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failsonnen Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:30:28 from    

boy boys play nice

julian moran Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:34:38 from    

Chael will soon no longer only be brain dead.

Lando Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:42:34 from    

I hope to see Silva’s striking mastery on display more than ever.

oaklandblackouts Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:46:13 from    

silva was fired up at the square-off!…chael’s in for a long night..or better yet even a short one. i just hope it’s a good fight whichever way it goes. i think if chael is truly truly prepared for everything that anderson will throw at him it should go chael’s way. but if he’s added fuel to anderson’s fire, which it clearly looks like, chael could be in big trouble cause anderson be comin w/ ninja type s*** – the unpredictable stuff that makes him as great as he is. and i don’t think chael has trainied ninja.

What did Silva say? Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:09:54 from    

Silva said something to chael and Dana add this look in his face…Anybody can read lips?

iphone siri Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:13:56 from    

Anderson silva will win.

scottc Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:25:58 from    

Silva is going to turn FAIL Sonnen in to a corpse!

ETK Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:29:55 from    

If Silva doesn’t pace himself.
And Chael is able to drag it into the 5th round.
What will transpire?

smil3z2nice Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:41:03 from    

DAMN! chael kinda looked a lil scared

Massbud1 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:41:51 from    

I hope it’s a brutal entertaining fight for the ages. And a super fight against Jones would be awesome.

MMADude Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:52:04 from    

Anderson’s problem is he is looking past Chael again. Act angry all you want but if your look past someone and expect anger to carry you when you are on your back getting punched in the face then you are in trouble. Anger easily turns into frustration when the fight doesn’t go your way.If Chael can control the fight early then this one is in the bag. I am sure this fight will live up to the hype.

Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:00:25 from    

Chael awoke the dragon, I hope he can handle it.

Reallynow? Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:23:01 from    

I hope Silva loses. F*** you all. jk. Whoever wins, wins. Eff it.

tattooed1 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:27:11 from    

Chael did NOT look confident here. I really don’t think he expected Silva to step up like that and it has definitely made him question his antics. Hyping the fight or not, this is a great act/reaction put on from Silva…………he’s in Chaels head.

ChaelFan Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:35:15 from    

4.85 rounds was a little too short last time.

Big head going to be bouncing off the mat with tiny toothpicks for legs may just be a “Where is chuck Norris?” On goggle Search.

“He’ll come to you”

klutch Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:55:51 from    

I wonder what sweet nothings Anderson said to Sonnen. What ever it was, Dana didn’t look to happy about it.

Dusty Says, in 7-3-2012 at 20:26:25 from    

I think Sonnen is truly in Silva’s head.

BJJ7777 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 20:39:30 from    

Anderson looks determined as hell… That cannot be a good thing for any opponent. I don’t think he wants to go for a quick KO, on the contrary he wants to punish Chael as much as humanly possible (And I’m talking about Johnny Jones mode: Vicious over-hand elbows to the face and stuff like that). He really wants to hurt Chael and I think he will… Anger is not even a factor in this fight because this is Anderson Silva. The guy has a ton of fights under his belt and knows how to turn his anger into focused determination (We are talking about the best MMA fighter of all time guys, not an average Joe who is really angry at someone and wants to scrap). It’s gonna be a long Saturday night that’s for sure.

karawtee Says, in 7-3-2012 at 21:08:23 from    

last time ive seen silva like this was before the belorft fight and we all know how that started and ended

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-3-2012 at 21:26:12 from    

I hope Silva’s anger is controlled anger.The last tie he got that angry it was vs Maia when he was yelling at him and he gassed in that fight.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 21:49:13 from    

are you guys kidding me the same will happen again. Chael beat anderson in every department and it will happen again. Chael is right he is the better fighter and anderson wont be able too stop the takedown. Anderson little rib screw his rib chael is the ufc middleweight champion.

facephucke Says, in 7-3-2012 at 21:54:29 from    

I read in a brazilian headlines that Silva said the games over, youre f*****!

kinfolk Says, in 7-3-2012 at 21:58:52 from    

lol at chael……he doesnt look at silva in the eyes once!

mmafan11 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:09:05 from    

Chael is really really F****D…

thecoolguy111111 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:17:04 from    

AWESOME… Spider ripped this fake a** amateur a new one. He called him out on all of his career BS.

Fight night = Spider being Spider: 1st rd Head Kick KO

Chael “the Oregon clown” Sonnen carried off in a stretcher.

cfuny Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:47:14 from    

chael…got got mussled back just in the stand off, he’s in for a long anderson silva five round dance,ass beating

Klopper Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:48:33 from    

Hate to say it, boys, but at the very end I thought I saw fear in Anderson’s eyes. He’s got a a real animal in front of him, a determined, crazy strong animal whose sole focus in life is winning the belt, who may very well continue to take Anderson down at will and smash him.

Anderson MUST stop the takedowns.

p Says, in 7-4-2012 at 00:09:44 from    

chael looks a lot smaller without the testosterone

Rugburn Says, in 7-4-2012 at 00:26:28 from    

From the sadistic mouth of Chael, “Well I walked up to Anderson and he coward as I pushed him around like a little rag doll. Hell, he was so scared Dana had to come to his rescue. We all know I’m the champ and I hold the belt and the best record in MMA. Maybe when I tap him again all the little Brazilians playing in the mud will get cleaned up from all the tears they’ll be shedding!!”

CS Says, in 7-4-2012 at 00:43:05 from    

the way Silva is acting won’t do him any good in the cage, emotions will get him into trouble.

Not Anonymous Says, in 7-4-2012 at 00:46:03 from    

No matter what happened at the end of round five,Silva got manhandled. Now everyone is saying Sonnen is in for a long night, and he may get killed in the octagon? Please tell me what changed. Just because Silva is using reverse psychology and acting aggressive (pushing, smacking his fists together) he all of a sudden has the answer to Sonnen’s wrestling? You cannot all be that transparent not to see Silva’s bad tough guy act.I wonder if he will have a sprained toe after this fight, or maybe Sonnen will test positive for elevated Vitamin D. I’m really just waiting to see who’s injury excuse is better, Tito or Silva.

screwballhk Says, in 7-4-2012 at 01:29:42 from    

Tell you what has changed? Sonnen’s testosterone levels, from the looks of him.

I’m sorry but if someone “manhandles” me for 29 minutes and I still have the wherewithal to submit them in an armbar/triangle… the “manhandling” wasn’t done very well.

I can smack a bear 5000 times but it only takes 1 time for the bear to smack me. That’s the difference between Chael and Anderson.

Seriously… Bisping beat Chael. ’nuff said.

white dragon Says, in 7-4-2012 at 01:57:17 from    

All Silva is….is a f****** fake!! he trys to play the humble card and i have to say he is the most arrogant piece of s*** in the history of ufc…watch the damian mai fight, watch the forest griffen fight, vitor fight and the list goes on….I love chael cuz he is real and not a phony!!! says wats true!!! Just see silva at the end…the conference call and the stare down now….and you guys dont thinks this guy is a fake?!!! F*** this Guy i really hope and pray that he gets his lanky ass handed to em by Chael!!!!!! My rib hurts my shoulder hurts f****** coward Silva!!!!

FailSonnen Says, in 7-4-2012 at 01:57:57 from    

This is stupid. You guys think just because there was one match thats how it’ll go down all the time? Doesn’t happen in rubber matches so why should it happen here. All we have to do is compare fight records. Chael has been submitted via triangle choke by all the guys Anderson Silva has beaten. AND Jeremy Horn beat Chael three times. Chael is one dimensional wrestler. the writings on the wall Silva will win.

bobbyleeis1 Says, in 7-4-2012 at 02:42:13 from    

fighting with emotions never plays out unless your wanderlei silva and anderson is no wanderlei chael already got into his head

bobbyleeis1 Says, in 7-4-2012 at 02:48:27 from    

chael is psychology smart cmon guys he has got this in the bags anderson is 37 eating big macs usually once a guy is beat in the 1st fight its over…..look at boxing history the brain is powerful once its done chael by submission

boonching Says, in 7-4-2012 at 03:28:01 from    

please let this end like Hendo/bisping, but just a little more violent

Terry Says, in 7-4-2012 at 06:01:22 from    

Spinning back fist knock out of Chael … I’m calling it now.

Anderson by spinning back fist … he’s going to do something unexpected and that’s my guess.

Randy Couture Says, in 7-4-2012 at 07:51:36 from    

Silva should act like a champ.It seems like he has more to prove than sonnen. I am calling a first round KO for Silva.

rtorres7794 Says, in 7-4-2012 at 07:53:30 from    

blah blah blah. My bet is on Silva winning, period. Do Any of you really believe that Silva was perfectly healthy the first time around and that Sonnen’s striking was That superb on his feet, catching Silva multiple times? Get a clue. Not to forget: man was on extra testosterone that fight.

Crocography Says, in 7-4-2012 at 08:37:04 from    

Cannot stand Silva, hope he gets beaten like their first fight for 5 total rounds.

VLC Says, in 7-4-2012 at 09:24:38 from    

This fight is starting to take on “OJ Simpson” proportions…OJ was proven innocent, but many in the public found him guilty, Spider was victorious, but many thought he lost the fight. I feel the divide, but may the better man win. With that being said

Slappy Says, in 7-4-2012 at 10:26:49 from    

Wow Chael is so in Silvas head it’s not even funny. Look how worked up Silva is, he can’t control his anger. Chael is calm, cool and collected. That will be an advantage in the fight. He will be able to think and act on his game plan.

Silva on the other hand is so worked up, he won’t be abler to think straight. Being that worked up in the beginning of the fight uses up a lot of energy that Silva will need in the later rounds.

I see Chael taking this fight unless Silva gets lucky in the early rounds.

Rugburn Says, in 7-4-2012 at 14:31:50 from    

Chael is a douche talking about someone’s family and country! Ofcourse he pissed off Anderson and got to him!! Wouldn’t you be if someone did the same to you? He also pissed off millions of Brazilians as well as all the repectable MMA fans around the world.
Anderson has something up his sleeve, and since Chael likes acting like a WWF star I hope the entire Brazilian team storm the ring and stomp this disgraceful fool into the canvass!!!

ChampSonnen Says, in 7-4-2012 at 14:59:40 from    

Silva is way too motional. He will get ktfo!

ThatDude Says, in 7-4-2012 at 17:24:43 from    

Chael looked Frighten’d

Not anonymous Says, in 7-4-2012 at 18:46:43 from    

Sorry guys, Sonnen is still using TRT and looks the same as he always does. He will have an elevated T:E ratio after the fight, the only difference is I bet he keeps it under 4:1.

RBW Says, in 7-5-2012 at 08:19:10 from    

last time i saw Anderson get riled up like that was against lee Murray, if i remember rightly Anderson didnt perform great in that fight, i wonder if it will effect his performance in this one

murell Says, in 7-5-2012 at 14:05:33 from    

FEM Boy anderson tried to Kiss Chael,he is one strange Dude.

mory Says, in 7-5-2012 at 22:00:15 from    

FIGHT will be over in the first rd!!!


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