he’s the first guy Silva didn’t feel comfortable bull rushing in on. That has to say something.

bigbomtom Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:17:11 from    

maybe anderson will fight lyota for a dance off lol. lot of foot work from the p4p he looks amazing the he toys with his opponents, very hypnotic and full of grace. he was ready to pounce and finish in 3rd round for sure. tough break for everyone on this one.

kiDd Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:18:37 from    

Sorry to say this but Anderson Silva Was Just toying with Cote he did not even try the First and Second round LoL but this is the worst Anderson Silva ever!!!!!!they payed Silva to Go 3 rounds with Cote just Watch the fight Silva did not try at all Silva knew that Cote was no threat to him!!!!!!!!

daxawyes Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:21:09 from    

Anderson was just trying to make for an entertaining fight his way. Cote had nothing to lose and anyone can get lucky.
Anderson deserves better competition to get up for a fight. He respects Cote but Anderson is in another class. Cote may have landed one glancing blow in two rounds. Move Silva to 205.

adam Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:21:49 from    

yeah silva wasnt even punching hardly…..and seemed to be running. idk why. maybe to make the fight last longer. cote was doing good, but once you tear a knee ligament u cannot fight. it happened to me in sparring and everytime i tried to put weight on it , it gave out

Jason Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:32:08 from    

Very entertaining fight. Props to Cote, can’t deny it, but Jesus H. Christ on a greased-up pogo stick, Silva is fast.

I wish Cote would have taken Silva’s hand when he offered to help him up, though. Never seen anything like that before.

Still, both of them are class acts. Thanks Bruno!

KillaPaki Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:45:39 from    

I was surprised Cote lasted this long. Great fight from both fighters. Although I’m sure Silva wouldve KO’d him late in 3rd/beginning of 4th.
The crowd need to get educated though. f****** inbred retards.

Corey Says, in 10-26-2008 at 02:50:39 from    

2:30am here… third round is gone–ufc found it and removed it. How long did it last till cotes knee went out, and was it more of silva toying or… did something actually happen? just checked, aparently not long. It takes a minute or two to size someone up, get a feel for their reach, speed, aggression, I get it. But 2 five minute rounds, and at some points silva is actually running away from cote… not out of fear, just to agitate him I’m sure. But still, its far from entertainment, and its far from silva’s capabilities. Cote is not the best fighter silvas ever been up against, so its almost insulting to cote and the people who paid big bucks to see this to watch the best pound for pound fighter in the world run circles around the ring and make funny faces at his opponent. Just my opinion. He shoulda gave him a round, and then knocked him the F*** out. He could do it. People wanted to see it. Instead, he danced around the ring until his clumsy opponent leaps forward and injures himself, and the fight ends…. yeah. Congrats on the win Silva. For the first time in a long time, your hype was bigger then your performance. I hope you don’t turn into an arlovski.

clopper43 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 03:00:35 from    

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Silva was about to let loose, you could tell by his reaction. He didn’t want to win like that. Stupid acl, WHY! WHY!!!!!!

Dudeson Says, in 10-26-2008 at 03:04:34 from    

I think AS wanted to put on a show. He could kill Cote in the 1st round, but instead he did not try to hit him that much. When he landed, Cote was shaking. A few more of those knees and AS would ko Cote.
It really suck the injury happened. Damn, what a fight it could have been.

123 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 03:10:43 from    

this match might be disappointing but ill be enjoying the next two ufc events on nov (brock vs randy) then on december finally rashad get a title shot at griffing cant wait for that one!!!

realmmafan Says, in 10-26-2008 at 03:50:19 from    

Cote is solid, but outclassed against the Spider.
No rematch is necessary as far as I’m concerned.

Silva is fun to watch no matter what, but it would have been nice to see a proper ending. Silva is the closest to Bruce Lee I’ve ever seen in real life.


Silva vs Bisping at 185 lbs should be next!!


Silva vs Griffin at 205 lbs would be great!!

chitown Says, in 10-26-2008 at 03:56:21 from    

hey mas bite me you would be pissed if you paid 500 for that main event. it should have been a great fight but anderson was screwing around too much. its unfortunate that cote blew out his knee. but you have to understand real chicago sports fans dont put up with bullshit. not everyone here is a cub fan!

josedoors Says, in 10-26-2008 at 03:58:18 from    

are u serious….. ommm man what a good display of making fun of someone, anderson silva was to fast for cote and didnt want to finish the fight at the first two rounds, ooo well he got injure he was still going to get ko the F*** out… everyone knows that. im wondering what’s next for anderson silva???? anyone? not at 185 probaly at 205. he is still the best p4p of the world, next to fedor and rua….. disagree f u dudes…..

skyline77060 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 04:47:43 from    

hope anderson has better fights than this before he retires in 2009

duh Says, in 10-26-2008 at 06:11:08 from    

silva was obviously just playing with cote, i like cote and respect him as a fighter but silva was just messin, he’d probably work cote if he went all out like in his past fights in one round, look at those damn long spider legs and arms.. he’s made out of elastic

smack Says, in 10-26-2008 at 07:45:32 from    

i think silva was just show boating and maybe got told to make the fight more exciting and not so quick, he didnt look like he was trying maybe he was just having fun and toying with cote.

Black gerbil1 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 08:18:43 from    

Cote lost all respect for me, people carry on fights with broken hands, and he had a lil knee injury and he quits.

Jeff Says, in 10-26-2008 at 09:31:16 from    

Cote had no chance at all, He looked very out of place in the fight and who ever suggested silva be on the undercard to a gsp fight needs a reality check, gsp should be in a preliminary bout on a silva card. Cote was picked apart everytime he brought the fight to silva, cote was excited just to make it to the 3rd round. If he would of brought more fight to silva he would of been out of there quicker than the more aggressive dan henderson.

KOB Says, in 10-26-2008 at 09:38:14 from    

UFC. Get Silva some English lessons.
No matter what Rogan says, Fedor is the best fighter in the world.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 09:41:56 from    

I’m still not sure why Anderson didn’t take him down. Cote is very good on his feet but not very good on the ground. Anderson is a black belt in BJJ. IDK, I thought that would be the best way to beat Cote.

DMAN09238523 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 09:55:13 from    

This is obviously an unfortunate ending to the fight. Silva was taking his time, showing how basically Cote poised no threat whatsoever. I think most people feel that Silva was ready to finish things up in the 3rd. It’s too bad that now Cote can’t be a part of the highlight reel. No rematch, move on, Cote didn’t have a prayer anyways.

Kishoba Says, in 10-26-2008 at 09:58:00 from    

Once again, that was an amazing display by Silva. I hope recovery, and all the best to Cote, however he was clearly outmatched and it would have only been a matter of time before he got knocked out. One could clearly tell that Silva was merely warming up and gauging Cote. The strikes that Silva landed were as always pin-point accurate and completely destructive. I’m impressed by the shots that Cote took. Had Cote not dropped in the beginning of the 3rd, I have a feeling that would have been an exciting round. As Joe Rogen best put it, “It’s like watching beautiful destruction!”

Couple of comments: To the fans who weren’t happy with the fight, what did you want differently? Anderson Silva couldn’t have known the match would end this way, and it’s a five round match therefore one should pace themselves, and you had to have seen that Silva was rearing to go in that third round. Would have preferred a 30 second bout for your $500? I really want to know. I’m willing to bet in a fight like that you wouldn’t have gotten to see such great artistry by Silva.

chris Says, in 10-26-2008 at 10:30:28 from    

whats up with those fans booing all night!cote deserves a rematch he actually made anderson look like any other fighter/i was not impressed with silva he looked slower and like he was just trying 2 get a dessision.good job cote cant wait till the rematch

arthur Says, in 10-26-2008 at 10:42:45 from    

Well, another one in the books for Silva. He didn’t finish Cote in seconds like he usually does with everyone. I think Cote would have lost anyway because Silva’s just an amazing fighter.

Oh, and ‘josedoors’…How do you know Silva would have KO’d Cote? The fight ended before anyone could know, you dumbass. Silva threw some of his fastest kicks and knees, all early when he was more pumped. He landed solid kicks to Cote’s skull. Silva threw lightning quick punches…straight to the face. Cote took everything and came back smiling. Just because you’re a Silva fanboy doesn’t mean you know exactly what’s going to happen.

Too bad the fight had to end that way. KO or no KO, it would have been good to see it go the distance.

Leave it to a Canadian to go farther with Silva than anyone else. haha

des Says, in 10-26-2008 at 11:14:39 from    

all i can say is …F***…good match but would of been nice to see a finish…

MMAMafia Says, in 10-26-2008 at 11:22:32 from    

Morons, well some of you.

Anderson was trying to take Cote into deep waters. Cote has never been there before. He had a gameplan, and he was following it. Cote is tough man, damn tough. You have to break him mentally before you break him physically. That is what Anderson was trying to do.

Maybe some of you should watch Buttnaked Bitches Backyard Barn Brawls or something, because you obviously just want to see some redneck barfight than to watch a good MMA fight with strategy and technique.

I was going to say something about the moron who posted about people carrying on fights with a broken hand all the time, and all he had was a knee injury…….then I realized TheGerbil said it, so haha…….Good one!

j-tattoo Says, in 10-26-2008 at 11:28:55 from    

What are you all smoking, Anderson is good and Probably would have won, but toying with Cote? Yea right, Anderson knew he couldnt fight that fight the same way he does everyone else, or there was a chance that he could get knocked out himself, Cote kicked ass and Anderson just Dropped down the ladder as far as im concerned.

Jasonicus Says, in 10-26-2008 at 11:41:22 from    

Anderson was just toying with him. I don’t even think Cote landed one good shot. He is nowhere near the class of fighter Silva is. I wish he didn’t blow out his knee, cause I wanted to Silva pound that cocky POS.

K13runsit Says, in 10-26-2008 at 12:12:22 from    

cote did good for himself but anderson was still slowly picking him apart… a lil longer and there would have been a knockout no one is as skilled as silva in the world

Replacement Says, in 10-26-2008 at 12:13:39 from    

Hey guys do you think Dana asked Silva to make it last more than one round, maybe slipped him a couple thousand to drag it out?

haris Says, in 10-26-2008 at 12:22:34 from    

stupid crowd dont know crap about mma just come to watch sweaty guys. stop booing him you snobby rich front seat spoiled brats. suck it up

canada eh? Says, in 10-26-2008 at 13:10:41 from    

a. silva has nothing for cote, he landed numerous clean kicks, knees, and punches but cote keeps coming back. a. silva was just dragging the fight hoping for a decision. if cote didn’t blew his knee he will keep chasing silva and score a win by decision. silva is already in his re-tiring mode, we have seen the best of silva and he’s only going downhill from this point on. a re-match is a must and cote for the next champ!!!

hikari33 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 13:12:40 from    

wow worst A.Silva ever

Mas Says, in 10-26-2008 at 13:33:29 from    

y do alot of people post here because all i see is half of the knowing nothing about MMA and talking alot of stand up and so on. U want stand up go watch Mauy-thai or K-1 don’t come and try to talk sht about a sport u clearly know nothing about also the fight was just being started both fighters wer getting into it when Cote Tore his ACL so rather than talk about things u have no clue about stick to WWE and leave MMA alone.

Also the rematch to this fight wil be great beause now cte knows what to do. Ufc will have a reamtch most likely.

Mas Says, in 10-26-2008 at 13:36:06 from    

and for this toying thing it is really stupid because cote could of done the same it isn;t hard if you heard Joe Rogan and the other guy you would have heard that they did not think wat anderson was doing was toying he was rather sizing up cote and waiting for cote to make a stupid move.

ta2ooed Says, in 10-26-2008 at 13:52:20 from    

Cote fought a brilliant fight. He never slipped into Silva’s “trap” like many of his other fights. Cote was patient and took everything Silva dished out with a smile. It’s really unfortunate his knee blew out, this had the potential to be one of the best fights of the year in my opinion. These boys were just getting warmed up! A rematch is in definite order.

Weaksauce Says, in 10-26-2008 at 15:36:24 from    

It was obvious that Cote was about to finish Silva and that he was ordered by White to take a dive. So he forced his ACL to pop and went down to insure his career. Smart move by Cote and we get more weak dance, dance, dance performances from Silva.

Perhaps Silva can be in the next dancing with the stars?

moe bazzi Says, in 10-26-2008 at 16:06:58 from    

great repect to silva and cote both are a great fighter and i hoppe cote recover and be ok and come back and fight again
i love both fighter and wish them bother the bext

JordanWeb Says, in 10-26-2008 at 16:21:16 from    

I’m a Silva’s fan, but that was ridiculous. He could have knocked out Cote instead of toying with him. That’s not good at this point with his career. He should have acted as a champion and ruled Cote. Well, let’s see his behavior against Bisping.

hikari33 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 16:31:53 from    

disappointing to the max, hope theres a rematch

mike Says, in 10-26-2008 at 17:33:43 from    

I’m not saying Silva isn’t good, but when they build a guy up as being the pound for pound best fighter in the world I think he has to live up to it. Did Fedor toy with Tim Sylvia? No he just went in there and beat the F*** out of him, even though Tim was taller and had the reach advantage. Which is what Anderson Silva had in this fight, and all he did was pretty much insult Cote by not engaging with him.
So in summation Anderson Silva is a great fighter, and most likely won’t lose his title any time soon, but as for being p4p best I think that should be put into question.
There that’s my opinion, if you can put Anderson Silva’s dick down for a second maybe you can suck on mine.

u-r-morons Says, in 10-26-2008 at 18:46:09 from    

it’s really unbelievable how stupid some people are – so many retards in the world, Silva was obviously playing around with Cote, I think he’s pissed with the UFC for not giving him worthy contenders. If Silva wanted to he could finish the fight in the first 15 seconds of the first round, he just wanted to give the audience their money’s worth. (and probably humiliate Cote for even thinking he could beat him).

EZ MMA Says, in 10-26-2008 at 18:55:25 from    

Great fight until cote got injured, so techinal these are 2 smart fighters and know 1 mistake can cost them the fight that is why it wasnt most exciting fight but you could see anderson trying to confuse and get cote frustraded but ye very good fight hope to see rematch Anderson is still the man MUCH respect to Cote tho Repping Canada

sterling Says, in 10-26-2008 at 19:48:28 from    

Anderson Silva is the Harlem Globe Trotters of MMA.

WilsonBaby84 Says, in 10-26-2008 at 20:30:09 from    

Black gerbil1 your view is ridiculous..while it being possible to fight with a broken hand(which you do not have to throw a punch with) try standing and constantly moving on a blown acl…not nearly the same man..props to Cote for trying to make a fight..disappointing performance from Silva.

Idiot Says, in 10-26-2008 at 20:31:05 from    

That was a the most boring fight ever. Thank god I didn’t have to pay for it. Silva might be one of the best but if I didn’t know that and this was the first fight I ever watched of him… I’d think he sucked and was gay dancing around like that. For a true champion, watch the last fight with GSP vs. Jon Fitch. That was all heart for five rounds for both fighter. For those Silva lovers out there, expect a little more from your champ. Cause he’s was the one getting BOOOOOOOOOD!

Nambo Says, in 10-26-2008 at 20:41:59 from    

I hope Cote can bounce back from this injury. Silva is running out of worthy opponents, I really don’t see him losing anything time soon. And also it’s so amazing how disrespectful some fans can be. That’s why I kinda like the Japanese fans. They never ever boo, no matter how boring the fight is.

bbb Says, in 10-26-2008 at 20:51:35 from    

i think anderson silva was just toying with him in the first round, making cote look like an amature , got more agressive in the second started hurting him, i think if the fight would have kept going, u would have seen an ass kicking in the third round, followed by a beautiful knockout in the forth. I think the reason why he stalled in this fight was that he realized fighters who get paid the most are not always the champions but are the ones who can draw the most crowds.It all about politics in MMA. U have chuck who sucks ass getting paid more than all these other fighters. Anyway, i think anderson tired to make the fight interesting and expose himself more to UfC fans. It funny cause anderson was more dissapointed when cotes leg popped than cote was himself. He was prob thinking ” god damn i was just about the kick his MF ass”

Jasonicus Says, in 10-26-2008 at 21:38:21 from    

Man, I am not sure how some of you think Cote had a chance. Anderson was just messing with the inferior fighter. Cote should have never been given a shot cause he is not that good. Silva should move to 205 so he can actually fight someone. Cote should never get a rematch cause he is not a top fighter, sorry. He is a cocky douchebag that lost to Chris Leben. He hasn’t beaten anyone of real caliber. White should give him Bisping or Henderson and see what happens. Otherwise, he needs to move to 205.

Throne Says, in 10-26-2008 at 22:10:10 from    

Very disappointing to see that kind of reaction from the fans. With regard to Both the injury, and the fight itself.

:pingaloca Says, in 10-26-2008 at 22:58:20 from    

Rogan’s mad funny the way he mimicked delagroti, “deep waataah.” LMFAO

ShaunT Says, in 10-26-2008 at 22:58:24 from    

Great point about the Japanese fans- I always loved that aspect of Pride. I thought the Chicago crowd would be great like the crowds in Columbus and Omaha have been in the recent past, but overall they were an embarrassment.

People who attend UFC events and then boo ground fighting or any stand-up that doesn’t look like Kimbo-style backyard brawling have far too much money.

Robert Says, in 10-26-2008 at 23:10:30 from    

Silva was a complete ass the entire fight. What was that about? There’s no excuse for that and people wern’t booing Patrick. Atleast I don’t think they were.

Robert Says, in 10-26-2008 at 23:13:15 from    

And I do think Silva was toying with dude. It’s obvious.

shh Says, in 10-26-2008 at 23:28:46 from    

cote was very happy bout bringing the fight in the 3rd round…he made history lol

COUTURE Says, in 10-26-2008 at 23:49:44 from    

i think silva was playing with him lol… looked at silva atacks he did not missed… a right punch to the face and then the killing knee with the kick opened a scar brutal i think cote will get knoked out on the 4 round

Corey Says, in 10-27-2008 at 00:19:02 from    

All you guys, saying cote had a good chance, took silva’s hardest blows and smiled… he coulda won, rematch rematch rematch, your f***** idiots. Dan henderson ring a bell? You think all silva can do is punch? Im pissed because cote is a clutz and silva was messin ronud stead of whoppin ass. If silva ever felt threatened by cote, he woulda taken him down and choked his ass out, like he did to henderson. Cote never had a chance, never will have a chance. Moving on. Silva still needs to step it up, you can’t main event it with that kind of performance, hes a paid entertainer. Yes, hes a fighter. The best. And he gets paid to entertain us with that. This was not entertaining.

disco Says, in 10-27-2008 at 01:09:07 from    


That was kind of lame. It is a shame that Silva would have been ahead despite it being Cote who was pressing the action. I think MMA scoring needs to take who is trying to fight and who is backing away looking for counterpunches more.

jeremyemilio Says, in 10-27-2008 at 01:11:28 from    

Not a great event, overall, but no one to blame, really. The card looked pretty good on paper. s*** happens. Silva’s got me a bit confused. I suspect he’s feeling he should give folks a bit of a show (his last fight displayed amazing dominance, but I’m glad I didn’t pay for it). On the other hand, Cote seems just enough on the dangerous side that you’d have to be pretty damned confident to give him any more opportunity to get lucky than you have to.

shh Says, in 10-27-2008 at 02:11:39 from    

cotes knee first popped out i think at the second round i hear delogroti said dont worry bout the knee which means it was already hurting him in the second round and he was shaking that right leg at that round too, but no worries i know they will go at it again but meanwhile cote is healing his injury i cant wait for december…..man the axe murderer and rampage go at it again!!!

Drummo Says, in 10-27-2008 at 03:14:10 from    

Fedor is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. The only reason Silva gets that title is from all hype the UFC’s publicist puts on. I am not taking anything away from Silva because he truly is one of the best in the world, but not the best pound for pound fighter. Besides, that’s boxing talk, this is MMA.

Drummo Says, in 10-27-2008 at 03:25:03 from    

Has anyone seen that Pride fight between Silva and some no name Japanese fighter? The one were Silva gets submitted by an amateur heel hook move? Maybe it is in the MMATKO vault somewhere. It was great….even the no name Japanese fighter was laughing at the end as well as the entire crowd and the announcers too.

Daniyal Says, in 10-27-2008 at 04:23:44 from    

This is by far the most pathetic performance by A. Silva in a long long time, the last time he was this bad he got submitted unfortunately Cote just wasn’t good enough to get that kind of penetration.. Silva looked bored throughout the fight what’s up with bowing at the end of the round?? he was trying to entertain himself by throwing Cote off.. its sad really Dana needs to find him a real opponent may be a fight against Okami may motivate him.

Jeff Says, in 10-27-2008 at 11:23:40 from    

Canadians go back to watching wrestling, MMA is a American/japanese/brazilian sport. I don’t want to see you canucks trying to pump up your average fighters anymore EVER. Canadians remind me of a ugly opinionated women who’s bullshit you have to listen to just to slip her the old cock in the mouth at the end of the night, Cote doesn’t deserve a rematch and i would like to see him and gsp die flat on the mat in the middle of a fight just to be rid of you f***** cock mouths.

Prediction in the Me vs gsp and cote fight at the same time-

I show great heart, toy with them, and ultimately get the victory via being american

Their nipple tweaking and pecker jacking ultimately results in their defeat.

The Black Spoon Says, in 10-27-2008 at 12:22:32 from    

Ryo Chonan by flying heel hook you mean.

This crappy fight was all Silvas fault, his dancing wasn’t entertaining. People want to see him win fights, not dance around to show he isn’t in any danger.

On Tape Says, in 10-27-2008 at 12:41:06 from    

I enjoyed that fight
Chicago fans are F***’n idiots

alvo69 Says, in 10-27-2008 at 13:22:46 from    

Cote tried to leg check Silva’s kick early in the second THAT’S when the injury occurred (IMO) -watch it again,look for it… Silva was TOYING with him the WHOLE time. Cote DID take a few to the head, PROPS for hanging tough, he charged in, got caught, (umm, NO SURPRISE there), he wobbled badly , and if Silva FELT like it, he could have ended it right there. As for the PINHEADS that BOO, I’m happy you feel that way, then maybe you won’t WASTE MY OXYGEN at a show in the future, f****** LOsers!

HallStyle Says, in 10-27-2008 at 14:47:32 from    

Anderson could have ended that fight anytime he wanted too. I think that is what pissed Anderson off the most. The fact that he should have taken that guy out of here. Cote did ok but I think we all know what was going to happen. One or two more of those Knees would have ended the show very shortly.

southsider85 Says, in 10-27-2008 at 19:46:53 from    

Wow…I have to say that I was pretty dissapointed by Silva. He did way too much taunting to cote. Pretty poor performance for Chicago’s first fight.

Micah Says, in 10-27-2008 at 20:10:50 from    

Anderson Silva only fights cans. He hasn’t beat anyone that good. He’s just a mediocre fighter in the weakest division. If he was a man, he’d fight at the weight he walks around at.

Torin Says, in 10-30-2008 at 17:21:25 from    

pretty entertaining fight. AS would’ve had it in the second if he didn’t toy around. his next p4p fight will be a good one. props to cote anyways

arctic Says, in 10-31-2008 at 13:18:36 from    

anderson was not toying with him. if you have ever done any kind of standup karate tournament that is how you would fight. you stay light on your feet and keep your hands moving. i also keep my front hand down and back up. its not uncommon. its a good way to see how your opponent will react. that was a good fight. its unfortunate that cote’s knee went out.

wand fan Says, in 11-2-2008 at 18:32:38 from    

Bruce Buffer went a little over the top in this

mrbk211 Says, in 3-27-2009 at 14:35:06 from    

silva moves up to heavyweight and fight fedor hahahahaha

Johny Mate Says, in 4-16-2012 at 16:14:56 from    

Hey i was just watching this and i had the same injury playing football 2 months ago. Anderson still unbeaten guys..


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