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ericsson Says, in 9-24-2013 at 15:24:52 from    

you hot f****** KO’D fool what do you expect

drewblood Says, in 9-24-2013 at 15:58:50 from    

tough sh1t, stop acting like a moron in the cage and you won’t have to answer them.

he’ll have to lower himself to show some respect for his opponents now, while making millions. boo fukin hoo.

mmafan11 Says, in 9-24-2013 at 16:19:51 from    

Even if Anderson does not win a single fight in the UFC going forward his still the best Pound for Pound based on what his accomplished.

I don’t see Weidman matching Anderson’s record if nothing else there are more and better fighters moving into MMA everyday.

This second fight will be very different than the first I don’t see Anderson showboating much his going to come to fight.

I saw Anderson winning the exchanges when he cam FORWARD but only when he came forward and Weidman was backing up until he got careless and tagged due to Wiedmans reach.

Weidman is a good fighter but he has zero game going backwards that’s what separates the Greats from the rest.

Should be fight of the Decade at least.

Weidman has way more tools with his superior wrestling and Jujitsu to win the fight Anderson can only win in Muy Thai stand up as long as he does not get careless.

Don’t be hating on the fighters they step in the cage you don’t.

RJ Says, in 9-24-2013 at 16:44:14 from    

Ed Soares is such an idiot.He doesn’t even translate the questions correctly or responses. Anderson never truly answers the questions asked because of him.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-24-2013 at 16:59:43 from    

anderson doesn’t realize that all the douchbag losers who are “reporters” have never been elite level in anything. Their mediocre minds deal in dreams and fairy tales about what an exceptional life must be like. Just thinking about this life makes them excited and raises their pulse. some even faint or cry when meeting their favorite celebrity personality. I call it a personality because that is what is in the sick individuals mind. in their mind they know this celebrity already and feel as though they are friends and have a common bond. ever seen someone get angry if a celebrity doesn’t autograph their whatever?this is why all these dumbfuck questions keep popping up. looks like a book reads like a poem lol just got off work and am high as F*** -__-

Joe Dog Says, in 9-24-2013 at 17:10:16 from    

“It’s normal”

shocktime Says, in 9-24-2013 at 17:22:50 from    

Thinks he can make 177lbs and fight Roy Jones Jr? Interesting I hope GSP fights Anderson at that weight one day too.

T’Challa Says, in 9-24-2013 at 18:50:11 from    

Still the GOAT.

ken shiro Says, in 9-24-2013 at 19:57:03 from    

I can understand Andersons pain..I constantly get asked why I am such an asshole and I get tired of that same question over and over again.

Ozinator Says, in 9-24-2013 at 20:11:41 from    

MMMM? great post

Joe Says, in 9-24-2013 at 20:14:31 from    

I’m actually hoping that he gets his ass knocked out again, as he seems to have not learned his lesson or refuses to acknowledge it in at least.

Ground St. Pound Says, in 9-24-2013 at 22:28:35 from    

See how classy he is? He said sorry at the end because he knows he failed at meeting their need for him to repeat himself like a robot.

All class if you ask me.


Ground St. Pound Says, in 9-24-2013 at 22:35:10 from    


I don’t think he doesn’t acknowledge it. I think he just doesn’t like letting the world in on his interior life. Not everyone’s that kind of open person.

If you listen to a lot of his answers they essentially translate to “the truth is too personal for me to discuss with you and I’m not skilled at spending a lot of words on nonsense.”

He answers in quips, jokes, stock responses, mysterious answers, one word answers and is every now and then interested in a question enough to actually speak on it.

If you see some of his Brazilian talk show interviews, he is very personal, personable, humble, human. In English, maybe because he can’t express himself fluidly or understand the nuances of questions, he’s less inspired to try to use a lot of words he can barely string together.

Either way, he bleats and he kicks because he’s always gonna be the billyGOAT.


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