Alexander Emelianenko Accused Of Raping 23-year-old Prostitute

Alexander Emelianenko rape

Alexander Emelianenko has been questioned about the rape of a 23-year-old woman, Russian authorities said Friday.

“Investigators have questioned [Alexander] Emelianenko and are currently questioning the complainant,” Russia’s Investigative Committee said in an online statement. “Investigators have also set off for the [Moscow] apartment mentioned in the complaint and will conduct an inspection of it. In addition, today investigators plan to carry out a medical examination of the woman.” Please Alex, say it ain’t so!!

Well good new for him this Saturday morning. The woman who had earlier accused mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko of rape is withdrawing her accusation against him, the fighter’s press secretary said.

Quote from Russian sports paper –

Investigators said Friday that they had questioned Alexander Emelianenko and the 23-year-old accuser, and planned to carry out a medical check of the woman.

“The woman wrote a statement [against Emelianenko] because she wanted to earn some money,” said his press secretary, Irina Staroverova. “Police have to investigate cases like this, so they started a probe.”

“As a result, the woman is taking her statement back. It’s a procedure that requires some time,” Staroverova said, adding that the incident has taken her boss by surprise.

Alexander Emelianenko had a bout last month where he had a knockout win over Jose Rodrigo Guelke, and is scheduled to face Darrill Schoonover later this month.


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