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Chicago Says, in 5-7-2013 at 22:03:04 from    

“A dream match up would be Bob Sapp vs another Bob Sapp” – tth

theEpicurean Says, in 5-8-2013 at 00:30:40 from    

What a paradox! If Sapp fought himself, who would take the dive?

NMPLD1987 Says, in 5-8-2013 at 00:34:18 from    

hell yeah man, and then see which one of them throws the fight first!

Joe Dog Says, in 5-8-2013 at 00:36:56 from    

Those sand sculptures will fight back more than Bob Sapp. Sad.

wcoastassassin Says, in 5-8-2013 at 00:45:52 from    

This is the most ridiculous farce ever. Bob Sapp would tap to his own shadow

Tear Says, in 5-8-2013 at 00:59:01 from    

These sand warriors stood with Alexander longer then Sapp would.

c hill Says, in 5-8-2013 at 01:08:28 from    

cool commercial

straightAhead Says, in 5-8-2013 at 02:01:57 from    

Looks to me like somebody is on the juuuuuiiccce.

Twana Says, in 5-8-2013 at 06:49:37 from    

bob sapp vs drug addict alistair overrem…….lol

High stakes Says, in 5-8-2013 at 11:57:16 from    

this is ajoke!!?/ who THE HELL would pay to see bob sapp cry and tap out/throw fights?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-8-2013 at 12:16:17 from    

@High Stakes
I agree.But the Japanese love him.He won millions of dollars throwing fights.It’s ridiculous.

Joe Dog Says, in 5-8-2013 at 12:40:27 from    

“I saw a werewolf with a Chinese munu on his chest, walkin’ through the streets of Soho in the rain”

INANEBIGNATE Says, in 5-8-2013 at 12:56:05 from    

I used to be a big fan of aleks, well heck I still am but he seriously did not seem to ever reach his full potential. His Ko over ricardo Morias is one of my favorites knockouts of all time. I hope bob stands long enought to actually get ko’ed but Im thinking he will go down after aleks throws the first punch that lands

petepetro Says, in 5-8-2013 at 13:12:47 from    

to bad we don’t get the sapp that fought hoost or nog anymore…that sapp owned

blow Says, in 5-8-2013 at 13:33:17 from    

i would like to see alex in a tarantino movie.
and bob should do a documentary about pearldiving.

boonching Says, in 5-8-2013 at 16:05:27 from    

but what if bob sapp showed up to fight? like, REALLY showed up to fight? juiced up and everything? and beat the tattoos off aleks… lol yeah right

drewblood Says, in 5-8-2013 at 16:13:55 from    

i can only guess aleks is also doing this for a paycheck.

at this point, you really only embarrass yourself by “fighting” Sapp, who’s lost what…. 13 of his last 14?

cutu2bad Says, in 5-8-2013 at 19:04:40 from    

Unless Alex and his Russian mob have there money on sapp to win Muhahahahahahhahahah

Trepidation11 Says, in 5-8-2013 at 22:23:48 from    

Funny, a bunch of you talk trash about sapp and yet none of you would ever fight him. Go ahead and be an internet warrior… Losers

phil Says, in 5-9-2013 at 03:10:09 from    

Sapp doesn’t have any highlight reel

Joe Dog Says, in 5-10-2013 at 12:22:48 from    



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