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MR. Creepy Says, in 1-2-2014 at 12:55:33 from    

good to a smile…heal…and good luck

fitedoc3 Says, in 1-2-2014 at 13:08:56 from    

I haven’t been a huge AS fan over the past years but I have to admit he was the most dominant champ in MMA history, and as a father of a son about the same age as his youngest, I was very touched to see him interact with his youngest child in several interviews from the past week. Like him as a fighter or not, but he is obviously a very loving father and husband, something a lot of people should respect above everything else. So, get well AS and whatever you decide to do in the future you can rest assured your legacy as one of the greatest fighters ever is set in stone.

B-Real Says, in 1-2-2014 at 13:16:09 from    

With the good news about his leg, he’ll definitely fight again. With the titanium rod in his leg, now he’s a real cyborg. Try checking a kick from an Anderson Silva Bionic leg. Doesn’t that make him way more dangerous, damn!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-2-2014 at 14:21:46 from    

such beautiful black straight hair, so natural

mr malory Says, in 1-2-2014 at 16:01:49 from    

Anderson silva is the greatest fighter in the history of the sport. what a shame he has to leave like this, loosing to this douche Weidman; that guy is the luckiest guy on earth, but luck runs out eventually.

paddedummy Says, in 1-2-2014 at 16:25:01 from    

He shouldn’t be allowed to fight again, having a titanium rod in your leg is like being allowed to use a weapon during the fight. Silva’s next opponent should get to use a club if chicken legs gets to kick him with a titanium rod. Then again they let huge guys who’s main skill is losing a bunch of weight then gaining it all back in a week beat on guys half their size and they let ex steroid abusers get all jacked up on testosterone so cheating is part of the game!

Pooly Says, in 1-2-2014 at 18:10:27 from    

some of you people are so goddamn stupid you shouldn’t even be allowed online……………dead serious

T’Challa Says, in 1-2-2014 at 18:45:00 from    

Look, you have to give Weidman his respect. It’s not his fault Anderson broke his leg this fight, and clowned too much last time. Time will tell if Weidman is for real, but despite the akward circumstances the fact is he beat Anderson..twice.

I think Anderson will fight again, but who knows if he’ll ever get back the title. I’d like to see him vs Bisping as his first comeback fight.

darren Says, in 1-2-2014 at 18:46:03 from    

Anderson got beat because Weidman is better and tougher.

Joe Dog Says, in 1-2-2014 at 19:12:21 from    

Reading some of the comments on this and other posts lately, it seems that a few of you are either stupid or forgetting to take your meds, or both. Silva broke his leg in a fight, Weidman is the UFC MW champ, Fedor is retired, and Elvis is dead. That’s it. Honey, where is my Zoloft?

Catquick802 Says, in 1-2-2014 at 19:34:58 from    

@ marvelous, way to go after a little girl you fuc*ing troll.

MONTE Says, in 1-2-2014 at 23:27:12 from    

I wondered how long it would be before someone would make an idiotic comment about the Ti rod in Silva’s leg being a way of cheating. Next thing you know people will complain about diabetic fighters taking insulin. What idiots!

FailSonnen Says, in 1-2-2014 at 23:52:58 from    

lol @ marvelous…..winner of 2013 MMATKO douchbag poster of the year. He wins the golden turd dildo award.

Genghis Khan Says, in 1-3-2014 at 01:06:18 from    

@ Marvelous… I thought you had over come your inferiority complex. Get help kid.


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