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Kill em All Says, in 10-19-2011 at 16:16:13 from    

Grown men dancing to Justin Bieber, WTF!!!

wcoastassassin Says, in 10-19-2011 at 16:41:54 from    

That was fricken hilarious. Anderson is a character and not a bad dancer!

bernie Says, in 10-19-2011 at 16:41:58 from    

what… the….

dznr Says, in 10-19-2011 at 16:49:44 from    

So Anderson does Bieber, next Chael lip syncs to Selena Gomez.

Plus, Those are some long uncomfortable hugs going on there….Just saying

jmtile Says, in 10-19-2011 at 16:55:41 from    


marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-19-2011 at 17:23:19 from    

anything for money I guess, please chael retire this clown

cigronne Says, in 10-19-2011 at 17:59:44 from    

That could be to show the world who he borrowed his footwork from in order to build his long reign at 185lb division

T’Challa Says, in 10-19-2011 at 18:00:52 from    

Okay.. this was pretty gay.. but it was for the kids! Silva is a big kid, and a joker anyways, so I’m not mad at this. He’s gotta maximize his exposure and earning potential while he’s still in the game.

The only thing Sonnen will retire is his own mouth when he loses.. again.

BRUCUTU Says, in 10-19-2011 at 18:03:15 from    

No money involved guys… I speak portuguese an he did that to convert a sum of money to a charity institution.. this is a very popular show in Brazil and they always put famous people in some kind of awkward situation to collect money for charity

Leone Azevedo Says, in 10-19-2011 at 18:14:09 from    

You basta rds moth er focke rs it was somekind of challenge where he had to perform like JUSTIN BIEBER to make a poor family guy and father of 4 childs earn the prize of that show which was a new HOME and SOME MONEY to start his own business… I get sick everytime you losers open yours mouths.

drewblood Says, in 10-19-2011 at 18:28:30 from    

There’s gotta be a less-gay way to make money for charity.

@Leone Azevedo -This is the interwebz yo. We’re not opening our mouths, we’re typing.

mmalove Says, in 10-19-2011 at 18:38:15 from    

He’s going to need a second act once Sonnen gets through with him.

hugemidget Says, in 10-19-2011 at 18:40:02 from    

he needs to get destroyed just for this video alone

mmaok Says, in 10-19-2011 at 19:05:21 from    

Chael was right. Anderson = Gay. Come on Chael beat this embarrasment up.

wookiepie Says, in 10-19-2011 at 19:27:16 from    

if your heart races watching doods in a cage, you are not allowed to call anything gay. if you live in a glass house, dont throw stones.

Scottc Says, in 10-19-2011 at 19:31:00 from    

Anderson Bieber..haha.

Fire Says, in 10-19-2011 at 19:35:21 from    

I can’t take Anderson seriously as a fighter anymore.

sweet baby Says, in 10-19-2011 at 19:47:38 from    

While Sonnen is obsessively throwing tantrums´╗┐ at Anderson… Anderson is trolling with Bieber.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 10-19-2011 at 19:59:55 from    

Here come all the Chael Trolls talking crap, blushing every time Chael opens his mouth like little school girls…lmao, ride that Chael penis homos, ur man talks alot, but thats all he does well.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-19-2011 at 22:38:14 from    

Wow 1 little stunt and everyone is hating. Anderson is a differant kind of person, one who has an open mind and sense of humor about things. Hes proven he is the best fighter in the world so he has the right to explore whatever he wants when it comes to his fame. Yeah obviously its gay to the average meathead but honeslty it was pretty funny. Chael Sonnen is going to be get knocked out this time around. Watch. Anderson Silva best P4P ever!

ramrod Says, in 10-19-2011 at 23:18:13 from    

damn maybe those little dance moves help him kick ass

Dave Says, in 10-19-2011 at 23:31:38 from    

i’m not a big fan of many things Anderson silva does but people calm the F*** down its for kids ffs. stop being so uptight. all I know who ever uses the word “gay” too much is probably gay himself

Get ItOn Says, in 10-20-2011 at 00:54:33 from    

@Fire You’ll have no problem taking him seriously when he KO’s Chael.

Sweetlander Says, in 10-20-2011 at 01:33:19 from    

Anderson Silva, the most dangerous back up dancer on the planet.

No Effin Way Says, in 10-20-2011 at 06:18:07 from    

WTF!!! I’m throwing my silva shirt out. F*#king top 3 gayest things i’ve ever seen!!

attmiramaralex Says, in 10-20-2011 at 18:12:33 from    

Man, you guys act like little bitches. This was supposed to be funny.
It was.

buttqyer Says, in 10-21-2011 at 20:30:47 from    

Its important to have a good sense of humor and when you know youre a baddass you are not worried about about keyboard ninjas calling you gay..power to him, Anderson is a very misunderstood fighter and most criticism reeks of jealousy, nobody wants to see another black man on top of a sport. keep dancing dude…and ninjas keep typing..get em


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