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walter Says, in 2-1-2013 at 07:18:23 from    

dana looks from left to right thinking, guys dont!!!!! i’m to small to get stuck in between

chopper Says, in 2-1-2013 at 07:25:59 from    

hope reem stays off the horse meat long enough to have a run at the title

oshawabinalex Says, in 2-1-2013 at 08:16:01 from    


YB3000 Says, in 2-1-2013 at 08:17:16 from    

In the fight between artificial muscles vs freak of nature im cheering for Big Foot.

donradikal Says, in 2-1-2013 at 09:10:59 from    

what the hell with edgar’s 2 bucks suit???

jvan81 Says, in 2-1-2013 at 09:28:45 from    

holy crap. i am so pumped for the Reem to fight. I cant wait for the weight in video. going to be off the hook.

ERICSSON Says, in 2-1-2013 at 09:54:03 from    

big foot tested positive for steroids inform your ass

Genghis Khan Says, in 2-1-2013 at 11:23:36 from    

I hope big foot is pumping juice in his body too. That’s the only way he’ll be at par with Overoid…

Tempted Says, in 2-1-2013 at 12:15:33 from    

If Overroid loses this one his UFC career will be what’s over. Bigfoot was smashed to pieces by Cain, Cormier and Werdum. If Reem wins it will show what a farce Fedor’s record is(as if that hasn’t already been shown enough).

100%SUCKAFREE Says, in 2-1-2013 at 12:21:07 from    

If Bigfoot does chin ups does he count by 2′s. The Reem via TKO!!!

jkdchris Says, in 2-1-2013 at 12:40:06 from    

In the UK they have been illegally putting horse meat into beefburgers in supermarkets, UK fighters better be aware of ‘Testing Positive’ like The Reem!!!! LOL

Young al Says, in 2-1-2013 at 12:53:43 from    

@donradikal everyone is wearing regular clothes and your going to talk about Frankie’s suit? Lol that suit is probably Armani or something

failsonnen Says, in 2-1-2013 at 13:48:05 from    

Dana looks like a scared little kid at 0:45 “cmon guyssss”

Dr. Says, in 2-1-2013 at 14:04:47 from    

Yes. And Bigfoot also was using Novodex to boost his low testosterone. He also pissed hot for a steroid in the past. His management tried to say the test was due to the Novodex to treat a symptom. Low testosterone in athletes (under 30 at the time in Silva’s case) has been linked to steroid use.

Pot, meet kettle for the natural vs lab-created argument.

Dr. Says, in 2-1-2013 at 14:07:00 from    


MMAgiantsilva Says, in 2-1-2013 at 15:55:24 from    

YEah funny how a lot of people are bashing Overeem on here even YB3000 called it “steriods vs natural”. You guys know Bigfoot failed for steriods also right? lmao anyways as you were pulling for Reem to land a knee to that huge dome and end the fight.

boonching Says, in 2-1-2013 at 16:37:52 from    

big foot is gonna effin KO the reem. big head vs shrunken head

MangyMongoose Says, in 2-1-2013 at 16:39:48 from    

Nothing wrong with roids.

MangyMongoose Says, in 2-1-2013 at 16:40:57 from    

They should be legal in my opinion.

KidNamedRich Says, in 2-1-2013 at 17:41:21 from    

Why are peopled still talking about doping, like you are not going to watch the fight. If you are so concerned just don’t watch, but we all know you will so shut up and enjoy the fight!

BamBam Says, in 2-1-2013 at 18:18:39 from    

The only one wearing a suit? Mr.Edgar=pure class! And to the moron that is a $2 suit that suit is prob worth more than anything you own,if you OWN anything at all that is!!!!!!!

Meat Drapes Says, in 2-1-2013 at 20:04:13 from    

Most of you guys are angry that you are built like a 12 year old boy with leukemia and Alistar is a specimen.
You think he looks that way because he did steroids? Perhaps he trained a little too? Josh Barnett has tested positive for steroids several times and he still looks soft and flabby. Your point other than insecurity?

leanmean Says, in 2-1-2013 at 20:28:20 from    

someone is getting stopped… and to the dumbfck mma noob dissing fedor lets see anyone go undefeated for ten years at the highest level like fedor did

bob Says, in 2-1-2013 at 20:47:22 from    

if you were locked in a cage with 265lb trained killers wouldn’t you do juice too? stop bitchin.

100%SUCKAFREE Says, in 2-2-2013 at 11:01:53 from    

You know whats so funny is people comment on their opinions about the sport with no clue what it really takes to perform at the UFC level. Ultimatly skill and heart prevail..ALWAYS. You can line up every perfessional athlete who has taken “SOMETHING” and most of them weve never heard of. Damn couch potatoes, settle down and enjoy the sport.

Joumi Says, in 2-2-2013 at 11:25:03 from    

Yep.. roids should be legal.. you still have to train hard to get good results.

Tempted Says, in 2-3-2013 at 09:47:17 from    

No, roids should not be legal. It isn’t because of their performance benefits, either. Its because they kill you. How many senior citizen professional wrestlers have you seen? They enlarge the heart and kill you before 50. But even if the heart doesn’t kill you the mental side effects will. Only complete and total retards think roids are good for anything except healing after accidents. Compare Overroid to when he got KTFO’d by Chuck. No human can go from that to the 300lb behemoth he is now without roids.


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