Anderson Silva Talks About Growing Up In The Outskirts Of Sao Paulo


The interview is in Portuguese but i did put up some of the translations. The photos of Anderson as a kid alone make this worth watching.

How seriously. Marra? Nothing! “I did not get where I arrived with force”, says Anderson Silva. He came from humble birthplace. He was born on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Curitiba grew up in with his uncles, he also considers as parents.

“I went to Curitiba, because my parents were very young and could not afford to raise me in Sao Paulo. Then my mother came to a consensus with my aunt, who raised me. Has never been an easy life, never lacked anything to live in dignity, but you could not squander. It was all very controlled, “he recalls.

The boy went to fight. Became clerk in a cafeteria. “I learned many things. I learned to deal with people and handle difficult situations. It was very cool,” he says.

But the future was not there. He tried another way: follow your passion as a boy.

“My greatest frustration was not being a football player. Well, I tried, but it was not for me. Until I kicked well, but failed. It was not for me,” he says.

The Corinthians fanatic was left alone in the crowd, but needed to earn a living and invested in another passion. Assembled a team of dance and toured imitating the King of Pop “I’m a little emotional to speak, because I liked a lot, I love and am passionate about Michael Jackson,” he says.

To imitate these, got to interpret. I wanted to be, perhaps, the protagonist of “Elite Squad”. But there’s something out of tune: the voice. “It’s a serious problem. I, of this size, with that little voice,” he says.

Neither the case-law. “My daughter’s boyfriend arrived and came to me. He was expecting a deep voice and began to laugh. And I said, ‘What are you laughing?’. ‘Sorry, but I did not think your voice would be that way'” he says.

Neither in the field or stage or in film or on the counter. It was in the Octagon, an eight-sided ring, that Anderson Silva did better and won the biggest fight – the fight of their lives. The boy was thin today is the middleweight champion of the UFC, the largest mixed martial arts league in the world. Is unbeaten in 13 fights, a record. Eight fighters have tried to take his belt and could not. And this is another record. When defeated his second last opponent, had a broken rib. In his last challenge, it took three minutes and 25 seconds. That was all I needed to beat Vitor Belfort by KO.

“I have nothing against him. It fully professional business and how it works. Just like I won, he could have won. And what makes me happy is that the title is still in Brazil,” celebrates.

It was an accurate shot, those who find themselves in the action film, he learned from the actor Steven Seagal, martial arts master. “He helped me to use more hip,” he says.

Anderson says he knows very well the difference in technique to violence. For him, only blows in the ring, where practitioners, although with high risk, are trained for this. Outside the ropes, the path is always peace.

“I think this business is not about anything violent. From the moment you can no longer talk to someone, you does not have to be among the people. I think it’s important that you have knowingly and express their rights without being violent, “says the fighter.

Who sees not believe so. But behind this fierce man is a guy who is a father, husband and employee. “I have my fears, my joys and my frustrations. Normal, like any normal person,” he says.

This fighter, in more varied sense of the word, has a soft heart. “I cry a lot. Every time I remember my mother and my aunt, I end up crying a little. I remember when I weep for what I’ve been, through all the stages I went through in my life that were difficult and when I see something that bothers me, such as inequality or cowardice. It makes me very upset, “he says.

But the joy? “I have a wonderful family. I have five wonderful children, perfect. I love my children, my brothers, my uncles, my biological parents who live in Sao Paulo. I have a nice family. And I’m very happy,” he says.

This is Anderson Silva, the Spider. Spider? It is said that because of the legs, it’s because of the appearance to the animal. The answer is much simpler. “I identify a lot with Spider-Man. It is the only superhero who have bills to pay. In short, this is,” he explains. At least now it is easier to settle the bill.


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