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Ashes14 Says, in 12-19-2013 at 21:55:52 from    

People will always focus on his handicap, ‘oh good on him, doing that with one arm”. I just admire, like other fighters, his insane dedication, motivation, ambition and work ethic. Those attributes are more valuable than any physical ones. There’s that saying í could beat you with one hand tied behind my back’. This is especially applicable to Nick. I could picture some drunk douche getting lippy with this one armed guy, only to wake up asking what happened.

Bruno: I feel the same. If you noticed I don’t mention his handicap anymore or make pics showing off his shorter arm. It is time to just let him be a good fighter that is not looking for pity. Just to be the best at what he enjoys.

fritz Says, in 12-19-2013 at 23:18:25 from    

I’ve seen a few of his fights, I bet he could kick your ass with 1/2 an arm tied behind his back.

Holier than thou Says, in 12-20-2013 at 05:51:24 from    

Amazing! Lets give this guy a hand! Oh wait…

Joe Dog Says, in 12-20-2013 at 11:20:27 from    

If anyone could ever hit this guy, it looks like his sharp boney brows would cut and bleed easily.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-20-2013 at 16:44:30 from    

I like the guy. He’s actually skilled but there’s always some pathetic losers who will whine that his arm is an advantage. I wish these a******* get a limb amputated.


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