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pan507 Says, in 10-23-2011 at 10:15:28 from    

first comment! overeem is a bad ass.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 10-23-2011 at 10:43:31 from    

Pretty confident guy. Brock is heavy with good wrestling skills, but he’s nowhere near Alistair in striking.

dank Says, in 10-23-2011 at 12:32:43 from    

1rst rnd ko via knee “the reem”

oldassgrappler Says, in 10-23-2011 at 12:32:49 from    

I bet that he does not knock out Lesnar in the first round.

Bellend Bisping Says, in 10-23-2011 at 12:35:46 from    

First comment!

(see what a f***** i sound like)

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-23-2011 at 12:44:14 from    

Overeem 2012 heavyweight champ.Its almost a supergight I dont know why Dana would set up his poster boy against Overeem, I love Brock but hes going to sleep in the 1st.

Dr steel Says, in 10-23-2011 at 13:18:02 from    

I would agree with Reem unless Brock can secure the takedown, in that case it will be a long night for the reem.

noseel Says, in 10-23-2011 at 13:55:04 from    

I’m not sure he’s going to be able to handle the first round storm as well as Cain did.

glenn Says, in 10-23-2011 at 15:08:11 from    

you need to pressure overeem dont let him set up,brock need to bull rush him like he did against cain,overeem is a striker hart i dont think that hes got that good take down defens hes not that flexible hes like a tank or a robot i cant wait,im going with brock

mr42069 Says, in 10-23-2011 at 15:09:18 from    

little fun fact for you guys: overeem is not a great striker, he’s good, but not at all great. winning in k-1 doesn’t mean anything as far as mma is concerned. he won’t stop the double and he will be on his back till brock decides he wants to take him out

london_Jones Says, in 10-23-2011 at 15:40:41 from    

and mr42069 woke up!

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-23-2011 at 16:09:06 from    

He better be predicting that. If he doesn’t put Brock “Not in the Face” Lesnar out in the first, that probably means Brock got him on his back. Although Overeem used to have decent BJJ, I don’t know how flexible and active from his back he still is since he started the “horse meat diet” (just joking, no reason to start a discussion about Overroid’s natural muscles).
Putting down very simply:
1. Overeem’s grappling is better than Brock’s striking.
2. Both are extremely strong and I am not sure who would win in the clinch as Overeem has nasty elbows and knees, and Brock is a great wrestler. Different clinching techniques and equivalent strength, although I think Overeem’s wrestling might be just enough to keep him standing.
3. Overeem has a week chin. He gets rocked every time he gets hit. Brock has a solid chin, but is chicken s*** (his own words) when he gets hit in the face. Standing up, I don’t think Brock can hit Overeem and Overeem can hit Brock any time he chooses. On the ground, Brock can probably KO Alistair before he can pull a submission. However, Overeem used to have a decent ground scramble when he was thin, so that has yet to be determined.

Well, maybe it wasn’t that simple… It never is.

Meltface Says, in 10-23-2011 at 16:31:41 from    

Winning K-1 doest mean anything lol best Comment of the post goes to mr42069 who had to add the 420 to his name cause he such a pot smoker lol lame ass dude

Meltface Says, in 10-23-2011 at 16:32:35 from    

i totally forgot the 69 on the end of it lol that makes me laugh so hard reminds of me of a high school kid name for AIM

Tempted Says, in 10-23-2011 at 17:04:03 from    

So is this gonna be clean Reem or PED’d out Reem? Either way, he ain’t winning this fight unless Brock didn’t recover from the last 3 surgeries. Brock is roided out too, though, so who knows. I predict a lame fight with a great KO.

ericr64 Says, in 10-23-2011 at 18:16:56 from    

Just don’t punch yourself out by beating on his melon. Be ready for plan B.

Op_of_Faith Says, in 10-23-2011 at 19:53:18 from    

Is your handle REALLY “Ligger_Nyncher”???

Why are you rooting for Overeem and why haven’t you killed yourself?

Trent Says, in 10-23-2011 at 20:40:18 from    

Overroid’s TD defense is pretty lackluster, so I don’t see a first round TKO after he gets hit with a double. I can’t believe some of you think he’s going to rise through the ranks and be HW champ. If you think this guy gets through Cain or Dos Santos, you are sorely mistaken.

Young Says, in 10-23-2011 at 21:36:55 from    

Brock is a wannabe fighter. No hands he just big and strong that’s it if he wins while I doubt he will, he will win VIA lay n pray.

bigeggnog Says, in 10-23-2011 at 23:09:28 from    

The Reem is so over rated. Brock lesnar by ground n pound round 2.

omar Says, in 10-24-2011 at 00:05:26 from    

This Dana’s way of getting Brock out of the UFC. Brock has served his purpose as a big time marketing machine but now that his chin has been exposed and UFC is about to go “main stream”, he’s gonna be fed to the lions. Brock will have a couple more fights after this but his time with the UFC is coming to an end. Good run Brock!

kingdean Says, in 10-24-2011 at 00:21:25 from    

i can see this going like carwin/lesnar did

reem burning himself out in the 1st

lesnar finishing him in the 2nd

either way should be a fun fight

joey_ed27 Says, in 10-24-2011 at 05:17:23 from    

Last few fights of Overeem, his striking has been suspect.

Brock is going to grind this guy for 3 rounds easy.

paulwonder Says, in 10-24-2011 at 10:09:06 from    

I cant see brock being able to do anything with Overeem i understand brock has a big wrestaling background but overeem has miles more experance and has been a active figter for many years. And cain showed that a much smaller fighter can stuff brocks takedowns now hes up against a man whos probably as strong as him and a hell of alot more athletic. Anyways i think its a total miss match

jdogg Says, in 10-24-2011 at 11:14:28 from    

Nah, I see Brock lasting the first rd. After that, Overeem should pretty much have his way with him.

c..kid Says, in 10-24-2011 at 12:37:51 from    

overrated overeem…and brock..lot of hype,im sure cain would woop bolth

The Funky FRO Says, in 10-24-2011 at 12:41:08 from    

Wow reporter, why not suck his **** too?

Niv Says, in 10-24-2011 at 14:59:58 from    

mr42069, winning K1 means nothing? Your post is simply ridiculous, winning K1 means everything as far as striking ability is concerned, nobody in mma is on Reem’s level when it comes to striking!

Reem would make JDS look like an amateur in the stand up dept, I just can’t believe people don’t understand what K1 Champion means.

Thanewage403 Says, in 10-24-2011 at 16:10:58 from    

If brock gets Overeem down, Brock wins. If he can’t be successful with take downs, he will lose.

Chemosux Says, in 10-24-2011 at 17:58:19 from    

Reem is way too slow for Brock. Double leg take down. some ground and pound and finished with hammer fists!

JoeDog Says, in 10-24-2011 at 18:49:09 from    

For sure, Overeem will hit Lesnar in the face. Lesnar will bleed, cry and curl up in a ball. Overeem will finish him promptly with punches to Lesnar’s big ugly bucket head. The last Werdum fight was an exception. Overeem’s recent record shows that he finishes fights. Lesnar will not be an exception. Just thinkin…..on the other hand…..????

morbidcro Says, in 10-24-2011 at 19:55:10 from    

Brock via Overeem gassing. Reem won’t be able to utilize his knees. He’ll get taken down every time he tries. I’m hoping I’m wrong though, I wanna see Overeem as champ in the future. I think Brock is his biggest challenge at heavyweight.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-24-2011 at 22:34:55 from    

Brock has balls and that’s about it, he can’t fight for s*** and will retire after this massacre.

Avengedlevis7x Says, in 10-26-2011 at 14:50:45 from    

“Fact” Brock does have Balls! False > he can’t fight and will retire after this. “Fact” If he makes it through the first round he will win

muffMasta Ryno Says, in 10-28-2011 at 21:06:31 from    

ARE THESE TWO EVEN GOING TO FIT INSIDE THE OCTIGON?, HAHA TOO MUCH ROIDS FOR ONE OCTIGON….good match up tho, thers going to be an atmostsphere of intence ROID RAGE in the air!!!!!!!!!!!! Which of course always makes a good K.O or a good slugfest, beat the sh*t out of one another,fight………. defintly a match to watch, hell I might even throw a ppv party and watch the roaids fly lol!!!!!!!!


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