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ultimate fighter Says, in 10-1-2012 at 07:20:50 from    

M-1 is still thriving!!!!! they just got a taller emenekienko as headliner
whats not to like!! and bob sapp vs midgets would also be ace

Bob Says, in 10-1-2012 at 09:03:16 from    

hey ultimate fighter wannabe :) It’s just funny how brainwashed some ppl are. I guess it’s not that hard to fill an empty bottle (yes I’m talking about your head). Just because it’s not ufc it doesn’t mean you have to be sarcastic about it. If you are a true mma fan you should appreciate any decent fight or else just hug those Dana’s testicles tighter and watch only UFC…

MangyMongoose Says, in 10-1-2012 at 09:33:42 from    

Wow Bob, way to be a sensitive asshole.

couchtat Says, in 10-1-2012 at 10:17:24 from    

a taller emelianenko….why is that better than the shorter one….the taller one is slower….less technical…less exciting…blah,blah,blah
Bring back the last emperor!

ZW Says, in 10-1-2012 at 10:18:55 from    

@ultimate fighter M1 is co-owned by Fedor. The Emelianenko’s are high profile celebrities in Russia and they draw a big audience. M1 promotes fight events in Russia. Of course it would be doing well there.

foxy shazam Says, in 10-1-2012 at 11:42:31 from    

dont forget m1 is global unlike ufc

lord faron Says, in 10-1-2012 at 11:56:11 from    

nice glad to see Aleksander back in form great fight.

danada Says, in 10-1-2012 at 11:59:18 from    

Ghulov was throwing almost only overhand rights and lefts. Ducking low and throwing them with big time power. Alex is a pretty tall dude. I’m impressed with his calmness. He dodged pretty much everything Ghulov threw. That was a pretty entertaining fight.

journalsit Says, in 10-1-2012 at 12:58:08 from    

Aleksander’s weakness is his non diversity.

He just stands on the outside, no head movement, times his opponent and jumps in for the kill. They all prepare for it with counter punches and over hands..
Atleast Alex got some takedowns. If he trained right, with a top camp, he could easily be in the top 5 hw’s. Just a lot of waisted talent.

Enscribe Says, in 10-1-2012 at 13:07:39 from    

Lol at Alexander rubbing his eyebrow cut into Gluhov’s eyes. Enjoy the Hep-C buddy.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-1-2012 at 13:27:48 from    

i always loved his epic back tattoo of the grim reaper holding a baby

inanebignate Says, in 10-1-2012 at 13:57:18 from    

man im glad aleks got the win but he does not seem like the same fighter he used to be five or so years ago. dude used to be a killer especially on his feet. now he just stands their flat footed and seems fine with eating punches as long as he gets a couple off himself

Twana Says, in 10-1-2012 at 16:56:25 from    

Fedor…….the Last Emperor is there too..
God of MMA…

Good night Dana ashole..hehe

FedorsLover Says, in 10-1-2012 at 22:53:01 from    

Fedor eats ice cream, draws cartoons, loves his kittens but…still the baddest man ever to walk this earth

MuayThaiHeadKick Says, in 10-2-2012 at 04:41:17 from    

I now realize there are a lot of Fedor “nut huggers” in here. smh

*BOOM* HEAD KICK to FedorsLover’s head.

Zacky Says, in 10-2-2012 at 17:19:26 from    

Alex Emelianenko = Rampage Jackson. Maybe slightly worse.

Nothing special.

Fedor=GOD-4 Says, in 10-3-2012 at 13:36:54 from    

read the name, been posting under this name for years. long live mma royalty! haters, i know ur doing what u do, but learn how to express urself a LITTLE bit differently


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