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YB3000 Says, in 9-13-2011 at 09:12:05 from    

Good UFC icbreaker match up for Reem. Punchers like Cain or JDS will be more dangerous for him.

madona Says, in 9-13-2011 at 09:25:45 from    

Overeem is considered the best striker in mma. Why would “Punchers like Cain or JDS will be more dangerous for him”?

SomeBloke Says, in 9-13-2011 at 10:21:46 from    

@madona. Because Cain and JDS are very comfortable with what they do. Overeem may be a better all round striker but I think the way they that both Cain & JDS could drop bombs or go to the mat is something that K-1 doesn’t prepare for (IMHO). Remember that Verdum was landing in his fight and his boxing is considered as good.

CraigEvilEbel Says, in 9-13-2011 at 10:48:42 from    

The reem might not be big enough for carwin and brock but also not as fast as JDS or BROWN PRIDE world wide. But hopefully now we have the flood gates opened for more HW talent.

lol Says, in 9-13-2011 at 10:52:13 from    

B/C “they would be more dangerous for him”. either you get it, or you don’t.

junglerottjim Says, in 9-13-2011 at 11:39:21 from    

good luck reem

Gaudy Says, in 9-13-2011 at 12:37:21 from    

Reem sounds inspired. The first time I think I’ve heard him try to suppress his excitedness. Should be a good match.

CJ Says, in 9-13-2011 at 13:02:05 from    

Wrestlers will be his biggest challenge for obvious reasons, but Brock will probbly get pwned in the first round unless he takes overeem down

Georges St. Pierre Says, in 9-13-2011 at 13:18:14 from    

Madona are you serious?

ajitator Says, in 9-13-2011 at 13:29:20 from    

lol, brock gets no break in the ufc.

fighter27 Says, in 9-13-2011 at 13:33:51 from    

madona…good question!!! i want to see how he will handle it with a very good wrestler!

Young Says, in 9-13-2011 at 14:12:24 from    

He can’t be the best if he hasn’t fought the best yet. Now we’ll see if his striking is the best. He couldn’t ko werdum and jds punched his kights out.

Young Says, in 9-13-2011 at 14:12:54 from    


Shredded Coconut Says, in 9-13-2011 at 14:37:10 from    

Hah! Who calls Reem the best striker in MMA?

omar Says, in 9-13-2011 at 14:46:07 from    

haha…I like the MMATKO sign at the top, left corner of the room.

MMA Truth Says, in 9-13-2011 at 14:48:42 from    

Because no matter how much training you’ve endured, or physical mass you’ve gained, you cant fixed a cracked chin. Overeems been KO’d alot in his early career. Cain and JDS both have KO power. I

dznr Says, in 9-13-2011 at 14:56:23 from    


They are more dangerous because the striking is much more crisp and powerful then Brocks. Brock is a large guy and a good wrestler but has seen in his previous matches he still lacks the tight technique for striking and clearly doesnt like to get hit hard. (but can take it)

casyboy Says, in 9-13-2011 at 15:07:56 from    

future looks bright for H.W div….even more so if dana will let barnett fight in the UFC…

J.Ernteman Says, in 9-13-2011 at 15:22:52 from    

^^^^ For the love of god let Barnett in .

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 9-13-2011 at 15:28:26 from    

Win or lose, I will always support Übereem.
So hopefully Brock loses ( ;) ) so we get to see the Reem fight the best, well-rounded fighters in the world! (i.e. Cigano, Cain, Carwin, and even Mir)

P.S. People criticizing Alistair’s performance in the Werdum fight need to pay special attention to his next fight. I’m fairly certain Brock will not try to lure him into his guard. And if you think Werdum’s (piddly) striking was good in that fight, please never comment again! That is all.♠

1999 Says, in 9-13-2011 at 16:46:50 from    

i like overeem. but was so dissappointed with him vs verdum.. he better be prepard. alot of people want to see him loose.
sorry for my spelling.

murell Says, in 9-13-2011 at 17:40:47 from    

Hopefully Reem doesnt get busted for P.E.D s, he has done well so far with his timing on his cycles,but u never know.

mirkocrocop Says, in 9-13-2011 at 19:04:06 from    

I am also for Barnett to hit the UFC…guy is a beast and would love to see him against some of the best HW.

dandydoodle Says, in 9-13-2011 at 19:06:26 from    

The Reem is gonna kill Lesner!

ramrod Says, in 9-13-2011 at 21:07:11 from    

rip off i know it sounds crazy but we all know that Dana White pays crap this dude was making way more money in K-1 and in Pride back in the day.. those Japanese people are crazy for MMA all these wild shows and crap .. too bad there is no more orgs that can compete with the UFC

steamer Says, in 9-13-2011 at 21:32:32 from    

Brock will make a nice tune up fight. As long as Alistair is up on how to not get taken down or pushed against the cage this should be a lock. JDS poses the biggest threat, Alistair has been KO’d or TKO’d by many people (Liddell, Hari, Kharitonov), so if Junior can find a home for those sick hands of his he could end it. As for Cain, I feel like he’s well rounded but doesn’t excel enough in any one area enough to rank as a higher threat than JDS in my eyes. He’s every bit as good a wrestler as Brock, but he’s kind of a small HW. So if Brock can’t over power Overeem I don’t see Cain doing it. (not saying it isn’t possible though) and as for his hands…everyone that fights Nogueira catches him on the chin at one point or another so for Cain it was just a matter of doing so hard enough to stun him and flurry to a finish and he did woop Brocks ass real quick, but with Brocks questionable chin and pathetic striking defense I feel like there are a ton of HWs that could have rushed him and shut his s*** down like that, Cain was just the first one to have the balls to actually do it. Cain is a tough guy in every area but I need to see him really blow the doors off a solid guy like JDS or Overeem before I’m sold.

glassjoe Says, in 9-13-2011 at 21:42:00 from    

MMA Truth, well said. It seems we have all forgotten how he got rocked before he started using the juice. And the juice doesn’t help the chin at all.

jack.perpetual Says, in 9-14-2011 at 00:40:48 from    

Of the two personalities, I’m definitely routing for reem. Really, I just hope the fight comes to fruition and lives up to the hype when it happens. As long as Brock keeps his colon clean and Uberoid doesn’t stub his toe, I’ll keep waiting anxiously to accidentally stumble upon a site that’s coincidentally streaming it on one fateful day in December. If anyone is putting money on this, please consider how much faster Lesnar can drop a deuce with 12″ less of his colon, making way for who knows how much more training time…slight edge to Lesnar.

oz Says, in 9-14-2011 at 10:17:05 from    

Lesnar being a tune up fight is a joke! Lesnar will take him down and easily control him.

Reallynow? Says, in 9-14-2011 at 21:36:10 from    

Don’t look passed either fighter. Brock can win just as easy as Reem. This is a tough fight for Reem still. He has made it to the biggest stage now. Pressure is up to see what he is really made of as a HW. His striking is fine, but a lot of power shots. Fabricio f***** the fight up for Reem. s*** happens. Used to be the slogan Free Pimp-C, but now it’s Bring In Barnett.

whitesword88 Says, in 9-15-2011 at 01:23:24 from    

yeah I thought after Reems last fight Barnett had the best chance to win. That fight with Werdum where he threw haymakers and looked bad, I think Barnett would take him down and control him. This is a good move for him, becouse he was going to loose in the tourny, now he gets paid anyway.

tally12 Says, in 9-15-2011 at 19:04:07 from    

Foolishness to underestimate Brock…just saying.

PitFighterZ Says, in 9-15-2011 at 21:32:41 from    

Foolishness to underestimate either fighter. Uberroid has a very good ground game and, as long as he doesn’t get stuck under Brock against the cage he could pull a Mir (1st fight).
The Reem may have looked bad against Werdum, but it was mostly because he had no respect for Werdum’s striking. This fight could end up just like Overeem v. Duffee.
Of course, Brock “Not in the Face” Lesnar can outwrestle Alistair and hold him down for five rounds.
I do think Alistair has a better chance of winning, especially if he hits Brock with his knees and elbows.

steamer Says, in 9-16-2011 at 23:33:12 from    

I didn’t think Reem looked all that bad against Werdum. I was there. He had no respect for Fabricio’s stand up and wasn’t going to be a total tard and jump into his guard like Fedor. He coasted to a smart win.


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