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lal Says, in 5-6-2013 at 09:41:00 from    

lol dude, you want to be beaten bad? xD

netobjj Says, in 5-6-2013 at 09:59:02 from    

swedish douche

Moedawg Says, in 5-6-2013 at 10:17:19 from    

I don’t think he should get a shot at McGregor based on this whack a$$ video. Dude is corny. Also, I concur with lal, Akira will get beaten bad.

bobsappsshriveledsack Says, in 5-6-2013 at 10:40:46 from    

who the fudge does this guy think he is? this would be a step down in competition after the brimmage fight for mcgregor. mcgregor needs to fight a better opponent

TheViciousone Says, in 5-6-2013 at 11:00:00 from    

@LAL Beaten Bad you say? At least one of the few who has balls to ask for dangerous opponents. Willing to take a high risk challenge for great reward. If you worried about being beaten in this sport perhaps you are watching the wrong sport from you comfy sofa.He’s got my respect and I’m sure more importantly Dana and company. They love that s***.

Tear Says, in 5-6-2013 at 11:11:19 from    


NicksBrother Says, in 5-6-2013 at 11:52:53 from    

Please no. The only people I would care to see him face on that card that I think would be available are Poirier (That would be a huge momentum-shift fight.) or Brandao.

Adonis Says, in 5-6-2013 at 11:53:30 from    

Akira is okay for swede but the Irish badass will make him hurt

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-6-2013 at 11:54:31 from    

Conor would smash him so hard his fruity hat won’t fit on his head anymore.

MowHammer Says, in 5-6-2013 at 17:39:23 from    

The problem with akari is that he has no gas. I think he is a decent fighter but he needs to train more cardio. I think Conor would win but I also think it would be a good fight to watch but not a good fight for Akari.

FailSonnen Says, in 5-6-2013 at 19:22:30 from    

Why is he signing his death warrant and UFC walking papers?

Rico Suave Says, in 5-6-2013 at 23:28:35 from    

Conner will smash Akira! I give him an A for effort though, didn’t watch vid, maybe I should have to give him an accurate grade for effort?!

ibunn Says, in 5-7-2013 at 18:51:44 from    

I can see why Akira wants this fight but there’s not too much in it for Conor. When Conor beats Akira its what everyone expected and should Conor lose it brings him down the rankings. Conor’s first ufc fight was very impressive and I’d rather see him fight a higher profile fighter next.


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