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Tempted Says, in 4-23-2012 at 10:37:46 from    

Bullshit. Its always a “I didn’t know I was taking it” answer. Pisses me off. Accept that you take it and move on. It isn’t a banned substance, it isn’t cheating unless you’re on it at the time of the fight and it isn’t steroids. Own up to it and I’ll respect you. Lie like a bitch and I’ll despise you.

mk Says, in 4-23-2012 at 10:42:43 from    

Since when does an anti-inflammatory have testosterone in it? And if they do, enough to elevate your levels to 14:1?? c’mon.

cgbloke Says, in 4-23-2012 at 10:47:19 from    

What pain medication has Testosterone in it and what would the purpose be? And even if it did how would your levels get so high? Bullshit.

meopo Says, in 4-23-2012 at 10:48:53 from    

We all want to see him fight. Just support don´t ask ….. ; )

wow Says, in 4-23-2012 at 10:54:24 from    

I feel you both the above posters, there is testosterone in some anti inflam drugs, but again like above you HAVE TO KNOW what your using and saying you didnt check or know is just foolish.

i hope the guy gets proven to be right but i doubt it, and i cant see Dana been very forgiving with this..

Anon Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:01:55 from    

This will tarnish his legacy. Cant consider him that great if he cheated to win all his fights.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:04:14 from    

Another cheater who can’t stop lying.The only cheater I respect is Leben because he said no bullshit,he just said he cheated plain and simple and he knew what he was taking.Telling excuses like that just makes it worst.

TUNA Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:12:19 from    

typical answer to save face. His management told him what to say; he’s just following orders. No dr is gonna inject a professional athlete with testosterone or any other banned substance in the United States. Other countries aren’t so against steroids but since these guys fight in the US, they have to act like they are against the use of PEDs. Dumb, but its just politics. A “clean” athlete would be absolutely LIVID if his doctor or trainer gave him test or a test derivative without their knowledge because they shut down your natural production of test and can affect your libido, and lots of other [arts of life that matter. Cycling/running steroids is a LIFESTYLE choice and the athletes who choose to do so are PROS in how and when and when to stop, etc. It’s a timing game. His crazy T-E ratio was most likely the result of a large test-suspension shot the day he was tested (that means the testosterone has no ester attached to slow down absorption into the blood – every mg of test gets into your blood immediately for use). Add to that the likely use of anti-estrogens to control side effects, and your T-E ratio can get pretty high pretty fast. He just got tested at the exact wrong time.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:12:35 from    

I drank a red bull, I didnt know it had testosterone….

Sure bud… ur reputation is f*****, just like Chael and all the other s*** bags…

brucelee23 Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:14:25 from    

Rather than cancel the fight, jack up JDS Testosterone to 14:1 then they can still fight on the same grounds !!!

JoeDog Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:17:43 from    

Totally unbelievable. Nonsense.

stu11 Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:24:05 from    

His doctor didn’t know what he did for a living and that this may affect his testing? BullS*it!

Krio Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:27:19 from    

why are you f*** bashing on him? we ALL knew he was using steroids and they ALL DO USE IT so why call him a cheater? common stupid people

rgiczey Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:31:57 from    

His doctor didn’t know that he was a professional athlete?

NMPLD1987 Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:33:10 from    

lol. I didin’t know! Best answer he can give us.

PastelXCore Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:33:40 from    

90% percent of the fighters use some sort of enchantment drug, most of them just dont get caught 90% of all athletes use them, lets just accept it and regulate it for f*ck’s sake

jdogg Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:37:07 from    

The first comment pretty much nailed it. I don’t believe any of this nonsense. The “I didn’t know” bullcrap does not fly any more. Whoever the PR team that writes this crap needs to think more outside the box in terms of lying.

Dirty Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:41:33 from    

he is clean
good guy
does he eat stallion or gelding?

bigtigger Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:41:48 from    

Every time a great fight is set it always gets ruined. Stupid and bad for the sport. I cant describe how disappointing this is.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-23-2012 at 11:58:22 from    

It’s true there’s testosterone in some medication but does the medication alone get you to a 14:1 t/e ratio?

coutura Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:09:31 from    

wat in the hell nonsnense now if the doctor gave him that he should sue his doctor for that. i can’t believe this doctors they all suck.chris cyborg said one of her trainer patnerts gave her something and she did not know. now overeem doctor gave him that and he did not know it had testosterone they all guilty….anderson silva fought with a fracture rib without testo and he beat chael sonnen.when overeem fought tyron spong hes testo was over 16.9 you could tell

JoeDog Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:20:34 from    

“How was I to know that my corn flakes were laced with…….”

zmayo Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:23:21 from    

Testosterone will help him heal faster and be less affected from being sidelined to recover from the injury. But his levels apparently were way to high from just being “mixed with medicine”.

Hes a cheater and he got caught.

kid candle Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:36:05 from    

@ brucelee23

agreed bro. they should have a separate division where the fighters can use whatever drugs they want.

IKnives Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:40:51 from    

Since everyone is calling bullshit I am gonna go the other way and say lets believe his lies.

Pope Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:40:54 from    

Overeem must have made the mistake of injecting his Anti-inflammatory using his old steroid needle. He should know better than that.

KuRo Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:41:06 from    

His management team polished it up a bit. Before they got to it, his original apology was a little more like:
‘To my friends and fans,
I am new to the UFC and didn’t realize they would do a surprise piss test so quickly on me. If I had some more time I would have been able to better hide the fact that I am being injected with testosterone like a horse.
I am also a douche bag, but that has nothing to do with steroids..’

Roe Jogan Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:42:37 from    

Sean_Vance… your ignorance on Chael is noted. We hear it a lot from many dickwads.

Chael actually turned in a report weeks prior to his testing to the California Atheletic Commission that he was on Testosterone. He provided all the required paperwork from the doctors, and the UFC was informed as well. Even Dana White has admitted that Chael was transparent in what he had put in his body prior to any drug tests.

California Commission nailed Chael on pure political grounds. Chael is a well not Republican. The California Commission is littered with Socialist/Democrats. I am neither, but I know a political stink bomb when I see one.

lllibbbo Says, in 4-23-2012 at 12:58:07 from    


Dude, this idea is brilliant~~~!

dopey_one Says, in 4-23-2012 at 13:15:57 from    

his testosterone level should have dropped before they went toe to toe , but all u ppl that are not to keen on the reem !!! testosterone is not really cheating , when the other fighters testosterone level drops they take testosterone to level it out

sooooopernate Says, in 4-23-2012 at 13:20:25 from    

Same old story.

White dragon Says, in 4-23-2012 at 13:31:30 from    

Bull s*** he is a f****** LIAR!!!!

ace Says, in 4-23-2012 at 13:36:19 from    

A true professional would know. No one gets that big that fast that rip naturally. I was a big fan but now he is just another cheater. What a shame! Really looking forward to that fight.

newmmfan1 Says, in 4-23-2012 at 13:40:44 from    

As believable as any other explanation, including “I’m cheating”. Any time someone is accused of this sort of thing they are guilty for the rest of their life, proof or not. Overeem was found guilty the day he hit 230 not at UFC146 press conference. Hopefully he gets a minor suspension and fights again towards the end of the year.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 4-23-2012 at 13:49:26 from    

I hate roid users who compete in fair sport!

whitekimbo Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:02:38 from    

you lost me at “To my friends and fans”

Lando Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:09:23 from    

Lame. They all say I didn’t know. When your career depends on what you put in your body, IT IS YOUR JOB TO KNOW what is in the syringe.

“Duh, me no know. Me just pick things up and put them down.”

Lando Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:12:10 from    

I guess you’ll be suing the doctor then for ruining your career??????????????????????????????????

maynard Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:27:04 from    

I remember when Cyborg, Sherk, and so many others released the same statement after they were popped, and so many “fans” still bought their bullshit. Respect to those man the F*** up.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:33:38 from    

@Roe Jogan: Get your facts straight…cut off for testosterone even for TRT patients is 4.0…Chael had 16.9. Do u get it now dick breath?……are you his mommy? Only his mommy believes his BS…

OhBoy Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:34:32 from    

Truth doesn’t matter. It’s what you can prove, not what you know.

jdogg Says, in 4-23-2012 at 14:43:53 from    

lol @ everybody in here thinks he’s lying.

julian moran Says, in 4-23-2012 at 15:27:55 from    

I still want to see him fight jds.

failsonnen Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:08:33 from    

A lot of opiate pain meds can lower testosterone levels through chronic use.

fail anderson silva says Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:11:36 from    


AussieMMA Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:14:08 from    

So sick of Overeem hiding behind this nice guy persona!! The guy is a fraud that win titles in organizations rife with fixed fights, mafia involvement and extremely questionable drug testing procedures. The guy is a fake athlete and it’s time we moved on from him. Time for the UFC to just forget about this freak show. It’s determental to their brand if they keep dealing with this monkey!

iWay Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:20:47 from    

save it, Overeem … you had your chance

k91st Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:28:01 from    

Testosterone is a male hormone that plays a role in the sexual development and characteristics of men. Testosterone is secreted by the testicles and adrenal glands. It is responsible for building muscle mass and bone density, fat distribution, production of hemoglobin, cholesterol metabolism, sexual functioning, concentration, memory and mood.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/221216-what-is-an-acceptable-level-of-testosterone-in-men/#ixzz1sthRJz6g

pure_hate Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:33:58 from    

name the doctor
name the anti-inflammatory medication
quit the bulshit
clean up

f_u Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:41:44 from    

lol @ probably the biggest roid abuser in the history of mma saying he didnt know that he was roiding. what a fucktard.

coutura Says, in 4-23-2012 at 16:42:18 from    

whats the name of the anty imflamatory med he tooked i need to see if they sell itover the counter

SwagArtist Says, in 4-23-2012 at 17:46:15 from    

Your all acting like he is the only god damn person who uses performance enhancements. 90% of the fighters pool uses this s*** and you all want to bash the guy who is in the spotlight right now for it? Typical human beings looking for someone to pick on. Do your homework first before you talk s*** cause you just sound so stupid to the people who have some intelligence

fightdontbefake Says, in 4-23-2012 at 18:34:03 from    

lmao at all these haters on this site, wow bruno, not sure how you deal with these kids…prolly dont read half of em, lmao

OhBoy Says, in 4-23-2012 at 18:36:08 from    

Who cares, lol. Why is everyone seemingly taking it so personal? Are you guys obsessed with the guy or what??

Who gives a s*** if he takes PED’s. He’s only hurting himself. I guess some of the butthurt fans as well…

jack.perpetual Says, in 4-23-2012 at 18:54:04 from    

I love all the “facts” about PED’s that you guys have compiled while conducting these double-blind peer reviewed studies. 90% of the 90% of mma fighters that take PED’s use about 11.11% of all available PED’s on the current market which accounts for 99.99% of the crap you make up when you get your panties twisted all up in a tight wad, which 75.87% of you actually enjoy. Overoids family physician is Dr. Dre, eeasstsiiiide

MangyMongoose Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:20:07 from    

lol, love it all. Of course he’s lying. An athlete has to be injected with testosterone in order for the s*** to work, his doctor notified him…The important question is who really gives a s*** if athletes want to dope? I think the commissions should legalize all PEDs. Anyone else disagree and why? BTW if an athlete has bitch tits, he’s taken steriods. Take a look at Rashad and GSP’s nipples sometime, lol.

morbidcro Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:21:30 from    

I was prescribed a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory steroid for tendonitis. I don’t know what it would do to my t/e ratio, but I was smart enough to know it was a mild steroid. If I was an athlete competing, I would share that information and it wouldn’t be a big deal like it is. Overeem is smart enough to do that if that was the case. Hence, I don’t believe it at all.

cd Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:41:59 from    

testosterone increase interleukin one. a cell signalling molecule for antiinflammatory response. there’s the reason for all u bio majors out there. if he really did take it or if he just looked that up will decide his licensing.

cd Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:44:41 from    

oops, it’s interluekin 10, and to the genius with the “injection” comment, ingested testosterones will raise ur levels too. -_-
again, not advocating innocence or guilt.

Arod Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:51:37 from    

some peopel here are silly you wanna debunk the roid myth then when you get it your complaining you should rejoice that your right, and doctors dont care they just wanna get paid lets be real lost of medications have steriods in them but its up to a fighter to find that out, and if he had a injury anyone will do the same he just didnt think he was gonna get tested for it im sure he wont get introuble with the commission and he will fight Cain this coming fight

Arod Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:57:00 from    

i think any supplement that you can get at GNC is cheating do it the old fashion way train right eat right and rest supplements are just legal cheating also and you dont have to inject roids to use them the can be taking orally

op_of_faith Says, in 4-23-2012 at 19:57:56 from    

@SEAN VANCE…We are in agreement re: Chael, Sir. “Dick-breath”-LMAO! Classic!

I will say this…About 8 years ago when I had been a Professional Trainer for a few years I start selling Supplements. I was HORRIFIED at how many times I tried to explain what was in something and people-some were Athletes who were tested-told me they trusted me or they didn’t care…I was blown away. I don’t if ‘Reem is full of s*** or not but he may NOT be lying about his Doc not telling him. I was shocked at how many Docs I meet who didn’t know what was in some of these things…

PitfighterZ Says, in 4-23-2012 at 20:35:15 from    

I personally don’t give a flying f*ck if he is a PED abuser or not as long as he doesn’t fight. Now, trying to say that the doctor injected him with steroids without his knowledge… give me a freaking break. I can’t phantom an athlete’s doctor who would do that.
Even if it was the case that he took it only to heal himself faster and had no intention to keep taking it (which is probably b.s. anyway), he would have known that he was being injected with enough of that sh*t that would make him piss lava in a test, which he was expected to take. That’s why Dana Douche moved on with his program. Even with a doctor’s note, nobody can buy this amount of b.s.
Now, let’s all stop pretending that this is shocking in anyway and go back to MMA.

Twana Says, in 4-23-2012 at 21:05:35 from    

just a punk……..coward

kravmma Says, in 4-23-2012 at 22:03:02 from    

Is this really the full extent of the explanation they’re going to sell to the commission? On this basis alone it doesn’t look good. I’m an Overeem fan and would like to believe, however even if it was tangible, it is simply human nature to condemn him. Especially with fellow fighters claiming that it’s nothing new, that they’ve always suspected. I hope for his sake, he can as he says, prove he is a clean fighter – but he will never prove it to everyone.

LV Says, in 4-23-2012 at 22:30:16 from    

bullcrap .when you broke something or injured you just waiting to heal up or using just a painkillers ,when you have real disease then you taking serious medicine .And from when doctors don’t know what’s in the pills..Especially giving them for athletes like Overeem.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-23-2012 at 22:36:23 from    

You guys who really beleive him are stupid.I get some pills from a doctor for anything i just google the name and i can see everything on those pills.So don’t tell me a pro athlete doesn’t have enough money for a computer and internet to run a Google search.

Moostachio Says, in 4-24-2012 at 01:38:10 from    

He should’ve gone with the “I was taking medication (roids) for my low testosterone treatment.” LOL Oh wait. I think that ones been used already.

fedor oh fedor Says, in 4-24-2012 at 02:34:10 from    

que the horse neigh after his last sentence…

wow Says, in 4-24-2012 at 03:55:32 from    

@KungFu i did some google research last night and if the Reem took the strongest anti inflams on the market he would have to have over 12 times the normal dose per day to have that reading, and thats based on an average mans build.

I am not defending him, he has cheated for sure. Wll innocent until proven guilty i guess haha

kingdean Says, in 4-24-2012 at 06:07:17 from    

WHo gives a s***, as long as hes clean on fight night, what does it matter?

MonsterJujitsu Sensei Says, in 4-24-2012 at 09:32:28 from    

You guys are too much. Every sport on earth worth a s*** is ripe with PED abuse. Has been for years. They should just legalize it all and let the chips fall where they may. This is ENTERTAINMENT. Everything you see is PRODUCED.

Oswald Cobblepott Says, in 4-24-2012 at 14:08:45 from    

What a BUM….anyone who thinks otherwise has never competed in anything real!

Tempted Says, in 4-24-2012 at 14:54:50 from    

The problem with legalizing STEROIDS is the damage it does to your heart. All of you idiots on here who mentioned steroids are about as smart as a jar of fermenting mayonnaise in the sun in Africa. He was not busted for steroids, so for God’s sake give that a break. Neither was Chael. Testosterone is NOT STEROIDS. It is naturally produced from some of the members on this site, but most on this site have shown that they in fact don’t have the testicles to produce it. I don’t use testosterone replacement or anything other than creatine, which I rarely use since I’ve recently started fighting at lower weight classes.

papasmurf Says, in 4-25-2012 at 03:27:47 from    

that is very possible there are anti inflammatory drugs with testosterone and other steroidal hormones in it to help with the pain and inflammation. it is much more common to take NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like aspirin, motrin and naproxin. the only issue is that how could he not know about it thats where i start to think there could be a cover up going on. i personally believe there needs to be many more random screenings to keep the sport clean.

Odin06 Says, in 4-25-2012 at 08:22:40 from    

Oh cool. Test fixes rib problems. Good to know. I though it was for men over 35 with low T

Op_of_faith Says, in 4-25-2012 at 14:55:39 from    

@Tempted- Largely agree with your statement but let’s NOT ignore that have additional T in your system would make you more aggressive which would be the definition of “Performance Enhancement.” Will it DIRECTLY make you stronger…not necessarily but could it assist during workout and preparation? Absolutely. I do remember that Chael claimed he disclosed as well as that it wasn’t on the banned list but Chael has a way of being loose with the truth…even if you’re a fan, you have to know that.

Op_of_faith Says, in 4-25-2012 at 14:57:13 from    

***have=”if you have”

keulniss Says, in 4-25-2012 at 21:24:37 from    

@ Tempted, testosterone is a steroid.

london_Jones Says, in 4-29-2012 at 15:14:56 from    

sonnen did not get this much hate i wonder why? HHHMMMmmm…


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