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taint Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:08:34 from    

Legal. Brutal.

asdf@dgdg.com Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:20:44 from    


Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:24:57 from    

Nice defensive move Chael! He took a pose like hes about to get a spanking from his mommy….”Mommy dont hit me nooo!!”

This isn’t hype Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:26:55 from    

You have offended my family and you have offended the sholian temple….

z Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:27:42 from    

looks legit to me. no head there.. looks all body.

philo Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:32:56 from    

hahahahahah Bruno u are the man… see people u can clearly see that it is to the body.. Also for you newbies u can knee a downed opponent to the chest and body area.. Bruno u r the man always on top of ur s***.. Im sure u saw it the way the experienced ones did.. Thank you

jcfan1997 Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:34:29 from    

Isn’t it illegal to kick or knee a down opponent in the head?

MMADude Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:36:16 from    

Not to feed the flames here but the initial contact was to his head. Then his knee cap hit his chest because chael lifted his arms.

Barrek Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:38:39 from    

IWow I was positive after watching the fight again that the knee was clean but now…..not so “clean”.

After watching this replay over and over, his leg muscle hit first on Sonnen’s forehead. After the momentum loss it slid down and ended up at his chest. Just watch the angle of the knee it was not aimed at his chest but at his throat.

So he would hit him in the “chest” with the actual knee but the damage was done by the leg muscle. It is the better place to be hit with a knee but for anyone that has had this happen to them know it’s like taking a solid jab to the forehead.

No matter what though it was a clean knee. A bit dirty in the grey area of the rule, but still legal.

DavesNotHereMan Says, in 7-8-2012 at 21:51:11 from    

100% legal, not even a gray area. Not sure what you conspiracy theorists are seeing. Knee made contact with the chest, not the face, therefore legal in ever sense of the word.

forumone Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:09:32 from    

Not to mention rubbing vaselene all over arms and body WTF !!!

123 Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:09:38 from    

Looks like his knee never touches his chest at all.

bernie Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:16:30 from    

I think Chael was dazed from an earlier strike, this was not very athletic cover-up on his part. Even if he didn’t roll out of the way, a clear mind would’ve created a better shield with knees.

acs Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:24:29 from    

His head would have snapped back if that was contact to the head.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:40:06 from    

Surgical, love it.

bob Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:40:13 from    

a whole lot of good that vaseline did, since he couldn’t get out from bottom in the first round. haters gonna hate.

really? Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:44:04 from    

So the sonnen fans are not only dumb but also blind? this explains a lot.
Chael Sonnen 27-12

Vin Says, in 7-8-2012 at 22:47:45 from    

The point of his knee hits the chest NEVER the head .It just initially looks like the mass of thigh is at the head but acs sums it perfectly -the head never moved back and that was a big hit-it would have moved a lion’s head back.

Genghis Khan Says, in 7-8-2012 at 23:00:44 from    

@ jcfan1997 – as long as it’s to the body it’s legal even if the guy is on the ground. If you have a chance watch the second fight between GSP and Serra. GSP destroyed Serra with knees to the the body/ribs.

julian moran Says, in 7-8-2012 at 23:17:33 from    

“Muscle are of the leg” to the head? Really?

If such was the case, would that not be a “leg muscle” contact to the head of a down opponent? Which by the way, is not illegal..

The knee clearly did not touch the head. The knee strike to the head of a down opponent was the excuse the Chael fans/sheeps were going for.

julian moran Says, in 7-8-2012 at 23:18:15 from    


Survival Lobby Says, in 7-8-2012 at 23:29:10 from    

No decisive conclusion from this angle.

FrederickVonHerringbone Says, in 7-8-2012 at 23:30:41 from    

That was aimed squarely at his head. He was lucky to get away with it. For all you tossers who don’t think getting hit in the chin with the top of someones knee or thigh bone at speed doesn’t sting a little, you are welcome to come and let me show you.

Barrek Says, in 7-9-2012 at 00:12:50 from    

Ok Sonnen defender here, but not anymore.

The lack of head snap just doesn’t add up (as others have said before me). Although one thing in this video is conclusive.

Keep an eye on Sonnen’s left (his left) nipple. Just as the strike hits and Silva extends his right hip you can very clearly see Sonnen’s chest cave.

I for one don’t need any other angles. After watching the way his chest gets compressed I’m shocked he is still alive. Respect Silva, great shot.

dalnkwnt Says, in 7-9-2012 at 00:18:50 from    

look how low his knee is lol you people and your conspiracy theories! 10000000000% legal

listenHERE Says, in 7-9-2012 at 00:25:37 from    

Even though the knee did not touch his face, his face took the most of that blow. They call forearm blows elbows, so I would consider this a knee to the face.

Niv Says, in 7-9-2012 at 00:40:25 from    

That was a thing of beauty, I absolutely don’t understand what some people are seeing here? He steps in with all his might and delivers a knee straight to the chest, no head, no throat, no face, simply knee smashing into his chest.

That is the sum parts of nearly two years of trash talking being paid for, well deserved Mr. Sonnen.

Guam U.S Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:02:11 from    

Head or Body so what!! Anderson Silva is the G.O.A.Time! Chael should go to WWE.Lmao

ThatDude Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:02:29 from    

If that knee hit him in the Face…. It would have been R.I.P. Chael Sonnen. That Knee was Brutal

asoto Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:28:32 from    

clearly hits the face first not whit the knee but whit the top of the uper leg wright on the face

ness2k Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:30:41 from    

lol yessss!!!!

FailSonnen Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:34:48 from    

Bunch of bitter Troll Sonnen nuthugging morons here’s a closer view that confirms 100% it was to the body and legal

http: //i87.photobucket.com/albums/k142/brr9q/MISC/silva-sonnen-knee.gif

Now stop crying and take your loss

nel Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:42:46 from    

Anderson has probably the nastiest knees in MMA if he would aimed for the head he would’ve knocked chael out. That was clean, no questions asked.

baller Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:47:15 from    

dat was chaels mistake he should have got up quickly instead of alowing himself to be trapped

Cyclone Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:56:49 from    

That quad hit him before the knee touches the chest.

You don’t knee a downed opponent..

Brazilians can’t even READ the rules.

Go make hamburger from chickens.

ETK Says, in 7-9-2012 at 01:58:46 from    

Who thinks Silva aimed at Chael’s head and missed? Silva is a sharp shooter. Chael was an immobile sitting target. If Silva wanted his head he would have take it.

Freaklegion Says, in 7-9-2012 at 02:32:19 from    

Ya, it looks to me in that gif that if it seperates the arms he hits his chin with a part of his thigh just above the knee.

Then it slides down. But it’s not conclusive really.

PatrickN Says, in 7-9-2012 at 02:39:08 from    

As you can see from this gif, Chael clearly hit downward elbow to the back of Silva’s head

John Says, in 7-9-2012 at 02:57:01 from    

How can anyone be so f****** dumb.. if the f****** knee touches the head /face at all, it IS illigal, get over it, it was an illegal knee period.

Real-Desert Says, in 7-9-2012 at 03:05:28 from    

Clearly to the knee was to the chest. What the Sonnen fans/Silva haters are seeing is a figment of their own warped reality–with their boy KO’d in the 2nd. It was clear Sonnen didn’t want any part of the beatdown that was coming after he was dropped for the 2nd time and went fetal in 0.5 secs. Just be a man and congratulate the winner! Otherwise go back to watching Finding Bigfoot, the UFO Files, and Ghost Hunter, and keep on lying to yourselves. Chael even said it was a good knee and he saw it coming.

jhu Says, in 7-9-2012 at 03:22:15 from    

I guess Silva was trying to do what he say he will do break all Sonnen’s teeth and make him swallow it!!LOL

rza808 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 03:44:52 from    

Lol there’s no argument

mystiso Says, in 7-9-2012 at 03:55:47 from    

@ FrederickVon what ever the F***

Yes, please come and slide your thigh muscle across my chin while I see it coming and prepare for the thick muscle and fat that is about to make a gracing contact with my mouth……

mystiso Says, in 7-9-2012 at 03:57:34 from    

Is this what Sensei Seagal was talking about when he said he was teaching Anderson some moves that “they thought were illegal, but really were’t”?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-9-2012 at 04:01:09 from    

Go buy yourself some glasses.

Dan Blankenship Says, in 7-9-2012 at 04:29:15 from    

It really doesn’t matter where the knee hit. Chael missed that spinning backfist or elbow and fell to the fence. I think he was gassed because he always puts on so much weight inbetween fights and has to lose it right before he fights. He would be a better MMA fighter if he kept his weight close to his fighting weight. I hope Bisping will get a shot at Silva now.

cigronne Says, in 7-9-2012 at 04:51:06 from    

Watching the video, I only get to feel sorry for Sonnen seeing how scared he looks and how bad he covers up. This time he didn’t walk his talk and s*** came out of his pants. I love Silva as a fighter and Sonnen as a public persona, and of course wanted the former to pull out the victory, but Sonnen way of sinking was a bit embarrassing to be honest..

zzK Says, in 7-9-2012 at 05:19:02 from    

this moron ” the muscle hit the head”
it’s the knee that counts only kiddo. Read the f****** rules, get educated. 100% Legal .

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-9-2012 at 05:52:21 from    

Guys like you are simply lost causes.A slo mo replay where we see that not even the thigh hits him in the face and you still say it hit him in the face.

rtorres7794 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 06:28:00 from    

Aimed squarely at his head? Get over it, dumbass. Follow Silva’s gaze throughout the strike. Pay attention to his posture, angle, hand on the cage and him following the strike thoroughly with his sight. He knew where that knee was going, and to capitalize on Vin and acs’ comment, Chael’s head would’ve violently snapped back had it been struck. The man publicly accepted his defeat like a good sport. Why won’t you?

Glasgowkiss Says, in 7-9-2012 at 06:28:24 from    

Where and when????

Tankless Says, in 7-9-2012 at 06:34:27 from    

He said he worked on somethings that were once thought illegal , I bet this was one them cause it couldn’t of been the holding on of Chael`s shorts for most of the second round or the grease job dance cause everyone knows that`s not legal. I wonder what the percentage of you idiots that cried and still do …about St.Pierre being a greaser are now saying its ok because its Silva. Silva won but he wasn`t the better man , he`s a dirty phawker from the weigh ins till winning.

Twana Says, in 7-9-2012 at 06:35:48 from    


steven s Says, in 7-9-2012 at 06:46:40 from    

great technique learned from the master himself, steven seagal. hail seagal.

Twana Says, in 7-9-2012 at 06:49:36 from    

That is why ufc is f***** up…because of these motherfucking referees don’t do their job in disqualifying a f***** like this punk of brazil.

ultimate fighter Says, in 7-9-2012 at 07:16:23 from    

the only man who can stop this guy is ryo chonan, yet dana white has kicked him out of the UFC

CONSPIRACY!!!!!????? I think so

aroun Says, in 7-9-2012 at 07:49:15 from    

I say all you guys are blind. It’s obvious that was an illegal ‘shin to the crotch’ after the knee hits the chest(close caption).

Rio_Warrior Says, in 7-9-2012 at 08:37:21 from    

ye ye he took the knee right on the forehead then it slips through the chin and ends on chaels feet. Should have took much more hahaha. Where are the pride rules when we need it? Stomping fail sonnen would be fine.

All the fail sonnen fans/butthurted people can call burger king and eat a hamburger with this loss down their throats.

“Would you like some fries with it?”

Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-9-2012 at 10:54:50 from    

@Twana..Change your name to Twat u flaming homo… ur boy Chael got F*ed up….dont be mad hommie LMAO

jakelo Says, in 7-9-2012 at 11:32:40 from    

Actually Sonnen got hit by his own knee lol.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 12:37:12 from    

I still dont know about this…. It looks like it hits chael’s arms first, which are pretecting his head. Seems a tad sketchy to me.

RRM Says, in 7-9-2012 at 12:38:25 from    

If he would have landed knee to head, Chael would still be laying there! Lol

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 7-9-2012 at 12:43:00 from    

Sonnen gives up in crucial moments of fights, always has, see the Filho fight

Drew Says, in 7-9-2012 at 12:44:40 from    

I wanted to believe it was an illegal knee when I saw it live, but there is no arguing here. It was completely legal. You just have to give it up to Silva. One slip, one mistake, and fight over. Really, the Jon Jones fight is the only one left that holds any intrigue as to whether this guy can be beaten.

illigalknee Says, in 7-9-2012 at 13:21:21 from    

definitely makes contact with his head.

failsonnen Says, in 7-9-2012 at 13:41:44 from    

I post a clearer close up .gif that totally shows it hitting the chest and chael fans are still spouting BS? Holy crap just stop watching MMA and go back to WWE where you can revel in fantasies

Chael Says, in 7-9-2012 at 13:52:32 from    


yardz Says, in 7-9-2012 at 14:05:31 from    

If that missile had hit his head it would have sent his head into orbit and we would have seen the first death in the octagon. He should thank his lucky stars it was a precision strike as any connection to the head would have knocked him cold. Ref was in perfect position and didn’t budge. No complaint from sonnen camp. No caved in face. No Case To Answer for Silva

Ground St. Pound Says, in 7-9-2012 at 14:30:07 from    

So, Silva INTENDED to hit the head and get DQ’d but he ACCIDENTALLY crushed the sternum and finished the fight??

Really? He won by accident when he was trying to lose?? Really?? That’s your final answer?

I’ve never seen a flying knee to a downed opponent, but no question it was legal. From that angle, there is no way for Silva to move his thigh out of the way and hit with only the knee.

His knee is connected to his body like ours is, idiots. There was no way the thigh wouldn’t be close to Sonnen when the knee is crushing the air out of his lungs.

Dan Blankenship Says, in 7-9-2012 at 15:25:38 from    

Silva moved the vaseline from face to body – cheater.

Silva clearly grabs Sonnen’s shorts to keep from being taken down, then lands a good punch while STILL holding Sonnen’s shorts. Cheater!

But whatever, Sonnen should not have thrown that spinning elbow or backfist if he didn’t know how to stay on balance while throwing it. That was a boneheaded move!

Silva was so worried and thrown off his game after that first round that he couldn’t even find his corner.

scottc Says, in 7-9-2012 at 15:47:15 from    

MORONS from FAIL’s “One Nut” Hugging Nation are the biggest crybabies EVER! But what do you expect from a bunch of paranoid conspiracy thinking DOPES! They actually thought Sonnen was going to win..haha!

jdogg Says, in 7-9-2012 at 16:13:07 from    

Yes, it was a legal knee.

No, it was not a decisive win by Silva.

I would honestly call it in the realm of a cheap shot, though it was legal.

Sonnen still beats Silva 7 times out of 10 in my humble opinion.

screwballhk Says, in 7-9-2012 at 16:17:47 from    

It’s too bad it didn’t hit him in the face. I would’ve loved to see Chael Sonnen die in the octagon. (which clearly would’ve happened had it hit him in the face)

screwballhk Says, in 7-9-2012 at 16:20:02 from    

And Bisping vs Silva? lmao

Get real. Bisping dodged Tim Boetsch. For good reason but Bisping still dodged him.

What I’d like to see is Belcher vs Bisping and the winner getting Silva. Belcher would obviously win, it’s just polite to offer the match to Bisping. (who would probably dodge that one too)

Jessop Says, in 7-9-2012 at 16:22:00 from    

Thigh to the face of a downed opponent = illegal. Now all shut up you retards. It was illegal.

Look again – his head moved back from his thign connection before his chest moved back. Illegal.

Tempted Says, in 7-9-2012 at 16:32:34 from    

Wow I thought it was a legal knee when I saw it. Now I’m positive it wasn’t. Hit his chin first.

chaelgothisasshandedtohim Says, in 7-9-2012 at 17:03:42 from    

if he didnt want to get a f****** good knee to the chest he shouldnt try be fancy pants and try a spinning elbow and fall over like a idiot that knee sure did shut his stupid ass up tho haha if you talk learn to walk yeah boy AND STIIILLLLL!!!!! hahaha yusss fail sonnen fans just as stupid as him maybe he will learn to walk before he talk

T’Challa Says, in 7-9-2012 at 18:29:42 from    

LOL.. even with video evidence these Sonnen fanboys are still crying foul. Makes sense, after all, Sonnen himself never let cold hard facts get in the way of a telling bullshit story..

jack.perpetual Says, in 7-9-2012 at 18:31:59 from    

Whoa, some people may be in need of referrals to the eye doctor. Just look in your West Linn phone book under “Optometrist”. That was a beautiful clean knee to the chest. Yes, his thigh touched his face as his knee caved Chaels’ chest in, but I don’t think there are any rules about thighing a downed opponent.

Gee Says, in 7-9-2012 at 18:46:35 from    

Too legit too quit.

vsmoove Says, in 7-9-2012 at 19:11:58 from    

Jesus Christ, that’s masterful… most people would have hit Chael’s head… how he perfectly timed that to cave in his chest is beyond me… a very thorough and well deserved beating… btw, are people just being devil’s advocate or are they stupid enough to think that a thigh grazing a chin is illegal?

Bowtech1982 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 19:32:26 from    

I’m utterly appalled at how blind and misguided people can be just because the fighter they wanted to win got mopped up. Bruno, great gif. Apparently morons are able to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Did his thigh touch Sonnen’s face? Maybe. The contact, however, was almost simultaneous. If you asked Chael where he was hurting at that moment, I’m sure the thigh to the face was the last thing on his mind. And “techincally”, he did knee to the body. He “thighed” to the face. So in accordance with UFC rules, that was a legal strike either way. So do yourselves a favor you Gayle Sonnen loving butt pirates, buy a box of tissues, some cheese for all that wine you’re cooking up, and maybe a loaded gun if that doesn’t take care of your problems.

Bowtech1982 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 19:34:09 from    

And don’t you morons think if that “illegal” knee had any affect on the fight, loud mouth Chael would have been the first to bitch? He’s bitched about everything else thus far….You all are making excuses for a guy who doesn’t want or need any.

idgaf Says, in 7-9-2012 at 19:56:36 from    

its called a KNEE..not high thigh muscle attack that sightly hits the face. The KNEE made contact with Chael’s chest.

ratchola Says, in 7-9-2012 at 20:11:02 from    

CHEATER…rubbing vaseline, grabbing shorts, grabbing then fence, and the knee hit the chest but the muscle hit first the head….its a fight so im good with that…..but it wasnt clean at all!!!!!!!

Stranger Says, in 7-9-2012 at 20:23:48 from    

looks clean enough, he probably wanted to nail him in the face though.
and no1 will read this comment since its #200

Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-9-2012 at 20:46:49 from    

HAHHA Sonnen got F*ed up!! Hes lucky there was a referee there to save his monkey ass!

paddedummy Says, in 7-9-2012 at 22:37:14 from    

It was a rising knee strike right under the chin just like that old school arcade game Double Dragon except Silva didn’t have 2 handfulls of s*** talker’s hair. It was not a thrusting/penetrating “knee cap strike” to the chest at all but you would have to have actually done martial arts, been in a fight, passed physics class in high school or even just sparred with your buddies in the backyard when you were a kid as opposed to being a fat, sloppy, couch potatoe, tosser to realise that. The only guys who would be “hurt” by a patella to the chest are queer soccer players or NBA apes hoping to get a penalty shot. In conclusion Sonnen is a retard for throwing a spinning backfist and falling on his butt when he makes fun of karate guys like Machida and his own muay thai skills are nonexistent.

Terry Says, in 7-9-2012 at 23:16:36 from    


UPPER THIGH = hit chin

Legal or Illegal?

listenHERE Says, in 7-9-2012 at 23:23:51 from    

A thigh hit is a knee hit. His thigh struck Sonnen’s head.

Terry Says, in 7-9-2012 at 23:36:32 from    

Shael no hispect my family, Shael no hispect nathing

Gee Says, in 7-9-2012 at 23:52:18 from    

How the f*** is a thigh a knee? Does that mean a foot is a nipple? As if the thigh did any fu***** damage -rolls eyes- He basically hit him in the sternum and if you’ve ever learned how to do CPR, they warn you that’s a very weak area and to be careful when you perform CPR. He’s lucky to even be alive.

Bobfrombc Says, in 7-9-2012 at 23:58:15 from    

If any part of Silva’s leg makes contact with Sonnen’s head during the strike isn’t it still illegal contact? Forget the term illegal “knee” for a sec; think leg strike or kick. I don’t really know; just asking. And, what about the other part of the complaint that its illegal to grab the cage when striking the opponent when he is down regardless of whether it only hits the body. Then when you throw in 15 straight seconds of tugging at Chael’s shorts to prevent a takedown and score a couple of good punches while still holding – you can see how Sonnen’s coach might be able to get some fan support for a third fight at some point down the road if Chael gets a couple of impressive wins. Which I think the point may ultimately be, because White isn’t going to force Silva to a rematch right away. Certainly not after a 2nd round TKO, even if questionable tactics were used. But it might be smart for Chael’s team to create a little doubt anyway for down the road. They clearly still believe in their guy.

sdfg Says, in 7-10-2012 at 00:10:01 from    

look at sonnen’s back as it hits the fence. the projectile of the upper back and head is going down. very easy to see that the thigh hit the head first, which is totally illegal. But who cares. Chael is the only fighter i’d pay to see fight silva. let them fight again, please…….

evlis eats midgets Says, in 7-10-2012 at 01:28:23 from    

Even the mighty Silva thigh wouldent hert all that much with his knee driving into the sternum. If that hit is too confusing for some of you peeps go watch john fitch fights keep it simple for ya.

jack.perpetual Says, in 7-10-2012 at 01:28:45 from    

Hey, I’m a fat sloppy couch potato tosser, and I knew that. What do you have against me tossing potatoes off of my couch?

Corey Says, in 7-10-2012 at 01:33:17 from    


Yes, this makes twice chael was lucky there was a ref to save him. He may have dominated the first fight, but he talked so much s*** about how he won it, when in fact, if the fight had gone 20 more seconds, he would have been dead, and silva… not so much. Now he’s disputing it with the athletic commission… hahaha. Good luck cheater. A loser is a loser.

mmafan Says, in 7-10-2012 at 04:01:05 from    

not a good win for Silva. He talked about punishing Chael and busting out all of his teeth, but instead won with a cheap shot after his opponent was down and vulnerable after getting off balance. Definitely not a manly way of winning.

j Says, in 7-10-2012 at 07:41:02 from    

legal 100 percent

ZonaBay Says, in 7-10-2012 at 10:59:01 from    

Chael completely pussed out, didn’t even try to get up like a warrior would. He probably just wanted to cash his check and go home. What a rip off for the fans.

Tempted Says, in 7-10-2012 at 17:02:56 from    

Even if you ignore the illegal knee, he was still caught greasing, holding shorts and grabbing the cage while delivering the illegal shot.

Black Dynamite Says, in 7-10-2012 at 17:33:39 from    

I know this post probably won’t be read all the way down here but here goes.

Some things I think we all need to remember.

1. Silva 37 is 2 yrs older than Sonnen 35.

2. Silva is not on TRT, Sonnen is.

3. The Ref wiped Silva down before the fight even started. You have no right to bitch!

4. The rules state that there are no knees to the head of a grounded opponent, (not thighs), and a knee is not a thigh. It never has been and never will be a knee no matter what type of Civil War surgery you’ve seen.

http: //www.ufc.com/discover/sport/rules-and-regulations#15

Now on to the meat of the discussion.

The knee clear as day is the only thing that hits Chael Sonnen. The thigh never even touches Chael. Not that this matters as a thigh is not a knee. Watch the GIF. Chael’s knees are up and his elbows and forearms are covering his head which is slightly turned to the right. Also, Chael’s back and head are up against the cage. So when Anderson Silva’s knee connects to Sonnen’s chest, his whole body is bounced off the cage.

Now I hate to talk to everyone like a child, but I will if I have to. Chael’s head snaps back because it is in fact connected to his neck, which in turn is connected to his chest where a man with surgical precision just inserted his knee.

Anyone can watch the GIF above.

the last word Says, in 7-10-2012 at 22:29:18 from    

I’m with you 100% Black Dynamite! And to the rest of you conspiracy lovin’ dbags….bounce!

Get back to the weed smokin’ and flexin’ in the mirror of your Grannies bathroom when she’s asleep.

Dima23 Says, in 7-11-2012 at 01:52:00 from    

Wow that was so clean. If you have a bad vision or your just denying the fact
Get the heck out of here, he hit him really clean. He said he was going to do something that’s never been done before. And there you have it. Even tho Chael is a tough son of a gun. That knee was picture perfect, so much momentum. I’ve never seen no one do that before. I think this fight was a good turnout, but George and Jones are still young but. Even being 37 Anderson still looks like the most complete mma fighter. Even though gap and jones are awesome.

T’Challa Says, in 7-11-2012 at 17:42:34 from    

Dyno-mite! Dyno-mite! Thanks for the clear explanation bro, unfortunately most Sonnen fans will ignore the facts, just like their hero does.

kindle Says, in 9-25-2012 at 11:30:18 from    

Great gif! The slow-motion replay really shows the detail where you can see that it was a legal strike. It was definitely a game changer in the fight.

cradze Says, in 12-25-2012 at 08:07:38 from    

rules preventing the kick or knee to the head is a rule for safety reasons. This is imposed because of regulations from MMA’s critics and the government. But what MMA newbies should note is that MMA in its real sense is not established as a safe sport. It is intended to be a deadly reality combat sport. Knees or kick to the head is illegal only for safety reasons. I really don’t care if something touched Chael’s head because even if it did, it was not really damaging. The knee to the chest hurt Chael. Period!


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