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raoulduke Says, in 8-9-2009 at 00:59:52 from    


the spider is insane.

UltimReal Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:01:59 from    

No way!

L-E-S Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:02:17 from    


yotin06 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:04:57 from    

BBAAAAAAADMANNNN!! Just pocketed hundredd green queens. that spider is tooooo classy!

JRAD Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:05:04 from    


PaladinPup Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:06:07 from    

What a disappointment! He pawed him, while walking back. Am I the only one who thinks this is bull&*%#?

spyder Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:06:15 from    

well that was just silly. What was forrest thinking going at him like that. I do NOT like the way Silva handles himself during by dropping hands and acting up, but damn that KO was embarrassing for Forrest.

Then he runs out? There is going to be some aftermath from this fight.

ouch Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:06:24 from    

wow tooled his ass

PitFighterZ Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:06:26 from    

3 punches? Wow! Didn’t expect Forest to go down so easily. Next!

godlywarrior Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:06:40 from    

Spider should stay at light heavyweight. there’s no one left at middle weight.

katydude Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:08:41 from    

The spider can probably beat Fedor.. he is too good.

first2watch Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:09:05 from    

RUN…Forrest….RUN…LOL. This was just embarrassing!!! First..K.O by a soft punch and then running off like a bitch… LOL.

Hawkeye Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:09:53 from    

Hey-suess Christos!

Xeno Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:21:25 from    

That was …. AWESOME.

luke Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:21:38 from    

unfortunantly I saw this coming and I think everybody else did too. I love Forrest Griffin he’s my favorite fighter, but he’s taylor made for Silvia. He’s got heart out of this world, but he’s not technically that good, he dosen’t hit overly hard and he dosen’t have the best chin. I might be wrong, but I think every loss in his career other then the tito fight has been by knockout. He got knocked out by Jeremy Horn, who isn’t noted for being a really great striker. I’m sad to see this happen to forrest, but I think this just showed how technically excellent Silva is, he didn’t hit Forrest all that hard, but he hit him right were he intended to.

Justin Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:22:31 from    

It kind of looked fixed, Forrest has a much stronger chin, and why does Forrest prances off to the locker room after losing?
Silva is the man but knocking out Forrest with a falling back jab….strange.
Forrest normally can take a beating.

sterling Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:23:14 from    

Incredibly entertaining. How do you? I don’t even. What!?

Wolfe008 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:23:26 from    

made quick work of griffen

savman Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:29:49 from    

holly s***

J_satan_666 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:31:51 from    

destroyed! pound for pound baby

blzd Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:34:43 from    

holy s*** this was insane…fedor who?

ac5 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:38:26 from    

Very easy too criticize, very painfull face. next in line, please.

combatsanta Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:46:22 from    


ump2009 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:51:34 from    

Strike Three! your out.

Darkmetal Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:53:24 from    

Fantastic head movement by Silva; it looked like Forrest was fighting underwater. I think the only guys who have a chance at beating Anderson are Machida or Lesnar, and Lesnar could NEVER make weight.

Hey Dana, lets see Machida/Silva!

Complete HUMILIATION!! I know that Griffin is a big Democrat, but I think he took the whole passifist thing too seriously:)

d3c Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:57:36 from    

Thanks for the upload,

That was some awesome dodging

Kill em All Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:19:04 from    

Soft punches maybe, but right on the money…. and also you need to take in consideration that Griffen is coming in to the punch, kind a like Kimbo vs Petruzelli

ETK Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:21:22 from    

When Forest and Bonnar had their slugfest most people gave them too much credit.
What did that prove(Forest vs Bonnar)?
1) They are both easy to hit.

baller Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:25:07 from    

wow superior skills. but machida will beat him. i want silva 2 fight the big names like rashad and rampage. next fight 4 silva @ 185 should be against maya.

jeremyemilio Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:25:34 from    

And to think I was beginning to believe GSP vs Silva sounded like a good idea.

Must go give head a shake.

FNL053R Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:27:50 from    

I saw at least 5 solid shots on the button! Not the most powerful but definitly where they needed to be. Too bad, so sad Forrest. Who ever thinks this was a fixed fight is an idiot. Go prance away like Forrest did. Sore sports!!

pockemouth Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:31:28 from    

Anderson ‘Neo’ Silva. My lord.

There are so many funny, humiliating moments in this fight. Anderson sees everything, almost before it happens.

At 1:55 in the round, Forrest uses the same 2-1 combo that later leads to his knockout, and Anderson actually slaps him on the face as if to say ‘oh please’. Forrest should have taken note, because the next time the Spider closed his fist.

There is no striker who can beat this guy.

hooah Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:34:52 from    

that looked fake almost, i mean that was a backwards stepping jab!!!! Griffin has taken full blown right hooks by Rampage…how embarrassing

Red Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:37:39 from    

Wow, that was complete destruction. Forrest was real slow in this fight.. maybe due to weight cutting since he usually cuts from around 240. Nonetheless, the spider did his job and ripped his ass apart.

groovinit Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:44:16 from    

holy moly!~ Made Griffin his bitch in this one. I doubt he took a dive but this just shows how incredible the spider is.

Adje Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:46:55 from    

Best fighter in this planet!you don’t trade with silva bcause…he will F*** you up.the only guy who has the “striking” ability to beat him is Machida and maybe GPS with the ground game.I’am not going to mention Fedor and Lesnar bcause this is impossible to happen.

havik951 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:47:05 from    

wow and he wasnt even trying..who will f****** beat this guy

mess2k Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:54:37 from    

Dang! He hits really hard.

sam Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:55:47 from    

man im brazilian but i dont like this ,forrest was very strange

rainbow gerbil1 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:56:10 from    

michael bisping would destroy a. silva

D pistol Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:00:05 from    

honestly, this fight was a little iffy, but i think it goes to show how talented anderson was. I just think forest got angry to tell you guys the truth. that’s probably why he ran off. i don’t think this was a rigged fight if anything, anderson is a beast and forrest, with all due respect is a great fighter. but his stand up wasn’t as technical this time around. he did seem calm and collective which was excellent, he didn’t get carried away with emotion. it just wasn’t his night. He’ll be back just not today, and anderson has strong mutha effin hands so don’t say this was rigged ando is a beast!

jbeckcer Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:08:32 from    


I was nervous watching the fight…SILVA IS ALOT BETTER THAN I THOUGHT…ALOT BETTER.

(three PERFECT punches…and forrest quit!! he put up his hands)

C A L I Z M O Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:16:41 from    

okey…why the hell did he not even attempt a take down? why the hell did it look like he was hitting harder/faster in his open workout videos. forrest looked so slow, so weak, i dont know if ufc fixed fights, i know the chances are astronomical, but it just really did look fixed.

mma soldier Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:18:07 from    

Forrest needs to follow his own book and act like a man and don’t run away like a p****. I lost respect for him I hope he reedem himself and at least makes an apology to silva. Anderson was amazing that is a bad man! He no question should be a top contender for pound for pound best fighter in the world! Screw Fedor and Machida this man is scary… problem is he will only get better.

brakingknuckles Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:18:26 from    

It’s about time you all start respecting Silva. He’s shown dominance in each and every fight in the UFC! The only fight that matters at this point is Machida, Hendo 2 is clearly a waste of time. Dana does not respect Silva in giving him what he really wants which are fights against the best. DANA IT’S EITHER YOUR PRETTY BOY GSP OR MACHIDA, GIVE THE SPIDER WHAT HE WANTS!

maguila Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:19:23 from    

katydude Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:08:41 from

The spider can probably beat Fedor.. he is too good.

i agree 100%, he also has an excellent chin

replacement Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:31:31 from    

How good is Anderson Silva? If Forrest was a threat he wouldn’t have dropeed his hands btw… Machida would not beat Silva.

gwizzy Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:33:03 from    

silva makes everybody look like an ameture

common sense Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:35:01 from    

this ones for all of you spider hatas out there. i didn’t blog while all of u hatas were talking because i knew anderson would shut you up all by himself. not mike tyson, ali or frasier ko’d every last one of their opponents but that did not take away their greatness as champions. people want anderson to have highlight reels everytime he fights, people want obama to fix what bush f***** up in a year and its unfair, these guys are human, after all, but what a great human that anderson is! there are only two other humans that i’ve seen with the ability to knock people out while moving backwards, chuck liddel and ali. now all u hatas can jump back on his jockstrap!

whoareyou221 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:37:34 from    

I LOL’ed big time, Griffin is a posterboy, nothing more.

mark2 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:38:55 from    

Damn, great job Silva, but man I feel terrible for Griffin. I like him a lot as a fighter but damn. I hope he will be back b/c that was embarrassing.

replacement Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:40:01 from    

I kinda reminded me of the Matrix when Keanu was dodging the bullets?

whitey Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:40:45 from    

Not a hard punch? My ass..
That was a ****ing hard ass punch. Joe Rogan is wrong when he said it was a “paw” “a slap” and “not hard”. That was a very hard punch. Silva is just very gifted at being able to strike hard as hell with short, straight punches. Reminds me of Bruce Lee.

connor Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:41:06 from    

does forrest wave him off? after he gets knocked out imean, he seems to be getting up then waves him off. maybe he’s jsut out of it

Pink Ferret Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:43:48 from    

Jab…. for the knock out!

nadie Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:46:42 from    


WillyNilly Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:46:57 from    

Anderton Silvia is too good, but Forrester Gryffindor shouldn’t be sad he’s just not that good.

themotamouth Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:50:07 from    

silva sees everything coming… what more can you do? Hendo vs. Silva! fight of the year!

whatever Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:55:44 from    

F*** All you haters, try to step in the ring with anyone and see how you do. Some crackhead could know all yall out in a sec flat.

filo561 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:59:25 from    

fight looked fixed for anderson silva to look like the REAL p4p fighter.its like dana white’s way of saying FEDOR EMALIANENKO AINT THE REAL P4P.THE REAL P4P KING IS IN THE UFC A.K.A ANDERSON SILVA.ITS OK GO TO STRIKEFORCE ILL JUST PROMOTE THE HELL OUT OF ANDERSON SILVA.damn forrest why did u let MONEY humiliate u like that in front of millions of ppl.kinda like watchin WWE.i think the real reason forrest wasnt in the post fight interview is because he doesnt have anything else to say but he lost ON PURPOSE to get MORE MONEY.DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING U SEE ON TV FOOLS.THIS IS SHOWBIZ

therko Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:59:40 from    

well Justin if you didnt know anderson silva is right handed thats why he has one hell of a jab and his head movement is amazing watch him spar on youtube he makes nog look like a amateur with his head movement ufc isnt fixed and forrest ran away because he was embarrassed

Cock_Punch Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:05:18 from    

F*** i love forest… wish spider would have just ko’ed him with some f****** respect. he basically took forests heart and threw it on the floor.. f****** bull s***!

Roundking Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:07:50 from    

Well that was easy…

oaklandblackouts Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:10:01 from    

F*** all the talk about the previous fights bein lackluster and all that bullshit. i never bought into it. yeah they were lackluster but not cause of silva. when his opponents bring the fight to the table that’s when this dude turns up the heat. and the outcome is this. for someone like forrest to be the guy to take beatings by the best, silva must have some serious chi behind his strikes to have taken him out so quick and easily. dude is just a true martial artist.

johnny wu Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:10:12 from    

wicked fight. Silva is scary. He’s like the next iceman. if dana white was smart he’ll arrange machida vs. silva. This guy could reign in 2 stacked weightclasses. oustanding competitor & outstanding professional. Forrest never really had a chance imo. he’s not in the same class as silva but…. props for trying lol. Nate Marquart should get a second shot at silva. He’s got a chance no matter how minute.

johnny wu Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:13:37 from    

p.s. i think unless henderson steps his game up from just relying on his Big Right Hand that he won’t stand a chance in a rematch so I’d give more of a shot to Marquart. Perhaps Henderson vs. Marquart??

Red Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:13:55 from    

Yea, I agree w/ the comment regarding Joe Rogan’s statement about it being a week punch. That shiet was hard and right on the button. It’s not unheard of when a guy can move back and knock someone out. It happens a lot and again I’m pretty sure Forrest CUT TOO MUCH WEIGHT, that forced him too look so slow. Coupled w/ getting rocked TWICE, it’s no wonder he looked the way he did.

ares Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:14:48 from    

thanks bruno.
you are as fast at posting as silva is at hitting and weaving.

if there is any logic in the ufc, silva should remain at 93 kg and face the best fighters in the weight class.

Frankie Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:22:05 from    

WOW that was quick respect for anderson

Greatwhite Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:24:07 from    

The Spider feels his prays movements and then he goes in for the kill – Just look at how Slow and sluggish he made Forrest look.

This was truly and an embarrassing display from Forest.

UFC’s main events are truly getting shitter by the minute – I’m glad I didn’t pay good money for this although it’s still a great disply display of skill from Silva’s side (As usual) but for a main event – yet again another piss poor fight due to a poorly matched opponent.

Oh and WTF – Griffin didn’t even congratulate Silva – ???

Just runs off out of pure frustration!


I.T.7 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:26:58 from    

He was just playing with him.

Jonnytko Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:32:22 from    

relax justin stop giving forrest to much credit he has a weak ass chin …ill give it to him he recovers quickly …but a string chin …i dont think so, why do u think his loses have come by KO …so no justin it wasnt fixed just like that petroselli guy or what ever his name was rocked kimbo slice while backing up … kimbo can take a hit …if he can take punches with no gloves n barely get fazed then he can take a gloved one …petroselli got lucky … kimbo is not the best fighter out there but for a guy his age give em a few years n hell be prrrty impresive …thats if he decides to stay that long …

panelom Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:32:59 from    

wow im in utter speachless loss of words… can’t wait UFC 102 : revenge of the smythen

Greatwhite Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:33:28 from    

Joe Rogan – is an idiot with a microphone!

And they pay him a handsome sum for his truly awful MMA words of wisdom.

Someone please sack his sorry ass and get “Bas” Rutten on the mic


alfredunhill Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:35:32 from    

Forrest lost his hearing and had his jaw seriously damaged from what i hear…which is why he ran out of the ring to seek immediate medical attention beyond the ringside doctors…he was badly hurt, the guy has alot of heart…but I’m a spider fan 4 life! The whole show was great…

alfredunhill Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:42:19 from    

In fact, it looked like that broken/fractured jaw happened pretty early, when he looked up at the clock, and took several shots AFTER that, poor guy, looking back he was seriously seriously hurt…..hope Forrest is alright..

Greatwhite Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:42:25 from    

Oh s*** this wasn’t the main event –

That’s that last time I leave a comment after having a few drinks too many.

Hangs his head in shame!

Train Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:43:10 from    

Rogan called it right, that was just down right embarrassing for Forrest. Griffin is a great, funny, entertaining guy, but Anderson was just playing with him the whole time. I’m not even sure he ever really hit Forrest solidly.

The KO was actually pretty funny. Anderson was just moving backwards, hands down by his side until Forrest grazed his chin. You can see Anderson’s expression change like, “What the… Did you just hit me?!” ***BLOW*** Beddy-bye time…lol

Belair Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:47:36 from    

Not a fixed fight just a huge mismatch.
Dont expect Silva to fight Machida because the two of them have a pact not to fight each other.
Bring on Tito, ha ha.

fighter27 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:58:58 from    

silva should stay at the 205 division……and fight again machida!!!
wow….such a domination against a top 205 fighter. incredible!!!!

Corey Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:59:08 from    

yeah.. I knew Anderson would dominate this fight…I was calling a KO in round 2, but this looked fixed. The back-stepping arm already half extended straight jab probably hurt like hell — but forrest is known for taking beatings. He’s been knocked out, sure. But the dude has crazy heart and determination. He didn’t look like he even wanted to fight — like he was ready to get out of the cage; he wasn’t even knocked out. He fell, looked up, waved silva off, like “please don’t hit me again.” Thats not typical griffon. This fight.. was some stupid s***.

london jones Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:19:05 from    

What now! what are you going to say now!? i have to deal with this all the time! “Sliva not all that!” “sliva last to fights were lame, his on his way out!” NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY!? are you still going to hate? race hate is a bad thing to hate some one for! you all loved the ice man! you all love forrest! and i bet soon you’ll all be loving brock! BUT DON’T YOU EVER TRY AND KNOCK SLIVA AGAIN HIS PROVED HIS SELF ONE TO MANY TIMES! so die slow haters THE CHAMP IS HERE! the G.O.A.T!!!! and his name is Anderson Silva!!!! and to race haters that came with the black jokes, i ask you one more time…….NOW WHAT!!!!!!!? (oh yeah and his been killing off the ufc best for a long time now, as for Fedor you tell me!LOL)

El Tabasco Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:25:38 from    

Sting like a bee…
It reminds me of Ali, whose “slaps” didnt look much, but heads rolled down.
Can’t see any other way to defeat Silva, maybe Machida.

Vachy Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:29:16 from    

fake fight?? it was look like…

london jones Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:35:15 from    

what does that say about the UFC that some fans saw a god like fighter and still was like “BOOOO!!” that’s what you get with a lot of these UFC fans not all but most know f**k all about fighting do a lot of race hating(check the bloggs of black MMA and UFC fighters!!)they all just sit on the net and play hard! cowards!

headslap Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:49:38 from    

Bruno! Thank you very much for posting this!!! :-)

Beastie Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:52:00 from    

Forrest Gump you just got knocked the f……..ck out!!..lol..Anderson Silvia is just to Viscious!!

carlos espino Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:55:01 from    

job job job job all the way… impossible that something as embarrasing as this KO can happen in a real life fight. Im still in disbelief.

this smells like an old time mob job… too bad the possibilities are minimun. But I´m still in disbelief

Felipe Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:09:50 from    

f***** fixed s*** i have seein in my life

Forrest took a dive a
one of the biggest one

man this is discuisting


Jackubean Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:17:00 from    

wtf was that, that whole entire fight seemed weird and fake.

Gaud Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:20:48 from    

What a monster.

dayzaway Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:24:50 from    

OH MAN Incase you ever wondered if forrest griffin had any hype behind him. Forrest griffin does not deserve To be on the cover of no ufc video game, He doesnt deserve to even be in the ufc. The guy is a complete JOKE. Anderson silva DID NOT EVEN TRY OR HAVE HIS HANDS UP. A TOTAL HUMILATION SESSION FROM START TO FINISH. FORREST GRIFFIN ACTED LIKE IF HE WAS FIGHTING STEPHEN BONNAR. infact he should be only fighting guys like stephen bonnar in the undercard not the co main event. Forrest griffin do us all a favor and please just quit.

dayzaway Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:28:15 from    

All you forrest griffin fans. thats what you get. I mean if he couldnt even beat rashad evans who got r**** by lyota machida who trains with anderson silva. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GUYS EXPECT ? For Griffin to win by leg kicks like he did against rampage? Griffin doesnt even finish any of this fights, the guys a jobber. A peice of s***. And tonight proved it the way he ran out of the octogon like alittle bitch crying. I hope he lost his paycheck for that disgusting and pathetic showing.

rocco55 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:43:18 from    

embarrasing knock out to say the least. If he was hurt he should’ve tried to bide his time, try a takedown, not charge in slowly.

Kimo Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:43:58 from    

One thing I love about Anderson, is his humility… Good sportsmanship, even after getting poked in the eye. Watch the interview after the fight, he respects Forrest so much, that he kept saying only good things about him. Congrats, SPYDER… you da man!!!

kinvid Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:49:55 from    

Anderson’s knock out punch was short right jab? lol Freaking Forrest lunging in like that got caught at the right angle as his head snapped causing a disruption to his coordination meanings stars and tweety birds.

YB3000 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:54:18 from    

C..k Lesnar is next …

FrozeN_N!pplZ Says, in 8-9-2009 at 07:36:45 from    

damn! that was impressive! respekt!!!

wcoastassassin Says, in 8-9-2009 at 07:45:56 from    

Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.
Unfortunately this fight will remain a mark on Silva’s career just like when Ali knocked out Liston in the first round. I don’t think the casual fan will buy this.

Redraw Says, in 8-9-2009 at 07:47:35 from    

it wasnt a soft punch, it was a very hard one. Joe Rogan dont know what he says. Forrest was running towards it, look at his neck! Anderson the Bruce Lee Spider Silva is the best!

YodaSangklai Says, in 8-9-2009 at 08:18:40 from    

whitey Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:40:45 from

Not a hard punch? My ass..
That was a ****ing hard ass punch. Joe Rogan is wrong when he said it was a “paw” “a slap” and “not hard”. That was a very hard punch. Silva is just very gifted at being able to strike hard as hell with short, straight punches. Reminds me of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was his idol and he always say that he want to be like Bruce Lee. For his next fight I think he should fight Jet Li or Jacky Chan LOL!

scruffyjohnson Says, in 8-9-2009 at 08:26:17 from    

This is just as bad as silva’s last fight. Silva should never be a headliner because all of his fights are too quick. I hate cocky mf’ers too. No need for that crap in the ring.

orange Says, in 8-9-2009 at 08:27:48 from    

Forrest set up his tactic completely wrong.
1. He is not top stand-up fighter as Silva.
2. He tried to chase A.Silva around the octagon which was already proven as suicidal.
3. If you are not equal to A.Silva in stand up take him down or at least try to do it!
4. Please bring A.Silva some serious competition: Machida, Rampage or Shogun.

bjm33 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 08:48:29 from    

great striking skill timimg your opponent while walking backwards great punch.

Burned1981 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 08:58:34 from    

I dont know about that one. Does no one else think that fight was set up? I thought that was way too easy and Griffin was just acting bizarre. He fell down all dramatic and waved his hands in the air like the old WWF days with Hulk Hogan. Something seems fishy here, I hope to god I’m wrong or UFC will lose all credibility.

p Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:01:22 from    

“You may beat me but you will never break me”
– Forrest Griffin

Looks like that really isn’t true. He looked pretty broke running out of the auditorium like a little girl who just got pimp slapped.

“Why not me?”
- Forrest Griffin

That’s why not. Got heart? That was the one thing he was supposed to have.

Griffin beat Shogun and Rampage…that’s real competition for Silva? Whatever man…Machida maybe, but Silva is the man.

Brightland Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:06:13 from    

One of the best fights Silva had and one of the easiest ones too.

pwner Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:10:55 from    

what I don’t get is forrest go so called knocked out & gets right up & runs out of the ring. If you get your ass knocked out you’d be on the ground for a while gathering is self.

This kat gets popped & falls & then gets up then jet out of the ring..
I’ve seen forrest a dam beating left & right. This was fixed, no matter what, I still think the spider is a much better fighter also, but it was fixed..nuff said..

Kyle Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:21:53 from    

You people saying that this fight was fixed are dumb as hell. Just because you think things go strange in a fight doesn’t mean it was fixed. Weird **** happens all the time in every sport, MMA is no different. We have seen fighters get knocked out by straight left hands before. We have also seen fighters appear sluggish and not up to par in their abilities before.
Every time there is a strange knockout or bad performance you noobs always scream foul play.

m109r Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:39:33 from    

Run forrest Run!! If forrest cant do any better than that he needs to retire.
Fedor would stomp Forrest or Anderson, No Problem!

leons26 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:45:26 from    

The proof is in the doing and I believe that Anderson just proved that he is the best pound for pound out there. Until someone else is showing dominace at 3 different weight classes (Silva started as a welterweight) it is clear who the pound for pound best is.

bigd55 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:47:30 from    

Forrest beat himself.

I think forrest might have hit the sauce a little too hard friday night, if you seen the ppv – he came out first and stood in the wrong corner for a minute or so, before realizing it, and having to run to across the ring.

Other than that, forrest blew his load way to quick..and silva toy’d with him until he gassed.

I was beginning to lose respect for silva after the last couple of fights, but he gained it all back last night.

boink Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:50:27 from    

walk in the park for silva but machida vs silva will be good fight. He should stay in the lightweight.

glassjoe Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:52:59 from    

Embarassing……..Forrest was boxing with Silva???? I love MMMA but these guys can’t box with a boxer. Silva has been boxing professionally and it showed. Silva got into Forrest’s head and it was over.
Scary to see Silva improve.

Can you say “Machida”.

Bushidodan Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:57:57 from    

To all who believe that this fight was rigged… seriously?? Let me ask you… what does the UFC gain by fixing this fight?? As long as this was not a boring fight the UFC wins regardless of the outcome.
If Forrest had pulled off the upset, he immediately puts himself back into title contention at 205 and an already popular fighter becomes even more popular. Anderson Silva goes back to 185 with his tail between his legs and continues to smash middleweights and all is well in UFC land.
The way the fight actually went down, Anderson silences the critics, (who were so quick to turn on him after his Cote and Leites fights) and appears to be even more menacing than before. Dana White gets to continue his Fedor bashing while promoting Anderson as the P4P #1 and all is well in UFC land.
No need to fix this fight my friends!! It was just an amazing display of skill by Bruce Lee trapped in a Brazilian man’s body. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Slicc Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:03:49 from    

Pound for pound bitches! And fools on here are still talking s*** making excuses, whats strange about that performance? That shits is on another level, definitely more impressive than Machida. And it wasn’t just that little punch at the end that put him down, he never recovered from the other punches…

2:22 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:14:41 from    

Speed kills every time. That was predictable. If you ask me, the UFC is starting to have too many predictable/set up fights. BS. Hendo vs Silva. Machida vs Silva. Heck why not Lesnar vs Silva???

UFC 100 was great. This was a snooze fest. Really bad card.

alan1 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:20:08 from    

all you twats who think its a fix get a life!!!! griffins jaw was broken/dislocated thats why he went down like that on the last punch. when you have an injury like that you can even chew on a bit of jelly let alone eat a jab from the spider. period!!!

blackgoofball Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:31:32 from    

People say it was a walking back jab? It clearly was more of a hook than a jab, when he hits you can see its right on the button. Add that to the punishment forrest suffered earlier and you have a bonifide K.O. Anderson has anvils for hands simple as that!

805er Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:33:42 from    

….fight looked really weird. Forrest was in slow motion??? Look at that 1st head kick and combo. Slow as hell??? and he just got in the ring! der…..he looked like he already ran 5 miles(tired)…and he ran out so he wouldn’t have to comment…hmmm?….and this Fedor Vs. dana drama happening at the same time…hmmmm…..don’t believe the hype!….showbiz!….but I hope it wasn’t staged…I’ve seen crazier accidents happen. s*** happens…..

littlenikao Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:34:22 from    

Looks like that Brazilian Black Magic worked for him.

saraiya786 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:34:42 from    

I love Forrest, but that was one of the best knockouts ever. However, I can’t help bu think this was fixed. I know that’s really taking credit away from Anderson Silva, cuz if anyone can pull off such a knockout, it’s him. However, it still looked like White used Griffin as a punching bag to gain back some credibility for Anderson Silva after his last two hiatus fights. For the sake of the sport, I hope it wasn’t fixed.

ericsson Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:41:47 from    

Griffin was so !! so !!! slow he ain’t s*** man !!!

junglerottjim Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:42:19 from    

speed + accuracy (right on the chin made the head spin) = knock out. Its called being technical hence the term TKO. You don’t always need power.

junglerottjim Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:44:51 from    

also forrest was cherging into the punch didn’t see it coming got hit while swinging. could it be called a phantom punch?

wow Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:59:40 from    

Anderson Silva is GOD OF MMA!!

Bruce Buffer should of come out and shouted


sleepers Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:00:50 from    

Forrest actually ran out for various reasons. After the fight he couldnt hear in his left ear and his Jaw was broken. But damn silva is good.

Sans Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:03:23 from    

Fedor looks like he could drop *a lot* of weight and still be comfortable. Hell, he’s two inches shorter than Silva. I think he should shoot for 205 and fight Silva rather than try to deal with Lesnar at the other end of the spectrum.

Fedor vs Silva Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:21:25 from    

Lets be realistic, Fedor would be destroyed by Silva standing. The only chance Fedor has is ground and pound, and Fedor would need to get him their quickly and control him.

I think Silva has better jits also. Smart money would be on Silva

slumdog Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:23:23 from    

Sick..Silva is no joke. He has always shown up to fight. His opponents on the other hand. Silvas got something, like an in-the-moment action and reaction that fighters cant compete with. He just flows. Silva doesn’t want to fight machida because they come from the same camp. It would be interesting, both are excellent counter-punchers. I would love to see that. I def was hoping this was going to be a 5 round exciting stand up match. This was def not typical forest tho, sure he will want to try again. Def sick of fights not living up to the hype, but thats out of anyones hands.

stove6 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:34:05 from    

Forrest did not gas, he was mixing it up fine
and that was not a knock out punch.

Forrest gave up because of Anderson’s superior
skills. That tag on the chin was nothing.

Benji562 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:37:32 from    

for you guys that dont know, this fight was fixed to make the ufc pound look better than strikeforce fedor.

Mike Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:52:00 from    

Forrest- a fighter with heart!
Very uncharacteristic of Forrest to wave his hand and give up and then run off.

At any rate, Silva is the man.

Arod Says, in 8-9-2009 at 12:00:38 from    

yo silva knows how to put punches in peoples faces it doesnt matter if you catch someone the right way its over seems like silva was just waiting for forrest to get comfortable and then start hitting forrest through those big holes he leaves after he punches and it worked

Arod Says, in 8-9-2009 at 12:04:18 from    

and forrest was also moving foward so give forrest some credit for trying to beat silva’s hand up with his jaw

FoxyPuncher Says, in 8-9-2009 at 12:06:27 from    

his jaw was dislocated very early in the fight…then he took several more punches to the jaw. . He left the octagon because he needed medical attention asap

Danger317 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 12:16:29 from    

Silva has that spidey sense! lol…man forrest was right “Anderson makes good people just look…BAAAD”. @ sleepers damn i didnt know Silva broke his jaw. Anyways…im just waiting for the gif XD

TimT Says, in 8-9-2009 at 13:33:36 from    

I agree with Benji – the fight looked fixed, I felt the same thing when Anderson Silva fought James Irvin. Why would these fights be fixed – to make him look like the best pound for pound fighter perhaps? Who knows but what I do know after watching fights for over 30 years is there are certain things that give you hints something is ‘off’ and I felt it tonight.

PitFighterZ Says, in 8-9-2009 at 14:00:55 from    

There was no fixing. Silva hit right in the buttom 3 times. Nobody can take that. It’s amazing that Forest actually got up after the first 2.
It doesn’t reduce the complete humiliation. Anderson schooled Forest like a little punk.
It will be very hard for Forest to recover from this one.
Anderson makes everyone looks like amateur punks…

casyboy Says, in 8-9-2009 at 14:31:20 from    

thats the diference between an A level mma striker vs. an A level world class striker… so much for getting silva on his back.. he thought he good bang wit silva! its not bonner boner!

SECneek Says, in 8-9-2009 at 14:35:00 from    

Comming from a fighters end, i don’t think the fight was fixed. Forest was rocked from the previous attacks prior to that last shot. Forest is also a Sore and emotional loser. He (in his own mind) really thought that he was going to win that fight.Then he started to get toyed around,thats when he lost his confidence and swung for the fences AND PAID the price.. He could have continued but he gave up when he went down. that punch stunned him.

hellyeason Says, in 8-9-2009 at 14:54:53 from    

I’m lookin at those f** comments saying Forest is a joke and doesn’t deserve to be in the ufc, well ide like to see them make upsets choking out a pride champ and pull the belt off of rampage. Griffin said it himself, he’s not the best fighter in the world, but he f***** fights, he’s no bitch like u faggots are talkin s*** behind a dam comment box.

filo561 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:03:49 from    

what would u fools do if the only thing that takes up 80% of u fools time was fixed?

me Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:06:35 from    

the last punch broke forrests jaw he was running to the hospital

The Sniper Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:07:43 from    

I wish Silva wouldn’t retire. He should just stay at 205 because he would completely tear the weight division and would be fighting Machida for the title in no time. Machida vs Silva would be very interesting.

zabad Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:20:01 from    

beat Fedor??? who?? silva?? you are funny:D

Steinmiller Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:37:46 from    

Griffin has a suspect chin – he was doomed before he ever entered the octagon.

cup oh tea guv Says, in 8-9-2009 at 16:09:42 from    

What a very strange fight…

greysaku Says, in 8-9-2009 at 16:16:08 from    

I cant believe people think this fight was fixed… There guy gets totally handled, and the fight was fixed… Wow..some of you guys need to get over it… I like forrest as well but the fact of the matter is he got crushed lastnite, end of story… Quit making up excuses, and deal with the fact that there is acually a fighter out there that is really that good…

VeNtRuE666 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 17:34:04 from    

fixed battle? wtf cant believe griffin lost with that half-assed punch

dc84 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 17:45:09 from    

This fight could’ve ended way earlier than it actually did. The final blow was just the last straw for Forrest. That was the most astounding thing for me: Forrest said that no one will ever BREAK him, and Silva broke his will. I’ve never seen a fighter put his hands in the air and BEG for stoppage. That was a clinic!

casyboy Says, in 8-9-2009 at 18:28:12 from    

getting punched in the face with a broken jaw is no fun! loyota vs A.silva!!! make it happen!

thedude Says, in 8-9-2009 at 18:33:09 from    

dana white wants his fighters to look good especially the so called (lmao) p4p best fighter in the world. so he threw him an easy opponent. lets see him do that against Fedor? really. I doubt the russian would keep his hands down for one and most certainly wouldn’t get punched once and lose. ufc is getting more and more fake like wwf everyday. I really wanna see how he does against some light heavyweights. if he can run through all these guys then he deserves pound for pound title. but not until he’s done it. beating up a bunch of nobodies in 185 isn’t very impressive.

iLL SkiLLz Says, in 8-9-2009 at 18:51:06 from    

haha…WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!…look at the stupid bandwagon jumpers in the crowd. You see them chant “forest forest” and then see him get broken down by the spider and all of a sudden they cheer the silva on….ITS RIDICULOUS!!!

I wish Silva and GSP would fight…..and then Silva and Machida….

Silva would break down both of them!

Silva is the man……..bring fedor down to a catch weight, that would really be interesting!

#1 Rashad Says, in 8-9-2009 at 19:09:12 from    

looked like it was fixed. but i doubt it was, something else went wrong, he probably got hurt early on. how can he take huge punches from rampage and not from silva? wierd.

yoububg Says, in 8-9-2009 at 19:13:22 from    

To all the people saying the fight was fixed, get real. Forrest took 5 pin point accurate jaw jabs, and then the final one took him down. Why is this so hard to believe. Silva is known for throwing from unorthodox angles.

Brazilian Says, in 8-9-2009 at 19:41:12 from    

Machida and Anderson are incredible. None of contenders has a change against these two. Clearly, they are in another galaxy when compared with contenders. But I wouldn’t like to see then fight, they are both brazilian fighters. Anderson should fight rashad (to get him another ko) and Machida Rampage to humilate him.

Andrew Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:00:47 from    

So when does forrest get wired 2 mill from an offshore acct?

bmoore Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:15:28 from    

ANDERSON…SILVA!!!! E-O-S. Bring Machida, Rampage, whomever AND SILVA KICKS THEIR ASSES…PERIOD!!! Haters hate, but Anderson leaves em all prostrate (unless they run) ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Brazilian Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:17:18 from    

You see, A. Silva is a complete fighter; superior skill. When you watch last hendo fight, his knock out against Bisping, shows the spectrum of a good but incomplete fighter: they need to hit his oponnents like crazy bulldogs. Several times you see A. Silva very calm in the K.O, he watch his opponent fall down, and he realize they need no more punishment.

bmoore Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:23:58 from    

Fixed??? YOU f****** IDIOTS!!! Get off his nutz and if you don’t like it too bad, and before your feeble mind thinks it… get off mine too. Oh…E-O-S? End of story.

Duyhuni Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:26:16 from    

Who is fodar? his piec of s*** his not man to fight in UFC his not man to fight best fighters he fightes retired UFC fighters.. Fagdor

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:39:07 from    

He ran like FOREST GUMP! LMAO…Man, that was so sweet….amateur vs. master….master wins…

He did the matrix on his ass LOL

PitFighterZ Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:52:37 from    

Who else is between Silva and Machida now? Hendo has already been beaten. Maybe the winner of Rampage vs. Rashad? Still, I don’t see either being good enough to stop Anderson.
Machida and Silva are just in a complete other level at the moment.
Let’s see if J. Jones will get there too. The kid is vicious.

Brock The last Emperor Killer Says, in 8-9-2009 at 21:06:39 from    

F*** dana is gonna have to get fedor Rampage manchida GSP an maybe Bob Sap for shits an giggles to all fight Anderson at once and maybe one of them wont get knocked the F*** out

Stupid Says, in 8-9-2009 at 21:12:26 from    

You people think who think it’s setup are stupid. Forrest is just a sloth compared to Silva and it stick’s out like a sore thumb when the two are together. This was an easy fight for Anderson IMO. Just like a Fedor vs. Hong Man Choi or Tito vs. Shamrock.

badmthr Says, in 8-9-2009 at 22:46:51 from    


filo561 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:41:31 from    

why u all ridin on fedor for not fightin in the ufc?s*** i wouldnt wanna join the wwe neither if i was fedor.i would rather join some organization that doesnt baby fighters career and doesnt fixed the outcome of the fights because they pull alot of ppv buys n shyt.why u think andrei arlovski and other famous ex-ufc fighters doesnt live up to expectations anymore outside the ufc??my point is ufc fix fights if the fighter is a big ppv pull best believe they are gonna polish his career

Simmer Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:47:10 from    

Forrest was just upset he took Dana’s offer to take a dive.

skeetskeetskeet Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:55:19 from    

fake fake fake

Chorizo Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:56:27 from    

I knew this would happen. Forrest is just a big p*ssy. Dana has probably slept with him and has tried to make him look like a super star but today’s performance really tells what’s real.
No disrespect for Silva. A true Champion.

mmafan400 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 00:27:27 from    

First of all, this was not fixed. Anderson Silva IS just that good. He is the most talented and technically skilled fighter out there right now. I think he should stay at light heavy, and lyoto machida come down to it. Yes, i know, this will be the most boring fight ever…but it has to happen.

And Forest ran off because Silva embarassed the s*** outta him.

Forest is still a great fighter. And he got KOd by that because he was squared up and moving into it when the punch was thrown.

And fight fedor? Silva would kick the s*** out of him. fedor can’t stand with the technical skill of Silva. But it’d still be a fun fight to watch.

mmafan400 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 00:34:10 from    

oh, and apparently for medical attention also XD

powerman24 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 01:07:10 from    

fixed? more owned… Silva is a better fighter, all the way around, who can compare to him honestly? he is a veteran and absolutely amazing, straight up. Silva is a beast. And Forrest talks all that smack and runs after the match, that is weak and i dont respect anyone who does that. At Least Silva is honest and can back up what he says…

rza808 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 01:30:49 from    

some of you dont understand being punched. Getting hit on your head or side of jaw wont knock you outbut it hurts and if you are tough can take it with a grin. Getting tagged on you chin illicits an involuntary response you have no control over how your body reacts. Forrest does not have a good chin never has. He has very little head movement and slow hands. A Silva was insulted he had to fight this scrub and people telling him to watch out lol

common sense Says, in 8-10-2009 at 02:13:05 from    

to all of you who say this fight was fixed consider this, chris leben who has one the best jaws in mma got knocked out. how many people do know in any weight class that has knocked out rich franklin…twice?! rampage was unable to ko henderson but when henderson fought silva he had to take him down before he became a ko victim, but still ended up getting subbed. in the cote fight anderson toyed with him much like he did forest and would have knocked him out if not for the freak knee injury, not andersons’ fault but you blamed him anyway. thales didn’t come to fight but you still blamed anderson. but you can’t blame anderson now can you so-called fans and dana know-nothing white. and you can’t blame forest because none of you a******* would have been able to touch him either. the name is common sense use yours!

dayzaway Says, in 8-10-2009 at 03:28:28 from    

LOL FIXED ? you dont need to fix a fight for the best pound for pound fighter in the world to win against an incompetent hick who;s trained in the same place his whole career. Who hasnt gotten better, but worse. Forrest griffin is a gate keeper and nothing more. Forrest griffin vs micheal bisping now that would be a good fight. The american p**** vs the british bitch. headlining the uk.

Larry Griswold Says, in 8-10-2009 at 03:30:17 from    

I agree Forest griffin made everyone boo him at the end, and cheer for anderson silva since silva came in to fight and not p**** out after getting hit only 3 times. Man he really shoudlve kept his mouth shut during those pre fight interviews

JJ Says, in 8-10-2009 at 06:23:16 from    

Really feel sorry for Griffin, he´s such a great guy (and ok as a fighter). Silva once again shows that hes the best pound for pound fighter. Tha guys who thinks Fedor would win, mabye should learn something aboat mma, or get there eyes fixed…

GMoney Says, in 8-10-2009 at 08:15:44 from    

Wow ! Whats next for the Spider ? Who can you put up against him to even just make things interesting ?

donnyinlakai Says, in 8-10-2009 at 12:41:02 from    

holy s***… spider is insane… rematch?

TheFrenchChef Says, in 8-10-2009 at 13:27:02 from    

I love at 4:40 when you can hear that guy in the audience yelling “Forrest, what the F***?”

patrickl187 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 13:30:33 from    

The right jab landed perfectly. When you are a superior boxer you dont have to always punch your hardest. Silva used Forests forward momentum against him. Much of the force from that blow came from forests forward lunging. Silva wants to fight Roy Jones jr.! I see why silva respects jones so much, he mimicks jones’ boxing style.

BomberB Says, in 8-10-2009 at 13:33:09 from    

he looks better with the extra weight on and forrest got owned. cant believe how easy that was

On Tape Says, in 8-10-2009 at 13:38:39 from    

Forrest tried to do a right leg kick after he was knocked out, that’s heart!

mikechael Says, in 8-10-2009 at 13:50:07 from    

i think it was good for forest. He talks to much trash. Anderson silva is not only my favorite fighter, but he is an excellent fighter all around and i think he just proved himself, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he is one of the greatest fighters. Forest Griffen is a fool.

oaklandblackouts Says, in 8-10-2009 at 14:57:24 from    

forrest will now take another leave of absence while his jaw heals to write another book. this time it’s titled “got that ass beat?”

onewayticket Says, in 8-10-2009 at 15:38:19 from    

I like both fighters and i can tell u Noobs whoever think the fight was fixed…yall stupid, but if Forests jaw was really broken, wow then it makes perfect sence of why he acted like he did and i have tons of respect to the guy,,,,cuz unlike some bitch ass f****** that think typing on a key board makes u a Man …F*** YOU and for SIlva…he is the MAN!!! all that said, unlike some ppl that only like the fighter that wins… you guys are Fakes and yall make me sick, a true fan will always stand true on his word and will not flip flop. stay true to ur words. and give respect to the guys that fight for us to watch….non of u pretty mother f****** would stand a chance in a ring with a tier 9 fighter…someone like ….maybe Browny?

atlas thug Says, in 8-10-2009 at 16:17:50 from    

Bisping has NOTHING on Silva.

And dude, was this fight rigged or what?
If Grif changed up his stance and angles a bit,
he may have took this fight further.
BUT this fight smacked of WWF.

busyallen Says, in 8-10-2009 at 17:07:54 from    

1. Forrest did NOT get “right back up” after the KO.
2. Forrest got hit with at least 5 HARD bullseye punches.
3. When punched on the ground, his head snaps back like a balloon.
4. Anderson has knocked people out with an ELBOW going backwards…
N.O.T. F.A.K.E. try again

london jones Says, in 8-10-2009 at 17:22:40 from    

look what there saying now the fight was fixed! for sliva to win!!! DDDRRRrrrr!!!! don’t you think if it was fixed sliva would be on the ground! DDDRRRRrrr!!! f**KING Fool! you really want sliva to lose that bad! hate is your name!

luke Says, in 8-10-2009 at 20:26:57 from    

you people trying to say this was a rigged fight are just ignorant. thats what happens when you get hit directly in the jaw.

000 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 20:54:26 from    

It reminds me the second match between Cassius Clay and Liston. Amazing.

themotamouth Says, in 8-10-2009 at 21:20:38 from    

next fight should be, middleweight – Belfort, unless Franklin wins or Hendo. GSP? MAYBE. thats all… LHW – Rampage, Shogun, Evans, Vera(idk) i think it should be Hendo for the MW title and if Anderson wins he should stay LHW! Hendo has a chance unless he gets caught again.

whitesword88 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 23:36:03 from    

Forrest is done , he can’t take any head shots at all , it was obvious against jardine and iin his title defense , his chin is alot like ken shamrocks at a really early age he’s eaten to many head shots.

b2bryant Says, in 8-11-2009 at 01:19:19 from    

fixed fight? Some of you guys need to stick to your WWE shows instead of trying to watch a real fight.

b2bryant Says, in 8-11-2009 at 01:27:55 from    

This fight showed the class and talent of Silva. Forrest had a dislocated jaw and lost his hearing so of course he left for medical attention that he could not get cageside. Some of you bandwagoners with your “fixed” and “WWE” comments are rediculous… stop watching MMA if you don’t know what you are talking about. Stick to your WWE so it’s not over your head. Does a true MMA fan watch WWE? Come on! The weekend warriors stand out like sore thumbs. Silva’s physical skills are only matched by his mental strength. The two combined are, as everyone saw, a notch above everyone else.

modcitzn Says, in 8-11-2009 at 01:33:21 from    

First off, whoever said bisbing would beat silva should stop watching mma all together. just plain dumb. second, this fight was so predictable. griffen has no defense at all. he is an easy target and has an okay chin. he’s been knocked out before by just okay strikers. the only thing he has going for him is heart which does nothing when you’re getting popped on the button. he did look extra slow in this fight though. lol. i thought my ppv signal was messing up or something. I just hope they can come up with a challenge for silva sometime soon before everyone starts hating him. P.S. florian got dominated and didn’t stand a chance. nice plan to push on his chest though… not.

rrdrod Says, in 8-11-2009 at 01:36:56 from    


b2bryant Says, in 8-11-2009 at 01:38:59 from    

Did I really see a comment that Bisping would beat Silva? LOLOLOLOL!! Wow… totally unbelievable!! After his concussion against HENDO, he won’t be the same average fighter anyway, so maybe Silva could use just one hand and a blindfold to destroy Bisping. No worries though, Dana would go into a cursing tyrade at the moron who posted that idea and need to be restrained from bitch-slapping him anyway coz I’m pretty sure he wants to sell tickets first and foremost. Name 3 people who would pay to see a Silva/Bisping fight…

b2bryant Says, in 8-11-2009 at 01:57:57 from    

And by the way… get used to seeing Brock Lesnar as champ coz like it or not, he’s gonna wear that belt for a long time. What’s Fedor gonna do? Sure Fedor’s a great, great fighter. What will he do to Brock? Throw him down? Knock him out? Even if it ever happens, by then Brock will have more fights and will have become a truly seasoned MMA fighter with better leg kicks, etc. to go with, what Randy Couture called, canned hams for fists. UFC H.W. champ with only 5 fights? That will never be matched. He’s only gonna get better with each training camp and with each fight and he has mass quantities of the things you can never teach… the overwhelming desire to win, rediculous conditioning and total disdain for losing. Combine that with a guy who’s 6″4″ and a cut & in shape 280 lbs. with World Class wrestling. Frank Mir is no Fedor, but he is a top notch BJJ Black Belt at 6’3″ and about 260 lbs. He was helplessly held down and looked like he had been hit with a baseball bat repeatedly from about 30″ away. What’s Fedor gonna do?

vatoxlocos Says, in 8-11-2009 at 02:17:28 from    



Benji562 Says, in 8-11-2009 at 03:49:42 from    

ok now Silva vs fedor, who will win?

Lace Says, in 8-11-2009 at 11:03:45 from    

Most of these comments are so idiotic, it’s not even funny.

Go study up on MMA and UFC before running off with the mouth you idiots.

No it wasn’t fake, yes Forrest looked like s***, and Forrest had forward momentum when coming at Silva when he got TKO’d with a hook to the button.

Silva read Griffin like a book and won the match.

End of story.

Lace Says, in 8-11-2009 at 11:10:36 from    

..and get off Lesnar’s nuts! He’s huge and there are not many people of his size. So tired of hearing about this goon. It’s like the Yankee’s, everyone likes them because they continue to win and have the highest budget out there. If they weren’t winning, everyone would be shitting on them left and right. He [Lesnar] has NO skill, just raw power and more than a few screws lose in his half of a brain. He belongs back in WWE and back in his double wide with his shitty Coors Light.

Wendy Says, in 8-11-2009 at 14:21:34 from    

I was not surprised. Spider is incredible and very skillful. He makes everyone look like it is there first time fighting in the UFC. He is like the Michael Buble of MMA-everything he does looks effortless. The only other fighter who could possibly beat him is Machida. Not sure why Forrest ran off. I guess he must have been really embarrased but leaving suddenly made the loss look worse then it was. There is no shame in being knocked out and certainly no shame in being knocked out by Spider.

Wendy Says, in 8-11-2009 at 14:23:39 from    

PS. Although I do find the way Spider fights a little condensending, lowering his gloves and all that. Anyone else?

mmalove Says, in 8-11-2009 at 17:34:51 from    

P-4-P Best! Completely dismantled Griffen. Never under stood why Griffen didn’t try to go for the take down after the 3rd knock down. I think Spider got under his skin, so pride got the best of him. When he’s that close to you, you can go for the take down.

b2bryant Says, in 8-11-2009 at 23:23:02 from    

Lace- Who’s gonna beat Lesnar?

what about machida?? Says, in 8-12-2009 at 00:43:58 from    

i think silva vs machida will be the fight to watch. everyone is counting out machida. the only one in light heavyweight that might have a chance to beat him id silva. everyone else is nil.

luke Says, in 8-12-2009 at 03:26:11 from    

stove6 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 11:34:05 from Forrest did not gas, he was mixing it up fine
and that was not a knock out punch.

Forrest gave up because of Anderson’s superior
skills. That tag on the chin was nothing

Are you f****** serious bro!? A tag on the chin?! if you get hit right in the chin so hard that your body is going forward and your head is going backwards, then you just f****** stroked. that was a devestating punch. obviously you’ve never been “tagged” on the chin

filo561 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:41:31 from why u all ridin on fedor for not fightin in the ufc?s*** i wouldnt wanna join the wwe neither if i was fedor.i would rather join some organization that doesnt baby fighters career and doesnt fixed the outcome of the fights because they pull alot of ppv buys n shyt.why u think andrei arlovski and other famous ex-ufc fighters doesnt live up to expectations anymore outside the ufc??my point is ufc fix fights if the fighter is a big ppv pull best believe they are gonna polish his career

and you, what the F*** are you talking about?! name one fighter who’s been babied by the UFC? that’s just stupid. name One fight you’ve ever seen thats been fixed. Other then Bisping vs Hamill, I don’t think there’s been a fight that even had a questionable decision. How f****** stupid and ignorant are you? who’s Fedor going to fight in Strikeforce? Paul Buenetello? big f****** deal? Babalu? please. your an idiot. I’m not even going to mention the guy that said Bisping would destroy Silva.

Benji562 Says, in 8-13-2009 at 02:09:23 from    

haha true that

mota Says, in 8-13-2009 at 04:07:05 from    

that was some next s*** forrest got clowned thought the fight would be better that punch looked like a kid could take lmao and forrest throwing his leg after on the floor and ruuning out the same way he came in lmao classic

Big D Says, in 8-13-2009 at 11:29:13 from    

Hey Guys and he won that with class, can anyone say MA-Chi-Da. If it goes down will be one of the best fights ever

Jaykidd Says, in 8-13-2009 at 14:07:13 from    

luke Says……… wtf are u talking about they have Fedor vs Brett Rogers

Cez Says, in 8-13-2009 at 19:19:29 from    

Haha, i love it. Forrest loss was definitely one of the happiest moments in my life. He DESERVED this loss. He had too many freebies already in his carreer. First they robbed Stephan Bonner to make Griffin the TUF champion, then they make him look like a great fighter because he beat up an injured Shogun, and lastly they robbed Rampage to make this b!tch the UFC champion. Seriously people, does this guy deserve any respect? Everyone knows that others were robbed to make this untalendted ape a champ and it’s all homo-Dana’s work. Forrest is “emotional” WTF? – this is MMA, not American Idol. You loose, you shake the oppenents hand even if he knocked out all your teeth. Forrest is a b!tch. Please don’t support him, he does not have the sportsmanship or pride that goes with Mixed Martial Arts !! * If you don’t like my comments, you better make an intelligent argument *

Darwin Says, in 8-18-2009 at 20:59:20 from    

If that fight wasn’t fixed there has never been a fixed fight ever! Come on too obvious.

kobesilva Says, in 8-20-2009 at 01:48:49 from    

well he didn’t just knock him out wit a paw…did u not watch the whole fight????….he rocked him 3 times b4 that..and had a couple other small hits 2 his face….so that adds up if u think about it…and that paw looks soft..but look at forrest griffins face when he gets hit by that paw…it was the icing on the cake for him

jbeckcer Says, in 8-21-2009 at 10:05:12 from    





Larry Griswold Says, in 8-26-2009 at 22:13:52 from    

all you idiots should know, it well known forrest griffin is a class b fighter. While anderson silva is at the top of the class A fighter class. See the difference ? okay cool now shut the F*** up about forrest griffin and let the p**** run away. he aint worth s***

luke Says, in 8-31-2009 at 01:21:29 from    

ok, jaykidd, who’s he going to fight after he kills Brett Rogers

fkyooou Says, in 4-11-2010 at 11:20:32 from    

let him run away ??? do you kno anything he had to go t hospital because he injured his fkn jaw you retard he had a broken jaw or something

optimizacija spletne strani Says, in 12-6-2011 at 06:56:24 from    

Awesome post


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