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failsonnen Says, in 8-7-2013 at 14:30:09 from    

lol eat Bruce Buffer

He’s not a horse!

PowerTele Says, in 8-7-2013 at 15:11:47 from    

What happened was that he was off of the juice. He had an abnormally low testosterone level and the athletic commission even reported this. They should not have let him fight because his body had not normalized. It was kind of like a punishment for being on the juice.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 8-7-2013 at 15:29:07 from    

I hope he learned his lesson that he can’t take a UFC HW lightly no matter how slow he is. I still want him to beat up Browne.

Joe Dog Says, in 8-7-2013 at 16:01:47 from    

Pass the Heinz 57, please.

anakonda Says, in 8-7-2013 at 16:20:48 from    

Thanks Bruno for making this available in Scandinavia also,there was that not available in your country annoyance earlier..
Hoping for ASAP HW title fight, both these guys can give big problems to Cain, they will be good fights.

rgood Says, in 8-7-2013 at 16:26:26 from    

Hey Bruno,
Your site is the best, I have been watching fights on here for years.

I was hoping you could show the fights that are coming up this weekend. Its called Jackson’s Edge Fighting Challenge. It takes place in Albuquerque New Mexico this Saturday. They are charging $100 bucks for seats… I cant afford that. There are a lot of fights in this event but I am really only interested in seeing David Binder’s fight.

Have you heard of this event? Well I hope you can find the videos after it happens.

Thanks Bruno

Bruno: Remind me this weekend and I will see what I can do.

wow Says, in 8-7-2013 at 16:30:43 from    

I’m a big fan of the Reem, but I’m pulling for Travis Browne in this one. Honestly, I think Travis Browne vs Mark Hunt would make for a better fight, but Hunt is in no condition to be fighting for the next 6 months to a year after that gross infection. That being said, Travis Brown had no answer for Silva’s right hand and that kind of says a lot. Either he was way too nervous or his stand up needs a revamp. Other than that I see a lot of potential in Browne. He’ll probably end up losing but I’m still pulling for him.

ETK Says, in 8-7-2013 at 17:24:11 from    

@ PowerTele
How can one find that report by the athletic commission?

Joe Dog Says, in 8-7-2013 at 19:25:35 from    

Overeem wins this one easily and will fight for the belt soon.

micmike Says, in 8-7-2013 at 21:19:17 from    

oveerem will not beat travis easy unless he wrestle him which thats his bigest advantage but striking wise travis is deadlier

rob Says, in 8-8-2013 at 03:08:57 from    

Overeem seems genuinely humbled. Browne is sloppy, has shitty footwork and telegraphs his strikes.

TheGMan Says, in 8-8-2013 at 09:39:51 from    

@wow, Browne popped his hammy in the beginning of that fight which completely neutralized him. I think it was a fluke and had nothing to do with not having answers to a right hand.

bonching Says, in 8-8-2013 at 10:16:31 from    

I think overreem will play it as safe as possible. no way he takes any chances. plus browne seems too streaky

KungFuLowKick Says, in 8-8-2013 at 12:09:49 from    

He injured his hmastring when he was throwing wheel kicks and spining kicks. I guess heavyweights who are 250 and 6ft7 are not made to wheel kick.

INANEBIGNATE Says, in 8-8-2013 at 13:36:41 from    

before browne pulled his hamstring it looked as though big foot was getting the better of the striking. he was keeping his boxing tight and clipped browne with a couple counters while browne was bouncing around trying to throw fancy kicks and such. Regardless I do not think the fight was long enough to show who the better fighter was and I would not mind seeing a rematch in the future. I think browne has a lot of potential and I like his fighting style but he does seem like a pompous jackass sometimes. I especially hated when he was saying before the bigfoot fight that bigfoot was not on his level and just wanted to make a name for himself by beating him. WTF does travis browne not know who Fedor is lol


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