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noseel Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:23:33 from    

Business as usual

Beutse Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:25:48 from    


greensnake Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:28:17 from    

Splendid. Let the cycles begin! Sarcasm aside, this is great news.
Now if we could just get Chael Sonnen to do a home invasion on Finkelshitz and blackmail him into releasing Fedor’s scrot, we could sign him as a LHW and put everything aright in the MMA universe!

jeff_figmb Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:31:32 from    

Jesus! Lorenzo is huge! I guess the athletic commision doesn’t test the owners for roids like they do for the fighters haha. That goes for Dana white too. lol- He’s never looked this yoked in his life. haha

feudor Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:35:16 from    

dont be scared homie

Newfie Jiujitsu Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:47:11 from    

LOL to jeff_figmb

I was thinking the same thing! dude is huge! not many look big next to Reem! but he certainly does!!

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:49:37 from    

Greatest laugh ever the camerman because what lorenzo said was so f****** funny. You can tell hes sucking dick.

arod Says, in 9-6-2011 at 22:34:30 from    

is it me or does lorenzo look bigger then the reem

Kill em All Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:00:26 from    

Two Roids users together

no.1hansyboy Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:04:46 from    

lorenzo’s looking buff!

the faceless Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:19:46 from    

How unfair is it? Alistar has to stop eating his horse meat while Lorenzo takes all the roids he wants in Alistairs face!!

Tsagoii Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:25:14 from    

Shameless scammers!!!

I wouldn’t be surprise if their whole empire comes crashing down, wait…

Big show A.K.A. WWF style. It’s gonna stink soon (I hope not)

I think Asia will eventually show them how it’s done.

Too bad most true experts wont fight in those type of tournament.

For them, it’s not about the fame and $$, but the true art itself.


shocktime Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:27:00 from    

So is Overeeem screwed outta K1 and Dream fights now?

AOR Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:42:12 from    

I wonder how many other fighters Lorenzo has used that line on.

Joseph Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:57:04 from    

Lorenzo is big, but the camera is at an angle and Overeem is wearing a rather slimming suit.

casemax Says, in 9-7-2011 at 00:10:53 from    

@Joseph, I was thinking the same thing glad someone caught that. This is good news, great fights ahead too.

casyboy Says, in 9-7-2011 at 00:28:56 from    

black peoples torso’s are typically shorter than whites,hard to tell while they are sittin… im happy for reem! he won k1 allready , now he can focus 100% on mma in the ufc…. thats something for him to get up for!

tobes Says, in 9-7-2011 at 00:49:11 from    

yeah please, if overeem was wearing a white slim t-shirt and the same distance from the camera he’d look much bigger than Fertitta. he IS much bigger thsn Fertitta.

chopper Says, in 9-7-2011 at 01:24:46 from    

Anybody knows how much Fertitta weighs? looks over 200… roided up to da max.

dnice Says, in 9-7-2011 at 03:05:03 from    

biggest mistake ever . never make deals with the devil. should’ve have stayed a free agent … these are poor quality people with no honor

Jasonicus Says, in 9-7-2011 at 05:17:49 from    

Now we know why they dropped him from Strikeforce. All it was was a ploy to get him in the UFC.

M Says, in 9-7-2011 at 06:46:47 from    

Why does Fertita look bigger than Overeem?

Krio Says, in 9-7-2011 at 06:53:02 from    

Lorenzo Fertitta is on steroids but he doesn’t look that big, he’s little so when you are under 6’0 and big it’s funny because you are still weak

anti2 Says, in 9-7-2011 at 07:00:36 from    

Does this mean that Overeem has left Golden Glory?

Xlonic Says, in 9-7-2011 at 07:58:45 from    

Awesome!!! I wonder if he will get an imediate title shot.

ericsson Says, in 9-7-2011 at 08:05:56 from    

this is great news
now time will tell if Alistair can hang with the best of them

madona Says, in 9-7-2011 at 10:04:51 from    

new ufc champion.

chopper Says, in 9-7-2011 at 10:50:20 from    

Maybe he’s been eating Mrs Mir’s Pasta…

bigbob Says, in 9-7-2011 at 11:36:56 from    

is lorenzo a heavy weight ?
looks like he can bench 500

sandro Says, in 9-7-2011 at 12:52:29 from    

did he say : cool now i have youre autograph or what?!

casyboy Says, in 9-7-2011 at 13:11:22 from    

all you can eat fajita brothers

Avengedlevis7x Says, in 9-7-2011 at 14:27:32 from    

Lorenzo is all juiced up! He looked bigger than Alistair! I want to see Lorenzo and Dana in a cage match!

mmafanatic Says, in 9-7-2011 at 15:14:44 from    

Lorenzo is roiding for sure man!!!! He got huge out of nowhere!!!!!! Anyone else notice. You can see him in most of Dana’s blogs.

Adam87 Says, in 9-7-2011 at 15:50:04 from    

Signing million dollar deals in a T-shirt. There’s a real life “Badass” ladies and gents.

f_u Says, in 9-7-2011 at 17:20:01 from    

Lorenzo is on the horse meat diet.

what Says, in 9-7-2011 at 19:30:58 from    

Why are all you f*** talking about Lorenzo. Who gives a s*** about how big he is. The point is the Reem has a chance to whop some ass.

Reallynow? Says, in 9-7-2011 at 21:20:34 from    

too bad reem will show everyone how good he isnt.

No tapping in the street! Says, in 9-8-2011 at 01:02:15 from    

YES!!!!! I’m so glad they got him! I just hope they don’t put him against Brock Lesner in his first fight!


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